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“Presenting jazz in public places?  Well, I think it’s good, so people could get much closer to jazz, then become familiar with it.”

That was the words we got from one of the stars of the night, Barry Likumahuwa. Well, last night was cool! The Street Gallery, the new extension of Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) actually didn’t just serve variety of foods for the hungry belly, but also thematic musics for the hungry soul. Actually this is not the first jazz program they’ve done. They actually have been attracted to jazz for quite some times. Many previous jazz programs you could grab in a mall which is located in the Southern part of Jakarta. In fact, jazz has been on the menu every Thursday and Saturday, then regularly have Idang Rasjidi every weekend. And there’s more! But now, Street Gallery is fulfilling your thirst not monthly, not weekly, but daily. The program has more than enough varieties to answer your needs. And it’s served for free. Isn’t it cool or what?

We think it’s good that people can express their musical passion in public places. Jazz, a music that’s been widely known for its openness and freedom always has more than enough space to be a media of expression. If we usually can have it in a place that’s more private such as lounges, cafes, restaurants, or even jazz clubs, or occasionally in some bigger events festivals, Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall is opening itself up to everyone who wish to have jazz treatment. Anyone could join and enjoy. The easy, totally free access should be beneficial to the jazz lovers in Jakarta, but Barry told us that it also gives benefit to jazz itself. Why? Because this move enables jazz to spread its wings wider and then reach people who might have never heard about how jazz really sounds like. In other words, it’s like a good way to introducing jazz to the public.



The Street Gallery’s new move in music entertainment started running since the first Monday of May. What’s interesting is, the program began with Jazz. It’s called  Starday Monday (Monday with the Star), scheduled to run every 1st Monday of the month, and for the premiere edition the Street Gallery presented father-son connection who are very popular among the jazz lovers, or even in our music scene in general. It’s Benny Likumahuwa and Barry Likumahuwa. While the father is a legendary multi-instrumentalist that’s  specialized himself in trombone who has been active for more than 50 years, the son is one of today’s top crowd-gatherers, a versatile bassist with a funky, trendy soul. They were empowered by some of their colleagues including the swinging guitar master Oele Pattiselano, drummer Dimas Pradipta, the genius saxophonist Bass G (Sebastian), young ‘Miles’ Jordy Waelauruw, and later on keyboardist Nadya Sella Belansky plus special performance by Dira Sugandi. What a team you might say, we thought so too.

In the first-ever Starday Monday they entertained people who come into Street Gallery in four sets. They were going to perform from 8pm to 12pm, and Dira Sugandi was set to seat-in with them. Wait, seat-in? Yeah, seat-in, as Barry said. “There’s a little difference between seat-in and jamming, and most of the time people got it wrong. Seat-in means they do it without any rehearsals, but they have played together before. While jamming means the players have never met before. Whatever happen on the stage would occur spontaneously. What they served on this beautiful night was a sheer jazz mainstream delights. “We bring it so everybody could enjoy this at ease. We won’t bring anything complex ”, promised Barry.




There are many live music events in Jakarta, spreading from one corner to another. Today you can find whatever music that suits you by going not too far from your home. It can be in cafes, malls and other spots, indoor or outdoor. But hey, we can never have enough, can we? If you agree with that, here’s the news: Street Gallery, a new, happening spot as the extension of Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) is going to entertain you with classy, thematic music program. Not once a month, not once a week, but it’s said to be daily! So, prepare yourself to have a full treat starting May, 2014. Keep reading, we will spill more beans.


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benny likumahuwa, barry likumahuwa, like father like son, jazzualityFirst thing’s first. You can start the first Monday (that’s on 5th May, 2014) with Starday Monday (Monday with Star). Starting at 8:00 pm til midnight, this session features Benny & Barry Likumahuwa and Friends. As usual, you can see how they inspire you with harmonious soul and spirit connection between father and son being brought from daily life onto the stage. As they have shown many, many times either in Barry Likumahuwa Project, Benny Likumahuwa Jazz Connection or their special project Like Father Like Son, you can feel love and respect they transfer to each other. It’s not easy anymore to find this kind of harmonious relationship in this lonely planet. Benny’s pure and traditional swing spirit will collide once again with Barry’s youthful funky bites at Street Gallery. If that’s not enough, they are going to have lots of friends supporting them, plus special performance by the soulful power house lady, Dira Sugandi. That’s surely a catch isn’t it?

