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University of Indonesia, Salemba, 1976. At that time the students of Faculty of Economics wanted to bring up series of events that covered arts in general, including theater, painting, photography and so on, including music. During that era, jazz was already labeled by many as an expensive and exclusive music by many. One of the active student at that time, young Candra Darusman, wanted to prove otherwise. He initiated an event called Jazz Goes to Campus (JGTC) in late 1976 in a mission to ensure the society that jazz could actually be enjoyed by wider segments and also very affordable. So, the first ever JGTC was held in a park in Salemba, with minimalist stage sets and ticket price only IDR 500. Apparently, it became a huge start for something historical. Today, that very event has reached the 37th edition. That’s the longest running event in Indonesia and one of the longest in the world. How can an event run that long with different committee in each year? Kudos to the Student Board of Faculty of Economics from UI (BEM-FEUI), they did it and will keep doing it.

So here’s the report of 2014 installment. As usual the event started early, around 1:00 pm at noon with selected bands in varieties. We found familiar names from last year: Sekawan and Friends. What we like to see from this band is that they give solid evidence that jazz is actually alive healthily in a small(er) city like their hometown, Salatiga. Good to see that Salatiga’s groove was back to JGTC.


37th-JGTC-RnF (1)


The Jazzperience Stage began with a four-piece band called RnF. The name stands for Room Number Five and they are rooted in soulful pop jazz. They began their journey 5 years ago with Rendy Hendrawan (vocal/guitar), Alex Zulkarnaen (bass), Bobby Abdiawan (percussions) and Fauzan Billie (drums). Their first single was released last year titled “Cinta Adalah 5″ and reached another success with “Habis Kata” from OST Hijabers in Love. Their acoustic guitar sound with groovy rhythms was nice to hear and definitely suit the taste of young listeners. After 5 years in service, RnF seems to find a steady grip. Based on what we saw, 2015 may become their best year to date.




At the same time the Indosat IM3 Stage started its service with JBF Trio. You might wonder what sound would appear when  Jazz, Blues and Funk fused into one? The outcome may vary from one band to another, but one thing for sure, the music produced by this blend will make you unable to stand still. JBF, stands for Jazz Blues and Funk has the winning formula in combining these roots. We enjoyed their performance last year in the 36th JGTC and now once again we tapped our feet over their clean shots. So bluesy, so jazzy and funky at the same time. Fawdy (gitar and vokal), Soebroto (bass) and Ryan (drums) as usual demonstrated their smart brain, creativity and skills in cooking up their tasty platter. 2014 has been a great year for them. Being the winner of Jakarta Indie Music Festival (JIM Fest) that involved all kinds of genre is an evidence of their high quality. Their act in this year’s JGTC can become another proof as well.


37th-JGTC-NadoProject (1)

Nado Project opened up the Musik Asik Stage at 1:30 pm. We saw them in the Final Round of JGTC Competition when they served tight modern jazz, this time Nado, Ibnu and Nadya interestingly served experimental free jazz. Not easy to play, but full with action. SevenStrings Music School & Production used their performance in JGTC to give Tribute to 80’s and 90’s Jazz. It featured so many young talent. You’d know that a music school is good by how the students’ perform. Clearly they have done a marvelous teaching since the representatives played jazz neat and sharp.


37th-JGTC-FusionJazzCommunity (2)


Came all the way from Surabaya was a fast-growing jazz community in Surabaya which specialized in Fusion, the Fusion Jazz Community, better known as FJazzC. It was established on June 2, 2012 based on the mission to extend the jazz coverage area through fusion. Today they have 300 active members (500 if includes the inactive ones) and a regular show on local East Java tv. Other than that, they have graced many jazz events locally. An appearance at a prestigious festival like this is an important step because then they can expand the community with fusion lovers from Jakarta, Depok and beyond. Aside of that, it felt nice to have the jazz fusion shower during the hot weather. When “Billie Jean” and “September” were found among the songlist, what can be wrong?


37th-JGTC-5th-Avenue (2)


The winner of the JGTC Audition 2014 4/4 who gave a superb high class traditional jazz playing couldn’t come due to some reasons. Their session was taken by the consolation prize winner from Bandung, 5th Avenue. Chris Alfeus (guitar/vocal), Stella Inke (keyboard), AlbenOctorys (drums) and William Anthony (bass) gave a rich arrangement of fusion including some scat-singing that fell into exactly the same notes from guitar by Chris. Tjheir version of Indra Lesmana (JavaJazz)’s “Bulan Diatas Asia” was served gloriously like in the competition. And they presented some original songs too, including “Membisu”. They didn’t win the competition, but they did very well just like a champ.





1978 is the year when Jazz Goes to Campus was held for the very first time. At that time the students of Faculty of Economics from University of Indonesia got the idea to create art events not only about music, but also theater, painting, photography and some other art forms. During that era, jazz was already facing the stigma by being labeled as an expensive and exclusive music by many. Candra Darusman, -at that time still a faculty of economics student-, wanted to prove otherwise. He initiated the first ever Jazz Goes to Campus (JGTC) in late 1978, still in Salemba, with minimalist stage sets and ticket price only IDR 500. “But we got really great crowds. It was cool and familiar.” said Candra Darusman not long ago to us. The history proved that among those art events, only the JGTC managed to stand the test of time. Today this event proudly stands as the longest running annual jazz event in Indonesia and one of the oldest in the world (second to North Sea Jazz Festival). This year they are ready to back again with a mouth-watering lineup of artists. Let’s give it up for The 37th Jazz Goes to Campus!

