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There are so many hybrids in jazz, but can you imagine what jazz would be without the good ol’ big band? Ever since it was originated in USA around mid 1920’s, big band has continued to evolve and win more and more fans around the world. It was once called dance bandand associated with Swing, but this big-sized ensemble which involve 12 to 25 musicians has been known widely for its flexibility to welcome many other genres than just swing. We have seen many examples when big bands played fusion, bebop or any other modern jazz, even reaching pop and ethnics. Another great thing about it is that it can always adapt to popular genre or trend of each era. That’s one of the reason why big band can stand the test of time. The trend and style may change, the technology may create new sounds, yet the traditional, conventional big band still march on, either by absorbing the most recent trend or simply rooted to the original style.

So, what about Indonesia? This is not the country where jazz was born. Therefore it’s logical if one thought big band didn’t exist in it. If you think like that, well, you are wrong, because Indonesia does have many big bands, some of them are spectacularly growing with increasing number of fans, surprisingly including youngsters as well. They might not know the history of big band or not even familiar with swing. Maybe they are attracted to the collision of sound produced by the combination between brass, woodwind and rhythm sections. Maybe they have listened to it from their mama and papa’s or granny and gramp’s collections. Maybe they just want to give a try or even by surprise. But for whatever reason, we can find many big bands not only in Jakarta but throughout the archipelago.

Now, if we talk about regional areas, you might even be more surprised. Would you believe if a well established big band in Bandung, the capital of West Java, is able to get more than 500 audience in a show and manage to increase their regular concert per year from 2 shows to 3? We’re talking about the big band which stays true to the traditional formation (not a band that’s big in size) but doesn’t stuck only in swing. It’s the Salamander Big Band. They are going to launch the second concert in 2013 following their tradition from the previous year, the Mid-Year Concert. This concert will be held on Friday, June 28, 2013 starting 7:30 pm at the Amphiteater of Selasar Sunaryo Art Space at Dago Pakar, Bandung. The concert that goes with the theme of “Love Above All” as usual will be free of charge.


salamander big band mid year concert 2013, love above all, jazzuality


Let’s dig this well-organized big band deeper. It was founded by Devy Ferdianto who now stands as the conductor, leader and composer of the band. Since 2006, Salamander Big Band has tried its best to present two concerts per year, the Mid-year and its Anniversary concert. But starting this year, they have added the Early Year concert which was conducted by Thorsten Wollmann (see the report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/salamander-big-band-concert-with-thorsten-wollmann-the-report/). Here comes the second round for this year, interestingly by using the theme of “Love Above All.” It doesn’t come in February, the month most of us celebrate Valentine. But surely Salamander Big Band has their own reason to use this theme for this year’s edition. Sure, we can ask Devy about it, but we think it’s best to just wait until the concert, so we can keep the element (excitement) of surprise.




What a pleasant surprise to see Salamander Big Band performed early this year. Usually they made two regular concerts: the mid-year in June and then the anniversary in September. But this year they started it big by having another concert in March which hopefully become regular too. Why not, since the Goethe Institut Jakarta backed them up fully, even invited a famous German composer who currently resides in Bangkok, Thorsten Wollmann. The founder and leader of this Bandung-based Big Band, Devy Ferdianto told us that he has actually planned to make at least four regular concerts per year, the other one is right at the end of the year. There’s a big chance for them to fulfill it too, but for now, let’s see how this early-year concert go.

Salamander Big Band was established in 2006 but actually it was started as brass band way earlier in 1991. What Devy had in mind was he wanted to offer something different than the music we listen everyday, plus he wished to give the real sound produced by real instruments. With this vision he shaped the traditional formation of the real big band, like Count Basie’s formation for example. The current music trend are not going his way, yet the Salamander Big Band got tremendous progress along the way with many successful stories. It’s not difficult to find youngsters among their audience, that shows that Salamander’s music is actually acceptable by wide range of ages.


While most of the traditional big band rooted themselves to the glorious golden era, Salamander Big Band likes to expand their musical territory. They can play good traditional swing, but often they fancy many other areas too such as fusion, funk and even ethnics. Or, speaking of musical timeline, they can play the style of big band the way you love it in the 60’s and 70’s. Another interesting case is how they picture European style of Big Band, not just playing it but also by inviting the European artists to join the party. Like this event for example, through Goethe Institut they featured the highly experienced artist who has done remarkable work in the European Big Band scene and beyond, Thorsten Wollmann. This time they were challenged to show their maximum abilities by playing much difficult repertoires with only 6 days to practice.

