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“This album is all about my self-journey and based from what I’ve seen and experienced, the music that I’ve been into in my career, both in concept and the music style. In short, you will know who I am and the kind of music that I like by listening to it.”

That’s what Indro Hardjodikoro said to us about his new solo album entitled “Cerita Baru” (“New Story”). This album was launched last Monday (June 16, 2014) at his regular event @Jazz Spot. This album is the continuation to the first one “Feels Free”, released in 2010. This newly launched album simply plays a sequel, the next chapter of Indro’s life story, 4 years later.

No one would argue that Indro Hardjodikoro is one of the most important figures in the development of jazz in Indonesia in the last 2 decades. He has inspired many musicians either as an active player or a teacher – many upcoming young bassists started out as Indro’s pupil. As a player, he’s been active since the late 80’s by being involved in many groups and recordings. He was in the famous fusion band in the 90’s, Halmahera before he got in the first formation of Riza Arshad‘s simakDialog besides other muti-genres projects and recordings. Indro in the old days was, and still is, a high-demanded sessionist due to his versatility and distinctive playing. But he’s been concentrating in making his own works for several years for good reasons. He want to craft some of his original pieces that can be enjoyed by music listeners longer than his life, and of course he wishes to develop Indonesian music industry. “That’s what I always keep in mind whenever I do something.”



One day in 2007 while he played in a concert, he found enlightenment. During the play with an orchestra he suddenly thought, “I won’t go anywhere if I don’t make my own work, something that represent myself and lasts longer than my age.” From that point on, he worked on his first-ever solo album that finally released in 2010 which established the new day of his life as a soloist.

He was great back then, but he seemed to get much more energy after taking this important move. Soon after he established his group named Indro Harjodikoro & the Fingers. This unique group places bass in a totally different way. In this group he pushes his instrument, bass at the front, that said without diminishing the role of other players. Starting with four basses, now the band is satisfied with 2 bassists, Indro himself and his former student, Fajar Adi Nugroho.

One album entitled “Traveling” received success in the market, and they have gained popularity not only in Indonesia but stretched much further to Russia. Recently the band got a new drummer, an 18 year-old prodigy Yandi Andaputra. The second album of Indro Hardjodikoro & the Fingers is currently in mastering process, you can expect it to be released soon.




They cheered, they shouted, they yelled, they gave standing ovation. Some said,”I’m so satisfied!”, some told us, “Man, this is crazy. My musician friends, music teachers, everybody I know are here. It will take days for me to greet them all.” The number of crowds, the response, the appreciation and attention, all were fantasmic! And hey, they were loud. The first Special Edition of Terraz Jazz was a massive success.

Modesty is what lifted by Terraz Jazz since its first appearance in February 2014. Held at a food court at a shopping mall in a relatively small city in Indonesia, Terraz Jazz has been bringing in many respected, local musicians with international reputation such as Fusion Stuff, Indro Hardjodikoro and The Fingers, Erik Sondhy and many more. But at this very special event, Terraz Jazz managed to invite and import a very admired French musician and artist, Hadrien Feraud. In such a young age, Hadrien’s experience and exploration in the global music scene is indisputable, and his presence in Terraz Jazz is definitely very valuable for everyone involved. This event has set a benchmark to Terraz Jazz and the jazz scene in Bandung (and hopefully the nation). Indonesia can now only progress forward! Hadrien Feraud came with his girlfriend, a jazz singer from Los Angeles named Nicole Gonzalez. Once again we remind you, Hadrien Feraud (backed by few Indonesia’s best musicians) and the full team of Indro Hardjodikoro and the Fingers  played at a food court inside a shopping mall. It seriously could not get any more casual than that.

Probably the best bassists local and international, but mind you that every other players have been doing their chores really well too. In full package, this show is about the awesomeness.



Even before the event started, we could see many musicians among the audience, not only from Bandung, but also from other cities as well. Madonna was right after all, music makes the people come together. The crowd was overwhelming. They could not seem to wait some greatest musicians of the country and the world to play. Musicians and audience were seemed socialising and hanging out with each other. A point of building a community has been reached. Achievement unlocked: hook ’em musicians up.

Our special guest artist for the night, Hadrien Feraud, has been bouncing back and forth from Bali (at Warisan Resto) to Jakarta (at Indro Hardjodikoro’s Jazz Spot), Jakarta to Bandung, and then he will be ending the Journey at Warisan in Bali, back to where they started. Oh, we also would like to thank Warisan as the co-sponsor, Erik Sondhy and Muna Bunayati who have very supportive in making this happen in Bandung.

The event officially opened by Alia Putri Syahbaniar and  Bintang Steffy Tania at 19.00. A short opening speech was given by our founder, Riandy Kurniawan. “We are still minority, that’s true, but let’s show the world that we are loud minority!” he said.  It was good to say, so the audience would know that they could cheer or even scream as loud as they wanted eventhough it was served at the food court of the mall.



