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Java Jazz 2009


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Many people said they were really impressed with LALA‘s sweet performance at Java Jazz Festival 2009. I heard it everywhere around the venue, even when I was busy reporting in the media room, I still heard people mentioning her. Who could blame them? This pretty girl with lovely voice and delightful touch of guitar wow-ed the audience in both performances she had.

Lala Kartodirdjo, the full name of LALA is a remarkable pop rock artist that has a very promising career ahead. As half Indonesian (dad) and half Philippines (mom) that she is, she’s successfully bridging her career from Indonesia to Philippines. standing in between these two major country, her popularity is rising up fast in both countries today. She starred in some Indonesian soap operas like “SMP (Senandung Masa Puber)”, “Violet”, “Di Sini Ada Cinta” and some more. But she didn’t stop there. She follower her calling and started her music career in Indonesia, under a band called Inersia. From there she got spotted by Mr Ronnie Henares and she was brought to Manila, signed a contract with Warner Music. The music lovers in Philippines loved what she delivered, and from that point until today, she’s shining as bright as the star.

A beautiful girl with sweet voice, cool performance with nice touch of guitar, songs with catchy melodies, warm and friendly to the fans are some of her strength. With all those gifts, she will go straight to the top in no time. Many tremendous achievements has filled her collections. She has been nominated for “Best New Female Artist 2008″ by Myx Channel, also nominated for “Best Performance by a New Female Recording Artist” and “Best Performance by a Duet” (with Christian Bautista) in the Prestigious Philippine 21st Awit Awards.


Lala… ‘Not Your Ordinary Girl’

Now let’s take a look at her music style and her beautifully done debut album, STARS. LALA’s music is like a mix between Michelle Branch, Sheryl Crows, Alanis Morisette and Sixpence None The Richer with a touch of light pop jazzy sound of D’Sound. If you are into this music style, you’ll love her album. STARS contains ear-catchy songs that would fit many different segments of music fans. There are three singles from the album has been released in Philippines. The first single, the catchy-groovy song “Waitin'”, the bittersweet “What About You”, and a wonderful duet with Christian Bautista on “Unsaid”. STARS simply is a wonderful album that you’ll love to hear over and over again.  This album will soon appear in Indonesia under Warner Music Indonesia. “What About You” is hitting the charts in many major radio stations in Jakarta.Both Indonesian and Phillipines should be proud of LALA. I do.

With the help of mJ Juco of TangerineSkies Artist PR, I managed an exclusive one on one interview with LALA.

Lala, that was such a pleasant show you gave at Java Jazz Festival 2009. How do you feel performing for the BIGGEST Jazz event in the world?
It was an honor and an overwhelming experience for me. That was my first time to be part of such a great event. I would like to thank Eki Puradiredja (Java Jazz Program Director) for inviting me to perform there.

What do you think about your audience of at the Java Jazz Festival?
I played at two different venues, one at the Dji Sam Soe Lounge and the other one at the Assembly 2 Hall. The full crowd was very warm and appreciative on both occasions; I enjoyed connecting with them throughout the entire set of both my performances.


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TOKU is a very talented jazz musician and singer from the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan. He is one of the rare flugelhorn player in Japan that also blessed with a unique baritone vocal. No less than 8 album has been released by TOKU, the recent one, “LOVE AGAIN” was released last November. (see the album review here)

At Java Jazz Festival 2009, TOKU gave a strong performance, a performance that was really enjoyed by the audience, as stated by some audience that I asked after the show. (check out pictures taken from his performance at Java Jazz Festival 2009 here). As the result of his great performance, he got many new fans that night. TOKU spent some time to meet the fans outside the concert room, signed his CDs and took pictures with them.

We got the chance to interview him, thanks to TOKU’s manager, Mr Takashi Umemoto. Let’s get deep with TOKU,  learn more about the flugelhorn, what he thinks about his performance at Java Jazz Festival and much more through the interview.

toku, interview, java jazz, java jazz 2009, flugelhorn, japanHi TOKU, first of all, I really enjoyed your performance at Java Jazz 2009!
It was a great show!

How do you feel to participate in Java Jazz Festival 2009?
I’m really honored to participate in this big, world famous festival ! I’m really impressed !I had a great time to meet all the people I met there, to play for new people there, to meet my friends from the U.S. and UK like Roy Ayers, Matt Bianco, Harvey Mason, it was just great !

It was a fully crowded show at your stage. What do you think about the audience?
I think they are really warm and cheerful people, respect what they love.
They gave me a lot of energy, and I and my band members were giving our
energy back to them from the stage. We were exchanging our energy !

