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Close your eyes and think of Bali. What’s pictured in your mind? Beach, forest, green paddy fields? The island of 10.000 temples? Majestic view of sunset and sunrise? The mystical fragrant of frangipani? Traditional dress and the Balinese gamelan music? Well, those are a few of the magical thing that you could get by visiting Bali. No wonder, Bali has been standing as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world for ages. Now, what about picturing Bali as one of the top jazz destinations, not only in Indonesia but in the world? Why not. Since two years ago, the relationship between Bali and jazz has been getting closer than ever. There is an annual jazz event that serves cross-cultural entertainment that can be used as a knowledge and experience exchange. We’re talking about a big move made by the founder of Underground Jazz Movement Yuri Mahatma and the owner of ANTIDA Music Productions, Anom Darsana. Their brainchild added the specific jazz color into the Ubud’s heavenly landscape. It’s Ubud Village Jazz Festival (UVJF).

So here’s the big news. The annual 3rd Ubud Village Jazz Festival will be held, once again, on 7th and 8th of August 2015 at the same location, ARMA Ubud and will feature a world-class line-up that is guaranteed to be even more impressive than the previous festivals (read our report from last year’s edition:  UVJF Day 1 and Day 2).

Acclaimed jazz musicians from Indonesia such as Indra Lesmana, Nial Djuliarso, Dewa Budjana, Dodot & Co, Gustu Brahmanta Project, Kirana Big Band, Dion Janapria, Nita Aartsen Trio, Dwiki Dharmawan, Balawan etc, and international musicians, Oran Etkin (USA), a great bass clarinetist who has won a Grammy Award for his compilation CD “All About Bullies”. Etkin’s latest album on Motema Music, Gathering Light, features his trio with Nasheet Waits and Ben Allison plus guests Lionel Loueke and Curtis Fowlkes. This won’t be the first time for Etkin to visit Indonesia, since he has been here, also in Bandung to perform at the Saung Angklung Udjo in 2012. But now he’s going to paint the Bali sky with jazz. This amazing Trio just can’t wait to come to the island of God and experience the unique sensation of playing jazz in Ubud.

New Yorker Laura Brunner will bring you her deep voice, combined with Nial Djuliarso Quartet. Both, they have done some projects in USA and Asia. Nevertheless, Julian Banks Trio and Alex Lahey (Australia), the interesting Miles! Projects (Holland) which features Michael Varenkamp and Ben van den Dungen. The brain, guitarist Yuri Mahatma, his dear wife, pianist Astrid Sulaiman and many, many more artists, will play under the stars in the grounds of the magnificent Arma Museum, Ubud.

ubud village jazz festival 2014, ubud village jazz festival 2015, jazzuality

Last year’s Ubud Village Jazz Festival (doc., photo by Praditya Nova)

Encouraged by different kinds of local communities, Ubud Village Jazz Festival stands for one of the most respected Jazz Festival in the region. Most of the organizers who volunteered in the event, are coming from different backgrounds, such as art, media, video, design, music, even food! Yet, it keeps the spirit of UVJF, that is mall festival but big message.

Anom Darsana, one of the co founders of UVJF said, “Our talented young Indonesian artists are the key to the development and future existence of Jazz in Indonesia.” The Festival aims to provide important cross-cultural and networking opportunities between International and local jazz musicians and will showcase established and emerging musicians over two days, using three stages. It will collaborate with local industries, such as handmade drums from Jakarta and double bass from Solo and bamboo installation for the stage décor.

And for the second time, Ubud Village Jazz Festival 2015 is proud to partner with The Jazz Summer School in Korea-Netherlands as an exciting initiative to promote Jazz education in Indonesia. The Bali Jazz Summer School will be held over 5 days before the festival and will be divided into 6 classes featuring guitar, drums, piano, double bass, brass and reed instruments and vocal.  Said Yuri Mahatma, Festival Co-Founder , ”This is a great opportunity for young Indonesians to gain valuable knowledge and improve their skills through classes in theory and daily jam sessions”.

Ubud Village Jazz Festival says this in their official website. “We wants to keep it elegant, small, but we will maintain the quality.” They will work with whatever they can to make a clear statement that this is not only about concert and party but we concern about the regeneration and the high quality music education for the youth. A festival with character, that’s what they intend to be in each and every year. This event will come in a few months, arrange your trip to Bali and be a part of this fest. It’s time to feel the magical, mystical vibes of Bali not only by everything this land possesses, but also from its jazz spirit.

For more info, please visit:

Early bird Ubud Village Jazz Festival tickets are now available online and will be available until July. Don’t miss out on this extraordinary deal!