Let’s see a brief biography of Thorsten Wollmann. He was born in Biberach-Laupheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. He received his Master Degree (Magna Cum Laude)from the Musikhochschule Köln , majoring composition and jazz trumpet, minoring in piano. He has a shining portfolio since he’s been working as composer/arranger/conductor of many big bands in Germany, also active as a soloist. Aside of composing for big bands, he also compose many movie scores. Speaking of his music piece, he has written wide variation of genres from jazz to tango, children’s songs to chamber music and classical symphonic music. Throughout his career he’s involved in so many big bands in Europe, USA and Asia, either as a members or composing for them.  He’s also working as a lecturer for the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) in the Music Department of Payap University in Chiang Mai. In his young age, he was once a part of the national youth big band led by the legendary Peter Herbolzheimer. Wollmann is indeed an exceptional multi-talented man who  braves enough to take steps that the other might never thought before.

Devy gave his position to Wollmann led the Salamander Big Band by himself. Standing in front as the conductor, he directed the ensemble to play mostly his own compositions. Some of the songs weren’t his, but still it was him who did the rearrangement. “Some of the songs are very hard to play, let’s see how good the big band can play it tonight.” said Wollmann before the show.

Before the concert started, in his welcome speech Devy told the audience that this would be the last performance of Salamander Big Band in Bumi Sangkuriang. They have been playing and practising here for 6 years, so it’s hard to picture this hall without them.  Maybe this will open up new opportunities and possibilities for a better future, we certainly hope so.  As we spotted Dieter Mack who have worked many times with the big band among the audience, the program director of Goethe Institut Katrin Sohns greeted everyone, welcoming and thanking those who came. Then Devy proudly told everyone that tonight they were ready to play the biggest number of songs ever in their concert.




The fruitful year of KlabJazz, the well-established jazz community in the capital of West Java continues on. So far they have launched no less than 7 regular events per month where some of those point out the specific corner of jazz and beyond such as ethnic, groove and blues. We just received the confirmation from KlabJazz that they are ready to launch another one. More spin-off? Why not? This time the community is highlighting one of the most popular sub-genre of jazz which can gather both jazz and rock fans together, the jazz fusion. The premiere of this new spin-off will come at the last day of February, taking place at the new crime scene Sixty “Meeting Point-cafe” Bandung. This event now officially has its own brand, and it’s called Fusion Flava.

There were times along the global history of jazz, including Indonesia, fusion; which is the hybrid of traditional jazz and the 70’s style of electronics (R&B and rock) became a ‘mainstream’ in the world’s jazz scene, with all the stories behind it. This hybrid quickly gained its fans both from the listeners and musicians. It inspired many people, in some ways changed the course of the industry and still being developed until now.

For some people, the early fusion era appeared not as ‘deep’ as the traditional jazz, both in composition and playing technique. On the other hand, it’s also different then the next era of fusion, when it became softer/smoother, appeared as another sub-genre we all know as Smooth Jazz.

Back to the birth of fusion, as this new ‘invention’ opens up more possibilities in creating music by having other musical corners to blend with the good ol’ jazz, it attracted many players to place their signatures inside. We can mention some big names such as George Benson, The Crusaders, Deodato, Eric Gale, Herbie Hancock, Chuck Mangione, Bob James, Hubert Laws, Herbie Mann, David Sanborn, Spyro Gyra, Grover Washington, Jr. Let’s not forget the legendary groups who triggered it phenomenally like Mahavisnu Orchestra and Weather Report that in some ways created new possibilities to play jazz. Group like Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears and some others brought another colors into it, then look at Japan where this hybrid found a new home through bands like Casiopea, T-Square and many more. There are many fascinating and monumental milestones in the history of jazz when we are talking about fusion.

How about in Indonesia? Some of you might still remember how the music mainstream filled with loads of fusion bands during the 80’s to early 90’s. Krakatau, Halmahera, Karimata, Emerald, Adegan, D’Marszyo, Bhaskara, Spirit Band, Black Fantasy, Indonesia 6 all the way to the early sound of Kahitna, the JavaJazz are some of the names who carried on the spirit of fusion within their play in their own shape, style and content-rates.

