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Reaching the number of 36 isn’t easy. Imagine how much the world of music change over those long years. To keep the continuation, an event should have to pass many obstacles, ups and downs, not only to preserve the legacy and the important causes, but also to make each edition stands as something to remember by the fans. The Jazz Goes to Campus (JGTC)  has done it. The tagline this year was “Jazz It Your Way”, showing their intention to answer the needs of jazz aficionados in Jakarta, Depok and beyond no matter what their jazz taste is. You want it, you get it, exactly your way. That’s what they wanted to serve more or less.

This is the story of Jazz Goes to Campus, the longest running annual jazz festival in Indonesia. It was initiated by Candra Darusman when he was still a college student of the Economic Faculty of Universitas Indonesia back in 1978. We don’t know if he already pictured this event to keep running this long at that time, but as we know, this event still has reliable engine to maintain its pace and existance up until today. Passing the torch from one generation to another by holding the same spirit and quality, fitting it to the latest music trend, find new innovation and differentiation, selecting lines of performers that can satisfy various interpretation, expression and inspiration of Jazz from and for all segments. That’s certainly isn’t easy. But this year’s committee from The Executive Student Board of Faculty of Economics of Universitas Indonesia has once again done it. Held at the legendary ground zero, Campus Ground FEUI in Depok, the 36th edition presented one interesting batch of cross-generation,multi-national jazz artists that dipped Depok in full jazz for at least a day.

The show started as early as 1 pm with Victorian Music. Bravely the band brought instrumental numbers, led by the sound of funky saxophone. Not long after they started, Pretty Lotion and Apertunes began the other two stages. Pretty Lotion is not a product of a beauty clinic, but this is the name of one band that highlights wide range of musics. Their musical territory spans from reggae, hip hop, neo soul and electronic. This is the other group of Dimas Wibisana other than the one he’s famous with, Sketsa band. You might not hear their name so often yet, but this band already plays like a pro. Apertunes is a band with 9 Universitas Indonesia students, combining instrumental, vocal and beatboxing. They played whatever they like, from blues, funk, rock, latin, gospel to even dangdut. Nice early shows.





Greetings to all Jazzy people around the world! We would like to welcome all of you who wants to know the full report of Indonesia Jass Festival 2013. Indonesia Jass Festival, one of biggest events that overwhelmed you guys the Jazz lovers with loads of nothing but talented, skillful and creative Indonesian Jazz musician. Presented by ALBA Productions, Indonesia Jass Festival was held at Istora Senayan, Jakarta on August, 30-31, 2013. More than a hundred musician gathered at this place to fulfill the two days of fest with joy and happiness through every tones.

Some of us might be still curious why it became Jass not Jazz, aren’t we?
At the first era of Jazz, actually it was well-known as “Jass” not Jazz. Music which originally came from New Orleans contains the mixture of a fine mixture of ragtime, driving brass bands/marching bands, gospel and of course the growl of the blues. It was The Original Dixieland Jass Band (ODJB) born in 1916 as  the evidence of the “Jass” term. Bringing back the good old times is just the nicest way to get some info and also beautiful music of Jazz. In short, the committee of IJF 2013 wants to present an unpublished part of Jazz itself.

Indonesia Jass Festival also trying to bring back the spirit of old times of Indonesia since we just celebrating our independence day on August, 17th. This event happened as a gift from all musician for Indonesia. Undoubtedly, music especially Jazz take a part in introducing Indonesia to the world wide. Many musicians from our country successfully build their carrier in international music industry, so here comes our turn to welcome the talented musicians of our own. For you guys who unfortunately could not come to Istora Senayan, we supplied you the full report, here they are!


30th of August when the sun just came back after the rain, Indonesia Jass Festival was opened by the performance of Kirana Big Band. It’s around 2pm when all of a sudden the ‘crazy gang’ HajarBleh Big Band rushed in, creating a flash mob scene, just like the way they did it on International Jazz Day last April. Two big bands joined hands, that was already spectacular, but wait, the Muslim intellectual figure Emha Ainun Nadjib (Cak Nun) gave an oration and read a poem, while the vocalist of HajarBleh BigBand sang the National Song “Tanah Airku.” Cak Nun would play again later on with his gamelan ensemble KiaiKanjeng by collaborating with Inna Kamarie. Such an incridible way to open a fest.