A local Bandung jazz band, Out of 7 opened the set with Sting’s “Englishman In New York”. People were starting to gather to see this attractive band. Vocalist Erick Gabe demonstrated how well he could go beyond singing. He mimicked the sound of bass, guitar, trombone and trumpet without problem. For the second song, “You’ll Be In My Heart” by Phil Collins (composed by playing pianist for the band,  Widiyanto Sutanto) was covered by Out Of 7 in a very eccentric-interesting way. The song was unexpectedly played with much richer harmonies, as if we listened to it in a different perspective. Not to mention the brave-overdriven guitar solo by Daniel Christy and polybeat drum solo by the cute but hyperactive female player, Marissa Wiguna. From that experience it was obvious to see that this band has been improving a lot, especially on their attempt in doing the third song, “Got A Match?”. It’s not an alien song for music lovers, especially jazz fans, and the song is famous for its complex-fast melody courtesy of Chick Corea. But Out Of 7 surprisingly nailed the song and leave an awesome moment to the audience, including the multi-climaxes. The new bassist Reinhard Woran showed a good example of how bass could communicate with interesting statements. It was a great set and it is agreeable they are crowd magnet. We rate them 7 out of 7.



Right after, a very experienced and well-respected Indro Hardjodikoro and The Fingers took over the stage. As a very experienced bassist and teacher, Indro has a huge name amongst musicians and music lovers, and we are very honoured to have him play at Terraz Jazz. And the rest of the band? The talented Andy Gomez on keys, the demonic fingers  Fajar Adi Nugroho also on bass, and the prodigy Yandi Andaputra on drums, who happens to also play for Hadrien as well. We once wrote about Yandi when he was in Ginda and The White Flower and we agreed that Yandi has rocketed in terms of playing and fame.

One fact about Indro Hardjodikoro and the Fingers: this fusion-based band managed to build their phenomenal status not only in their own homeland but reaching far to Russia. They have played 3 times in there and gained fantastic responses in each round. It’s indeed an honor for us to be able to bring them in. Not only because this band is brilliant, but also since there are so many things to learn from them, especially for young musicians who happen to be the regulars of this event.



Ever dream of having a superb international star playing not in big, luxurious and expensive concert but in a homey, cozy location that you can just feel at ease by just being yourself; and it’s free? Soon it will happen in Bandung, in the community event made by in cooperation with Festival Citylink, the TERRAZ JAZZ.

Perhaps some of you just heard about this event and wonder what it actually is. TERRAZ JAZZ is a regular twice a month community event created by in cooperation with a happening mall in the Southern part of Bandung,Festival Citylink. It holds the theme of Jazz Edutainment. Our goal is to support the regeneration of jazz musicians, finding potential talents and unique band formats by providing space for them to perform live. On the other hand, we also wish the showcase and jam sessions would give a good jazz entertainment to jazz lovers in Bandung. Fun Jazzin’, Fun Jammin’, Fun Learnin’ is the tagline that reflects the vision and mission we put behind this event.

We’re still in our 7th edition, but look who’s going to come in this very first SPECIAL EDITION. If you’re a bassist this name should grab your attention fully. He’s from French,  known as the modern day Jaco Pastorius and have played with giants since a very young age. Yes, that’s including Chick Corea (The Vigil) and John McLaughlin. He’s the one and only HADRIEN FERAUD.

If Hadrien Feraud is already a big catch, he won’t be alone in this gig. He will perform under a trio format with the piano virtuoso from Bali, ERIK SONDHY and a phenomenal young drummer (still 18 years old by the way), YANDI ANDAPUTRA.

Not enough? well, let’s add another great band: INDRO HARDJODIKORO & THE FINGERS. This is a band that has stretched its reputation far, far away reaching Northern parts of Europe. As the opening band, Out of 7 is ready to set your mood to fully locked with the whole show. The TERRAZ JAZZ SPECIAL EDITION will come on Tuesday, June 3, 2014 at Terrazo Food Venue, the foodcourt of Festival Citylink, Bandung. This event is FREE of charge!




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There are so many great bassists, but only a few could stand as a phenom. If in the 70’s the jazz world discovered Jaco Pastorius that changed the course of bassists forever, in this modern days Hadrien Feraud claimed to be the new, interesting discovery. No wonder John McLaughlin labeled him the new Jaco.

Born in Paris, little Feraud should feel lucky to be born in a musical family. That made him familiar with wide arrays of genres, including Jazz from the beginning. He learned guitar from his own father when he was still 8 years old . He was once interested in drums, but that soon changed when he received Jaco Pastorius’ “The Birthday Concert” CD at age 12. From that moment on, he knew that he as born to jazz with electric bass.

Right after that fundamental turn, he seriously built his skill not just by practicing but most importantly by analyzing the techniques of some masters in the bass land, ranging from Jaco Pastorius, Christian McBride, Victor Bailey, Gary Willis, Anthony Jackson, Matthew Garrison, Richard Bona, Skull Sverrisson, Linley Marthe and Jeff Berlin. As he seriously digged all these heavy stuffs, he hatched faster than would dare to expect. Still in his 20’s he already performed and involved in the recordings with iconic figures and famous names. He’s one of Chick Corea & the Vigil, his debut in recordings was with John McLaughlin‘s album “Industrial Zen”.