Fusion Flava tries to bring us back to the fusion era. It’s set to be a fusion celebration, played to suit today’s style. “If we acknowledge the musical terms such as “classic rock” and “classic disco”, through this event probably we have to be familiar with the new term, “classic fusion”, said the founder of KlabJazz, Dwi Cahya Yuniman.

Jazzuality proudly supports this event along with its mission. For the premiere edition, three groups are ready to create the scene. The Halfwhole Project will be there featuring jazz singer Puspallia Panggabean. Some of the members of this group seem not be able to come, so Ilham Septia (bass) and Billy Ramdhani (saxophone) are going to complete the team, joining pianist Christ Stanley and drummer Edward Manurung. The all-rounder, multi-talented Imelda Rosalin is participating under her new group, Imelda Rosalin Project featuring herself on keys and vocals, Rudy Zulkarnaen on bass, Murtiko Adi on guitar and Budiono on drums. Last but not least, the KPH All Stars, consists of teachers from Kruisnode Piano House Music School is ready to bank their fusion in this premiere edition.

As usual, KlabJazz presents the Fusion Flava free of charge. If you live in Bandung or plan to visit the city next Thursday, just come and join the party. It’s time to enjoy fusion back to its joyous era.

Fusion Flava

Date: Thursday, February 28, 2013
Location: Sixty “Meeting Point – Cafe”, Jl. Naripan no. 30, Bandung
Time: 7:00 pm – 23:00 pm





Greetings, February! Cupid’s come by around the year again to send his little pink arrows through the hearts of every couple around town. This time, he’s also on duty to make the moments even sweeter by letting Jazzuality.com and Aston Braga Hotel & Residence pair up and prepare a superb dinner for the duos in love under the title of Romantic Jazz Dinner.

Located at the very heart of the area of Bandung known for its historical structures and sites, the fantastic event started at six o’clock in the evening up till ten at night. To be exact, it’s at the Tos Raos Coffee Shop, Aston Braga Hotel & Residence at Jl. Braga No. 99 – 101, Bandung. As the show’s starting, guests are excitedly prepared for the perfect Valentine package: a romantic full set dinner, a one in a million chance of red carpet experience, lovely bunch of flowers, tasty chocolates of romance and live jazz performances to gladly accompany the wonderful evening. After all, what’s a memorable occasion without the assistance of music?


Guests have started to pass the entrance since 6:00 pm and filled the room in enchanting dresses and gorgeous suits just to match with the atmosphere in which they are about to delight in. Love is in the air and the music from the performers just hit the trigger to finally begin decorating this heavenly Valentine’s Day.

According to our founder Riandy Kurniawan,  Jazzuality has been wanting to make something special like this in a very special romantic occasion. “Yes, there have been many Valentine’s dinner with live performance, but this time we bring not just one but two bands who can really jazz the Valentine’s Day celebration up in a very different stylesuit. “ he said.  “Not only for the jazz fans, but we have prepared it to meet the taste of common listeners in Bandung and the nearby cities,  complete with full set dinner, with a very affordable price.” he added. What he said can be reflected by the theme of this event, “In Love with Today’s Hits”.  It’s not difficult for us to guess that the bands will play songs that topped the charts recently. Familiar tunes, all in easy-to-chew jazz, all romantic. What’s not to love about it.

Appearing as the start in the line-ups, Christ Stanley as keyboardist and Edward Manurung as drummer, both from the HalfWhole Project, took the stage with bassist Jalu Rohanda to play along with Erick Gabe, a newcomer in the music scene. The band started first by playing sweet bossa tune “The Girl from Ipanema” as a smooth opening.


Erick then came forward joining the band, together they started by singing Tompi’s hits “Selalu Denganmu”, followed by Basil Valdez’s classic song, “You.”
“Mau Dibawa Kemana” originally from Armada Band then once again swung by Marcell now appeared in swingin’ blues from them.

After a little chit chat and handing some goodie bags to the lucky couple, Erick asked the MC Bintang to sing together. Accepting the challenge, they formed a duet and sang Maliq n’ D’Essentials’ “Dia” and Harvey Malaiholo’s “Begitulah Cinta”.


“For the last song I’m going to sing a very special song made for this occasion”, said Erick. It was his own song entitled “Valentine”. It was a beautiful song wrapped in jazzy blues, a song that we think will be a hit if it goes out as a single. Hopefully soon.