That’s what you’re going to get on Monday. What about the other day? Hey, you’re going to get many more goodies. The next day you will get Tuesday Latino with Zarro & the Vega starting exactly at the same hour. You can have Rockoustic bites on Wednesday with Bravo and then enjoy the Thursday Pop Jazz with Le Jardin. I Love Friday will have Iwan Abide & Mr Brightside in it follows by DJ Teddy Mananta to make you dance all the way passing the midnight. The weekend continues on with Romantic Night on Saturday with the performance of Romantic 4 and DJ Stefanya Morgan, again until 2:00 AM and on the last day you will have Sunday Acoustic with Heart Worker (1:00 pm – 5:00 pm) and Le’ Lucky Coustic (8:00 pm – midnight).

Well, that’s about it. Since you already know what to have in this location in May, you can start picking your poison and come. Don’t forget to visit the first show Starday Monday on May 5, 2014 with Benny-Barry Likumahuwa and Friends featuring Dira Sugandi. It’s going to start on 8:00 pm all the way to midnight. Recharge yourself and feed up your soul, with nonstop entertainment food mall, Street Gallery Pondok Indah Mall from Monday to Sunday.

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Reaching the number of 36 isn’t easy. Imagine how much the world of music change over those long years. To keep the continuation, an event should have to pass many obstacles, ups and downs, not only to preserve the legacy and the important causes, but also to make each edition stands as something to remember by the fans. The Jazz Goes to Campus (JGTC)  has done it. The tagline this year was “Jazz It Your Way”, showing their intention to answer the needs of jazz aficionados in Jakarta, Depok and beyond no matter what their jazz taste is. You want it, you get it, exactly your way. That’s what they wanted to serve more or less.

This is the story of Jazz Goes to Campus, the longest running annual jazz festival in Indonesia. It was initiated by Candra Darusman when he was still a college student of the Economic Faculty of Universitas Indonesia back in 1978. We don’t know if he already pictured this event to keep running this long at that time, but as we know, this event still has reliable engine to maintain its pace and existance up until today. Passing the torch from one generation to another by holding the same spirit and quality, fitting it to the latest music trend, find new innovation and differentiation, selecting lines of performers that can satisfy various interpretation, expression and inspiration of Jazz from and for all segments. That’s certainly isn’t easy. But this year’s committee from The Executive Student Board of Faculty of Economics of Universitas Indonesia has once again done it. Held at the legendary ground zero, Campus Ground FEUI in Depok, the 36th edition presented one interesting batch of cross-generation,multi-national jazz artists that dipped Depok in full jazz for at least a day.

The show started as early as 1 pm with Victorian Music. Bravely the band brought instrumental numbers, led by the sound of funky saxophone. Not long after they started, Pretty Lotion and Apertunes began the other two stages. Pretty Lotion is not a product of a beauty clinic, but this is the name of one band that highlights wide range of musics. Their musical territory spans from reggae, hip hop, neo soul and electronic. This is the other group of Dimas Wibisana other than the one he’s famous with, Sketsa band. You might not hear their name so often yet, but this band already plays like a pro. Apertunes is a band with 9 Universitas Indonesia students, combining instrumental, vocal and beatboxing. They played whatever they like, from blues, funk, rock, latin, gospel to even dangdut. Nice early shows.




The pioneer of international-scaled jazz festival in Indonesia, the Jakarta International Jazz Festival, better known as JAKJAZZ is coming again in 2013! Just like what you see in the flyer, in this 14th edition JakJazz as one of the most respected jazz festivals which is critically focused on jazz as an art form is stepping up a gear to expand its high calibre image. For this mission, they are ready to extend the festival’s position as a one-of-a-kind jazz festival, without necessarily having the mind to compete with other well-established jazz festivals in Indonesia. The preparation is really short, since they just started to spread the flyer at the Indonesian Jass Festival a month ago. But still, as one of the historical jazz festivals and as they have promised, you can expect many great things in this edition. JakJazz 2013 is ready to go on 18,19 and 20 October 2013 at the Istora Senayan Jakarta.