– Early Bird ticket price (Including taxes) February- July 2015 period
Please log on into our website to get the most updated tickets’ price.

– Normal ticket price (Including taxes) Aug 2015 period
One day ticket: IDR 385.000
Two days ticket: IDR 550.000
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Nobody loves problems, but whose life has none of it? We don’t like to have it, but it’s all actually about  how you look at problems and face them, because any problem, even the biggest one can be a blessing in disguise.

This edition of Kampoeng Jazz should have the real experience of it. They just suffered big loss because the event had to be posponed due to the parliament election. It was hard for them surely, but they didnt surrender. They understood the situation and did everything to keep up. They took another date, dealt with the artists, the sponsors and of course, people who already bought the tickets. Instead of giving up, they brought in more talents and extended the duration, stretching it to start earlier than planned. As a result, they scored big time. They might achieve the same success had they ran earlier, but the stars they added in the lineup were just unbelievable. It can be a good moral lesson for us. After passing the stormy weather, they bounced back, being stronger than ever and made a spectacular blast. That’s qute a story to tell, that’s the story of The 6th International Kampoeng Jazz in 2014.

Following the fruitful years of the previous festivals, this year they did it with more enthusiasm, more crowd, more artists, wider kind of jazz, and more stages too. The people were seen happy with smile on their faces, some actually brought back some music instruments they bought at the venue, little kids asking their parents about jazz and music and wanted to study them, couples getting even more intimate, bunch of musicians reunited and seemed like having a good time, and that is how you know if a jazz festival is succesful.



This year Kampoeng Jazz presented two stages which played simultaneously, as if to let the crowd to choose which jazz suit them better, in accordance with this year’s theme “FIND THE JAZZ IN YOU”. While the main stage as usual became the reliable playground of who’s who in the industry, this time another stage was set and managed by the Bandung’s jazz community, Klab Jazz. Klab Jazz brought in some of the best bands under its flag to show that they are just as good as those who have made it. We think it’s a good sign. Finally there’s a jazz festival in Bandung that gives plenty of room to these potential local bands to be in action. What’s also great is that these community bands shared this second stage with some popular ones too. So, the second stage is clearly not for second class acts, but it simply gives the audience more choice to see. Speaking of the lineup, it was obviously seen that this festival is going uphill every year, and just by its sixth year, Kampoeng Jazz managed to bring high-caliber artists such as Renee Olstead and Tortured Soul, continuing the big catch last year with Sondre Lerche and Tetsuo Sakurai. And names from our own soil was just mouth-watering. Therefore, Kampoeng Jazz has established themselves to compete with other jazz festivals. Legends, supergroup, big names, potential new comers wthose who soon will be big, ere found crafting their pieces for 12 hours straight! 12 hours of jazz bash, we repeat, 12 hours of delicious jazz bash was just beyond believe. And mind you that it comes from university students, The Executive Student Board (BEM) of The Law Faculty of Padjadjaran University to be exact. Well done, team!



A press conference was held at an unusual hour, 7:30 pm in at Sheraton Hotel, Bandung. In this press conference we met some of the artists including Renee Olstad, French Kiwi Juice,   and… Krakatau! Krakatau? Yes, Krakatau. We have heard rumors about it, but the committee seems wish to keep it until the D-day. We will tell you more about Krakatau’s ‘come home’ gig, but let’s begin the coverage first.

Three winners from the auditions ignited the event. The first two sessions were filled by NYP and All Voices. All Voices has Boy Hylmy ad Simplicity (vocals), Dori and Trisna (guitars), Ciput (bass), Elko (keyboard), Puji (drums) and Rizfan (percussions) are all still students majoring other than music, yet they do have skill and passion into it. Good show in the early hours.  NYP also stands as a students’ band that’s  able to play catchy jazz tunes. Size-wise speaking, the band is also quite large: Nathania (vocal),Bagja (acoustic guitar), Rizaldi (electric guitar), Fabian (bass), Bobby (drums), Bhisma (keys), Widi (sax) and Virdania and Rena as the backing vocals. With groovy saxophone also stood in front other than the vocalist, the N.Y.P proofed that they do earn the shot to participate at the main event of this campus jazz festival.




