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It’s Friday and it’s groovy. Klab Jazz has successfully launched its 7th edition of Groove Collective, a diversification of live jazz events made by this community which can also be mentioned as one of the spin offs. In this particular event, groove is being placed on top, enabling the non-jazz bands, both those who have contributed to Klab Jazz’s agenda and those who are looking for a chance to absorb the experience of playing live, to participate. While groove is right on the top of the surface, we can still enjoy a lot of jazz hallmarks. The outside notes, interesting improvisations, trading, solo runs, all were there blending in with the joy of groove that can always make us tap our feet.

So here’s our report from Plate For Me, one of the homegrounds of Klab Jazz since last year. What’s unique is that this show began even before it was officially started. It was due to the special performance of our newest discovery, a street musician/singer and parking man named Andrew.

We spotted him by chance, as luck would have it, when he was entertaining the consumers at a small restaurant in one corner of the street. His clear, crisp voice has strong character, backed by a nice funky guitar playing. He lives in struggle day by day, trying to fulfill his wife and twin babies’ needs by scratching dimes from the morning to late night hours, either by singing or as a parking attendant. After a little chat, we found out that he’s actually able to play other instruments too, including piano, bass and drums. He also has his original songs which we believe would become instant hits if launched to the market. Looking at his potential, we brought him to this event to taste the different atmosphere. He took the chance and sang several songs such as “Malam Biru”,  “Tanpa Dirimu”, Cakra Khan, “Harus Terpisah”  and his own songs by using both guitar and piano. With a little work he could find his way to the industry and have the best of it.  Someone like him should not be wasted, that’s what we think!


Then we came to the official lineup, starting with Not for Sale.  Not for Sale is not an usual name to use , but looking at the freedom of playing they inherited, we could understand where the name came from. Saxophonist Kenneth Timotius Djaja once again demonstrated his wild saxophone blowing like the way he did with his other band, Halfwhole Project.

The funky groove with soulful R&B came out from this first performers, starting with Far East Movement’s “Rocketeer” followed by their own song, “Hey”. Two songs were executed nicely, they covered one of Bob Marley’s classic  “Waiting in Vain” with lovely groovy reggae outfit. The first song they wrote, “Crossing My Mind” became the fourth song with the nu-jazz broken beat.

Such an interesting opening, where Kenneth found his new home to run wild with his instrument. Great vocalist, great instrumentalists, great groove, this group has potential. We believe  if they keep the pace, with everything they have inside they will achieve success.


The crowded group filled with 8 young players D’Voile got the next turn. The disco beat on “Sunshine” was really tasty, followed by their original “Prom Night”. The beat went on with “Livin’ It Up”, then, as Indonesians were just celebrated the Kartini’s day, they sang “Ibu Kita Kartini” in medley with “Marilah Kemari.” With it they ended the 2nd show.

Since they are still young, they still have more than enough time to grow. All of them possess good skills. They play neat as a unit and able to make songs. What they have to keep is the consistency of playing. Such community event like this would surely provide them the chance in getting more and more experience.


The next band was our own talent, Erick Gabe and Out of 7. This is combination of a soulful male singer with a band who made their first appearance outside the church. For Erick, sky is the limit when it’s about singing. He loves to explore wide melody terrains, flying in total freedom from the low notes all the way to reach the up high ones. Out of 7 plays week after week as worship band, this fact built strong chemistry between them. The name of the band clearly states their mission, to bring the best possible sounds out of seven notes.



Attention Bandung young (and young at heart) music lovers, check this out: Groove is back in the house! Yes, you can say that since the Klab Jazz is set to launch the 7th edition of Groove Collective. This is the spin-off which is underlining the pop-ish groove section while still maintaining the joy of jazz in general. For you, groovy people out there, this one should answer your need.