The Ultimate Jazzperience

There are some interesting new movements being made by this year’s committee, which once again involves hundreds of current active students of Faculty of Economics from University of Indonesia (FEUI). First, they will be a Project called “Tribute to Salemba”, made by one of the playing artists in the first JGTC in 1978, Benny Likumahuwa with the initiator, Candra Darusman. This show will bring back all the memories and should be interesting since it will feature legendary names who were presented at that very first installment in Salemba. Therefore, the committee decided to use “Living the Inspired Jazzperience” as the theme which is focusing on “Inspired” and “Jazzperience”. “This year we wish to show our appreciation by presenting the senior jazz musicians that have given uncountable contributions in building up the jazz industry in Indonesia.” said the committee in the press release. In accordance to the theme, the 37th JGTC has “The Ultimate Jazzperience” as the tagline. This tagline pretty much shows their spirit in letting the audience feel the beautiful experience of enjoying jazz as well as ultimate satisfaction that can be felt by all this year’s stakeholders. “We are commited to give different jazz festival. We are going to bring variety of jazz musicians with balanced composition of senior and young ones. Other than that, “The Ultimate Jazzperience” should be able to represent the 37 years of our service.” said the committee. Not only celebrating the well known jazz musicians, Jazz Goes to Campus also aims to create a platform for young musicians to express their passion for jazz and exhibit their music talent throguh our very own JGTC competition.

The crowds of the 36th Jazz Goes to Campus (2013)


- Opening and Clinic

There are series of pre-event being held before the D-day. Starting with the JGTC Opening & Press Conference three days ago on October 31st, 2014 at Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia, Depok, a JGTC Clinic was made exclusive for the JGTC Competition’s contestants on November 2nd. Given by guitarist Agam Hamzah, drummer Rayendra Sunito, pianist Boby Limijaya and bassist Fajar Adi Nugroho, this clinic enhanced the technical aspects and an overview of how to become a good player in the industry.

- JGTC Competition

About the competition itself, this event is one of the most prestigious competitions that has created so many well-established musicians. The JGTC Competition belongs to JGTC Exhibiton along with the JGTC Choice Awards. The Qualification Round will run on 8-9 November 2014 at Tribeca Central Park, but that’s not all because for the first time will also be held in Surabaya. This will give easier opportunities to jazz bands/artists in Surabaya to be a part of the competition. The Surabaya Qualifying Round will take place at Area Danau Kampus C, Airlangga University, Surabaya on November 14, 2014.  I (Riandy Kurniawan) will be one of the judges with Benny Likumahuwa, Rayendra Sunito and Boy Rhunos (Surabaya only).

- JGTC Roadshow

JGTC Roadshow is on schedule too. This year it will visit Surabaya in cooperation with Airlangga University’s students as a mini show on November 14, 2014 featuring ITS Jazz, Korek Jazz, C.Twosix Jazz Club, Fusion Jazz Community and special guest star Idang Rasjidi and the Syndicate.

- JGTC Scholarship

To show the Social Responsibility, JGTC is going to give scholarship to the FEUI students who need it. The fund raising is made through JGTC Gathering & Charity Night, inviting the donors and previous JGTC committees. This charity night is set to come on November 15, 2014 at Qi Dine and Lounge, Sultan Hotel Jakarta with a special appearance of a beautiful multi-talented lady who represented North Sumatra in Miss Indonesia pageant in 2013 that showed her ability in singing/songwriting, Yemima Hutapea.


Tulus at the 36th Jazz Goes to Campus (2013)

- JGTC Community Night

To show our care towards the jazz communities in Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi and Bandung, the JGTC Community Night will be held on November 21, 2014 at Airman Lounge, Sultan Hotel Jakarta. This Community Night is giving a platform for jazz communities in those areas to mingle and spread the love of jazz. Beben Jazz from Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran (KJK) and the living legend Benny Mustafa will be there as the guest stars.

- JGTC Choice Awards

This program has been running since 2007 in order to give the highest appreciation to those who have given enormous contribution to JGTC and to jazz development in Indonesia in general. This year the awards will be given to selected person in some categories such as Newcomer Artist, Most Dedicated, Young Talent, Album of The Year, dan Lifetime Achievement. The judges are Agus Basuni, Frans Sartono, David Karto, David Tarigan and Yance Manusama. These awards will be given at the main event.

- The Main Event

Now here comes the information you’re waiting for. The main event will be on Sunday, November 30, 2014 at Campus Ground FEUI, Depok. As for the lineup, the list are mouth-watering. The international artists are Sondre Lerche (Norway) and Ray Harris and the Fusion Experience (Scotland). We have covered Sondre Lerche’s show twice: at Java Jazz Festival 2011 and Kampoeng Jazz 2013, but this time surely he’ll highlight more of his new released album “Please”. As for Mr. wild keyboardist Ray Harris and the Fusion Experience, we watched his performance at JakJazz 2008 and still remember all the fun we had back then as if it was just yesterday.