2009 is the year when Serambi Jazz began its service. This is the program of Goethe Institut was made to invigorate jazz events in Jakarta and some other cities, also to strengthen the mutual friendship between two great nation, Germany and Indonesia. It’s been held every two months (except some special editions/occasions) presenting the highly talented artists/musicians who have contributed big deal towards the regional or even worldwide jazz development. Most of the performers were taken from our own soil, but in each year, at least two German jazz musicians or groups be included not only for playing in live concert but also to share their knowledge to young talents. This program quickly gained attention from the jazz aficionados in Jakarta and beyond. Not long after it was launched, this regular event became one of the most awaited concerts in Jakarta. The jazz lovers can expect a good quality show, presenting variety of jazz played by great musicians in every edition. Surprisingly, all free or charge. The success story doesn’t happen only in Indonesia, this program also becomes one of the most successful overseas program of Goethe Institut. Riza Arshad has been in charge as the curator from the beginning and proved to be a perfect choice. He knows how to keep the program running in excellence, rich in colors, variations and artists’ selections.

In 2013 Serambi Jazz made a new breakthrough by creating two projects which involved artists from two nations. The first one is the curator himself with his team (Endang Ramdan, Erlan Suwardana and Cucu Kurnia on kendangs and metal toys) in collaboration with German guitarist Kai Brückner and bassist Paul Philipp Kleber, then the last one is the project of Aksan Sjuman and the Committee of the Fest with contrabassist Henning Sieverts and saxophonist Christian Weidner As we already entered 2014, some of our readers asked about the continuation of Serambi Jazz. We’ve been asked whether the program be continued or not, will they visit Bandung again like before, will there be collaborations to come, involving who and so on. We still don’t know how exactly their plan for this year yet, but one thing’s sure: Serambi Jazz is still running. It’s confirmed that they will launch the first edition of 2014 on February 6, 2014, presenting the iconic Indra Lesmana with his Group tributing one of the most important men in jazz history, Chick Corea.

indra lesmana group, jazzuality


indra lesmana group, jazzualityThe Indra Lesmana Group Tribute to Chick Corea is actually started last year on May, 2013 as one of the program of Indra and Honhon Lesmana’s Red White Jazz Lounge. It went very successful not only beause it gave tribute to the living jazz giant but also since Indra Lesmana created a very strong team consisting guitar virtuoso Tohpati and amazing young guns such as Shadu Rasjidi (bass), Ricad Hutapea (saxophone) and Demas Narawangsa (drums). It looks very promising, but Demas decided to continue his study to USA. Somebody has to take over his position behind drums. But who? Indra Lesmana asked Shadu to look around, then they found three candidates. Indra carefully examined each one through their performing videos on Youtube and finally made his decision. He found a new drummer to replace Demas, his name is Dion Subiakto. He’s a rising star we’ve been keeping our eyes on, at least since he stands as one of Balawan Bifan Trio and later joined Indro Hardjodikoro and the Fingers. So now, the Indra Lesmana Group is complete, filled with the combination of senior/iconic musicians and amazing younger talents.

Speaking of Chick Corea, most of his compositions (or maybe even all) have high degree of difficulties. Not everyone can play them in the way they were made. If we take a look at Chick Corea’s monumental group, the Chick Corea’s Elektric Band, this band also consisted of players who are capable to create magic in every line despite of their ages. We see the same spirit brought by Indra Lesmana in building up this group. Corea is not only a jazz musician but he is also into classical, enjoying the musics of Bartok and other contemporary classical music. Chick Corea once took up drums, something that later influence his piano playing style especially when he improvises. No wonder his compositions always rich in harmony, often appear in complex notations, and the best way to play it is by full discipline and accurate precision tempo.

indra lesmana group, jazzuality


The idea of this tribute came when Indra felt the need to go back to the influential things in his career. Chick Corea gave strong influence to Indra’s journey in 1981 to 1988. The idea of making this tribute was supported by Tohpati, a guitar maestro and music producer who also grew in that era. Indra Lesmana has listened to Chick Corea’s songs since he was still a 12 year-old boy. When he moved to Australia he got the chance to watch Corea’s live show in Sydney, and even better, he met Corea in person on backstage. He’s impressed by Corea’s humbleness. Then they met again in 1983 when Indra went to Los Angeles. He recorded one album in Chick Corea’s studio, The Mad Hatter and released it under the title of “For Earth and Heaven”. Indra had also joined Chick Corea Elektric Band during the 80’s, for example when they visited Indonesia during the Asian Tour in 1986.

indra lesmana group, jazzualityAs someone who know Corea in person, Indra should have known how to bring his masterpieces alive in perfect way. Plus, he has four amazing compatriotes with special abilities. So all’s set, all’s perfect. According to Indra, this project is not simply to play Chick Corea’s songbook, but more importantly to convey the information to the young musicians.