Together this team brought beautiful and popular love songs from the international top charts and also the well known local hits. Erick showed his capability in reaching high notes, doing the falsetto while still taking the smooth voice sailing into consideration so the guests could enjoy their dinners at ease. The three musicians backed him up all the way.

While the guests who sat  inside Tos Raos Coffee Shop enjoyed their meals while watching the live performance, the terrace side was occupied with some romantic couples as well. They chose the side where they could enjoy the more quiet outdoor surroundings. The music could still be heard, but there they could also shared their feelings to each other with more privacy. So, another kind of romantic vibe existed in this corner.


Then here’s one of the performers that you most probably have been eager to get on with: the Imelda Rosalin Trio. Just as the theme has been set, they are ready to bring the guests with favorable pieces of today’s hits. The Imelda Rosalin Trio consists of pianist and vocalist Imelda Rosalin, Rudy ‘Aru’ Zulkarnaen on the upright bass and Arifandi ‘Ari Aru’ Renaldi on the drums. This group of three have been supporting each other for more than a decade, making their chemistry stand on strong to one another.

As the main course on stage, the trio took each of their positions. John Legend’s “Ordinary People” became a sweet opening from them. “We usually play jazz standards, but for this time we’re going to play some smooth songs, the numbers you all know so well,” said Imelda.  Then the trio played a song which, according to them, suits to all kinds of love, “Isn’t She Lovely”.

The guests loved it when a very popular song from “Breaking Down” OST, “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri was delivered elegantly, taylored in jazz standards. A very different atmosphere of this song unlike the original we used to hear and love. Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning” was the next musical meal coming from them, followed by Norah Jones’ masterpiece “Don’t Know Why”.

“Every Little Thing She Does is Magic” were delivered again with sweet candy taste. “Just the Two of Us” bluesed the night away right after another Stevie Wonder’s classic, “Overjoyed.”

Imelda Rosalin Trio gave a very sweet performance in high quality. All songs were well known by the guests since they were listed in pop charts, yet the new jazz rearrangement this trio put created a new nuance to each song. “It’s actually fun to play pop songs like this,” said Imelda after the show to us while showing her happy face. She was happy, we were too. “This group played  a different game, a very good one.” said one of the guests to us.  Not everyday we could listen to the pop chart-toppers fashioned in jazz like this, thanks to Imelda Rosalin, Rudy Zulkarnaen and Arifandi Renaldi, the one last hour of this event was packed in a very special way.

One lovely couple who has been married for 10 years among the audience became the best dressed couple and won a prize. How remarkable to see a couple still sparks lots of love to each other after a decade of togetherness. Then three lucky door prize winners were also announced. Imelda Rosalin Trio gave one final song, probably the most romantic one she kept for last, “Loving You”.

Satisfied with a full set dinner menu, happy to experience a golden red carpet walk, holding a blissfully-arranged bunch of blossoms in hand with a bar of flavorsome chocolate, and, best of all, getting to enjoy jazz rhythms during the whole evening, the guests may now leave their seats and return home. No doubt, the occasion has left a stamp on the star couple’s memories as to how this year’s Valentine has been spent. The lively picturesque scenes of the harmonious, pleasant-sounding night of the romantic jazz dinner has successfully enlightened the hearts of the couples from the very moment they walked through the door and merrily brought the perfect lovey-dovey sensation suited with what Valentine’s really worth. With this, both Jazzuality.com and Aston Braga are pleased to wish all of you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

See more pictures:

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Reporter: Sharon Patricia Kandou
Photographer: Anggha Nugraha, Diera Anggianatasya
MC: Bintang Steffy Tania
Team: Vierna Mariska Kurniawan, Riandy Kurniawan


poster romantic jazz dinner -  in love with todays hits


The moment that most of the lovey-dovey couples and lovers celebrate, Valentine’s Day is coming real soon on February 14, 2013. Have you made any plan to make this day stands differently from the rest? If you haven’t decided yet, here we offer you something special! Jazzuality.com and Aston Braga Hotel and Residence proudly present: ROMANTIC JAZZ DINNER, with a special performance from Bandung-based jazz lady with his group, Imelda Rosalin Trio. Consisting of Imelda Rosalin on piano and vocals and two of her favorite team mates Rudy ‘Aru’ Zulkarnaen (upright bass) and Arifandi ‘Ari Aru’ Renaldi (drums), they will bring the songs you know and love so well today such as the hits of John Legend, Bruno Mars and so on. That’s why we come up with the theme of “In Love with Today’s Hits”.