JakJazz is a brainchild of senior guitarist Ireng Maulana. Since the first edition in 1988, JakJazz has featured thousands of artists, both national and international. It was already held 13 times: in 1988 and 1991 at Ancol, 1993, 1994 and 1995 at Plaza Timur Senayan, 1996 and 1997 at Pasar Festival Kuningan, 2006, 2007. 2008 at Istora Senayan. In 2009 JakJazz came with a special theme: A Touch of Jazz served at Airman Planet, Sultan Hotel, in 2010 appeared as a charity show called JakJazz Cares at Gandaria City and since 2012 it started to settle in Istora Senayan Jakarta. All the way, JakJazz has successcully gained hundreds of thousands or might even be millions of jazz aficionados either from the Jakarta residents, other cities or around the world. Just like life, this legendary festival also has its ups and downs. But the efforts to keep it alive is always intense, just like the words came from the official committee, Sharkindo Komunika. “What’s important is we keep it running, keeping the existance this year and for more years to come.” they said. This year JakJazz 2013 still holds the theme of “Jazz the Way You Are”.  Plenty of actions for 3 days straight, all kinds of jazz from assorted jazz artists, ranging from the legends, big cats, today’s toppers, rising stars and promising newcomers, all of these will answer your needs in good quality jazz fiesta.

As how most of international jazz festivals are, this 14th edition of JakJazz in 2013 will feature international artists to join the local ensemble. So far some of the international lineups that are already confirmed. Indoneia’s closest neighbouring country Malaysia fills some slots:  the sweet Malaysian Bossanova artist who, just like our own Jilly Likumahuwa, has spent several years in Brazil to absorb the authentic local music and culture, Xiong Lee and one of the most accomplished drummers in Asia and a close friend of Indonesia Lewis Pragasam. Lewis Pragasam will bring his Asiabeat Project featuring jazz/RnB singer, Richard Jackson.

French guitarist Jeremy Tordjman also joins the fest. The last time we saw him was at last year’s Asean Jazz Festival when he teamed up with Barry Likumahuwa, Erik Hargrove and Kyriz Boogiemen. It’s going to be interesting to see his distinctive ‘fuzzy jazz groove’ once again in this festival. If you wonder how it is, you should check his session. From Brazil came the amazing lady who knows how to combine poetry, singing, dance and visual art with her multilingual jazz vibe, Lica Cecato. Lica is not a stranger to JakJazz since she’s been supporting the event, for example at the JakJazz 2008 when she teamed up with Zarro. Came all the way from Netherland is Rene van Helsdingen. Rene was born in Jakarta but resides and builds his career in his homeland. Even so, he never forgets Indonesia as he’s been visiting the nation many, many times. Afronesia is a world music band fused with Afro jazz, salsa, reggae and bossanova is led by Vieux Aliou Cissokho from Senegal. Although Vieux came from Africa, the band actually based in Bali, Indonesia. An album Tama Silo – The Journey which tells about the story of his journey from Africa to Indonesia has become an important content in their profile. It’s going to be interesting to see the combination between Africa and Indonesia that definitely will spice up this year’s festival. Helga, a violist player also resides in Bali will join with the  band.

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Last year’s JakJazz (2012)