Just like the ‘habit’ of Klab Jazz in most of its regular event, Groove Collective #07 also features 5 bands. First of all, let’s talk about one of them, Grace Sahertian. We have known her since around 5 years ago when she was still with her then-band, Palm From MoodyTunes. She kept rolling by performing in some projects like collaborating with Tesla while establishing herself under her own name. Then she was busy with working on her debut album which has been going on for more than a year. Slowly but surely the album continues to shape up, at the same time she successfully made herself heard to wider audience by making apperances in various events. Calling her band as Soul Survivor, she looks forward to add another vibrant color into our music industry. Grace is looking forward to give you some teasers of her upcoming album, most likely including her tasty nu-groove single “Honestunes”. This single contains sentence which means a lot to her: “music always leads me to magic, music keeps me away from tragic.” She’s going to launch her website soon and has released her solo project teaser in YouTube which you can watch right here.



If  for Grace music can always leads her to magic, for us she brings magic whenever we hear her sing. Her soulful vocal style in wide range can match the international singers, it has character and full of emotion. Grace Sahertian Soul Survivor is ready to sprinkle their magic dust in this event, so make sure to get it while waiting for her album to come.

The headline continues on with a catchy, groovy band from Jakarta, Suddenly September. We have seen their performance several times and love their fresh music, catchy melody and joyful performance. Not long after the Java Jazz Festival 2011 we highlighted them through an article in Jazzuality’s Jazz-Newcomers section (read it here: The story began with two girls and a boy: vocalist Chewy Dilmy, saxophonist ‘Andin’ Sistha Anindya and drummer Barry Maheswara during their high school period. At that time they still involved other personnels. The name came from their first show which was happened in September. So, suddenly, in September, they started appearing in public.


suddenly september, jazzuality


Later on, some of the personnel decided to quit, but that didn’t do enough to stop the three friends from the band. They carried on by establishing a new concept, making the band as a home of trio, the formation still locked until today.

Speaking of musicality, Suddenly September fancies pop-jazz which came from mishmash of their different backgrounds. While Barry and Chewy are apt to R&B besides also idolizing some jazz names such as Joe Morello, Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald, Andin is more into jazz, as shown in her funky saxophone blowing. Growing together both in friendship and career created a solid teamwork among them. We haven’t heard them for a while, but now it’s a wonderful surprise to know that the Suddenly September will come and land its groovy sound in Bandung.


out of 7, erick gabe, jazzuality


This time proudly participates not only in promoting the event but also by involving our own talents. The amazing soulful male singer with wide range of vocal, Erick Gabe is back again on Klab Jazz’s stage. Amongst the rare male vocalist found in Bandung lately, we are happy to discover him, even happier that this man is a complete package by having such blessing in the singing field. Unlike before, this time Erick will be accompanied by our new band, Out of 7.



Toes tapping and heads swaying with beats and enthusiasm  in Christmas spirit. Jazzuality presents its very first jazz feast for everyone to enjoy. Having “SATURDAY JAZZ feat JAZZUALITY CHRISTMAS JAZZ” as the tagline for our first Christmas event will lit up a jazzy atmosphere and  put a joy to everyone. This event surely has another fresh and fabulous atmosphere to accompany your weekend! Everyone stepped their feet in cozy place Bandung Indah Plaza at Main Atrium, 1st Floor (in front of the Hypermart), on this lovely Saturday. Everyone was surely had a chance to spoil their ears with an amazing fantastic delight in the feast. The performances really gave their best in bringing the jazz delicates. Considering that the style of music are more into something bright and lively, everybody can start their weekend joyfully in groove.

According to the founder of Jazzuality, Riandy Kurniawan , “It is an excellent opportunity to combine education and entertainment into a single unit. This is very important if you want to have a progress in a development of jazz”. Therefore we brought all in one single shot. Here at this event, everyone can celebrate Christmas in full package. We brought singing, skillful jazz playing, dancing and education altogether. The lineup consisted of senior musicians, the brilliant singers all the way to cute little kids who have shown their jazz seeds from early ages. From inspiring workshop, the music shools’ contribution, special project and sudden collaborations, even the jazz and dance jams were set to hit the Bandung Indah Plaza for 8 hours straight.