Let’s take a look at what we have to offer in this event. First of all, let us say that our mind focus is to make your Valentine’s Day become a moment to remember. We will greet you with a red carpet experience which is ready to turn you like celebrities on that day. No Valentine goes without flowers and chocolates you say, well, we provide them for you too. Then after you are seated, you will have a full romantic dinner menu starting from welcome drink, appetizers, main course to dessert, coming from the chef of four stars Aston Braga Hotel and Residence Bandung. There might be games and competitions too in which you can win some prizes.

romantic jazz dinner, jazzuality, aston braga, in love with today's hits


Speaking of location, Aston Braga is located right at the central of Bandung in the historical area. The building is adjacent to the shopping area of Braga City Walk, This hotel has 161 guest rooms occupying 19 storey building, appointed of 40 hotel rooms and 141 Apartment rooms type, all designed comfy and luxurious. This hotel also has complete facilities such as natural looking swimming pool, massage, 24 hours service, wi-fi, laundry and dry clean, coffee shop, cake shop and lounge just to mention a few. This event will be served at the Tos Raos Coffee Shop, a grand, comfy and relaxing resto with cool acoustic surroundings. You can take a look at the picture above, that’s where  the location of your romantic jazz dinner will be.

romantic jazz dinner, valentine, in love with today's hits, imelda rosalin trio, jazzuality, aston braga


romantic jazz dinner, valentine, in love with today's hits, imelda rosalin trio, jazzuality, aston bragaNow let’s take a moment to get deep with Imelda Rosalin. If somehow you haven’t heard her name, this jazzy lady is a superb pianist, accordionist, blessed with beautiful singing ability and known as an entertainer too based on her interactive approach towards the audience. She’s very smart and multi talented woman that has many dreams to achieve. Step aside from her other activities in the architectural field, social organization and church, as an active musician she has performed in many places from restos, cafes, hotels all the way to the big ones including the Java Jazz Festival. She also has a music school for children, Do-Re-Mi Music School.



Toes tapping and heads swaying with beats and enthusiasm  in Christmas spirit. Jazzuality presents its very first jazz feast for everyone to enjoy. Having “SATURDAY JAZZ feat JAZZUALITY CHRISTMAS JAZZ” as the tagline for our first Christmas event will lit up a jazzy atmosphere and  put a joy to everyone. This event surely has another fresh and fabulous atmosphere to accompany your weekend! Everyone stepped their feet in cozy place Bandung Indah Plaza at Main Atrium, 1st Floor (in front of the Hypermart), on this lovely Saturday. Everyone was surely had a chance to spoil their ears with an amazing fantastic delight in the feast. The performances really gave their best in bringing the jazz delicates. Considering that the style of music are more into something bright and lively, everybody can start their weekend joyfully in groove.

According to the founder of Jazzuality, Riandy Kurniawan , “It is an excellent opportunity to combine education and entertainment into a single unit. This is very important if you want to have a progress in a development of jazz”. Therefore we brought all in one single shot. Here at this event, everyone can celebrate Christmas in full package. We brought singing, skillful jazz playing, dancing and education altogether. The lineup consisted of senior musicians, the brilliant singers all the way to cute little kids who have shown their jazz seeds from early ages. From inspiring workshop, the music shools’ contribution, special project and sudden collaborations, even the jazz and dance jams were set to hit the Bandung Indah Plaza for 8 hours straight.


The exciting day started with a workshop from Widyasena Sumadio as the speaker at one in the afternoon. Before welcoming him into the stage, Riandy Kurniawan as editor in chief of Jazzuality gave a few words to greet the audiences. Opening program was the one inspiring person, Widyasena Sumadio from Jakarta. The speaker in the workshop “Communication Tools for Your B(r)and” as the tagline shared all the tips needed to build your career in the music industry. Widyasena Sumadio has given his insight and  motivation to increase our knowledge about being in a band. It goes without saying that everybody knows this workshop perfectly gave the spirit from the speech of writer and Public Relation Strategist. Very influenced be to heard is the experience from this man, since he’s like a ‘magician’ in the field of communication and also stands as a holistic man. Many of the bands/artists have felt his magic touch. In fact, not only the bands/artists – we all who heard it got the boom spirit. As a good friend of ours, he has been supporting us in many ways, either by motivating, brainstorming, sharing  ideas and so on. Since we know that talking with him has always been always fruitful, we want the new artists/bands and/or the band’s managers to get something from him too.