From our own land the JakJazz 2013 will be filled with who’s who in the jazz scene. Legends like Ireng Maulana, Kiboud Maulana, Idang Rasjidi, Margie Segers, Ermy Kullit, Mus Mujiono, Oele Pattiselano, Jeffrey Tahalele, Yance Manusama, Benny Likumahuwa are already on the lineup. Then the experienced  musicians/bands like Jilly Likumahuwa, Eramono (ft Witsqa), Eddy Syakroni, Cendi Luntungan, Nita Aartsen, Tohpati (and friends), Balawan Bifan Trio (ft Didiet Violin), Syaharani and the Queenfireworks (ESQI:EF), Andi Wiriantono, Indro Hardjodikoro and the Fingers, Didiek SSS, Once Mekel, Otti Jamalus, Emerald/BEX, Beben Jazz, Harry Toledo, Yuyun George and her Jazzmint Band ft Grace Simon, Lana and GI, Lala Suwages are there too. From the source of today’s popular bands/young lions come Barry Likumahuwa Project, Sierra Soetedjo, Matthew Sayersz, Endah N Rhesa, Shadu Rasjidi Band, KulKul, Abdul and the Coffee Theory and Andre Harihandoyo.  More names filled the lineup such as Maera, Rio Sidik Quintet, Aimee Saras, Speak Easy, Fusion Stuff, the young drummer Nathan Gulo, Danilla, Bagong Big Band, Time Warp , Bexxa, Higher D, Soukma, Grooves n Roll and Suave.  The sensational 10 year old pianist who won the international  Master-Jam Fest Competition in Ukraina Joey Alexander is in too, also the pianist who made a recordings in Budapest, Hungary Boby Limijaya and his 8 Horns Band. Some jazz communities from Jakarta and other regions are projected to be there too such as Komunitas Jazz Kemayoran (KJK), Rompok Bolong Malang, Komunitas Jazz Lampung, Komunitas Jazz Serpong, SoJazz (Solo), BJF (Batam), Margo Rising Star (Depok), Jajan Jazz BSD (Tangerang), Jazz Ngisoringin (Semarang), Etawa Jazz (Jogja) and FJazzC (Surabaya). The senior keyboardist from Surabaya Yohanes Gondo will bring his trio consists of much younger team, then Bandung is represented by new but explosive Out of 7.  Many more names are said to be announced.

Another important thing to mention is that there will be JAM SESSION, placed at the end of each day. The free-for-all jam session will start from 11:15 pm until 11:55 pm. During these 40 minutes time every musician can climb the stage and have fun. Not all festival has it inside the rundown, so if you’re a jazz musician, you better use this chance.




After the great first day, here comes the second and final day of Indonesian Jass Festival 2013. Just like yesterday, the event started early at 2:00 pm with two different shows. The male jazz singer also the road manager of Inna Kamarie, Joey Abdul brought his own band named Joey Abdul And Friends to fill the first session on the second day of Indonesian Jass Festival 2013 stage.


At the same time, Kosakata took the PP stage. In English, Kosakata means Vocabulary, and the band took this word for one good reason. “Arranging the music is kind of like arranging words, so it can produce senteces that could develop life’s spirit.” said Andri Brendley, the guitarist of the band. With Gerinov Medaimanto (saxophone), Baroka Ismail (bass) and Chrismareza Prakoso (drums), Kosakata carries that philosophy in serving jazz with delicate funk, rock, blues and gospel. In 20 minutes there are 5 songs played on the stage, “Dimensi”, “Growing”, “Lumpat”, Living Your Dream Yet?”. and the last one “Panca Indra”. We haven’t heard from them for quite some time, so it’s glad to see them still alive and kicking even harder than ever.


The ‘crazy gang’ of HajarBleh Big Band took the Telkom Stage. This big band combining their performance with choreography to put some new taste in their performance. Wildan Abdat who also a part of Jazzuality said they brought more Indonesian songs because they presented this performance especially for our country. Here it is their song list “Pick up the Pieces”, “Chameleon”, “Janger” (Balinese Folk Song), “Samba de uma nota so”, “Bananeira”, “Bulan diatas Teras Kota” (HajarBleh Big Band original song), “Barcelona”, and “Kopral Jono.”

Essence Stage then started to run with representative from Semarang Jazz Community, Jazz Ngisoringin filled that up. At the Samali, Peppy Probo & The Southside Fellaz. Haven’t seen this band since 2011 but we’re glad that they are still on. As usual, Peppy was joined by set of young but skillful musicians. This band gave nice jazz with slices of new concept; slow funky jam.  Approximately at 3 pm, Jojo & Friends came up as the second act at Samali Stage.


The progressive fusion band Heaven on Earth did another spectacular job in the big sized festival. This band has three ‘stunt’ musicians; Tedjo Bhayu Adjie (piano/keys/synth), Ossa Sungkar (drums/percussions) and Franky Sadikin (bass/all sequencers programmer). All these three stuntmen love to do maneuvers, wild exploration and unpredictable twists and turns in creating their musical presentation. Jazz guitarist David Pantouw’s band Dave & The Hollow Ensemble took over the stage from Peppy Probo and the SouthSide Fellaz.