The exciting day started with a workshop from Widyasena Sumadio as the speaker at one in the afternoon. Before welcoming him into the stage, Riandy Kurniawan as editor in chief of Jazzuality gave a few words to greet the audiences. Opening program was the one inspiring person, Widyasena Sumadio from Jakarta. The speaker in the workshop “Communication Tools for Your B(r)and” as the tagline shared all the tips needed to build your career in the music industry. Widyasena Sumadio has given his insight and  motivation to increase our knowledge about being in a band. It goes without saying that everybody knows this workshop perfectly gave the spirit from the speech of writer and Public Relation Strategist. Very influenced be to heard is the experience from this man, since he’s like a ‘magician’ in the field of communication and also stands as a holistic man. Many of the bands/artists have felt his magic touch. In fact, not only the bands/artists – we all who heard it got the boom spirit. As a good friend of ours, he has been supporting us in many ways, either by motivating, brainstorming, sharing  ideas and so on. Since we know that talking with him has always been always fruitful, we want the new artists/bands and/or the band’s managers to get something from him too.

Widyasena opened up with these simple words: “Do you know your band?” Do you know where you stand in the genre you’re playing inside? Who’s your audience? Upon the communication tools required, he pointed out that of all networking, the starting line is the networking amongst people themselves. Friends sit on top of the list. Not only is the music too fantastic to be enjoyed, an example of artists that has got his networkings set up right is Indra Lesmana – he’s all over the social media. Next up he spoke about the content: what’s to be communicated? And how to communicate it? Widyasena encourages bands to go ahead on their first big steps – the networking, the recordings, live shows. It’s all part of promoting the music. Other artist/bands that Widyasena mentioned were Barry Likumahuwa with his attractive play and interactive personality towards his fans, Dwiki Dharmawan who has relations in the government,  Public Enemy, Agnes Monica, and EQ Puradiredja of Humania who has great influence in Indonesian music industry and is music director of Java Festival Production. “Go international is so yesterday, man!” Widyasena quoted from Indra Lesmana. Why’s that so? Even uploading is considered as going international – it’s actually as simple as that. Being creative was the main point that want to be delivered here. Indra Lesmana, has succesfully released his album in a different form  by using an application from tab – which is interesting and inovative. In addition, the talkshow was closed by Riandy by gave an advice to the audience, he said “even if you – as bands/artists –  has already famous, it is important to be ‘down to earth.'”



As we come approaching Christmas, it’s lovely to see malls decorating themselves with christmas trees, blinking lights, colorful ribbons and so on. Some malls move further to create their own special program to make Christmas celebration merrier than ever. That includes Bandung Indah Plaza, one of the top malls in Bandung, the capital of West Java, Indonesia. This mall has been launching its special program named “The Light of Christmas”, presenting various of shows from different companies from November 23 to December 31, 2012. Many interesting upcoming program is set to appear such as Christmas in Harmony with Yayasan Pendidikan Kristen Yahya (December 17-19), Storytelling Competition and Singing Competition for all level of students (December 20), Kids Christmas Cookie Decorating Contest with Aston Braga Hotel (December 21), Mr Bean and Friends character Meet & Greet (December 23), and here comes the big news: we,, will launch our first ever Christmas jazz event! The title for this special program called “SATURDAY JAZZ feat JAZZUALITY CHRISTMAS JAZZ“, in cooperation with Bandung Indah Plaza and Infinity. Keep reading, we will spill everything about this event.

For us, we are very happy and excited to be able to participate in this special program of Bandung Indah Plaza for providing a jolly, jazzy Christmas celebration. What we’re going to present in this program is divided into two: workshop and live stage performance. Both are located right after you step into the mall, at Main Atrium, 1st Floor (in front of the Hypermart).


Let’s talk about the live stage performance first. There will be 5 bands to participate in Jazzuality Christmas Jazz. Four groups will represent the top music schools in Bandung, plus one project consisting of a local Bandung band and a singer from Jakarta. They are all ready to play/sing the famous Christmas repertoires that you know so well. Now it’s time to check the band one by one.