Widyasena opened up with these simple words: “Do you know your band?” Do you know where you stand in the genre you’re playing inside? Who’s your audience? Upon the communication tools required, he pointed out that of all networking, the starting line is the networking amongst people themselves. Friends sit on top of the list. Not only is the music too fantastic to be enjoyed, an example of artists that has got his networkings set up right is Indra Lesmana – he’s all over the social media. Next up he spoke about the content: what’s to be communicated? And how to communicate it? Widyasena encourages bands to go ahead on their first big steps – the networking, the recordings, live shows. It’s all part of promoting the music. Other artist/bands that Widyasena mentioned were Barry Likumahuwa with his attractive play and interactive personality towards his fans, Dwiki Dharmawan who has relations in the government,  Public Enemy, Agnes Monica, and EQ Puradiredja of Humania who has great influence in Indonesian music industry and is music director of Java Festival Production. “Go international is so yesterday, man!” Widyasena quoted from Indra Lesmana. Why’s that so? Even uploading is considered as going international – it’s actually as simple as that. Being creative was the main point that want to be delivered here. Indra Lesmana, has succesfully released his album in a different form  by using an application from tab – which is interesting and inovative. In addition, the talkshow was closed by Riandy by gave an advice to the audience, he said “even if you – as bands/artists –  has already famous, it is important to be ‘down to earth.'”



As we come approaching Christmas, it’s lovely to see malls decorating themselves with christmas trees, blinking lights, colorful ribbons and so on. Some malls move further to create their own special program to make Christmas celebration merrier than ever. That includes Bandung Indah Plaza, one of the top malls in Bandung, the capital of West Java, Indonesia. This mall has been launching its special program named “The Light of Christmas”, presenting various of shows from different companies from November 23 to December 31, 2012. Many interesting upcoming program is set to appear such as Christmas in Harmony with Yayasan Pendidikan Kristen Yahya (December 17-19), Storytelling Competition and Singing Competition for all level of students (December 20), Kids Christmas Cookie Decorating Contest with Aston Braga Hotel (December 21), Mr Bean and Friends character Meet & Greet (December 23), and here comes the big news: we, Jazzuality.com, will launch our first ever Christmas jazz event! The title for this special program called “SATURDAY JAZZ feat JAZZUALITY CHRISTMAS JAZZ“, in cooperation with Bandung Indah Plaza and Infinity. Keep reading, we will spill everything about this event.

For us, we are very happy and excited to be able to participate in this special program of Bandung Indah Plaza for providing a jolly, jazzy Christmas celebration. What we’re going to present in this program is divided into two: workshop and live stage performance. Both are located right after you step into the mall, at Main Atrium, 1st Floor (in front of the Hypermart).


Let’s talk about the live stage performance first. There will be 5 bands to participate in Jazzuality Christmas Jazz. Four groups will represent the top music schools in Bandung, plus one project consisting of a local Bandung band and a singer from Jakarta. They are all ready to play/sing the famous Christmas repertoires that you know so well. Now it’s time to check the band one by one.


The VMS, stands for Venche Music School establishd in 1988 by senior guitarist Venche Manuhutu. The school has successfully created many well-established musicians/singers as it provides lessons guitar, piano, drums, bass, vocal, saxophone and ensemble/combo. For our event, VMS will present amazing trio, featuring the great soulful singer Grace Sahertian, the young piano prodigy who’s still pursuing education at Berklee College of Music at Boston, USA, David Manuhutu and his own brother with saxophone as his weapon, Ezra Manuhutu. Both David and Ezra are the sons of Venche. So here, swingy, soulful with touches of modern jazz will bring lots of delights to you.


Formed by the late music legend Elfa Secioria, this school is very popular to parents who wish their children to learn musics. Now two of Elfa’s sons, Camille Secioria and Cavelle Secioria are deeply rooted in this school, carrying what their father had started. What’s interesting is that the school doesn’t only provide good education for them, but these children are also prepared to bravely grace the stage. We have seen children as small as 4 years of age sang, played the instruments and did cute stage act on stage without being shy at all. But the school doesn’t only accept little children but all age. That’s because EMS looks at music at something ageless and belong to everyone. With one of the teacher Dyah Sekar who’s currently doing very well with her all-female group Jazzy Juice, Elfa Music School will be represented by singing choir from one of the branch, Griya Mas.