Jazz Gunung 2013 (Mountain Jazz 2013) is one of the most anticipated annual jazz events in Indonesia. Since the first edition it opened up a new way of enjoying jazz by serving it 2000 meters up high on the mountain hill of Bromo in Probolinggo, East Java. You can imagine how cold it is to sit outdoor in that kind of environment from afternoon until night. It’s freezing, yet the jazz performance somehow warmed everyone.

This year Jazz Gunung has reached its fifth consecutive year. That’s quite an achievement for an out-of-the box jazz event. With the support from the government, local authorities and the people of Bromo, this annual event has been growing bigger, better and ‘badder’ than ever, with lots of surprises all over it.

“Indahnya Jazz, Merdunya Gunung” (Beautiful Jazz, Melodious Mountain) as usual stood as the tagline. It perfectly reflects the concept of this event. For two days straight the audience got tons of very special packages from many great artists performed in an open stage with beautiful mountain view on the background, clear blue sky and the full moon at night. It was magical and refreshing at the same time.


The hillarious MCs Gundhi and Alit plus Butet Kartaredjasa, came again this year to host the event. Last year they managed to add up the entertainment factor with their funny jokes. It became another key factor of Jazz Gunung’s success. People loved them and certainly didn’t dissapoint.

The First Day

The sky on first day of Jazz Gunung was foggy, yet the audience enthusiastically came to the venue. Blambangan Art School Banyuwangi gave an impressive opening act. Then the first surprise appeared. The wheather drastically changed and soon after, the rain started to fall. For the first time ever, Jazz Gunung got wet with rain. Sierra Soetedjo who was already on stage with Tiyo Alibasjah (guitar) and Fanny Kuncoro (keyboard) had to pospone her show due to the heavy rain. After almost 2 hours, the rain finally stopped and the weather got warmer.  Like having the rain washed the sky, we were stunned by the beautiful view above us with full moon and blinking stars were clearly seen in the sky.


The beautiful nightingale Sierra Soetedjo continued her performance. It was an unforgettable experience for her because she had to perform in a very cold temperature, wet weather & thin air. It was challenging, yet she prepared & enjoyed them all. She perfomed some jazz composition such as “It Could Happen to You”, a classic from Sergio Mendes’ 1968 album, “So Many Stars” and the evergreen “Autumn Leaves”. She also sang “Have I Told you Lately” as a birthday present for her father who came to watch her show. Then she continued to perform “Cheek to Cheek” & “Moody’s Mood for Love” which she delivered under a special collaboration with Idang Rasjidi.  



Once again an annual music event was held by Suara Surabaya (SS) in November 24th, 2012. This is the second Djarum Super Mild Jazz Traffic Festival  in Surabaya and it was made even greater than last year. What did make this year’s installment more special and outstanding? The better arrangement and bigger batch of lineup were the reason. This time Djarum Super Mild Jazz Traffic Festival 2012 offered more various jazz musicians which made it more interesting, the program was much better, and it also engaged international jazz artist. The process until it becomes an annual event was a good story where it reinforces Surabaya as a potential place for jazz event. We can see the brand title of Jazz Traffic itself is already strongly attached to jazz lover especially among the listeners of Jazz Traffic radio program in SS, the communities of jazz listener are increased, and also the music itself continuously grows broad. Probably these cases can signify the resurgence jazz in Surabaya and Djarum Super mild saw the opportunity, voila! It transformed into a massive Jazz Traffic Festival.

This year Jazz Traffic Festival really maximized the space and time so that the visitors would be satisfied. The gig started at 12 pm. until around 12 am. The committee provided three stages which are Convention Hall on third floor (indoor), Exhibition Hall on ground floor (indoor), and at the parking lot (outdoor). The society gave marvelous responses and really showed their excitement by crowding those three stages and get lost in the jazzy tunes. The setting of the stage indeed gave as much freedom as it could for the audience because it was structured in parallel, so the visitors could choose which stage they wanted to watch. JTF 2012 supplied jazz with its variety; they showed many genres we could enjoy such as fusion, ethnic jazz, and acid jazz, also the pure or mainstream one; those styles surely gave fresh air into Surabaya which had 34 degree Celsius at that time and cooled down the jazz lovers who already came to the venue in the afternoon.