Other than Chick Corea and John McLaughlin, he established connections with so many giants such as Billy Cobham, Jean-Luc Ponty, Bireli Lagrene, Dean Brown, Jada Pinkett Smith, Paco Sery, Rosario Giuliani, Matthew Garrison, Marcus Gilmore, Damien Schmitt, Gergo Borlai, Nelson Veras, Antonio Farao, Bob Francescini, Otmaro Ruiz, Scott Kinsey, Marvin Smitty Smith, Ronald Bruner Jr., Thundercat, Shafiq Husayin, Chris Coleman, Eddie Brown, Ruslan Sirota, David Binney, Louis Cole, Walter Smith 3, Justin Brown, Gerald Clayton, Louis Cato, The West Coast Get Down, Virgil Donati, Janysette McPherson, Cheik Tidiane Seck, Mokhtar Samba, Nguyen Lee, Jean Pierre Como, Jean Marie Ecay, Antoine Herve, Stephane Guillaume, Karim Ziad, Rido Bayonne, Rodrigo Pahlen, Dominique DiPiazza, Christophe Raymond, Tony Raymond, Gary Husband, Flavio Boltro, Andre Cecarelli and many others.

He also has his own album, released in 2007 which amazingly featured so man renowned musicians such as John McLaughlin, Bireli Lagrene, Flavio Boltro, Jean-Marie Ecay, Jean-Pierre Como, Marc Berthoumieux, Mokhtar Samba, Jim Grancamp, Jon Grancamp, Dominique di Piazza, Thierry Eliez, Linley Marthe.

Hadrien has been named “Rising Star, Electric Bassist of the Year” by the Downbeat Critics Polls and “Most Exciting New Player” by Bass Player magazine.

One thing you have to know is that he’s called the new Jaco not because he plays like Jaco, but simply because his remarkable skill is hard to find elsewhere, that makes him a very interesting discovery similiar to Jaco in the 70’s.

As Feraud is having his Indonesian Tour Debut (read the complete info and Hadrien Feraud’s full schedule in Bali, Jakarta and Bandung here: , it’s lucky that we can steal him to perform in Bandung. So if you’re a bassist, interested in jazz and wish to increase your skill, you should catch him while there’s a chance like this.




After the successful first week of Komunitas Salihara‘s annual program the Salihara Jazz Buzz 2014 which featured Nial Djuliarso and Nita Aartsen (see the report here:, two more showcases were launched last Saturday (January 18,2014)  with another batch of bands and different themes. In the second round Salihara Jazz Buzz presented Glen Dauna Project on “The Little Wing of Jimi Hendrix” and Indro Hardjodikoro and the Fingers on “This is Only The Beatles”. Naturally one would think that it’s going to be a rock week, interestingly brought by jazz players. Was it the case? Well, actually what they delivered were more than just that.

No one would argue that Jimi Hendrix is irreplaceable. Some of his songs are still listened and played up until now, he’s still a big inspiration for musicians especially those who are into guitar, no matter what genre they are into. That’s shows where Jimi Hendrix’s musicality, spirit and expression stand, far above any particular genre. Surprisingly, the tribute to this guitar hero laid on the hands of a senior pianist who specializes himself in jazz, Glen Dauna and his team simply called Glen Dauna Project. As for The Beatles, this band has such legendary status that will stay forever. The band already broke up 44 years ago, yet it’s popularity and influence still stands until now. As one of the most important bands to mention in history, it’s even hard for us to imagine how the music would be if this band never existed. So, two legends, two special tribute, both got exclusively unique reinterpretation in jazz by musicians who are capable to create magic. This second round of Salihara Jazz Buzz was indeed fascinating.



First let’s take a peek on Glen Dauna Project‘s “The Little Wing of Jimi Hendrix”. Joining him were his two sons who have emerged as stars in their young age, trumpeter Indra Dauna and harmonica player Rega Dauna, also Kevin Yosua on contrabass and Dion Subiakto on drums. The youngest one Rega Dauna was really impressive. He could reach the high notes without problem, all flew naturally from his inner heart. No wonder he bagged round applause from the audience. His older brother Indra Dauna brought the spirit of jazz rock with his trumpet. His amazing technique was clearly shown since the beginning with “The Wind Cries Mary”. After that Glen gave a speech, stating his mission to interpret Jimi Hendrix’s songs in jazz that would be different from the originals.

For most fans, Jimi Hendrix is a rock legend. It’s true in a way, but let’s not forget the infectious amount of blues and jazz he injected into his music and his often appearance in jam sessions. The story of Glen Dauna’s encounter with Jimi Hendrix began when he was about to perform in AtAmerica, Jakarta. At that time he had to play songs from American composers and it’s got to be rock. Instead of back out, he took it as a challenge. Glen is not a rock player, at first he didn’t have a clue what to do. But then Glen thought of Jimi Hendrix and started digging his lyrics. He found many interesting things, for example Jimi Hendrix’s song from 1967 “Little Wing”. “It must’ve been written when he’s high..because he saw an angel walking in the sky,” said Glen to us. Glen  also made the harmony different from the usual, yet he didn’t change the time signature too much like into 6/8 or 7/8.