Rumah Belajar Musik (The house to learn music), that’s how Do Re Mi establishes itself. Having Imelda Rosalin as the founder make this school really promising if you want to have your children learn to play music instruments or sing from the early age. If you want to see how fast the cute little kids absorb the skill and knowledge, do come and see them sing Christmas songs in this event. Senior pianist/singer/entertainer Imelda Rosalin will accompany them too.


It’s Sunday Jazz @ Plate for Me again, peeps! Just a day off at our usual jazz crib before we jump back to our workday routines wouldn’t be let-down at all, would it? With this Sunday’s fresh list of musicians, well, absolutely not! Let’s drive ourselves to the “Palette of Flavours” and spend a good-old few hours of chill there. Fun and music contentment is yet to be guaranteed.

What do we mean by a fresh list of musicians? If you’ve been around the stage of KlabJazz’s events for some time, you will be ecstatic to know that some of our performers who have been out for a while from KlabJazz’ agendas are going to plug themselves back to this weekend’s bliss and freshen you up with their performances! The range of flavors offer a display from the jazz standars till the grooves that’re everlasting to our ears. Also, don’t miss out the youth kickin’ it with the violin – a kind of masterpiece that jazz would never disagree to. So, what’ve we got?

First of all let’s take a look at the energetic girl with lovely voice. We’ve met her once in Kampoeng Jazz 2011 Band Auditions and looked through her skills as the singer of Sunday Ice Cream – her name’s Raisa Fatma. She’s got hold of the energy and owns a tight control of her soulful, bright and clear vocals. She does own the stage when performing! This time, it looks like she’s moving on to a higher level; a solo career. Open up the curtains, it’s time to see who Raisa Fatma really is!

Then there will be Ammy Alternative Strings. When you talk about Ammy Alternative Strings, you absorb three words into the game: passion, jazz and violin. Just the perfect collision to have a group of students – from children to youth – in the group. Ammy Kurniawan herself is, like the kids, a violist with a huge chunk of passion in jazz who is one of the members of 4 Peniti and also a teacher. We’ve spotted their tremendous skills in Jazz Break Revival XX (2010) and last year at  Sunday Jazz @ Dago Plaza II. With their come-back this Sunday, we’re in no doubt looking forward to enjoy seeing them again!

The always cheerful and sunny Imelda Rosalin is next. Jazz, pop, latin till blues, she’s a master of them all! A senior jazz pianist, Imelda Rosalin comes from Bandung and is also one of the two pianists of Salamander Big Band, that unbeatable swing and big band orchestra, besides her own projects in various formations. It’s been some time since she hasn’t shown up in klabJazz’ meetings, and now she gaily energetically returns with her own project featuring two of HalfWhole Project members; Galang Perdhana Dalimunthe (bass) and Edward Manurung (drums). Expect the unexpected when she streams jazz in the most natural way from the keys.

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The keyboardist of Slodyoz, Nadya Sella Belansky is back, this time as a quartet! We previously saw her in the ninth edition of Sunday Jazz @ Plate for Me with her group which then moved on to the first session of Groove Collective. This Sunday she’ll be hoppin’ up the stage with a pack! Fernado Sutarli will be on the guitar, Marvin Triyanto on the bass and Titus Bayu on the drums. And last but not least, Ulfa and Friends. They’ve got Ulfa Nur Fauzia as vocalist, Rinus Mesakh as drummer, Saeful Rahman as guitarist and Adhitya Isnandya as bassist. Let’s check out what this one’s like!


Swing in an ensemble formation is always special. Indonesia does have many big sized bands that are tend to bring modern genres by adapting to the popular music. Nothing’s wrong with that of course, but we still need the big bands who still have the passion to root themselves in the traditional swing. It takes a lot of guts to do that though, since that goes against the mainstream or today’s music trend. But if you’re a jazz lovers, can you resist the magic brought by the collision of around 20 instruments sound together? No matter where we are at in life, the joy of swingin’ big band will never fail to hook us up.