Hoping you all get enough description about the venue and the situation in Jazz Traffic Festival 2012, now let’s hopped into the object of this event, list of the fantastic bands.  As the opening, we got Surabaya All Stars which consists of FX Boy on alto saxophone, Totok Afiat on bass, Tri Wijayanto on guitar, Muhammad on drum, Iwan Santoso on keyboard, Dodi on trumpet, Luluk on trombone, Syaifl on tenor saxophone, Ruland on percussion, Yunita, Kiki, and also Seno on vocal. They all are the students of the late Bubi Chen who was a jazz maestro from this particular city. For the play they had 5 beautiful compositions which were instrumental “Doctor Makumba”, “It’s Alright”, “Soul as Caital”, “Shaker Song”, and “Give Me the Night”. Their performance gathered the people who were in Exhibition Hall Grand City Surabaya lobby together into the Convention Hall to saw them on stage. FX Boy who is also the manager of Surabaya All Stars said that this band which was created in 2007 really enjoyed being the opening of Super Mild Traffic Jazz Festival 2012. This is their second time to be invited. He added, “Since Jazz Traffic Festival last year, we keep observing that jazz enthusiasm in Surabaya increases. This is very good and we hope we can include as one of that phenomenon”. For the next edition hopefully in 2013, FX Boy put out his dream that more and more Surabaya’s jazz musicians can participate this event, the more the merrier. “Surabaya has a lot of great jazz musicians for sure. We expect them to perform next year.” He said.



They’ve done it again! The annual 35th Jazz Goes To Campus has been made a splendid, splendid success by the Student Executive Board of Faculty of Economics of Universitas Indonesia. From the very start of the festival, maximum effort has been poured in and finally, on Sunday, November 25th 2012, the main event came into the open – the 35th Jazz Goes To Campus 2012! Depok is sure overjoyed to have the oldest running annual jazz event in Indonesia, and the second oldest in the world after North Sea Jazz Festival, held in it.

This year, “Freedom of Jazzpression” is the title that lights up the red carpet. Various sub-genres were expressed to show us what magnificent diversity there is in jazz. With that as the theme, Jazz Goes To Campus 2012 was hoped to be able to illustrate the freedom of expression that flows through the world of jazz and bring a bright scene to Indonesia’s music society.

Let’s get on with how the flow of the festive day went, shall we? One important thing to know is that the staging concept of the festival is also different this year – there were three outdoor show areas plus a lounge with different show times, letting the crowd choose which performances they would like to enjoy. The three outdoor stages are namely the Vitacimin Stage, Mandiri Stage and Jazzpression Stage, while the indoor one is called the Propaganda Stage.


The gates open at eleven o’clock in the morning, with the first performers including some who won the competition taking their places at each stage – Joint Company, Sekawan and Friends, Sunny Side and the pop/folk/alternative band with strong indie smell, Tristan. Although the weather of the day did not allow much sunlight into the location, all four bands had an excellent start to welcome the opening act of the festival and create an exciting atmosphere that will shine throughout the whole day. For Tristan in particular, it was a first for them to perform in JGTC. One of their hits “Jelang Malam” was sung to carry an indie spirit into the lounge, along with the rest of their pop-folk alternative songs. Meanwhile, Joint Company, Sekawan and Friends, and Sunny Slide gave in more up-beat rhythms in the other stages and had the start of the crowds going on. All four sides had their moves brought out to begin the 35th Jazz Goes To Camp 2012. Excitement, here we go!

Next in line, as the show went on, there was a band that was a winner of the JGTC Competition: JazzyOne, a group of youngsters – one each on the saxophone, trumpet, percussion, bass, keyboard and drums, and three on the vocals – that merrily brought a fresh energy into the crowd with their ear-satisfying standard jazz. Some of their hits were “Bad Girl”, “Night in Tunisia”, “Spain” and “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing”, where they also included a solo from each of the instruments. There was also a band from the Faculty of Economics, Universitas Indonesia, itself: the BSO Band, who did no less entertaining. Without doubt, nobody would’ve regretted witnessing this one fine package of skills sprinkled with fun.