From what we’ve seen, the group could really make this concept alive. You will see everything you wish from jazz in this show. The showdown of skills, the magic of improvisations, the tight chemistry, the fine work as one unit, the joy of playing, cool adaptation and so on. If you miss their previous appearances, it’s time for you to catch them. If you have already watched them but wish to get another turn, this is your golden ticket. Thanks to Serambi Jazz and Goethe Institut, this show is provided FREE from any charge.

indra lesmana, jazzuality


If Indra Lesmana appeared in Serambi Jazz with LLW two years ago, this time he’s back with a fine new team to honor Chick Corea and his amazing compositions. So what are you waiting for? Make sure to clear your agenda on February 6, 2014. Ask your friends and family to come along and get ready to experience the madness. Since it’s quite difficult to bring Mr Corea and his team to Indonesia, this show will answer that wish, because they can really play it just as good. Look forward to a special evening concert. Even if you are not yet familiar with the name Chick Corea, it’s your chance to get deep with his mindblowing compositions presented by ‘the ‘A’ Team’ who understands the best way to bring it all alive.

-Indra Lesmana (keys)
– Tohpati (guitar)
– Shadu Rasjidi (bass)
– Ricad Hutapea (saxophone)
– Dion Subiakto (drums)

SERAMBI JAZZ 2014 February Edition: Indra Lesmana Group – Tribute to Chick Corea

Date: Thursday, February 6, 2014
Time: 7:30 pm – onward
Location: GoetheHaus, Jl. Sam Ratulangi 9-15, Menteng, Jakarta





After four previous showcases (First week: Nita Aartsen and Nial DJuliarso then second week: Glen Dauna and Indro Hardjodikoro & the Fingers, the annual program of  Komunitas Salihara, the Salihara Jazz Buzz reached the third and final week with two shows. One was about two pianists Sri Hanuraga and Adra Karim taking on Thelonious Monk’s Blue Note and the other was Indra Lesmana Group told stories about Chick Corea through adventurous jazzploration.

Let’s see what’s happening on the 4:00 pm show first. Having two jazz pianists in one show is not something we see often, especially when it gives tribute to a jazz legend like Thelonious Monk. But two young but very talented pianists, Sri Hanuraga and Adra Karim gave us that kind of ride in a very different way.


If you’re into jazz, then the name of Thelonious Sphere Monk should be familiar. As one of the founders of Bebop, Monk is widely known as a pianist with dramatic improvisation. His vision was uniquely ahead of its time but still deeply rooted in jazz tradition. At the time when most of the pianists played sparse chords in the left hand while fast streamy notes were given by the right hand, Monk showed that both left and right hand can go equally active in reaching the whole keys along the piano. He got different phrasings, didn’t like to make ‘unnecessary’ notes, he could even give space and silence a new meaning. For those who have watched him play, he’d be remembered as a tall, bearish man (often) with hat and glasses that loved to be eccentric both in real life and on stage. He swayed back and forth, from one side to another, with feet that flapped on the floor. For us, he’s like an eccentric Jazz Architect that knew how to build an interestingly unpredictable structure in economy. Every note he played, every pauses and stops he made had reason. He has given enormous contribution towards Jazz and the modern music as well as inspiring uncountable musicians around the world, including Sri Hanuraga and Adra Karim who paid their respect to the master in this show.

Both of them have encountered piano from their young ages. Aga; that’s how Sri Hanuraga’s friends call him; was graduated from Conservatorium van Amsterdam majoring Jazz Piano, Adra carried on in ArtEZ School of Music and Prince Claus Conservatorium Groningen, Netherland. Both of them have gained experience internationally. Aga even builds his career in there and has a multi national band named The Brag Pack but occasionally back to his own land and always loves to grace up various events whenever he’s around. Adra spent a couple of years in that part of Europe but still managed to keep his band Tomorrow People Ensemble (TPE) alive. TPE is a band that loves to funked up our ears with their intoxicating avant funk that can make the fans or whoever listen to them get high and stoned without having to take any drugs.




Just several days ago we informed you about the comeback concert of the legendary, ‘volcanic’ group KRAKATAU, the Kembali Satu formation ((Donny Suhendra, Dwiki Dharmawan, Gilang Ramadhan, Indra Lesmana, Pra Budidharma and Trie Utami) who recently is in increasing seismic activity by reuniting after being separated for 25 years. Yesterday we were informed that the concerts which were supposed to be held in 3 different cities (Yogyakarta, Jakarta and Surabaya) are cancelled and to be rescheduled until further notice.

It’s a sad news to hear since many of the long-time fans are already excited to see the comeback of the most famous formation of this phenomenal band. We know you all want to know what cause the tour to be posponed, so here we share the letter from promoter regarding the situation.


Apologize Note

“Herewith, we, DSS Production is apologize for the postponement of the Krakatau-Kembali Satu Concert which was scheduled to be held at Skenoo Hall Gandaria City Jakarta on June 14, 2013.