 Sondre Lerche at Kampoeng Jazz 2013


From our own land there will be today’s front runners, living legends, experienced ones, rising stars and new comers, also special projects. They are Glenn Fredly, Tulus, The Groove, Adhitia Sofyan, JGTC Project “Tribute to Salemba” , Idang Rasjidi Syndicate, Like Father Like Son (Benny Likumahuwa & Barry Likumahuwa), ESQI:EF aka Syaharani and Queenfireworks, Monita Tahalea & The Nightingales, Oele Pattiselanno Quartet, Tjut Nyak Deviana & Friends, Bandanaira, Kunto Aji, HajarBleh Big Band, Yemima Hutapea, Bonita & the hus BAND and of course the JGTC Competition Winners. All these artists will be divided into four stages with wider and more comfortable festival area.




You have probably heard the new spot for jazz at the heart of Southern part of Jakarta. Yes, it takes place at Street Gallery, a new, happening ground as the extension of Pondok Indah Mall (PIM). Since last May this famous hangout area has launched its thematic music program that enables you to find live music entertainment every night, from 8:00 pm to midnight (8:00 pm to 2:00 am on Friday and Saturday). Especially for you who live around this part of Jakarta, you should be happy to be able to have full access on these shows that’s provided free from any charge. Put it simple, you don’t have to wait until weekend to get good quality music entertainment. Any day you need one, all you have to do is just come to the Street Gallery to have it.

Along with this program, there’s a section called STARDAY MONDAY. This section allows you to meet the stars and enjoy their cool, intimate performances from a very close range. Probably you’d ask, when the nearest date for it and who will it be? Here’s the answer. In this month of August, Starday Monday (Monday with Stars) will come on August 25, 2014, featuring papa-son BENNY and BARRY LIKUMAHUWA and the band, plus a very special guest star, THE GROOVE! Note: the show will start exactly at 8:00 pm all the way to midnight.

There are many great musicians who got it from their parents’ DNA, but not so many of them play together. From that few there’s Benny Likumahuwa –  a legendary jazz artiste who’s been active for more than half of a century – and his proud son, one of today’s most popular stars that serves infectious funk with his bass, Barry Likumahuwa. It’s always inspiring to see the harmonious soul and spirit connection between father and son being brought from daily life onto the stage. They have shown it many, many times either in Barry Likumahuwa Project, Benny Likumahuwa Jazz Connection, special project Like Father Like Son or in any other occasional event, yet we’re still wanting to see more. In any of gigs when they share the spotlight, the audience can always feel love and respect they are transferring to each other. It’s not easy anymore to find this kind of harmonious relationship in today’s self-centered oriented planet. Moreover, what you can also catch is Benny’s pure and traditional swing spirit that blends with Barry’s youthful funky bass bites and chops. They never place themselves in an exclusive manners, on the contrary they tend to show an interactive, intimate session that bridges the stage to where the audiences are.


starday monday, jazzuality, the groove, barry likumahuwa, benny likumahuwa


Next, The Groove. This band was established way back in 1997 and said to be the trendsetter and icon of pop jazz/acid jazz in Indonesia. Amazingly they are still standing tall and strong today. They have uncountable number of loyal fans from 17 years ago, they are popular too among the youngsters. They have many evergreens but they do have new singles too like “Let’s Go (Reunian)” and “Kusambut Hadirumu”. What’s inspiring for us is that eventhough they, just like life, have had their ups and downs, they are always close as one tight family. No matter what, in the end they always know how to find their way back, just like how they were reunited in 2010 after being in absence for a while.

There are many reasons why this band can stand the test of time. Other than the strong family spirit, their soul, funk, disco with jazz taste is ageless. Other than that, they are absolutely interactive and their high-octane energy is really entertaining to see. Today the band consists of Rieka Roslan and Reza (vokal), Yuke Sampurna (bass), Ali Akbar (piano), Rejoz (perkusi), Deta (drum), Arie (guitar) and Tanto (keyboard). If you love them then, you’ll love them now, if not even more.

Imagine the moment when The Groove meets father-son Benny and Barry Likumahuwa. Imagine when so many great musicians that love to involve their audiences share the same stage together. That would be something you don’t want to miss. And yes, it will happen less just in a couple of days from now at Street Gallery, Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta.

If you want to see the other days’ gigs, there are plenty of choices that surely can set your night cheerfully to music. The schedule is as follows:
- Tuesday Latino “Zarro & the Vega” (8:00 pm – 00:00)
- Wednesday Rockoustic “Bravo” (8:00 pm – 00:00)
- Thursday Pop Jazz “Davina & Friends (8:00 pm – 00:00)
- I Love Friday “Mr Brightside” (8:00 pm – 00:00) and DJ Teddy Mananta (00:00 – 02:00 am)
- Saturday Romantic “Romantic 4″ (8:00 pm – 00:00) and DJ Stefanya Morgan (00:00 – 02:00 am)
- Sunday Acoustic “Heart Worker” (01:00 pm – 05:00 pm), “Le’ Lucky Coustic” (8:00 pm -10:00 pm) and “DJ Erick” (10:00 pm – 00:00)

Be there and be a part of August Starday Monday on August 25, 2014 with Benny-Barry Likumahuwa plus special guest star, The Groove. Bring your friends, family and loved ones. Enjoy a nice dinner while getting great entertainment from these stars. Why wait till the weekend when you can immerse yourself in the musical festivities if you can do so on extraordinary Monday? Other than that, there are so many options to choose that we’re sure will catch your interest as well. Time to recharge yourself and feed up your soul, swing on and groove yourself up!