Meanwhile, the Acoustic Funk, in a uniformly black outfit, played a Spanish fusion in the Mandiri Stage.  “Let’s party ‘till drop!” called the bassist Franky Sadikin to the audience. In another side, Ginda and the White Flowers began with a bluesy, chilled-out tempo out of the strums of the guitar by Ginda and bass by Gega Gageh while Riyandi Andaputra sets the beat with his drums. One of their songs was called “Happiness is Priceless”, which, said Ginda, was about a man who had all physical possessions that one would dream of having, but somehow felt that he lacked happiness inside.


Stairway to Zinna came up next on the very same stage with no-less powerful jazz spirit. Then there was Jazz Blues Funk, who said up on stage that they’d be singin’ songs not of their own, but with their own twisty funky kind of arrangements. And yup, they definitely proved this when they jazzed the stage with Stevie Wonder’s “Superstitious” in a rockin’ blues manner. Bubu Giri, with one of their top tracks “Up and Down”, also made a tremendous performance. The band’s name was actually formed from the names of the vocalist, Bubu, and the guitarist, Giri, making up the name Bubu Giri. They are known to have an acoustic, powerhouse soul jazz play. Giri, in his guitar-strumming, has his own spontaneous way of entertaining the audience, while both always include a lovely interactive atmosphere with the crowd in a way that the Bandung society are known to do.


If there is any annual music festival that Yogyakarta most anticipated in, it is definitely Ngayogjazz. Just like its previous years, the city’s jazz event held on Sunday, November 18 was still served in fresh outdoors. For this time the organizer chose Brayut, a tourism village where located in the north of the city of Yogyakarta, with the charm of rice green fields and rural inhabitants that represent friendliness and closeness to nature. So geographically speaking, the chosen venue for 2012 edition was still in the same tradition. They presented it right in the heart of a peaceful countryside where the genuine Javanese hospitality still exist and a place you can actually catch a magical atmosphere when jazz got a very warm welcome by the villagers, but there are a lot of other points that makes this year’s edition exceeded the previous ones. For example from the number of participants which now also included international artists from Brazil, the duration, the combination of modern and traditional instruments, traditional costumes and so on. You will get all the impression if you continue reading this article.

Six stages were prepared to entertain all the crowd and the entire population of Desa Mbrayut. They were uniquely named as  Caping, Pacul, Keprak, Luku, Lesung, and Ani-Ani which names were taken from Javanese language about farming equipments and supplies.

Heavy rains soaked the venue down for half an hour just before the opening ceremony was scheduled to begin at 12:30 pm. All the crowd, organizers, musicians and food vendors took covers as rain poured hardly. All the people who initially did not know each other, was seen standing next to each other and chat while they were waiting for the rain to stop. It seemed that Jazz has begun to show its strength, bringing the excitement that diffused in the warmth of togetherness, which is difficult to find nowadays.


Rain had finally stopped at about 2 pm and it was the right time for Ngayogyazz to begin! Starting from Keprak stage, the frenzied Ngayogjazz was opened by The Everyday Band, a band from Jazz Jogja’s Jazz Mben Senen community that formed in 2010, who always brought full of laughter and joy on stage. The Everyday consists of Reagina Waworuntu (vocals), Gilang Adyaksa and Bramantyo “Itonk” (keyboard + synth), Harley Yoga (bass) and Anggrian Hida (drums), opened up with a javanese song from Ki Narto Sabdo, “Gambang Suling”. They invited Gigin (kendang) to add a traditional rhythmic mixed with jazz, which made the song delivered in ethnically funky and groovy kind of way. Then, they brought their own original songs such as “Beautiful Day”, “Surya Kembara”, “Kembali Rindu” and ‘Move It”.

What’s interesting was when the song “Kembali Rindu” went on, a mysterious man in yellow suit and painted face came out from the audience and did some theatrical movements like pantomime. If that wasn’t shocked you enough yet, he brought an umbrella and a package matching his suit. He was none other than Jemek Supardi, a big artiste from Jogja. His appearance surprised the audience and added such a lovely twist into this fest.