From your point of view, how’s jazz doing in Japan today?
I think it’s getting more popular gradually. All the record companies try to find good young players and make their records. But, economy situation is going down ( which is happening all over the world), so all the jazz clubs are screaming because people don’t spend money for live music. We have to keep on playing music to make people’s heart warm !

toku, interview, java jazz, java jazz 2009, flugelhorn, japan

I’m sure many fans want to know Who TOKU is in the daily life, outside of the music scene. Can you share us a bit about who you are beside a great jazz musician?
I’m just a guy who loves music basically ! Well, I know it’s not enough, so I’ll try to describe more about me.

I’m “my own pace” kind of guy, I like to smile, laugh, and make people happy. I always hope world peace. I get lazy sometimes…

As my hobby, I like photography, always carry my camera and like to capture moments of people’s life, especially musicians, when they smile from bottom of their hearts. Or when they concentrate on what they do, playing music. I wanted to be a photographer before I started playing jazz.


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Bring the music legends to Indonesia. That has been one of the mission of the Java Jazz organizers from the beginning. We have seen many legendary artists came to perform in Indonesia through Java Jazz from time to time. Sergio Mendes, Patti Austin, Kool and the Gang, and many other legends were here, thanks to Java Jazz.

This year, one of the legendary artists coming and performing at Java Jazz Festival 2009 was none other than Ivan Lins. With a long career spanning for almost 40 years in bossa/samba, he surely is one of the most important man in the music industry, especially in Brazilian music. Many of his bossa songs became classics and often he infused jazz into those classics, creating his own style, the magical style of Ivan Lins.

At the Pascoal Mereilles Trio concert, he appeared and sang one song in the end. Ivan Lins has known Pascoal Mereilles from the day he entered the music world. Right when he made his first hit in 1970 by a song called “Madalena”, Pascoal Mereilles was there with him as the drummer. So he was there of course, for the friendship, for the good old times, and for celebrating the bossa-jazz. Our reporter, Novan, got the chance to do a short interview with the legendary Ivan Lins after the show.

Do you have any opinion about the development of bossa jazz?
Well for me, bossa is quite developing right now, and many people give some add-ups and variations to their bossa. You could do some improvisations to your music too. But for me, we should always keep the original beat, the original bossa’s beat, or it won’t be bossa anymore, right?

How about you, do you make some improvisation too?
Yes I do, people always want something different right?

Right. About playing at Java Jazz Festival 2009 in Indonesia, how do you feel?
It was great. Awesome. The people, the crowds, they were all very nice. I really loved it, and I’m planning to come here again next year.

Wow so you are coming to java jazz again next year? Will you consider collaborating with Indonesian jazz musician?
Oh yes I will, I will certainly do that if I come again next year. It would be nice to collaborate with Indonesian musicians.

Interviewed by: Novan Yahya Renatal


pascoal meirelles trio, ivan lins, java jazz, java jazz 2009, usmar ismail concert hall

I’d say one of the milestone for Indonesian jazz world happened on a beautiful night at March 11, 2009 . Why? Because at that night, located at Usmar Ismail Concert Hall, Kuningan, Jakarta, Pascoal Meirelles Trio had a wonderful concert that was attended by two Indonesian Jazz industry giants, Peter F Gontha and Ireng Maulana, also Rully Mangunsong from Jazz Jakarta Community. The concert that was made by Brazilian Embassy in Jakarta was one of the set of Pascoal’s performance on his visit to Indonesia.  The ambassador of Italy and Korea were also invited and attended the concert.

pascoal meirelles trio, ivan lins, java jazz, java jazz 2009

You may ask, who is Pascoal Meirelles Trio? This is a trio led by Pascoal Meirelles that consistantly represent the magical Brazilian samba-jazz. Three amazing musicians combined together here in this trio. Pascoal Meirelles on drums, Nelson Faria on guitar, and Augusto Matosso on bass. Imagine what would happen when three great musicians joined their forces together. And that’s what happened on stage. It was stunning. Pascoal Meirelles Trio delivered such beautiful music with a deep taste of latin sound. Eventhough this band led by a drummer, their music wasn’t dominated by just the drums. It was a beautiful collaboration in harmonious melodies, it was fun.

pascoal meirelles trio, ivan lins, java jazz, java jazz 2009In between their performance, Pascoal Meirelles said that he was really excited playing at Java Jazz Festival 2009. He even made up a song dedicated to Java Jazz Festival 2009. The song called “Maracajava”, a twist of name from his song originally entitled as “Maracatu”. Pascoal also said that he was the first drummer of Ivan Lins. He was there when Ivan Lins made his first hit “Madalena”. In the middle of their performance, Pascoal called a Brazilian sax player Marcello to come on stage and joined them. And the audience loved it.