Keep updated and log on to www.pondokindahmall.co.id, follow their Twitter @pondokindahmall and like their Facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/pondokindahmall


For Further Information please contact:
Yunita Prima
PT. Metropolitan Kentjana, TbkPondok Indah Mall
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah Blok III B, Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan 12310
Telp: 021-7506750 ext 390, fax : 021- 7506755


KL International Jazz and Arts Festival 2014 - Day 2



Here we come to the second and final day of KL International Jazz & Art Festival. If you need guidance to see the 1st day story, you can refer to our report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/kl-international-jazz-and-arts-festival-2014-day-1-report/. Today we found so many gems just like the Saturday schedule. Some sequels; meaning the bands that got another round of action; were still very interesting to see. Curious to know what’s happening in this final day? Allow us to share you the story.



Cool Sunday afternoon was opened with a band we have seen last year, Koolskool. This is a trio who loves to pin jazz standards and preserving the Malaysian evergreen songs with their own cool colors. The trio consists of Aznaff (sax), Jaya (electric upright bass) and Razey (guitar), plus Zaiyanis on vocal. All of them work at the same bank, the Maybank. All of them are music graduates on a mission. That is to give a homey jazz entertainment, giving up some kind of educational message during their session and the most important thing is keeping the essence of Malaysian song heritage alive.

They greeted us with “Nightbird” when we just arrived at the venue, then wowed us with “Winelight” by using Javanese pentatonic modes. Surprising indeed. We found a lot of exotic Asian modes from them in the improvisations and solo runs. All in a koolskool way, done by the kool-headed and fully experienced musicians. Right after pinning Dave Grusin’s song, “Masquarade” smoothly swayed from them. Shakatak’s other number, “Invitation” and Mezzoforte’s “Garden Party” ensured all the early attendances kept in pocket. This was just perfect to enjoy in the rain which occured during their performance. Razey does have the George Benson tonal color, and it was really nice. The solo run by Jaya was pretty and groovy.



A blues trio from the Klang Valley in Kuala Lumpur claimed the stage right after. It’s the Purple Haze Blues Band. This band consists of veterans who have been active for around 4 decades: Shaik Karim on drums/vocals, Hazizi “ZZi blues” on guitars/vocals and Jim Madasamy on bass/vocals, plus a harp player that’s being with them on and off, Alex Terry. Being fully equiped by skill and experiences plus the fact that Purple Haze Blues Band was established a decade ago, the pure, gitty sound of classic blues was so alive from them. It all clearly came natural from their hearts, both individually and as a unit. True blues musicians speak from the soul, and these guys are the ones. “Hoochie Coochie Man” and a piece from B.B King were found among their repertoires. “Blues can’t go wrong with B.B King”, said Naj Frusciante, the MC for Outdoor Stage right after the show. Just like a natural born killers, they nailed it. They completely burned the stage and wowed the audiences. Having cool blues-titude on and off stage, they just went at it. Imagine to get hit by a heavy blues truck in the late afternoon, it was really spicy.



On the other stage we found David Tughan in the middle of ‘chetting’ with the audiences. Tughan was born and raised in Northern Ireland but has been living in UK for 2 decades. Special for this show he took on interesting theme in rememberance of a legend called Chetting: A Tribute to Chet Baker. What he meant is that he sang the combination of Chet Baker’s songlist and some songs that Chet would have played or sung, placing it inside Chet’s spirit. But there’s something unique in this show. Normally when one tributes Chet, we would normally guess that a trumpeter would be involved. But David thought differently. He brought his combo comprised of Kirk Lightsey (piano), Ben Robertson (bass), Stephen Magnusson (guitar) and Daniel Firrugia (drums).




“Presenting jazz in public places?  Well, I think it’s good, so people could get much closer to jazz, then become familiar with it.”

That was the words we got from one of the stars of the night, Barry Likumahuwa. Well, last night was cool! The Street Gallery, the new extension of Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) actually didn’t just serve variety of foods for the hungry belly, but also thematic musics for the hungry soul. Actually this is not the first jazz program they’ve done. They actually have been attracted to jazz for quite some times. Many previous jazz programs you could grab in a mall which is located in the Southern part of Jakarta. In fact, jazz has been on the menu every Thursday and Saturday, then regularly have Idang Rasjidi every weekend. And there’s more! But now, Street Gallery is fulfilling your thirst not monthly, not weekly, but daily. The program has more than enough varieties to answer your needs. And it’s served for free. Isn’t it cool or what?

We think it’s good that people can express their musical passion in public places. Jazz, a music that’s been widely known for its openness and freedom always has more than enough space to be a media of expression. If we usually can have it in a place that’s more private such as lounges, cafes, restaurants, or even jazz clubs, or occasionally in some bigger events festivals, Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall is opening itself up to everyone who wish to have jazz treatment. Anyone could join and enjoy. The easy, totally free access should be beneficial to the jazz lovers in Jakarta, but Barry told us that it also gives benefit to jazz itself. Why? Because this move enables jazz to spread its wings wider and then reach people who might have never heard about how jazz really sounds like. In other words, it’s like a good way to introducing jazz to the public.