After introducing the band members, Glen played “Castles Made of Sand”, also taken from Jimi Hendrix Experience’s second album “Axis”. Here we got the chance to enjoy Glen’s solo run, also Dion Subiakto’s melodious drumbeat. There’s no singer in this concert, yet the scent of Jimi Hendrix’s music was felt so strong. The energetic walking bass of Kevin Yosua and the samba delight from Dion Subiakto brought more flavors to it.




If you’re looking for variety of art and culture events in Jakarta, the Komunitas Salihara should be one of the most important venue to check. It’s a cultural enclave established in 2008 and known as the first private multidisciplinary art center in Indonesia since then. Located on a 3.800 m2 plot at Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta, it’s divided into three main buildings: Teater Salihara, Galeri Salihara and office space but now expands to provide more facilities such as rehearsal studio, guesthouse and amphitheater. Since the time it was established, Komunitas Salihara has wide varieties of program, including Jazz. Similiar to the previous couple of years, Salihara opens up the year with Salihara Jazz Buzz, providing series of jazz concerts presenting nothing but the best players in the field with fresh new ideas, compositions, interpretations and so on where the words innovative, smart or even genius live on, something and somehow different and would be difficult to find elsewhere. Last year Komunitas Salihara featured four groups (one group for each week) such as Balawan and Didiet Violin, Shadu Rasjidi Band, Sri Hanuraga Trio and Ligro. This year they are making another breakthrough by bringing another batch of who’s who in the Jazz scene today. Ranging from legends, seniors to deadly young guns, they aren’t going to just play but each of them will bring a special theme, either tributing someone who inspires them to be who they are today, the different genres from different eras which many people seldom connect them to Jazz, presenting the compositions of all-time masters and so on. The number of bands is raised from four to six; two bands with two themes for each week. In general the theme of this year’s edition is “Persembahan (Presentation): Tribute to the Masters”. You might see the photo of Duke Ellington in the flyer above, but throughout January you will get much, much more in Teater Salihara. Jaw-dropping names are all over the posters both the playing bands/groups/projects and the ones their tributing, which not only limited to internationally acclaimed musicians of the genres but span wider to reach the greatest rock musicians, the historical classical eras from Baroque to Romantic and also Indonesian maestros. All presented in assorted Jazz flavors. Curious to see who plays what? Keep reading, we will spill them out for you.


salihara jazz buzz, jazzuality


1. Nial Djuliarso: Interpreting American Masters: Solo Piano

Everytime we see Nial Djuliarso in a concert, we can’t help but love anything he plays. We have listened to his touch over pop songs and standards, his originals which have beautiful melodies, or the moment when he gave respect to one of the most influential Indonesian maestros, Ismail Marzuki both in his successful album The Jazz Soul of Ismail Marzuki (2011) and in a couple of stage presences. He graduated from Berklee College of Music in 2004 and also got a Jazz Diploma from Julliard in New York, pursued his career there in ‘the good ol’ ‘Big Apple’ and has played with the wide array of honored musicians including Hank Jones, Joe Lovano, Wynon Marsalis, Bobby Watson, Roy Hargrove, Christian McBride, Jimmy Cobb, Benny Golson, Horace Silver and Gary Burton, just to mention a few. Not many Indonesian musicians can have the chance as big as this in such a young age, but the highly gifted Nial Djuliarso got it. He dares to go against all odds by making up albums without having any singers and still receives huge success.

He’s great in playing in any formation, but he’s mesmerizing too when he plays in a solo piano recital. At Teater Salihara Nial will bring us into his musical life journey by reinterpreting works of American Jazz Masters, but he will also include some pieces of our own Ismail Marzuki. It’s a good chance to catch him while he’s trying to test the water in his homeland, finding out whether it’s time for him to come back home for good or better to keep it going in USA. We wish the best for him, but we do need passionate musicians possessed with such skill like him to keep the jazz flame burning in Indonesia. Solo Jazz recital by an amazing young pianist, anyone? If yes, this show is a must-see.

Schedule: Saturday, January 11, 2014, 4:00 PM


2. Nita Aartsen : From Baroque to Romantic

Being described as the ‘rising star’ of Classical and Jazz in Indonesia shows how Nita Aartsen successfully place her feet on both grounds. But that’s not all, because she can also pin pop, rock, blues, Latins; even Flamenco Jazz just as great. If you meet her and ask about her journey, perhaps you will end up in a very long discussion since she has a very illustrious and colorful career which spans for almost 30 years. She has been the national pianist who performed in the Presidential palace to entertain foreign leaders who came to the country like Bill Clinton, Sultan Bolkiah and Prince Bernard. She has toured around Europe and has been highly active in spicing up big Jazz festivals found in Indonesia.