The VMS, stands for Venche Music School establishd in 1988 by senior guitarist Venche Manuhutu. The school has successfully created many well-established musicians/singers as it provides lessons guitar, piano, drums, bass, vocal, saxophone and ensemble/combo. For our event, VMS will present amazing trio, featuring the great soulful singer Grace Sahertian, the young piano prodigy who’s still pursuing education at Berklee College of Music at Boston, USA, David Manuhutu and his own brother with saxophone as his weapon, Ezra Manuhutu. Both David and Ezra are the sons of Venche. So here, swingy, soulful with touches of modern jazz will bring lots of delights to you.


Formed by the late music legend Elfa Secioria, this school is very popular to parents who wish their children to learn musics. Now two of Elfa’s sons, Camille Secioria and Cavelle Secioria are deeply rooted in this school, carrying what their father had started. What’s interesting is that the school doesn’t only provide good education for them, but these children are also prepared to bravely grace the stage. We have seen children as small as 4 years of age sang, played the instruments and did cute stage act on stage without being shy at all. But the school doesn’t only accept little children but all age. That’s because EMS looks at music at something ageless and belong to everyone. With one of the teacher Dyah Sekar who’s currently doing very well with her all-female group Jazzy Juice, Elfa Music School will be represented by singing choir from one of the branch, Griya Mas.



Rumah Belajar Musik (The house to learn music), that’s how Do Re Mi establishes itself. Having Imelda Rosalin as the founder make this school really promising if you want to have your children learn to play music instruments or sing from the early age. If you want to see how fast the cute little kids absorb the skill and knowledge, do come and see them sing Christmas songs in this event. Senior pianist/singer/entertainer Imelda Rosalin will accompany them too.



“Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head” was probably the most appropriate lyric to describe the situation during Jatinangor Jazz Event 3 on Friday (November 23, 2012) afternoon. The rainy weather which happens in Jatinangor, Bandung, and the surroundings these days might be one big concern for the committee that it could faze the event because of the outdoor stage area. But Joyful, joyful to the universe which made it didn’t stand so long. The gate opened at 2 pm where the first 500 visitors got free magazine and were welcomed by several friendly committee; then at 2:30 pm the gig was officially started and that means we were ready to have some fun.

The good thing about annual event is the better concept and program they serve in every year; and we could see that Faculty of Psychology (FAPSI) of Padjadjaran University (UNPAD) favorably did it. They first started the event in 2008 but then waited for 3 years to launch its second edition in 2011. Placed at Lapangan PPBS UNPAD, Jatinangor, this year the Jatinangor Jazz Event 3 (JJE 3) had bigger stage, larger venue, more stand of sponsors, and of course more artists they successfully brought into Jatinangor. In fact there was a comment from a photographer about the stage, “Great to see FAPSI pay so much attention for the stage. It rarely happens in university’s gig. This absolutely a good one and the lighting is gonna be awesome for our (photographers) pictures.” Faculty of Psychology indeed tried to give the best for those who came to JJE 3 as they provided free transportation from the front gate of UNPAD to the area, the committee sheltered people who didn’t bring umbrella when entering the venue, and there were lots of food and drink (include coffee)’s stand to warm the night. They knew for sure the importance of hospitality even in a music event. If you see the crowd from the side of the artists on the stage, your eyes would be spoiled by the beauty of Mount Geulis shadowed by the fog. It what makes Jatinangor special and different from others; it has beautiful scenery of nature which you can’t get when you see music event in the middle of a city. This thing has something to do with the reason why the committee held the event in Jatinangor, not in Bandung; as the master of ceremony explained that they wanted to introduce Jatinangor to people and made it familiar in our ears.