After the gigs of Pascoal Meirelles Trio reached the end, Peter F Gontha, as the Chairman of South East Asian Jazz Festival gave a speech. He said that he just ran away from the hospital because he didn’t want to miss Pascoal Meirelles Trio’s show. In the end, Peter Gontha handed a memoir book of 4 years Java Jazz Festival.


laura fygi, interview, java jazz, java jazz 2009

Laura Fygi is a very famous Dutch singer that everybody love. Started with Centerfold, a band she mentioned as a very sexy girl-band, she surprised the music world when she “jumped ship” to sing jazz and nothing but songs that have jazz feeling. This turn was evidently loved by the fans, and the music lovers in general, as she kept having success from one album to another. Up until now, she has released 11 wonderful album. The last one was a French album called Rendez-Vous, a very enchanting album where she sang some of the best American Songbook in French. An album that has been in my playlist for some years.

She was one of the Special Show artist for Java Jazz Festival 2009. And surely I was excited. Here’s the thing. I’ve been a really long time fan of Laura Fygi. Long before she started her solo career, it was way back when she was still in Centerfold. As a long time fan, it was truly a golden moment to meet her. I was looking for a chance to meet her, and voila, I met her right at the lobby of Sultan Hotel. I approached her, and also met her manager, Herman Van Der Zwan at there. I asked her for interview, and as a nice lady as she is, she gave her time right there for an exclusive interview. Mon Dieu, what a very special opportunity! She was really kind, very friendly as she answered all the questions happily. Here’s the exclusive interview with Laura Fygi, taken from the lounge at lobby of Sultan Hotel, accompanied by Herman and my brother, Daniel.

laura fygi, java jazz, java jazz 2009, interviewLaura, it’s a great pleasure to meet you.
It’s great to be here!

You have been here 4 years ago as far as I remember..
Yes, I was here at the first Java Jazz Festival.

What was your impression at that moment?
It was one big party. There were lots of fans came. However, I was planned later at night, and I went on earlier, so a lot of fans couldn’t see me. So this time I hope everybody could see me.

I really hope so, because you have a lot of fans in here
Oh yeah, all over asia, and here of course.

Will there be anything new this time, compare to your performance 4 years ago?
Of course, I will do some different songs, I will involve my audience as usual.. It’s gonna be one big party again. It’s gonna be different, because I just released another album and I’ll sing some songs from the album. It’s a French album with songs from Great American Songbook but sang in French, and I’m sure I will get my audience to sing with me. I will teach them French! in 3 minutes! (laugh)

laura fygi, java jazz, java jazz 2009, interview

You also sang in many different languages, including Mandarin..
Yeah I did. It was actually because as a tribute to Teresa Teng. She’s very popular all over Asia. And they asked me to sing two of her songs, and those became very popular, and then they added them as the bonus to the album.

Included in Best Of Laura Fygi compilation album

Was it difficult for you to learn Chinese?
No, actually it wasn’t. I love languages. Whether it’s Indonesian, Chinese, Dutch or French, I don’t mind. But I did have some help of course. I had a chinese girl and a dutch guy who studied Chinese for 10 years.. so they told me first what it was about, and how to pronounce each word.. I got the tape from Taiwan, then I sang it in the studio in Holland, and now I’m doing them on stage. So It’s not a problem.

Are you going to sing them tonight?
Oh not tonight… because there are hardly any Chinese, I think I have to learn some malay for tonight (laugh)

I asked some of my Chinese friends about your Mandarin songs, and they said you pronounced them perfectly. It was actually amazing.
Well, yeah, I tried and tried.. and well, so they said..

You also have been singing in many other language..
Yeah, like Portuguese, English, or French of course, I have the whole French album, and few years ago, I even sang in Cantonese.


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java jazz, java jazz 2009Our very own greatest jazz festival in the world, Java Jazz Festival 2009 has just ended. Although to some, the artists lineup didn’t come up as big as the past Java Jazz couple of years back then, the festival itself actually comes bigger and better. The whole 3 days filled with more stages, more daily performances and even more attendance which reached the target of 72.000 audience. For a jazz extravaganza, this all you can eat – jazz hypermarket now offers 210 performance and about 2200 local and international personnels. There were 6 special shows for this year, it was double amount compare to years before, and it’s hard to deny the organizers could handle the tight schedule almost perfectly well.