The concert will be rescheduled as a part of Krakatau “Kembali Satu” Indonesia Tour 2013. During this tour, Krakatau plans to visit some major cities in Indonesia such as Bandung, Yogyakarta, Semarang, Surabaya, Malang, Denpasar, Medan, Balikpapan/Makassar and Jakarta.

The postponement has to be made due to Krakatau’s own wish and DSS Production as the promoter, to give a concert that’s more accessible and affordable to all fans throughout Indonesia.

Along with the rescheduling, we will change the ticket price, making it more affordable, so all segments of this explosive super-fusion-band’s fans would be able to watch the reunion of Krakatau: TRIE UTAMI – INDRA LESMANA – DONNY SUHENDRA – DWIKI DHARMAWAN – PRA BUDIDHARMA – GILANG RAMADHAN after more than 20 years of taking different path.

Once again, we truly apologize to everyone for this postponement. We will announce the new schedule as soon as we’re done with it.”

Krakatau Kembali Satu Indonesia Tour 2013 promoter


We know this news may cause trouble to some of you who already bought the ticket, taking the day-off from office or even booked the hotel. But we also believe that this is a hard decision to make by the promoter. But let’s look at the bright side, may the new schedule be more accessible and affordable so you all won’t have problem to witness the comeback of these legendary formation of supergroup, and let’s also hope for more spectacular one.




What do you have in mind when you hear the name Krakatau? You might think of the volcanic island located in the Sunda Strait between Java and Sumatra islands, but if you’re a music fans, especially those who were a radio fans in the mid 80’s to early 90’s, surely your brain will answer a legendary pop-fusion supergroup who has produced so many superhits. Now listen to this. If you remember the third formation which said to be the most solid and famous, comprised of Donny Suhendra, Dwiki Dharmawan, Gilang Ramadhan, Indra Lesmana, Pra Budidharma and Trie Utami, you should be really excited because after 25 years of not being together, they finally reunited again and ready to greet their fans in three cities: Yogyakarta (May 25), Jakarta (June 14) and Surabaya (19 June). The members of this ‘volcanic’ band is recently in increasing seismic activity and soon will erupt , melting you all with their new synergic energy. Hear this out loud: KRAKATAU, KEMBALI SATU (English: Back as One)!

This is really a big news. Perhaps this will be the biggest comeback of Indonesian band, ever. We have heard about the reunion since last year from Dwiki, Indra and Donny, but it wasn’t happen until February 2013, when they finally sat together in friendly, informal gathering, remembering the good old days when the group was in its heyday. With all the laughters of good memories, they actually found out that they wanted to go back again, playing together on the same stage. From there, the idea rolled fast to appear as something real. They met often, practiced regularly, playing their famous hits after a quarter of century in hiatus. Since all six of them now have emerged as top stars, their experiences and skills have raised to another height. That means one thing: while you can revisit their glorious hits, you can expect something new from the concert of the new Krakatau Kembali Satu version. What’s not to love from it.


Krakatau in 1987


To refresh your memory about their glorious achievements and the way they change the music trend back then, let’s travel back to Krakatau’s history. Krakatau as one of the most important pioneer of jazz fusion was founded in 1985 in Bandung. It started with the formation of Pra Budidharma (bass), Donny Suhendra (guitar), Dwiki Dharmawan (piano) and Budhy Haryono (drums). Pra was about to start his career after returning from Seattle, Donny was already a well-known guitarist in Bandung (he was already well existed with his then group, D’Marszyo), then Dwiki had been looking for a chance to start a fusion-oriented band. That’s the first formation of Krakatau who took shape during a jam session made by a regular event called Jazz Break in Bandung.




A short yet valuable conversation it was. After they had about an hour authority on Kampoeng Jazz stage, the legendary Fariz Rustam Munaf, better known as Fariz RM and the enormous Indra Lesmana back to backstage and provided several minutes for interview session. The first thing we saw two of them was their appearance, they looked trendy with their casual style. Mr. Fariz RM with his black jacket and Indra Lesmana on his blue shirt welcomed our reporter in front of Grha Sanusi (Padjadjaran University, Dipatiukur-Bandung). “Well, hello guys..” said Indra Lesmana to start the interview. We asked about his collaboration with fariz RM on the stage, since it’s been so long we have not seen Fariz RM whether on live performance or music programs on television.

Since last year we saw more frequent appearance of Fariz RM on stage, either in his own solo concert or a couple of appearances for example at the Red White Lounge which is hosted by Indra Lesmana. It’s like fate, both of them got together again after being separated for about 2 decades. “Due to our own busy activities,” said Indra Lesmana in between performance.