This swingin’ big band were highly popular, even became a trend from the roaring ’20s era until ’40s. You can read some historical books or even watch some movies to see how big it was during that time, when swing was spread like a fever from ballrooms and clubs in some states in USA to go further across states and nations. Some great names took part in expanding this ensemble form. Legends like Fletcher Henderson and Duke Ellington were believed as the pioneer who gradually changing the band concept into the creative big band, then we should also mention other names like Luis Russell, Louis Armstrong, Joe ‘King’ Oliver, Count Basie, Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller among others.

Let’s take a look at Salamander Big Band. This is a big band consists of the combination of highly experienced players and the young ones from Bandung. Since it was formed in 2006 by Devy Ferdianto who now acts as the conductor (occasionally also stands as playing musician), Salamander Big Band has made some touchdowns in some prestigious events like Java Jazz, JakJazz, Schouwburg Festival and countless local musical events. So eventhough they have young players even the teenagers, they are all more than capable to bring this traditional concept alive. The last time we met them was at the “Salamander Big Band 5th Anniversary Concert 2011” where they flew high and wide in bringing compositions with the atmosphere from 20’s all the way to 60’s and 70’s. We still remember the nice collaboration with the legendary Margie Segers on vocal and Professor Dieter Mack as the conductor. This year they repeated the same success in different theme.


Salamander Big Band put back the energy this year to “Salamander Big Band Mid Year Concert 2012″ last night, Thursday, June 14, 2012. with an interesting theme which was based on the idea of serving best hits from Michael Bublé called “Bublé Night”. It was such a smart concept to choose Bublé as the highlight of this event. Although he doesn’t always totally dip in swing or even jazz too much lately, his crooning voice always connects us to jazz. His vocal, charisma, and music have grabbed the public’s attention from various circles of society. The cozy up-hill Selasar Sunaryo Art Space at Bukit Pakar Timur,Dago area, Bandung was perfect for enjoying these wonderful musical treatment. This show became a part of the JazzSphere@ArtSpace program which firstly initated by Klab Jazz some times ago. The coordinator of KlabJazz Dwi Cahya Yuniman was there too enjoying the show.


Close your eyes, and imagine the sound created by 5 saxophones, 5 trumpets, 4 trombones plus guitar, keyboards, bass, drums and percussions producing melodious tunes altogether, at the same time. That could catch anyone’s attention, even to those who are not into jazz, swing or more specifically, Big Band.

Yes, it’s true that the big band is not listed in the current trend in today’s popular music scene anymore. But we know big band is one of the earliest forms of jazz. Back then in the roaring 20’s up to the 40’s, swing was all over the music scene especially in the country where it was originated. Legends like Fletcher Henderson and Duke Ellington were those who gradually changing the band concept into the creative big band, later many more names contributed big deals to it such as Count Basie, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller among others. While it was a big hype during that particular golden era, Big Band has survived the test of time. The music trend keeps on changing throughout the year, yet the joy of traditional big band is well kept, thanks to those who have the callings to preserve it in each generation.

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Today in Indonesia, while the music trend is moving far against the swingin’ big band, some people or bands still dare to go against the odds by presenting the sound of swing in traditional jazz orchestration we know as big band. That include the Bandung-based Salamander Big Band. This big band was established in 2006 by Devy Ferdianto. Although it was founded at that year, it all actually began in 1991 with a brass band formation. Year after year Devy leads the big band to keep its existance, mostly by having regular concert with at least one big party per year. We have covered many of their concerts, both the solos and when they landed in international festivals such as Java Jazz Festival or JakJazz and always amazed by their efforts in producing real sounds using real instruments over quality arrangements. Eventhough Salamander Big Band always use the classic formation of big band like the Ellington or Basie’s sizes, they often play more than just a standard swing. Look at their “5th Anniversary”  last year for example, when Salamander brought some of the songs with the 60’s-70’s nuance  (Read our report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/salamander-big-band-5th-anniversary-concert-2011-the-report/ ). Salamander has lots of well-experienced members, many amazing vocalists (most of them are still young), but they often go further by inviting many guest stars. Margie Segers would be one of the most frequent names to participate, last year they even invited Professor Dieter Mack to take the conductor’s position.

All those stories lead to this. Salamander Big Band is ready to hold their annual party this year. Calling it as “Salamander Big Band Mid Year Concert 2012″, the show will focus on bringing a special theme of Bublé Night. Michael Bublé is simply a phenom.