After speech from the chairman of BEM KEMA Fapsi and the chief of JJE 3 committee, the stage was slammed by three winners from the previous Jatinangor Jazz Event 3 Band Audition. The first who came on stage was Scarlet (3rd winner) which consisted of QIA as vocalist, Anggit as drummer, Angga as bassist, Iwan Popo as keyboardist, Iyong as guitarist, Zam Zam saxophonist, and Ifan as percussionist. They really showed their skill from the complex composition of the songs they made. The complexity itself could be so tricky since had they’re not careful, the compositions could fall into places. However, the satisfied responses from the audience signified the epic of their performance.


Followed by Impression (2nd winner) who had Alman Naufal (drum), Ezra Anggar (saxophone), Ilham Septia (bass), and Yohan Gunawan (piano) as their member. The highlights from this band is the drummer who had rock beat on his play but still implied the jazzy tunes, nice explorative sax sound, lots of jazz chords from the keys and steady working bassline. As the show went by, they individually performed their great talent and charmed the listeners.


Jatinangor nowadays is known as a student sub district, yes it is not even a city and quite far from Bandung. But when you drop by you will see many students thronged the road, the public places, restaurant, and the dormitories are everywhere. It happens because there are four universities in Jatinangor which are IPDN, IKOPIN, UNPAD, and the newest one, ITB. This surely changes the situation and condition at nangor, as the result of the youngster who dominate the society. Jatinangor is a small area and young people require consolation as get away of daily routine in their campus. Realizing this need, many students rack their brains for something fun and relaxed. Clearly, music is one of the answers and it is proven by several gigs are held in Jatinangor throughout the year.

Fakultas Psikologi (Faculty of Psychology)  Universitas Padjadjaran is fully aware of the fact that these days a lot of youngsters have become lover of Jazz. Yes, once again it breaks the myth of ‘high-jazzy-class’ or ‘old-jazzy-people’. They are going to show that only with IDR 50000 (early bird) or IDR 55000 (on the spot), people, mostly student, will have a wonderful jazzy night with full performance of many great artists. Starting in 2008 and then continued last year in 2011, FAPSI UNPAD undoubtedly has organized an annual event named Jatinangor Jazz Event. 2012 is the third year they present an epic yet the biggest jazz event in Jatinangor. Great news! The successfully make it better and getting better every year. You can see from the line up this year where they bring up more artists than last year into Jatinangor.

Speaking of the tagline, this year  they hold the ‘naughty’ theme of  “ORJAZZM”.  If you look at the lineup, you’ll find out that the tagline does suit to this year’s edition.  So, let’s take a look at the lineup, shall we? Just like we said before, this year the Jatinangor Jazz Event 3 brings loads of artists, both the nation-wide popular stars from the capital Jakarta and the promising young rising stars from Bandung.

Get ready to dance and sing a long with the iconic pop jazz band The Groove! They first emerged in 1997 and had their paused moments for several years, but they have been back again, successfully capturing the new fans from younger generation while maintaining their loyal fans. Famous songs, danceable groove, catchy melodies and energetic/interactive performance always promise a full pleasure entertainment to the audience. Rieka Roslan, Reza, Ali Akbar, Rejoz and the whole team are ready to shake the crowds of Jatinangor like never before. Then there’s also Soulvibe, a 7 piece band who’s popular especially among the high schoolers and university students. Like The Groove, they also have songs that you all should know so well, so while they spread the groovy, funky soulful vibes, you can dance and sing together with Abenk and Bayu too.


KlabJazz is back to bubble up our ebullience with its second round of the Groove Collective! Let’s call it a festive fun-frizzled Friday this week because Potluck Kitchen is open to serve the melodies of bands to come up the stage and please the jazz out of us! Groove Collective 2 is the continuing part of Groove Collective which was held in the very same location on Friday, September 14th, 2012. Those who had joined the merry bliss last month surely must’ve wanted for some more. Well, here we are, fellas – get ready to size up your spirit for another ride of groove, soul, funk, nu-jazz and beyond!