Speaking of Classical music which encompasses a broad period from around the 6th century up to this day, there have been many notable characteristics which  is often categorized into more than 10 periods. Nita Aartsen will bring you back to the era called the ‘Common Practice Period’, denoting an era when many of the ideas that make up the Western Classical music  took shape and standardized. It began with Baroque (from 1600’s to mid 1700’s) then Classical era (1700’s to 1800’s) and then continued on to the Romantic era (early 1800 to early 1900). There were many maestros made masterpieces during these 3 centuries from Johann Sebastian Bach, Antonio Vivaldi, George Frideric Handel, Ludwig van Beethoven, Franz Schubert to Robert Alexander Schumann among many other names. What’s interesting is to see how Nita Aartsen will pin the masterpieces of these all-time greatest composers to suit into Jazz. It wouldn’t be a problem for her since she lives in between these two worlds, yet we’re curious to see the result. Both have different structures, scales, disciplines, choice of instruments and so on. It’s often said that Jazz is more free in structure while the other tends to be completely notated, but one thing we can’t deny is both completing and complementing each other in today’s music scene.

So how Nita will fly freely with improvisations in the field of Classical repertoires? How will she place modern jazz harmonies, chords and the dynamics of Jazz into the much older musics, or simply say, how will she interpret the word ‘freedom’ in the highly discipline and well-build Classical structures? It’s going to be very interesting.




The new jazz festival, Indonesian Jass Festival is getting closer. We have announced it more a couple of month ago (read it here: and published an exclusive interview with the Director of the festival, Adrian Bramantyo Musyanif (read it here: It will be held for two days, from Aug 30 to 31, 2013 at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. Huge lineup consists of all-Indonesian talents will surely make us all realize that we actually have more than enough resource which are equipped with good skills, creativity and ability to invent something new, in the name of jazz. We have many seniors/legends who are still fired-up when they perform on stage, we have today’s frontliners, tons of rising stars and potential new comers who may surprise you with their crafts. Indonesian Jass Festival is scheduled for two straight days, but if they make it 7 days, we’re sure that the number of national jazz bands would still be enough to fill the schedule up.

There are many things to talk about this new festival. As we have mentioned before, the word “Jass” isn’t caused by misstyped, but it’s intentional. By using ‘jass’ as the original word of jazz, ALBA Productions and the team wish to bring the original spirit of jazz back alive through this event. The organizer has promised to bring a new cozy environment to enjoy live performances, then if you ask about variety, you will be able to find almost all kinds of jazz too, spread over 6 stages for two days. Swing, bebop, post bop, groove/funk, pop jazz, acid jazz, nu jazz, fusion, reggae-jazz, bluesy, mixture with ethnics (melodies, lyrics and instruments), the combination with classical, either full band or acoustic, with or without horn sections or even string sections, you name it, you have it. It’s going to be interesting, we have no doubt about it.


Last night (August 16) the Press Conference was held at Rollingstone Cafe at the South part of Jakarta. This event was hosted by Chico Hindarto. Joining him on stage were the Director Adrian Bramantyo Musyanif, the Assistant Director Norman and three represtantatives of  participating artists such as Syaharani, Andien and Bayu of Soulvibe. Some other artists were were spotted in there too.

Indro Hardjodikoro and Friends opened up the party with his tasty jazz-fusion. Other than Indro himself on bass, the lineup including  Aditya Bayu (guitar), Sukma (vocal) and Iqbal (drums).  Then the Press Conference was opened, where we got more in depth explanation about the festival.




We’re happy to inform you that the PIM Jazz Festival 2013 which took place at the Palembang Indah Mall on May 8, 2013 was nicely executed and got very positive response from the jazz lovers and local musicians who live in this capital city of South Sumatra. This event was triggered by Radio Trijaya 87.6 FM in cooperation with the mall and Palembang Jazz Community, supported by Bank Sumselbabel.

This event continued the jazz movement in Palembang which has started a couple of weeks ago with the existance of free-jamming show, Jazz On Friday. For this festival the committee invited the inspirational and experienced bassist Indro Hardjodikoro in a Trio formation, together with keyboardist Andy Gomez and young drummer Iqbal Zainal Hanani, the Head of Palembang Jazz Community wishes to see the progress of skill and motivation of local artists by inviting top musicians from the capital of Indonesia. For us, inviting someone like Indro is an excellent choice, because we have seen how he inspire young musicians for many years with his skill, experience and international reputation.

indro hardjodikoro trio, palembang indah mall jazz festival


The show started exactly at 5:00 pm with Clinic Music with Indro Hardjodikoro, Andy Gomez and Iqbal. They gladly answered every question in a friendly interactive session which related to jazz, for example about the technique of playing bass, piano/keyboard and drum. The enthusiasm really shown. Riki from Methodist high school asked about how to improvise by using melodic minor scale. There was even a madam who needed to know of the difference between keyboard and piano in jazz, in detail. The clinic also filled with examples of jazz in variety.

Right after the Clinic, the event continued on with Jazzyndicate, a local Palembang band. This band was established in 2011 consists of Yoga (guitar), Andre (drum), Andrean (bass), Berland (trumpet) and Septia (vocal), plus additional pianist Peter. The band played up beat funky acid jazz through repertoires such as “Biarkan”, “I Feel Good”, “Terdiam”, “Moving On”, “Lebih Indah” and “Kamu.” From this nice opening the next group Celestevoice. Comprises of Aldhita Rizky Kinanti (vocal),Yoshua Ramonthi (bass), Roy and Gusri (guitars), Sam (keyboard) and Sigit (drum) the band presented “Cintaku”, “Could It Be”, “Risalah Hati”, “Kamu” and Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You.”