The Street Gallery’s new move in music entertainment started running since the first Monday of May. What’s interesting is, the program began with Jazz. It’s called  Starday Monday (Monday with the Star), scheduled to run every 1st Monday of the month, and for the premiere edition the Street Gallery presented father-son connection who are very popular among the jazz lovers, or even in our music scene in general. It’s Benny Likumahuwa and Barry Likumahuwa. While the father is a legendary multi-instrumentalist that’s  specialized himself in trombone who has been active for more than 50 years, the son is one of today’s top crowd-gatherers, a versatile bassist with a funky, trendy soul. They were empowered by some of their colleagues including the swinging guitar master Oele Pattiselano, drummer Dimas Pradipta, the genius saxophonist Bass G (Sebastian), young ‘Miles’ Jordy Waelauruw, and later on keyboardist Nadya Sella Belansky plus special performance by Dira Sugandi. What a team you might say, we thought so too.

In the first-ever Starday Monday they entertained people who come into Street Gallery in four sets. They were going to perform from 8pm to 12pm, and Dira Sugandi was set to seat-in with them. Wait, seat-in? Yeah, seat-in, as Barry said. “There’s a little difference between seat-in and jamming, and most of the time people got it wrong. Seat-in means they do it without any rehearsals, but they have played together before. While jamming means the players have never met before. Whatever happen on the stage would occur spontaneously. What they served on this beautiful night was a sheer jazz mainstream delights. “We bring it so everybody could enjoy this at ease. We won’t bring anything complex ”, promised Barry.




There are many live music events in Jakarta, spreading from one corner to another. Today you can find whatever music that suits you by going not too far from your home. It can be in cafes, malls and other spots, indoor or outdoor. But hey, we can never have enough, can we? If you agree with that, here’s the news: Street Gallery, a new, happening spot as the extension of Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) is going to entertain you with classy, thematic music program. Not once a month, not once a week, but it’s said to be daily! So, prepare yourself to have a full treat starting May, 2014. Keep reading, we will spill more beans.


benny likumahuwa, barry likumahuwa, like father like son, jazzuality


benny likumahuwa, barry likumahuwa, like father like son, jazzualityFirst thing’s first. You can start the first Monday (that’s on 5th May, 2014) with Starday Monday (Monday with Star). Starting at 8:00 pm til midnight, this session features Benny & Barry Likumahuwa and Friends. As usual, you can see how they inspire you with harmonious soul and spirit connection between father and son being brought from daily life onto the stage. As they have shown many, many times either in Barry Likumahuwa Project, Benny Likumahuwa Jazz Connection or their special project Like Father Like Son, you can feel love and respect they transfer to each other. It’s not easy anymore to find this kind of harmonious relationship in this lonely planet. Benny’s pure and traditional swing spirit will collide once again with Barry’s youthful funky bites at Street Gallery. If that’s not enough, they are going to have lots of friends supporting them, plus special performance by the soulful power house lady, Dira Sugandi. That’s surely a catch isn’t it?

That’s what you’re going to get on Monday. What about the other day? Hey, you’re going to get many more goodies. The next day you will get Tuesday Latino with Zarro & the Vega starting exactly at the same hour. You can have Rockoustic bites on Wednesday with Bravo and then enjoy the Thursday Pop Jazz with Le Jardin. I Love Friday will have Iwan Abide & Mr Brightside in it follows by DJ Teddy Mananta to make you dance all the way passing the midnight. The weekend continues on with Romantic Night on Saturday with the performance of Romantic 4 and DJ Stefanya Morgan, again until 2:00 AM and on the last day you will have Sunday Acoustic with Heart Worker (1:00 pm – 5:00 pm) and Le’ Lucky Coustic (8:00 pm – midnight).

Well, that’s about it. Since you already know what to have in this location in May, you can start picking your poison and come. Don’t forget to visit the first show Starday Monday on May 5, 2014 with Benny-Barry Likumahuwa and Friends featuring Dira Sugandi. It’s going to start on 8:00 pm all the way to midnight. Recharge yourself and feed up your soul, with nonstop entertainment food mall, Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall from Monday to Sunday.

Keep updated and log on to www.pondokindahmall.co.id, follow us on our Twitter @pondokindahmall and like their Facebook fan page http://www.facebook.com/pondokindahmall


For Further Information please contact:
Yunita Prima
PT. Metropolitan Kentjana, TbkPondok Indah Mall
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah Blok III B, Pondok Indah, Jakarta Selatan 12310
Telp: 021-7506750 ext 390, fax : 021- 7506755




Since 2012, the world has been celebrating a special day for jazz lovers called International Jazz Day. Herbie Hancock as the UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador and the Director-General of UNESCO Irina Bokova proclaimed April 30th as the date and set it to raise awareness in the international community of the virtues of jazz as an educational tool as well as a force for peace, unity, and dialogue. Jazz musicians and enthusiasts around the world celebrate it in their own ways. Just as we are getting closer to that day we received a very good news that should make us all proud. The little boy piano prodigy by the name of Joey Alexander is invited to participate in the annual benefit Gala Dinner of Jazz at Lincoln Center on May 1, 2014.