You can imagine what’d happen when two legends collide in the same frame. When we saw this collaboration in Kampoeng Jazz 2013, we could feel the magic brought by the reunion of two best friends. If feeling isn’t enough, you can see the fruit of their partnership through a song titled “Sleeping Beauty,” which also played at this festival. Sleeping Beauty is Indra Lesmana’s song which is a track packed inside his 1984 album, “No Standing” (with his then-group Nebula, featuring Steve Hunter, Andy Evans, Ken James, Vince Genova and Carlinhos Gonzalves). The song was originally an instrumental composition, but now Fariz added lyrics on it .”At first he was only suggesting the idea so Mira (Mira Lesmana, Indra’s sister) would write it.” said Indra. “But since he kept writing the lines, I said to him, “why don’t you just make it yourself?” So then, finally he was the one who made it.” Indra continued.


On stage they served a deadly keyboards match, setting up dialogues, complimenting each other, shouting and trading conversations through their instruments. It was madness. Especially for “Sleeping Beauty”, since we’ve heard the original before, it now appeared like a new song from them. Something magical like this could only happen when two wizards join forces.

More about Fariz’s comeback, other than making more and more appearances on the surface, he has released his new album entitled “Fenomena.” As a hit maker who wrote many evergreens such as “Sakura” and “Barcelona”, time will tell whether he will produce new hits or not from the album. But one thing for sure, the album was made with all his heart and contains a lot of good stuffs in it. Meanwhile, Indra Lesmana just released his limited 2nd album of LLW, “Loose Loud Whiz.” If in the first album he sent the message of “growing wisely with love and knowledge”, the 2nd album holds the next message: “growing wisely with freedom and courage.” Other than the current personnels including Indra Lesmana, Barry Likumahuwa, Muhammad Rafi and Kyriz Boogiemen, the album also features Indra’s daughter Eva Celia and trumpeter Maurice Brown.

Let’s get back to the back-stage meeting. Right after their performance at Kampoeng Jazz 2013, we approached Fariz RM and asked about the collaboration with Indra. “Actually, I have known Indra for very long time. We’ve been established music school several years ago. And my sensibility in Jazz also influenced by Indra’s father, Jack Lesmana. Some of my knowledge came from him. More than ten years we did not play the tunes together, until one day he called me and asked me to do a duet on Red White Lounge in Jakarta.” said Fariz while also stating that he is close with Indra’s family.

“So this is not the first time we had collaboration, but after a long term of ‘rest’ this could be our first come-back collaboration. Fortunately, Kampoeng Jazz invited both of us to take a part on their event, and there was our performance” added uncle of young talented singer Sherina Munaf.

Then we asked them about the development of Jazz in Indonesia which becomes a popular issue recently. Especially for the movement that mostly arranged by college students or let say young people of the nation. “Of course we want to. In my opinion, music is available for every category. There’s no special genre for the youth neither for the elderly. Music is a blessing for everyone. Age does not matter. In future days when I invited to the event like yours, I would like to come. Surely, I support the movement of your generation on developing Indoesia’s music specially Jazz,” answered Indra Lesmana clearly. In addition he revealed the excitement of the audience since it was rain not heavily but still unstoppable until their session finished. “I appreciate it.” closed Indra Lesmana followed by a couple of friendly smile from him and Fariz RM.


In conclusion, the atmosphere of Jazz and positive energy from the youth that night returns into nutritious meal and affection for Fariz RM to boost his creativity in music. Though he’s already through a half century of his life, we still waiting for more of his classy artworks to color up the industry at present time. We wish you for a long and healthy life, Sir! Keep absorbing the energy from the stage and use it as the power to keep going. Finally, we gave another great greeting to Indra Lesmana who never stops creating the new acceleration for Indonesia music industry. Let us be the witness of Jazz development!

Interviewed and written by: Shely Napitupulu
Photographer: Nuri Arunbiarti




It was the 23rd of March  when Bandung welcoming the biggest jazz festival of the city in 2013.  After several months of preparation, the committee and Executive Student Board of Faculty of Law, Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung finally presented the 5th International Kampoeng Jazz to the town. Wasn’t it a very pleasant event to start our 2013 with? Three month before, they already made pre-event by involving David Manuhutu featuring Sandy Winarta and Halfwhole Project as guest star in their stage at Paris van Java, Bandung. The event itself has the aim of developing Jazz to Indonesia young generation. While at the time people getting excited with this vibe originally came from New Orleans, students of Faculty of Law Universitas Padjadjaran have been making a continual movement by managing this event since 2008.