In that special show area, comes Jason Mraz, Brian McKnight, Swing Out Sisters, Dianne Reeves, and Laura Fygi, but the most noted hype this year comes from the most happening Jason Mraz with his hit single “I’m Yours”.

java jazz, java jazz 2009,review, overview, artikel, liputan, jason mraz

Jason’s tickets got sold out long before the early bird ends, and resulted hysterical panic at the office, thus the organizers tried everything they could to held the second show for anyone who doesn’t get the tickets. The second show later was scheduled on Saturday, and again, got the hyper-hype that the organizers had to limited the ticket selling only at the Java Festival Production office.


java jazz, java jazz 2009,review, overview, artikel, liputan, peabo brysonBeside the special shows, the other highlights includes Ivan Lins, Tom Scott, Dave Valentin, The New York Voices, Chielli Minucci & Special EFX, Chuck Loeb, Harvey Mason, Eliane Elias, Bobby Lyle, Oleta Adams, Simon Phillips, Mike Stern, Dave Weckl, Kirk Whalum, David Garfield, Ledisi, the Java Jazz Festival inhouse residence (Michael Paulo, Brian Simpson, Everette Harp) and many others but the crowdest audience this year belongs to Peabo Bryson and Matt Bianco. While Peabo Bryson’s romantic atmosphere has been very famous in Indonesian audience, Matt Bianco paid their dues for the failure performing in last year’s festival. The longwaiting for their fans has now also got paid with Matt Bianco’s two times performance on Friday and Saturday.


swing out sister, java jazz, java jazz 2009

After a long wait, Swing Out Sister finally performed in Indonesia, at Java Jazz Festival 2009. This show were on everybody’s wishlist, since they have millions of long time fans in Indonesia. This time they brought different way, they played acoustically. Swing Out Sister‘s performance was also the last special show, as well as the closing show for the whole Java Jazz Festival 2009.

They opened the show with the popular song “Surrender”. People popped and jived together with Swing Out Sister. Some unforgettable ballads were presented too such as “Love Won’t Let You Down”, “Twilight World” “Am I The Same Girl” and many more. With the sweet and cozy voice of Corinne Drewery, the songs delivered beautifully. They also communicated with the audience in some Indonesian languages like “Terima Kasih” (thank you), “Anda bersenang-senang?” (are you having fun), and so on. Those were loved by the audience.

They ended the show but the audience kept asking for more. Then they brought their signature hits, “Breakout” in a different style, acousticly. “Terima Kasih Jakarta, Sampai Jumpa” (Thank you Jakarta, see you again), Corrinne said to the audience. What a nice special show!

java jazz, java jazz 2009,swing out sister

java jazz, java jazz 2009,swing out sister

java jazz, java jazz 2009,swing out sister


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Two climactic show closed the Java Jazz Festival 2009. The free but same intensity with the special one, Tribute To Luther Vandross brought Everette Harp & Kirk Whalum (sax), Chuck Loeb & Darrell Crooks (guitar), the new generation of Chaka Khan, Ledisi, Paulette McWilliams & John Stoddart (vocals), Rex Rideout & Hans Zermuehlen (keys), Kevin Wyatt (bass), “Little” John Roberts (drum) all together based on the best selling tribute records, For Ever, For Always, For Luther. It includes the last Vandross hits, “Dance With My Father”, which is written by his life-long best friend, Richard Marx and won 4 Grammy Awards during Luther’s last days, and off course, Luther’s most famous “Never Too Much”. In the memory of one of the greatest talent in music history, this is the show that touched its every audience’s hearts and remained there forever and for always.

java jazz, java jazz 2009,tribute to luther vandross, java jazz, java jazz 2009, kirk whalum, john stoddart, ledisi, everette harp, paulette mcwilliams

java jazz, java jazz 2009,tribute to luther vandross, java jazz, java jazz 2009, kirk whalum, john stoddart, ledisi, everette harp, paulette mcwilliams

java jazz, java jazz 2009,tribute to luther vandross, java jazz, java jazz 2009, kirk whalum, john stoddart, ledisi, everette harp, paulette mcwilliams


quasimode, java jazz, java jazz 2009

Quasimode is a great 4 piece jazz band coming from the land of Rising Sun, Japan. They have a really nice style, basically playing the 60’s and early 70’s jazz rhythm into the modern day. With some house techno and latin sound, they made a very great performance at Java Jazz Festival 2009.

java jazz, java jazz 2009,quasimode

java jazz, java jazz 2009,quasimode

java jazz, java jazz 2009,quasimode

java jazz, java jazz 2009,quasimode

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Photographer: Praditya Nova (