So, who and who are going to be on stage to pump up the kicks for Groove Collective 2 this Friday? Here’s all you need to know. A vocalist who started the journey as a frontliner of Palm From Moodytunes,  then Circle of Fifth, then, finally, came out a solo-performer with one upcoming album– she’s Grace Sahertian. Surely you must be looking forward to let the owner of this soulful voice take you real high? Let’s bet on that! Next, we’ve got a double – Sarah and Nissan Fortz go by the name Sarah N Soul and are up to amuse us with their subtle nuance of light acoustic groove. Sprinkles of jazz, soul and blues will brighten up the night’s  atmosphere. Who’s familiar with another spotlight, D’Sas? Established on January 12th, 2009, this band has definitely got the inner skills to take you by the hand and revive along the music! Two vocalists and full band, they will bring you to groove along together. Besides these, let’s not forget Anto Arief’s 70s Orgasm Club which will send you into a wheel of rock-blues-funk as well as From Now (ft pianist from Jazzy Juice Dyah Sekar Utami and her compatriot saxophonist Rierie Derry Novalia and two male band mates)  just another one of the night’s frolicsome performers, no less groovy than the others. Oh, wait, let’s get this straight – they’re all going to get us completely psyched up for their euphonious performances!

Don’t get left out, brothers and sisters! KlabJazz is offering you another one of their events that’ll get you to move n’ groove along the rhythm! Better yet, the show is, as usual, free of charge, so you might as well bring each and everyone of your closest ones and invite them to the exciting atmosphere of the night! Let’s say it again for the second round: the groove is on for sure!


Good news for every jazz buff in town. Sunday Jazz was back! After a period of vacuum for several months since last September 2011, eventually it returned to public on Sunday, March 25th, 2012. KlabJazz decided to organize this gig in Plate For Me (Palette of Flavors), hoping to revive its spirit from a new spot. Assuredly, we always remember how Sunday Jazz has become a noteworthy side of the jazz movement in Bandung. For those of you who regularly watched the shows, would still be familiar with the atmosphere and all the positive energy that were emitted. So, let’s cheer up! Our desire was treated. Now we can enjoy it again continually on the last week of every month.

Seeing the public demand for entertainment, it pushed a growing number of cafes to turn a part of its area into a performing stage. Fortunately, music has always been the most awaited solace there. This is arguably a necessity in big cities. A Blend of cafe and live jazz music is a lifestyle now. The cozy situation makes this kind of place as a right choice to hang out or just relax. People come not only to drink or eat the best menus, but also to relish some loveable songs while chatting with friends. KlabJazz had noticed it as a good opportunity in keeping the jazz alive. On the fresh edition of Sunday Jazz, there was a merger of artists who have participated on this gig many times and some newcomers. The lineup included a solo singer and four groups that stole our attentions. Grace Sahertian, Halfwhole Project, Helluva, Jazzy Juice, and Mahesa, each of them has given us a distinct impression during a four hours show.


As an opening performer, Mahesa, an instrumental high school jazz band from SMA Negeri 2 Bandung surprisingly delivered a fusion pattern. Different from most of the high school students who usually are more into pop groovy style, Mahesa is a special one. Seriously these youngsters have potential to be a good musicians. Consist of Esa Prakasa on guitar, Muhammad Nafi Andriansyah (Ryan) on bass, Gilang Nurzatti on drums, Raka Pratama on percussion, and Catra on piano hit the ground with their own tracks titled Mahesa 1, 2, and 3. What a happy thing to see young boys from high school could already perform this good. Keep it up guys!


Four young men in a straight ahead jazz group also blew our minds. Halfwhole Project for the umpteenth time had transformed the stage into a skillful show arena. After appearing as an opening band for Tesla Manaf feat Mahagotra Ganesha’s album launching on September 15th, 2011 and played at Jazz Goes To Campus 2011 in Bandung, they were back to stage with new format.