For this year the committee decided to go by using the theme of “Jazztorical” with “jazzing you back to history” as the tagline. The appearance of Fariz RM, Indra Lesmana, Chaseiro and Tetsuo Sakurai could create that scene. But more than these legendary names, we got a big surprise too by the participation of Sondre Lerche who’s popular especially among the youngsters. The young jazz diva Andien was here too, and it felt special since she just released her new album.

With more and more crowds came throughout the runtime, this year’s Kampoeng Jazz reached another height in coloring Bandung sky with jazz.  If you didn’t have the time to catch it, you should wonder how did it go. Then, here it is the details of enormous momentum in Kampus Iwa Koesoema Soemantri Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung.


At 10 a.m Sondre Lerche, Omen Sonisontani of Chaseiro, represntative of Fariz  RM and Anthology, and Tetsuo Sakurai gathered in Bale Rumawat for a press conference. Lerche started his speech with “Nama saya (My Name Is) Sondre Lerche” and everyone gave a warm greetings to him. Lerche said that he’s very happy to visit bandung, since this is his first time here. When we asked his opinion about the development of jazz in Indonesia which recently held by college student, he answered with an excitement. “Of course, I’m glad to be invited on this event. I know most of you are still young but this event is great. young generation is the future. It’s an honor to play in this festival,” said Lerche pleasently. Chaseiro also stated that this event gathered them after several time they’re separated by the distance. While Tetsuo Sakurai answered every questions from the reporter friendly. “Selamat pagi. Nama saya Tetsuo Sakurai,” then he told us his experiences in Indonesia. “I’ve been visiting Jakarta for twenty times. I’ve been to Solo, Jogjakarta, and Surabaya. But this is my first time in Bandung. I will give my best performance tonight,”  The press conference closed with photo session.




Jazz here, jazz there, jazz everywhere. If you’re a fan, you should be happy that jazz has been spreading like a virus, infecting more and more land, not just in its origin but in the far away nations that traditionally might not related to this genre at all. Let’s talk more specifically about the South East Asia. Today there are many jazz festivals being held with so many success stories. While in Indonesia we have no less than 40 jazz festivals at present time, here comes the great news from one of our closest neighbouring countries, Malaysia. Attention jazz lovers in Malaysian Peninsular and nearby, a huge jazz storm is heading your way! The 2nd edition of Kuala Lumpur International Jazz Festival (KLIJF) 2013 will swing the bright light big cosmopolitan city of KL from April 27 to 30, 2013. Around 75 acts involving 200 performers will set KL on fire. The Festival kicks off with the KLIJF Earth Day Run on April 21, 2013 at the University of Malaya and closes with the International Jazz Day on April 30, 2013. It’s going to be 4 days of great music, food, art, crafts and lots of fun.

After a great one in 2012, this festival is back with an impressive line-up of 35 international acts and more than 40 local acts, the  4 day  festival is organized by KL International Jazz Sdn. Bhd. and supported by Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL), under the patronage of the Honourable Mayor of Kuala Lumpur, Yang Berbahagia Datuk Ahmad Phesal Talib. The KL International Jazz Sdn Bhd was established in 2011. As the producer and promoter of the Kuala Lumpur International Jazz Festival. KLIJ intends to play an active role in promoting jazz locally through their integrated programs which will be implemented throughout the year and to assist in promoting Kuala Lumpur as a leading jazz festival destination in the region. Co- Founder and Managing Director of the KLIJF  Rodin JS Kumar mentioned that  “Jazz Festivals all over the world attract very large audiences because  of  its appeal to a wide genre of jazz, blues, funk, soul and classic rock audiences.  The ambience at Jazz Festivals is very different from a closed door single jazz concert. That is why Jazz Festivals all over the major capital cities continue to grow and the KL International  Jazz Festival is making its mark as a world class Jazz Festival.”


As how a world class jazz festival should be made, the KLIJF will provide high variety of jazz. In 4 days you will be able to enjoy many styles from contemporary/smooth jazz, straight ahead, mainstream, nu-jazz, fusion, big band, latin, funk, R&B/pop jazz, blues all the way to electro swing from multi-national artistes. The headline features international superstars such as guitarists Lee Ritenour and Fourplay’s current guitarist Chuck Loeb. Representing Indonesia is our own jazz icon Indra Lesmana. Most likely he will perform with LLW with the possibility of collaborating with Chuck Loeb. The unique pianist David Helbock is back again to South East Asia after a stunning performance at Java Jazz Festival 2013 earlier this month. The inspiring pianist/composer Keiko Matsui who has been playing borderless music for many years, ranging from peaceful jazz that can come so close to spiritual tunes with some classical elements, new age and everything in between is officially confirmed.