We wrote this article exactly on the International Jazz Day, the day intended to raise awareness in the international community of the virtues of jazz as an educational tool as well as a force for peace, unity, and dialogue. So far, more and more people realize that jazz has been a force for positive transformation as this genre continues to spread wildly like a virus, infecting everyone despite of their cultural backgrounds, status or even religions.

In such case we are happy to hear that jazz grows up fine in Palembang, the capital city of South Sumatra province in Indonesia. As the city is currently into a rapid growth, jazz as an integrated part of the society experiences the same thing. Maybe not many of you knows, there are many jazz musicians reside in Palembang. It has solid jazz community and reliable local media to support any progress of jazz development happening in it.

Less than a month ago we informed you about the new regular jazz event in Palembang which enables the musicians and community to mingle in spontaneous jam session every Friday (read the info here: Now here comes the next event which will surely satisfy all jazz aficionados in the city. Palembang Jazz Community is back with a big event labeled as PIM JAZZ FESTIVAL. This event will be held on Wednesday, May 8, 2013 starting at 4:00 pm to 9:30 pm at Palembang Indah Mall (PIM). The PIM Jazz Festival is a free event, open for public.

According to Intan, the promotional manager of PIM, they wish to make a classy event that suits the market and the lifestyle of the mall itself. Palembang Jazz Community which was established in 2008 actually has created a lot of events involving top national artists. For this time they are inviting the inspiring bassist Indro Hardjodikoro to participate. “By inviting a top musician like Indro, we want the Palembang musicians to be motivated and upgrade their skills, because other than presenting live performances, we will also make music clinic.” said Zaenal Hanani, the Head of Palembang Jazz Community. Not only the show made free, the clinic is also provided for free, open for all musicians from all kind of genres, also suitable for music students. This festival is made by the cooperation between the community and Radio Trijaya 87.6 FM. We always give our best to support jazz, all out, we even have the regular program, Jazz On Trijaya every Sunday night at 7:00 pm, added Adji, the Station Manager of Trijaya FM.

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Indro Hardjodikoro has been active in the music industry for more than 2 decades. He’s influential and inspiring. Many of his students have gained success in their career. According to one of his former students Barry Likumahuwa, Indro is an up-to-date bassist especially in mastering technique and speed. He’s been active in so many supergroups like Halmahera, the first formation of simakDialog, Trisum and loads of appearance as a sessionist, especially with his music soulmate Tohpati. Since three years ago he moved on by establishing his own group where he could present the real him, his music taste and the style he’s really into. “There is a moment when we, as musicians wish to compose and play our own songs freely”, he once told us, at that moment has finally come to him. He released his first solo album “Feels Free” in 2010 then carried on by establishing his band, Indro Hardjodikoro and the Fingers. Starting with using 4 bassists at once, due to the busy activity of several players the bassist in this group were down to two. Even so, his group is still sparkling, giving us the chance to enjoy the classic jazz-rock fusion with various bass-playing techniques being placed on top. With this move he’s stepped higher, not only establishing his name a lot better in the local squared circle but also internationally, as he has performed many times in Russia and some other nations in Europe.




For the past 8 years it’s been set in our mind that March is the month when we can experience the gigantic jazz-vaganza which now appears as the biggest one in the world, the Java Jazz Festival. Since we have come to the last day of January, it means the Jakarta International Djarum Super Mild Java Jazz Festival 2013 with the theme of ‘Jazz Up the World’ is right around the corner, coming soon on March 1st-3rd, 2013. Just a month from now we will once again get the chance to enjoy three full days of magnificent artists from around the world. From international and national legends, Grammy winners/nominees, today’s top lists, the masters of the ‘game’ and shiny newcomers are ready to bring their winning formulas on stage. Jazz-ly speaking, Java Jazz Festival is like a hypermart or superstore, where we can watch, enjoy and listen to all kinds of jazz varieties. All kind of playing styles, sub-genres, instruments, combinations all the way to special projects, tributes and surprising collaborations will be within reach. We don’t have to go far abroad, it’s going to be served right here, in our own nation Indonesia. Think of how lucky we Indonesians are. Through the Java Jazz Festival, Indonesia can claim itself as the Jazz nation, where nothing but the best performers share their joy under one roof. We see the international superstars come to Jakarta and play, we see our own jazz heroes making their names internationally without even having to go anywhere. Java Jazz Festival also promotes Indonesia in a very positive way to the world countering so many negative news about the country that people out there digest almost every day, therefore we should be proud of it and support it.

Year after year we’re surprised by the lineup which can reach the number of around 200-300 groups, 2000+ musicians/singers spread in more than 50 sessions daily, around 8 hours straight, for three days. Some international musicians even admitted that eventhough they live in the same city or country, Jakarta is the only city that they can meet and greet each others, sharing ideas or even make spontaneous collaborations. These are all the things that can create unforgettable experience to us. So many memorable or even historical moments have been given by the Java Jazz Festival, and this fest will keep on giving a lot more.