First of all, a thick hard bop with blues nuance inside said ‘welcome’ to the audience. “All The Things You Are” became the second tune, in the right hands it was an awesome. How a standard jazz track that for countless time played by lots of artists, and those men seemed to change it into a magical in delicious ECM revisited style. So, the third one was appeared, “Days of Wine and Roses” filled the entire cafe with a scent of romantic gospel. As the closing tune, they talked through “He Leads The Way” which was written by the pianist, Christ Stanley. Besides the three great musicians, Christ Stanley, Gallang Perdana Dalimunthe on bass, and Edward Manurung on drums, we could mention the saxophonist Kenneth Timotius Djaja again played attractively. He is also the youngest boy of the team.


There are two songs came to my mind when I saw the e-flyer above: Peabo Bryson’s “Love Always Finds a Way” and George Benson’s “Never Give Up on a Good Thing”. As we all know, KlabJazz‘ regular Sunday Jazz event has been in silence since last September 2011 due to some reasons. But love, in this case love towards jazz and the spirit of not giving up on a good thing has enabled KlabJazz especially its coordinator Dwi Cahya Yuniman to find a way to carry on.

About a week ago KlabJazz has just announced their decision to use the backyard of an unfinished house for having jazz activities like discussions, workshops, watching jazz videos or even just a place for the community to hangout and called it “The Jazz Yard”. Following this interesting movement, here comes another good news. It’s confirmed that Sunday Jazz will be rebooted back to 1st edition in 2012 by having a new ground zero, Plate For Me (Palette of Flavors). This is of course a good news, because now every jazz lovers in Bandung can quench their jazz thirst again every last week of each month by coming to this free event.

sunday jazz, plate for me, grace sahertian, helluva, halfwhole project

This time the combination of long time friends and new ones are set to go for this premiere edition in 2012.  First of all, let’s see Grace Sahertian. We’ve known her since her activity as the vocalist of Palm From Moodytunes, where her delightful soulful voice caught our attentions. From there she occasionally appeared either as a solo performer or being featured in her friends’ groups. Then she joined forces with Tesla Manaf Effendi in digging jazz with more world music flavors with one CD as the result. Other than being a loyal member of KlabJazz, she’s also active in Margo Jazz Community in Depok with Margo Rising Star, the group that brought her to Java Jazz Festival 2012‘s stage. As a solo artist she has performed in Indra Lesmana’s Red White Jazz Lounge last month which lead to her second attempt soon on March 22, 2012. Since several months ago she’s been busy with preparing her debut album. We have heard a raw version of one song, and all we can tell you is this girl has a very, very strong potential to fly high in our music industry. Tulus has made it first, and definitely she’ll follow his footsteps. It’s your chance to enjoy her truly gifted soulful voice, make sure you don’t miss it.

From last Sunday’s ESPOSE 2012 band auditions, we caught a promising new group named Helluva. In the auditions they only got chance to sing 2 songs, but those were enough to capture the hearts of the judges. Fitri Aprilya has a thick soulful pattern on her voice, and what’s also great is that the rest of the band able to play solid as a team. Two songs are not enough, so here we are excited to see them again in longer duration. If you like pop soulful groove, this will satisfy your taste along with the first mentioned Grace Sahertian.

For jazz straightahead fans, you’ll have Halfwhole Project in this edition. The group has tried several formations earlier but now they are settled as four sized band, with highly capable Bandung-based players in each corner. You can listen to the wild saxophone playing (including action-packed gestures) by Timotius Djadja, the spontaneous improvisations from Christ Stanley’s electric piano and the remarkable rhythms from Edward Manurung (drums) and Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe (electric bass). We have seen them in some Sunday Jazz events before, as the opening band for Tesla Manaf ft Mahagotra Ganesha’s album launching event at ITB and also at the Jazz Goes to Campus 2011. Now here they are again, ready to bring all the fun and excitement of straightahead to us.


Any of you still experience jazz-lag after getting bombed heavily at the Java Jazz Festival 2012? If you do, here comes the complete list of Red White Jazz Lounge for March which will keep you awake with selected jazz actions throughout the month.