After that early heavy act on stage, Aboda took over the same stage. Aboda is a sibling band of four brothers: Timotius (keys), Fanuel (drums), Filemon (guitar) and Clement (bass). From the church, they went to the secular world, sending the positive message in a way to bless people. They like to tell a lot of stories, not by talking but through songs, both covers and original ones. Basically they delivered the messages in smooth jazz fashion but we captured other musical patterns too here and there enriching their concept. The word Aboda is taken from Hebrew word means ‘working, serving and praising’, or in Indonesia means ‘ibadah’. One thing to learn from Aboda, if you wish to bless people, it doesn’t always have to be done only in places of worship, but it can also be taken outside the walls. Music can always be a good media to use, and since Aboda chose jazz as its main course, we can get the evidence that jazz can bless people too, especially when it comes with positive messages such as friendship, peace and love. Their first song was “Backyard” which tells us about being honest in life just like when we are in the backyard. Next was a song about beautiful life, titled “Today in Paradise”; and the last was folk songs from Papua and Maluku where they did in medley with jazz, also “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” that uniquely came in 6/8. Meanwhile RGP, stands for Revival Generation Project did their best on Essence Stage, FOD at Welcome Stage and High & Low took the Samali Stage.

Three Songs, a group with five siblings on it was very unique. There are 11 years old drummer named Josafat Song, 15 years old bassist named Samuel, two guitarists named Abed and Abe, and 14 years old singer named Caeli. The drummer and bassist showed amazing skill and speed, simply incredible. Altogether they played their own two songs and another two covered songs (Somewhere Over The Rainbow and Overjoyed). Previously they played on Java Jazz and JakJazz, next event they are invited as the delegation from Indonesia on Youth World Jazz at Bogor. One of their songs titled “Hippo Track” simply because they like watching National Geography and they also like hippo.


While High & Low served some swings, Kandank Jurank Doank sent out a message that we should preserve the nature. Kandank Jurank Doank was established by famous artist Dik Doank in 1993, made as a school for poor children which is placed right in the natural environment. In there he’s been giving the children school education plus an awareness that the beautiful nature is a gift from God that needs to be conserved. They brought up some traditional instrument from natural materials. Dik Doang stated that Next, step our feet to check out the left corner where Zarro & De Vega played. Many people still remember him as one of the Jakarta-based band Clorophyl, but actually he has moved on to a new course where he utilized his mother language, Kaili (lingua franca of where he came from, Palu, Central Celebes/Sulawesi). We have seen him with his Kaili-Bossanova Project, now he chose to bring his other well established project, Zarro & De Vega. With this project he presented Latin/Brazilian Jazz with the combination of Kaili and Portuguese language. It was a very interesting and unique show.


The legend Ireng Maulana brought a memorable, spontaneous and humble show as always. Swing was on in a very beautiful way by him. He just let his fingers flew all over the guitar fret in producing harmonious jazz sound that came from his deepest soul. Looked so happy when he played on the stage with Yuyun George on saxophone, Happy Pretty on trumpet, As Mates on bass, Rudy on drum, Sam Panuwun on keyboard for 15 minutes, they played “One Note Samba” and “Route 66″ happily. We’re all also happy to see him glowing in his age. May God bless him with great health so we can enjoy his pure, natural swingin’ jazz touch for many, many more years to come. Came from Surabaya, senior keyboardist Yohanes Gondo with his trio colored up the Essence Stage with well known jazz standards. Meanwhile female singer Rahel Pradika and her Quintet gave a pretty bossa and light jazz with deep smokey voice in good control.At 6 pm the stages got busier than before. Manna which has fusion as their indirect power in music got their turn. With senior bassist A.S. mates, his son Jessi Mates and ellegant guitarist Achmad Ananda and rapper/vocalist Fajri Rusani, this cross-generation band becomes more solid as a team. The pleasuring jazz joy was served through combination of acoustic and groove sound with electronic. Speaking of genre, they creatively fused jazz, blues, rock, funk and other patterns. They played simple but really charming.