After all those early teasers, Ngayogjazz was officially opened by Vice-Regent of Sleman, Mrs Yuni Satia Rahayu, who hopes that the event could become the main attraction for tourists who visit Yogyakarta. She also expressed her grattitude to have the people of Brayut Pandowoharjo Sleman to be involved in this huge Yogyakarta’s jazz party.


Thereafter, Sound Of Hanamangke, Delight Band and The Interview was next up on stage. Sound of Hanamangke is a music group from Bandung that consists of Henry (kendang, flute, stringed instrument Tarawangsa), Lutfie and Randy (bass), Yudi (kecapi), and Bintang (drums) who previously had been invited to Tembi Music Festival in Yogyakarta on May. That afternoon at Ngayogjazz they performed several compositions such as “Takokak”, “Amorfati”, “Salaka Domas”, “Halimun”, “Paksi Naga Liman”, “Ceurik Rahwana”, “Hujan Poyan” and “Hoksa”.

It was such a delight to watch Delight, a band that consists of Aiya Esti Effendy (vocals), Alex (guitar), Titis (keyboards), Fauz (bass), Yoga (drums), and Putra (sax) who brought Stevie Wonder’s infamous hits “Overjoyed” and Bunglon’s “Denganmu” while The Interview performed very attractive and entertaining by dressing up as Operette Players. They delivered “Inikah Cinta”, “Blue Moon”, and Cherrybelle’s famous song “Dilema” in witty arrangements and stage act. Nanda (vocals), Indri (guitar), Yopie (bass), Andrew (keyboards) and Ardi (drums) were managed to entertain the crowd in Keprak Stage. Both of these bands represented Jazz Ngisor Ringin, Semarang.


Then Gondo and Friends, led by Surabaya’s senior keyboardist Yohanes Gondo replaced them on stage. This time he brought Frederic Ahot (bass), Dhanny Ugik (drums) and Natasha Attamimi (vocal) to present Coltane’s “Mr PC”, “Just in Time”, Joe Henderson’s “Recorda-Me”, “I Wish You Love” and “Honeysuckle Rose” flawlessly. Fun, pleasuring but sheer real jazz ecstacy once again presented humbly by Johanes Gondo and team.


Although it was still raining, the crowd seemed eager to wait for Indro Hardjodikoro and The Fingers on stage, who came in a full team form with Indro Hardjodikoro (bass), Andy Gomez (keyboards), Fajar Adi Nugroho (bass) and Demas Narawangsa (drums). Songs such as “Panon Hideung (similiar to Russian famous folksong “Ochi Chyornie”), “Andong”, “Rencong”, “The Fingers”, “Travelling”, “Drum n Bass”, “And I Love Her”, and “Slip Sometimes” were played on stage to the crowd who stood in the rain. Indro Hardjodikoro is indeed one of the most successful projects in our jazz scene lately, at least in the last two years. Not only they got many shots in local stages, but they have been gracing East Europe (Russia) at least 3 times already. The last time was in the first week of this month (November) when they represented Indonesia at the “Wonderful Indonesia- Ethnic Jazz Music Concert and Fashion Show” promotion in Moscow and Kazan. Looking at the composition that use two bassists, all we can say is, when bass does rule, it rules great.


As a part of Lippo Mall Kemang‘s launching that holds the theme of “The First Fashion and Lifestyle Mall”, they are making cool and fresh events in order to get closer to the visitors. Other than live stage performances, they also make some programs such as shopping with rewards that’s believed will give added value to the visitor of Lippo Mall Kemang.

Now let’s see the fact that jazz is included for this occasion. Eclectic Sound of Jazz, that’s how they called it, is one of the regular weekly live music program which has been presented every Friday from 7:00pm til 9:30pm. This program has started since last October, featuring pop jazz band R’NuFolks ft Candies. This first attempt received positive feedback from the visitor. Eclectic means selecting or choosing from various sources and then combine them to create something new and different. The same with jazz which consists of many sub genres.

For this Eclectic Sound of Jazz – Special Edition, the Lippo Mall Kemang has prepared some prestigious jazz musicians/singers that can represent the spirit of jazz as well as the urban lifestyle. Here’s the schedule:

Each of these performances are going to appear in an intimate session, with the opening band comprises of 4 young jazz musicians came from youtube auditions. The whole event is free, starting from 7:00pm-9:00 pm.