If playing at this jazzy corner of the historical complex of buildings in the Lincoln Square neighborhood of Manhattan in New York City is already highly prestigious, Joey is going to get even more honor, because there he will perform with the living legend Wynton Marsalis and the great, great Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra (JLCO). The concert is titled “LOVE, LOSS AND LAUGHER: THE STORY OF JAZZ”, set to be held at the Frederick P. Rose Hall, “The House of Swing”. Standing at the host is none other than famous movie star/comedian/MC, Billy Crystal. Joey is native Indonesian, and he’s still 10 years old. What a beautiful way for us Indonesian to celebrate this year’s International Jazz Day. And for your information, Joey is the only foreign musician that has an honour to play at this legendary concert. Way to go, Joey!



In conjunction with Joey’s upcoming performance “Love, Loss and Laughter: The Story of Jazz with Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at Lincoln Orchestra, a press conference was held on Tuesday, April 22, 2014 located at iCanStudioLive, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta. Joey was there to explain everything about his involvement in this concert. It was a bit rainy out there and the press conference started later than on schedule. But joey warmth us with his magical hands on solo piano performance.

Then MC officially opened this press conference by greeting us and let Lucy Willar as the host of iCanStudioLive to give a little explanation about this wonderful kid and how he become one of featured artist at that concert. Denny Sakrie were also there to give his opinion about Joey from the expert view. He told us that Joey has a common thing with Indra Lesmana. They got their beautiful talent since they were toddlers. Denny believes that Joey will bring a great impact to Indonesian music industry. Lucy Willar called him as a ‘black diamond’ while Denny Sakrie mentioned that medias have called him as ‘Harry Potter of Jazz’. As you know, Joey always wear glasses that make him look exactly like Harry Potter, of course also the wizardous jazz piano playing. That’s the way we love to call him since the first time we spotted him in 2011 (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-event-report/red-white-jazz-lounge-christmas-jazz-special-the-report/).

With the innocence of a child, Joey gave us a little explanation about how he started all of these until he could receive so many achievements internationally. It went really well and intimately. The attending medias congratulated him and asked him about how he prepared himself for this concert. We asked him will this concert affect him, he said that this is going to be one of his life’s legendary moments. He’s really excited and he is also ready to play there.

By now you should already be familiar with this wonder-kid. Imagine where you were and what you were doing at the age of 10, Joey has done things that not even adults or seniors can achieve.



Here’s a little profile of him. Joey was born in Denpasar, Bali on June 25, 2003. His parents bought him a mini keyboard when he was 6 years old. They got caught by surprise when noticing little Joey was already able to play the melody line of Thelonious Monk’s classic, “Well You Needn’t” out of nowhere. His parents directly gave him piano lesson. This little boy chewed everything up in no time. In just a year or so, he could already play difficult jazz renditions, mastering the improvisation with perfect skill that enabled him to play alongside big names in spontaneous jam sessions. For him, jazz is really great. You can play it spontaneously, with a coll improvisation. Jazz also gives him a freedom at playing and also, swing… That’s why he prefer jazz rather than other genres, such as modern or classic.

We met him for the first time at Indra Lesmana’s RW Jazz Lounge: The Christmas edition 2 years ago. At that time when he was still 8 years old he already stunned everyone by executing “My Favorite Things” and “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” flawlessly, just like a pro. At the age of 9 he already played alongside jazz giants and legends. He was invited by UNESCO in December 2011 to play solo piano in front of the jazz living legend Herbie Hancock during his visit to Inodnesia as a goodwill ambassador of UNESCO. He has graced many international festivals such as the Java Jazz Festival, JakJazz, Jazz Goes to Campus, World Youth Jazz Festival in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and gained spot at television. After winning the Grand Prix award of the first International Jazz Improvisation contest, Master-Jam Fest in Odessa, Ukraine last year by topping hundreds of other contestants (it was awarded not only for professionalism and talent, but also for whose performance became a phenomenon of jazz life), this year he’s in the news again by being featured in The Good News with the Ellen Degeneres Show.

In the invitation letter, Jason Olaine, the Director of Programming and Touring Jazz at Lincoln Center said this: “In my capacity as Director of programming and Touring for Jazz at Lincoln Center, I have the pleasure of inviting Mr. Joey Alexander to New York to participate in our annual benefit Gala with Wynton Marsalis and the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra, May 1, 2014. As a rising star on piano, we recognize his artistry and musicianship and would be honored to present him to our American audiences in New York City.”

If you ask us, Joey really deserves it. You will know it once you listen to his play or watch. We have seen him pinning complex compositions from Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter and Chick Corea just like a long time experienced pro. The last time we heard his piano playing was in a track “Glory Glory” with Benny Likumahuwa Jazz Connection in the new CD “Rekam Jejak Vol. 1″. In this track if you don’t see who plays, you will never dare to take a guess that it all came from a little boy. He plays maturely with high skill, really good at controlling and fully understand his role when playing with other cats. His improvisations are flawless and always appear in the right moment. Normally something like this only come from players who have been doing it for many decades, yet Joey is indeed one of a kind. He’s cute, sometimes shy, just like any other kids, but once he’s placed behind the piano, it’s all a different story.




The beautiful island of Bali has been listed as one of the world’s most famous tourist haven for many decades. The tropical weather, ancient temples, sandy beaches, rainforests, paddy fields, paintings, sculptures, colorful religious ceremonies, friendly people, all the way to the typical traditional music that you can easily differ from other sounds. What’s not to love about this island? If you’re a jazz fan, now you can add another reason to visit Bali, especially Tanah Lot and the 5 star Nirwana Bali Resort. Why? Because jazz lives happily in that very spot, and just a couple of days from now, a big jazz fest with important social cause is going to paint the whole area with “bluenote” colors. Prepare to meet the Nirwana Bali Jazz Series 2!