It’s a wonder for us to see the commitment of Indra Lesmana in keeping things up in Red White Lounge. He was all busy before and during the Java Jazz Festival, he even stated that he’s never been this busy for a long time, yet he still manages to keep the program runs normally. Yes we do miss some of the already-done sessions such as JazzLag Jam Session with Indra Lesmana Trio, Woman’s Day with Margie Segers, Syaharani and Monita Tahalea and The Extra Large, but as we just received the final schedule for March tonight, there are still plenty of shows that you shouldn’t miss. Let’s see them one by one.

Indro Hardjodikoro Trio
Here’s the smiley man who has been doing great deals in Indonesia’s music industry especially jazz for more than 20 years. Indro Hardjodikoro is one the most influential figures in the business today. He recently made a breakthrough by having Russian tour with his popular group Indro Hardjodikoro & The Fingers following his remarkable roadtrip to that country a couple of months earlier. While the group is tasting its victory also with the CD selling keeps on getting better and better, Indro will bring drummer Demas Narawangsa and pianist Andy Gomez in trio formation to the lounge. If you’re a fusion fan, grab this one.
Indro Hardjodikoro Trio will perform on March 10, 2012
First drink charge: IDR 60.000

Idang Rasjidi
No matter how many times you watch Idang on stage, you’d never get enough and we say that for many reasons. His mastery skill can always create something entertaining, he always does it in full interactivity with the audience plus he’s fully spontaneous and never play anything the same twice. Every show is personal, where you can always be a part of.
Idang Rasjidi will perform twice on Sundays, March 11 and 25, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 60.000

Karim Suweileh Jazzy Quintet
The legendary Karim Suweileh is one of the most respected senior drummers of Indonesia with almost 50 years of career. He’s listed in many milestones of Indonesia’s jazz history and had played with some of the founding fathers of jazz such as Jack Lesmana, Nick Mamahit, Bill Saragih, Didi Chia and so on. His renowned work could be found in many recordings such as with Ermy Kullit, Ireng Maulana All Stars, Margie Segers, Utha Likumahuwa, Rien Djamain or with the supergroup of the past, Bhaskara 86. He’s still active up until now, mostly with his band Karim Suweileh Jazzy Quintet which is currently playing regularly  at Kudus Bar, Sultan Hotel Jakarta. Now this delightful quintet is making their way to the cozy Red White Lounge, where you can listen to his masterplay on drums along with highly talented personnels of the group.
Karim Suweileh Jazzy Quintet will perform on Wednesday, March 14, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 50.000

Bubu Giri
Bubu Giri is a dynamic acoustic duo consists of the singer Bubu which has the thick bluesy vocal style and guitarist Giri who has a groovy way of playing. We know Bubu as the vocalist of Contra Indigo, while Giri is a part of an alternative band named Stonation. They have been serving some acoustic treatements in some cafes around Kemang, and now they are going to have their first Red White Experience. So if you like groovy, bluesy acoustic style in covering some famous local and international songs, this one’s worth to check.
Bubu Giri will perform on Thursday, March 15, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 50.000

Urban Phat
This group is a brand new group of youngsters comprised of Andy Gomez on keyboard and piano, Damez Nababan on saxophone, Ibnu Rafi on drums, Fajar Adi Nugroho on bass and also Jordy Waelauruw on trumpet. Looking at the names, you’ll know that these are some of the most potential young guns in our jazz scene today. They just tasted the Java Jazz Festival 2012 under this group several days ago, and now they are coming to Red White Lounge. You can listen to their original songs like “Phat Town”, “Phat to the Bone” or “GSM”, especially if you missed their lovely performance at the Java Jazz.
Urban Phat will perform on Friday, March 16, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 60.000

Monita Tahalea
You must’ve loved her lushy jazz vocal by now, after watching her performance everywhere or listening to her CD. She didn’t make it at the Indonesian Idol, but for us it’s like a blessing in disguise, since now she’s emerged as one of the popular young jazz singer of the nation.