Based on our experience, Soil and “Pimp” Sessions never failed to grab big number of audience in two editions of Java Jazz Festival. No doubt, this explosive, very aggresive and edgy band from Japan is ready to blast KL audience the way they did in Indonesia. Also from The Land of the Rising Sun, a reed quartet Kazutoki Umezu Kiki Band is ready to breathe new thing in the festival.




Attention, jazzy people, listen to this. Not long after the blazing Java Jazz Festival 2013,  another international Jazz festival will land in Bandung,involving several legends of Jazz in Indonesia, the famous international performers and skillful young bands. Exactly, it is The 5th International Kampoeng Jazz presented by the Executive Student Board of Faculty of Law, Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung. Established in 2008, Kampoeng Jazz gained a good responds from the audience and Bandung citizen and have been growing bigger and better. Moreover, this annual event is held as a support of the youth for the development of Jazz itself. While last year we didn’t see this event being made, they actually already buzzed about the coming of this event since many months ago. On December 12th, 2012 the committee had held “Kampoeng Jazz untuk Bandungku (Kampoeng Jazz for My Bandung)” as the pre-event. Ten days later, there was music stage at Paris Van Java presenting Halfwhole Project and David Manuhutu Project feat Sandy Winarta as warming-up session before the main event of Kampoeng Jazz.

We can be proud that Indonesia is one of the rare countries in the world where the jazz breath can be felt really strong inside campuses. Jakarta already has its own annual international jazz festival which has reached the 35th edition, so now it’s time for us to witness the movement in Bandung. It’s good to see how the university students can still manage their valuable times to make up a big sized festival to reach the international scale in between their studying hours. It’s not easy, yet it’s a big surprise to see this upcoming 5th edition of Kampoeng Jazz which is filled with mouth-watering lineup of artists.

kampoeng jazz 2013, jazzuality


For seeing legends concert directly is one of many ways to appreciate their works, therefore Kampoeng Jazz bringing the fantastic collaboration between Indra Lesmana and Fariz RM to this event. These two Indonesia’s Jazz legends will give an unforgettable experience Jazzy moment for us. Furthermore, Norwegian’s talented musician, Sondre Lerche with a pleasure would like to entertain the audience. There are so many fans of Lerche in Indonesia, especially among the students. His music style which never stays at one particular genre backed by lively stage act will definitely serve a party for us to enjoy. If those names are not enough, get yourself ready to singing along with pretty petite singer, Andien, the famous Trio Lestari consists of three iconic male singer Tompi, Sandhy Sondoro and Glenn Fredly.

Seems Indonesia has become one of the most interesting spot for Japanese musicians/bands to visit. We got many of bands from this Land of the Rising Sun performing in Indonesia lately such as the supergroup Casiopea, Orange Pekoe, Depapepe, Fried Pride, Kaori Kobayashi and last but not least, ex bassist of Casiopea who’s still being the inspiration of many bassists in Indonesia, Tetsuo Sakurai. He’s performed several months at the previous JakJazz 2012 and probably delighted by the response, so now he’s back again to bring his groovy, fired-up bass touch at this event. The legendary vocal harmony group Chaseiro is also in the lineup. This group actually started their journey in 1978 at the first Jazz Goes to Campus while they are still studying in Universitas Indonesia. Just last month Chaseiro just lost one of its key member by the passing of Helmi Indrakesuma. They should still be grieving after the loss, but Chaseiro has to carry on. It’s going to be sad to see the group without Helmi’s presence, yet we’re sure the spirit will always live among the rest of Chaseiro members.

Other than these big lineups, Kampoeng Jazz 2013 will also feature talented Bandung young bands. Blues will be brought in style by Mojo Jojo Experiment, the 3 Minarets, a band which actually come from the faculty of law will spread its light funky jazz. Last but not least, Last Minute Action is ready to lay their musical concept.

“Jazzing You Back to History” or they called it as JAZZTORICAL is the theme of fifth Kampoeng Jazz. In a brief, this event is also dedicated for the movements of our music until today. On Saturday 23th of March, Kampoeng Jazz provides a special package of Jazz atmosphere at Iwa Koesoemasoemantri Building at Padjadjaran University (Unpad). Check their official website for further information and online ticket store, or simply follow them on twitter @KampoengJazz. Go grab the ticket and let your soul affectionate with millions of pleasant tones!

The 5th International Kampoeng Jazz Festival 2013

Date: Saturday, March 23, 2013
Location: Universitas Padjadjaran, Jl. Dipatiukur no 35, Bandung

Ticketing: go to and follow @kampoengJazz

Written by: Shely Napitupulu