It was last September 2012 when we informed you about the premiere of this event (http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/nirwana-bali-jazz-series-a-tribute-to-jazz-lovers-inspired-by-tanah-lot/).  Held for two days at Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort at Tanah Lot by involving combination of artists from Jakarta and Bali, this event gained great response from the jazz lovers, especially those who live in this Island of Gods. Looking at the result, the Hotels & Resorts unit of PT Bakrieland Development, Tbk (Bakrieland) in cooperation with Prime Time Jazz is ready to host the Nirwana Bali Jazz Series 2 (NBJS #2). This event which will once again feature Indonesian top jazz stars shows the continuous support from Bakrieland Hotels and Resort Unit (BHR) towards the Indonesia’s jazz development.

nirwana bali jazz series 2, jazzuality


“As a music form, jazz is fully filled with the spirit of improvisation and creativity to build beautiful harmony. That perfectly fits the Nirwana Bali Resort’s character that always loves to collaborate with local people to push the tourism forward.” said Nugroho Santosa of BHR, the chairman of Nirwana Bali Jazz Series #2. Furthermore, he explained that the event was made as an effort to provide creative space as well as appreciation to our nations’ and local jazz artists. “They can uprise the progress of jazz in Indonesia,” he added. About the number of attendance, Nugroho is optimist that the event will gain more audience comparing to last year. “We are targeting around 2000 jazz-goers this year.” he said. That’s about 3 times more than the first edition last year. Paul Counihan, the Managing Partner, Prime Time Jazz also expressed his full support to NBJS #2.

For this second edition, the lineup looks fantastic with more artists comparing to last year. NBJS #2 features top stars such as Syaharani, Idang Rasjidi, Tompi, Asty Asha, Amelia Ong, Yance Manusama, Cendi Luntungan, Barry Likumahuwa, Taufan Goenarso, Achmad Ananda, Doni Joesran, Koko Harsoe & Friends, Ito Kurdhi Quartet and more artist. Not only the lineup is shining, you can also expect a lot of surprises from highly interesting collaborations between them (See the complete list below). If last year the Nirwana Bali Jazz Series was served for 2 days, this year the event will be held for 3 days, from March 29 to 31 (Friday to Sunday) 2013. So, 3 days of jazz pleasure, that’s what you’re going to get from this jazz fest.

While the first day is set to be the “VIP Jazz”, the next two days will be served with something unique. At the second day (March 30), NBJS #2 is combined with Golf Fun Game in cooperation with Kadin Golf Club and Industri Kecil Menengah (IKM) Merchandise Gallery. Thus, this second day show is labeled “Golf & Jazz Concert.” How does jazz get along together with golf, or, can you play golf with well-known musicians? That’s something for you to find out. Last but not least, on the third and final day (March 31), by using the theme of “Jazz Clinic & Jazz Concert”, the musicians are looking orward to share their skills and knowledges to the society and children around Beraban Village. The jazz clinic will be open to let anyone interested to learn jazz from the experts. As it contains social activity, BHR will donate significant amount of funds to Yayasan Pendidikan Desa Beraban Bali (The Educational Foundation of Beraban Village, Bali) to support the uneducated children living in Beraban Village, Tabanan, Tanah Lot, Bali.



“Remember remember! The fifth of November” is a famous catch-phrase we knew from the dystopian thriller movie ‘V for Vendetta’. it was actually a piece of a poem made to honor Guy Fawkes day. In Indonesia, this month is celebrated for our National Heroes Day, where tens and hundreds of brave men died in order to defend Surabaya, the capital city of east Java, from the Allied forces in 1945. Until today we actually still have heroes in terms of figures admired for his achievements, noble qualities, shows great courage or dare enough to make some new inventions that can benefit others, today’s and future generations. A hero is someone who never stops to inspire others, who keeps develop himself for the benefit of many people, a person who brings his country across the globe. We also would like you to remember the eleventh of November, the day where the Indonesia’s jazz icon Indra Lesmana officially released his new, revolutionary piece of art.


Just a couple of days ago we have announced the release of Indra Lesmana’s 21 solo album entitled “11:11″ which wasn’t intended to appear in the shape of physical CD but groundbreakingly made as an iOS Application. With a very cheap price of only US$ 3.99, available at the App Store (https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/indra-lesmana-hd/id573472437?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D2 or simply browse the store and search for Indra Lesmana HD), this application gives you more than just merely 5 new songs so far. He’s going to add more songs until it reaches 11 tracks, but what’s even more exciting is that you can have some games, videos and music sheets too in there, if being able to connect with him hasn’t attracted you already. As far as we know, nobody has done it before, at least in Indonesia. What’s more to say is that all songs were made by using iPad and selected applications. So this revolutionary step can aways be taken as the new, modern way of making music, also as a new solution in distributing your music. The complete story of Indra Lesmana’s revolutionary new masterpiece can be read in this article: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-news/indra-lesmana-1111-revolutionary-album-in-the-shape-of-ios-application/. If you haven’t read it yet, do spend some of your valuable times to check that link first.