So, what are we going to get in this 9th edition? Many of you should have heard or see the fantastic names on the list, but allow us to share more insights from the Official Press Conference which was held yesterday (January 30, 2013). The Founder Mr Peter F Gontha himself was there along with the President Director of Java Festival Production Dewi Gontha, the Festival Director Paul Dankmeyer, Program Director EQ Puradiredja and some representatives of the main sponsors (Djarum Super Mild, BNI and Telkomsel). Together they shared the news, updates and what’s going on with this year’s festival.

“This time there will be many great, popular female stars in Java Jazz Festival, such as Joss Stone, Lisa Stansfield and Basia among others on the spotlight.” said Paul Dankmeyer. The English lady Lisa Stansfield has been famous since the 80’s mostly with her style of soulful disco tunes such as “All Around the World”, “All Woman”, “Change” and the ballad from Indecent Proposal OST “In All the Right Places”. We haven’t heard too many news about her lately, yet she has enormous number of fans right here in Indonesia. It’s true that she mostly stands in between soul, RnB and disco, but she has shown her swing/jazz abilities on several occasions or songs, for example “Down in Depths” or “I’ve got the World on a String” in Mona Lisa Smile OST. The Java Festival Production has been trying to invite her since the first edition 9 years ago, finally this year she’s confirmed to participate. Then let’s talk about Basia. If you grew up in the 80’s, this name should be really familiar to you because she has tons of hits both from her solo career and her moment when she was still supporting Matt Bianco. We love this beautiful lady with the real name of Basia Trzetrzelewska’s unique singing voice thorugh songs like “Promises”, “Cruising for Bruising”, “Baby Your Mine” or “Half a Minute” with Matt Bianco which are still aired in some radio stations until now. The buzz about her participation was big in 2009 but she didn’t come at that time, now she’s also stated her participation at the 2013’s Java Jazz Festival. Representing superstar from newer generation is Joss Stone. This girl rose to fame ten years ago, but it actually started two years earlier at the age of thirteen when she auditioned for BBC London’s talent show “Star for a Night”. Standing in between soul, RnB, blues, pop and jazz, she has earned multi platinum albums, two BRIT Awards and one Grammy. These three fantastic ladies are the Special Shows for this year.

Other than these three girls, we will also have many great names. Bob James and Chuck Loeb will have their own shows besides playing as Fourplay with the other two compatriotes. The piano prodigy Eldar Djangirov who stunned everyone when he was still a very young boy some years ago is also listed. Special collaborations which will bring back the memories will be there too, such as George Duke and Stanley Clark with their all time hit “Sweet Baby” and of course Lee Ritenour and Dave Grusin who have been supporting each other for some decades both on stage and recordings. Special Project tributing Miles Davis named Miles Smiles will be brought by big cats Larry Coryell, Joey DeFrancesco, Omar Hakim, Daryll Jones and Rick Margitza. Don’t forget to see the Grammy Award winning and one of the best post bop saxophonists Kenny Garrett with his Quintet, Magnus Lindgren with special guest Gregory Porter, Jose James, James Carter Organ Trio, Wouter Hamel, The Soul Rebels, Emily Elbert, David Helbock and Gregory Porter Quartet. Legendary groups Sypro Gyra will make its return in Indonesia, also Phil Perry, New York Voices, Roy Hargrove (in RH Factor and Quintet), Roberta Gambarini, Marcus Miller and the in-house residence Brian Simpson. There are many names who will make their first appearance at the Java Jazz Festival such as the legendary Jimmy Cliff, the person who can place soul and gospel into his reggae taste, the famous Japanese-American singer whose music embraces mixtures of jazz, soul, RnB, pop and dance Monday Michiru, Balance and The Traveling Sounds, Butterscotch, Chucho Valdes from Cuba and Fernandez4 from Argentina among others. Representing our own neighbouring country is Mellow Motif from Thailand. The lead singer of this group Natasha Patamapongs was performed at the 5th Asean Jazz Festival last year in Batam. Now she’s back with her group which also feature Eugene Ang in it. Complete confirmed International Artists can be seen in this page: .


If there is any annual music festival that Yogyakarta most anticipated in, it is definitely Ngayogjazz. Just like its previous years, the city’s jazz event held on Sunday, November 18 was still served in fresh outdoors. For this time the organizer chose Brayut, a tourism village where located in the north of the city of Yogyakarta, with the charm of rice green fields and rural inhabitants that represent friendliness and closeness to nature. So geographically speaking, the chosen venue for 2012 edition was still in the same tradition. They presented it right in the heart of a peaceful countryside where the genuine Javanese hospitality still exist and a place you can actually catch a magical atmosphere when jazz got a very warm welcome by the villagers, but there are a lot of other points that makes this year’s edition exceeded the previous ones. For example from the number of participants which now also included international artists from Brazil, the duration, the combination of modern and traditional instruments, traditional costumes and so on. You will get all the impression if you continue reading this article.