Unlimited inspiration is a suitable phrase for tonight. Once again, a small cozy lounge in Kemang, The Red White Lounge became the crime scene of an event that could change the face of Indonesia music industry once and for all. “well, again a surprising  invention came from Indra Lesmana.” said one of a readers to us. Well, who else? He’s a man who has inspired many, never runs out of ideas and inspirations, and always know how to execute them all into something real. He has done a lot of contributions in Indonesia’s jazz development to reach higher levels. He’s experienced everything from classical, swing, fusion, modern jazz (bop, hard bop and so on) and free jazz, even to touch the ethnic musics,  yet he is still hungry to try new things. He started surprising us by combining dubstep and jazz by using iPad, resulted a song titled “Two Steps at a Time”, released a couple of months ago (read the article here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-news/indra-lesmana-jazz-dubstep-new-single-two-steps-at-a-time-ipad-way-of-composing/). From there he crafted an interactive iOS application where the fans/buyers could sing along, play along, and listen to his newest album, 11:11. So it’s more than just an eargasm, it’s total fun packed with many stuffs and will constantly be updated. Amazing.


Exactly at 9.15 PM, Indra made his speech, accompanied by a representative from K1W1, his app developer and Andre Muljadi, the Brand Manager of Magnum Filter.


One of Indonesia’s biggest music festivals is back! LA Lights Java Soulnation Festival 2012 ready to feed your soul and this super September with a wide number of performances for three consecutive days (28, 29 and 30th) in the heart of Jakarta, Istora Senayan. Another masterpiece from Java Festival Production (JFP) presents this as a cross-cultural cooperation through music as its media and a variety of music and interest to deliver. This festival will be colored with more than 30 names from the archipelago and around the globe, ready to pump up five stages with rhymes, beats and tunes of soul, jazz, hip hop, RnB, rap and a whole lot of mixtures of other genres.

From the beginning Java Soulnation Festival has been set to serve a blazing urban party right in the heart of Jakarta. You can picture yourself standing amongst hundreds of thousands where colorful hues of music hit you from all corners. Then when you look up, you’ll notice many skycrapers surrounding you. This kind of feeling is magical. Step aside of any particular genre, you can always have great time by listening to variety of modern urban sound. That’s what we always feel whenever we attend this festival, the same feeling thousands of music lovers should feel too.


Opening performances for Day One included Indonesia’s sweetheart, Calvin Jeremy and Stereomantic on separate stages.  Well known with his hit debut “Dua Cinta Satu Hati”, Calvin Jeremy spreads the young spirit among the crowd with his fresh pop splash jazz. This duo, deriving its name from “Stereo” and “Romantic”, also took over the Juice Maverick Stage with a fresh start to the opening of the festival. This electro indie pop duo from Jakarta consisting of Maria Ferrari and Aroel, performing their studio album titled “Cyber Superstar” which sends us a message of the brief story of their four-year journey as a duo. They also created their second album in 2011, exclusively not for sale yet releasing it for free download on the internet. Creating a unique atmosphere with their creative way in presenting their music, the crowd just couldn’t resist them.

Java Soulnation sets its intention to gather round many artists from many ranges of age young and elder and sets of different genres into a stage where capital F.U.N and music collaborate to greet the audience who are in it to enjoy it!


In 2009, Muhammad Ibnu Rafi or known as Rafi, created a group named  Rafi and The Beat, producing an album titled “Music from Our Soul” in 2011, making it into the AMI Awarsds nomination for the best RnB/Soul music production.  Later on in 2012,  Rafi and The Beat went through a change of members adding Felix into the group and deciding to change their name by adding a touch of “experience” behind it  to Rafi and The Beat Experience due to the many experiences they’ve went through with their first album and that was the leap of making them a better group. They didn’t only make changes in name, but they also started something new in the music they played. If they were known better for their Rnb/Soul back then, now they have expanded their beats to a range of hip hop and jazz. They’re music are said to be mostly inspired by Robert Glasper Experiment, The Roots and J Dilla. Their latest formation of Muhammad Ibnu Rafi (Drums), Felix Haryono (Guitar), Kevin Yosua (Bass/Kontra Bass), Abram Lembono (Piano), Andre Rugebregt (MC Rap) and Dimaz Pramadhyana (Vocal/Rap) and additional players Jordy Revilian (Trumpet), Yohanes (Guitar) and Gerry Blaze (DJ).

If previously they expressed their music through soul, Funk, and RnB, this year at Java Soulnation 2012, they served a little more of jazz and hip-hop on their plate with a list of songs including their introduction with “Dig It! (The Experience) followed by “Electric Relaxation” and “Never Stop Lovin”. They also blew the crowd with a good beat of “How I Got Over” and “Gibberish”. This group also did collaborations with Izzo and Kyriz Boogiemen who is known for his unique rapping style in a dominant style of jazz with “Show Me What You Got”. If your ears are more than just the music and more into the lyrics, “You’re Not My Girl” and “How I Got Over” were a great treat for those going through some hard times. What surprised us on this year’s stage was an appearance from Java Soulnation’s (also Java Jazz Festival and Java Rockin’ Land) Festival Director, EQ Puradiredja who featured along in “Coba Sekali”. As a member of Humannia, EQ surely knew how to deal with the big stage and Rafi and The Beat Experience knew how to bring their beats along with all that. This was a moment and great experience for this group adding many more special moments to their list and also ours as the audience. A little hint, Rafi and the Beat Experience is preparing their second album, make sure to grab one when it’s released.