Six stages were prepared to entertain all the crowd and the entire population of Desa Mbrayut. They were uniquely named as  Caping, Pacul, Keprak, Luku, Lesung, and Ani-Ani which names were taken from Javanese language about farming equipments and supplies.

Heavy rains soaked the venue down for half an hour just before the opening ceremony was scheduled to begin at 12:30 pm. All the crowd, organizers, musicians and food vendors took covers as rain poured hardly. All the people who initially did not know each other, was seen standing next to each other and chat while they were waiting for the rain to stop. It seemed that Jazz has begun to show its strength, bringing the excitement that diffused in the warmth of togetherness, which is difficult to find nowadays.


Rain had finally stopped at about 2 pm and it was the right time for Ngayogyazz to begin! Starting from Keprak stage, the frenzied Ngayogjazz was opened by The Everyday Band, a band from Jazz Jogja’s Jazz Mben Senen community that formed in 2010, who always brought full of laughter and joy on stage. The Everyday consists of Reagina Waworuntu (vocals), Gilang Adyaksa and Bramantyo “Itonk” (keyboard + synth), Harley Yoga (bass) and Anggrian Hida (drums), opened up with a javanese song from Ki Narto Sabdo, “Gambang Suling”. They invited Gigin (kendang) to add a traditional rhythmic mixed with jazz, which made the song delivered in ethnically funky and groovy kind of way. Then, they brought their own original songs such as “Beautiful Day”, “Surya Kembara”, “Kembali Rindu” and ‘Move It”.

What’s interesting was when the song “Kembali Rindu” went on, a mysterious man in yellow suit and painted face came out from the audience and did some theatrical movements like pantomime. If that wasn’t shocked you enough yet, he brought an umbrella and a package matching his suit. He was none other than Jemek Supardi, a big artiste from Jogja. His appearance surprised the audience and added such a lovely twist into this fest.

After all those early teasers, Ngayogjazz was officially opened by Vice-Regent of Sleman, Mrs Yuni Satia Rahayu, who hopes that the event could become the main attraction for tourists who visit Yogyakarta. She also expressed her grattitude to have the people of Brayut Pandowoharjo Sleman to be involved in this huge Yogyakarta’s jazz party.


Thereafter, Sound Of Hanamangke, Delight Band and The Interview was next up on stage. Sound of Hanamangke is a music group from Bandung that consists of Henry (kendang, flute, stringed instrument Tarawangsa), Lutfie and Randy (bass), Yudi (kecapi), and Bintang (drums) who previously had been invited to Tembi Music Festival in Yogyakarta on May. That afternoon at Ngayogjazz they performed several compositions such as “Takokak”, “Amorfati”, “Salaka Domas”, “Halimun”, “Paksi Naga Liman”, “Ceurik Rahwana”, “Hujan Poyan” and “Hoksa”.

It was such a delight to watch Delight, a band that consists of Aiya Esti Effendy (vocals), Alex (guitar), Titis (keyboards), Fauz (bass), Yoga (drums), and Putra (sax) who brought Stevie Wonder’s infamous hits “Overjoyed” and Bunglon’s “Denganmu” while The Interview performed very attractive and entertaining by dressing up as Operette Players. They delivered “Inikah Cinta”, “Blue Moon”, and Cherrybelle’s famous song “Dilema” in witty arrangements and stage act. Nanda (vocals), Indri (guitar), Yopie (bass), Andrew (keyboards) and Ardi (drums) were managed to entertain the crowd in Keprak Stage. Both of these bands represented Jazz Ngisor Ringin, Semarang.


Then Gondo and Friends, led by Surabaya’s senior keyboardist Yohanes Gondo replaced them on stage. This time he brought Frederic Ahot (bass), Dhanny Ugik (drums) and Natasha Attamimi (vocal) to present Coltane’s “Mr PC”, “Just in Time”, Joe Henderson’s “Recorda-Me”, “I Wish You Love” and “Honeysuckle Rose” flawlessly. Fun, pleasuring but sheer real jazz ecstacy once again presented humbly by Johanes Gondo and team.


Although it was still raining, the crowd seemed eager to wait for Indro Hardjodikoro and The Fingers on stage, who came in a full team form with Indro Hardjodikoro (bass), Andy Gomez (keyboards), Fajar Adi Nugroho (bass) and Demas Narawangsa (drums). Songs such as “Panon Hideung (similiar to Russian famous folksong “Ochi Chyornie”), “Andong”, “Rencong”, “The Fingers”, “Travelling”, “Drum n Bass”, “And I Love Her”, and “Slip Sometimes” were played on stage to the crowd who stood in the rain. Indro Hardjodikoro is indeed one of the most successful projects in our jazz scene lately, at least in the last two years. Not only they got many shots in local stages, but they have been gracing East Europe (Russia) at least 3 times already. The last time was in the first week of this month (November) when they represented Indonesia at the “Wonderful Indonesia- Ethnic Jazz Music Concert and Fashion Show” promotion in Moscow and Kazan. Looking at the composition that use two bassists, all we can say is, when bass does rule, it rules great.