Moving on to the next stage on the right corner of the venue, we spotted Monita Tahalea & The Nightingales. Led by the beautiful singer with lushy vocal Monita Tahalea, her most recent group which filled by Chaka Priambudi (bass), Yoseph Sitompul (piano), Ricard Hutapea (flute/sax), Gerald Hiras Situmorang (guitar) and Jessi Mates (drums). After finishing a Christmas album produced by Indra and Hanny Lesmana, her busy schedule with the group finally landed at this Indonesian Jass Festival. As information, Nightingale is a singing bird with peaceful and calm sound, it’s a perfect choice for Monita to choose this name since she also breathes the same soul. It was a fast swing played when “Sebatas Mimpi” closed the session, unpredictably Monita sang it in ballad. Beyond unique!




The new jazz festival, Indonesian Jass Festival is getting closer. We have announced it more a couple of month ago (read it here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/indonesian-jass-festival-2013/) and published an exclusive interview with the Director of the festival, Adrian Bramantyo Musyanif (read it here: http://jazzuality.com/interview/exclusive-interview-with-adrian-bramantyo-musyanif-director-of-indonesian-jass-festival/). It will be held for two days, from Aug 30 to 31, 2013 at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. Huge lineup consists of all-Indonesian talents will surely make us all realize that we actually have more than enough resource which are equipped with good skills, creativity and ability to invent something new, in the name of jazz. We have many seniors/legends who are still fired-up when they perform on stage, we have today’s frontliners, tons of rising stars and potential new comers who may surprise you with their crafts. Indonesian Jass Festival is scheduled for two straight days, but if they make it 7 days, we’re sure that the number of national jazz bands would still be enough to fill the schedule up.

There are many things to talk about this new festival. As we have mentioned before, the word “Jass” isn’t caused by misstyped, but it’s intentional. By using ‘jass’ as the original word of jazz, ALBA Productions and the team wish to bring the original spirit of jazz back alive through this event. The organizer has promised to bring a new cozy environment to enjoy live performances, then if you ask about variety, you will be able to find almost all kinds of jazz too, spread over 6 stages for two days. Swing, bebop, post bop, groove/funk, pop jazz, acid jazz, nu jazz, fusion, reggae-jazz, bluesy, mixture with ethnics (melodies, lyrics and instruments), the combination with classical, either full band or acoustic, with or without horn sections or even string sections, you name it, you have it. It’s going to be interesting, we have no doubt about it.


Last night (August 16) the Press Conference was held at Rollingstone Cafe at the South part of Jakarta. This event was hosted by Chico Hindarto. Joining him on stage were the Director Adrian Bramantyo Musyanif, the Assistant Director Norman and three represtantatives of  participating artists such as Syaharani, Andien and Bayu of Soulvibe. Some other artists were were spotted in there too.

Indro Hardjodikoro and Friends opened up the party with his tasty jazz-fusion. Other than Indro himself on bass, the lineup including  Aditya Bayu (guitar), Sukma (vocal) and Iqbal (drums).  Then the Press Conference was opened, where we got more in depth explanation about the festival.




It was the 23rd of March  when Bandung welcoming the biggest jazz festival of the city in 2013.  After several months of preparation, the committee and Executive Student Board of Faculty of Law, Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung finally presented the 5th International Kampoeng Jazz to the town. Wasn’t it a very pleasant event to start our 2013 with? Three month before, they already made pre-event by involving David Manuhutu featuring Sandy Winarta and Halfwhole Project as guest star in their stage at Paris van Java, Bandung. The event itself has the aim of developing Jazz to Indonesia young generation. While at the time people getting excited with this vibe originally came from New Orleans, students of Faculty of Law Universitas Padjadjaran have been making a continual movement by managing this event since 2008.

For this year the committee decided to go by using the theme of “Jazztorical” with “jazzing you back to history” as the tagline. The appearance of Fariz RM, Indra Lesmana, Chaseiro and Tetsuo Sakurai could create that scene. But more than these legendary names, we got a big surprise too by the participation of Sondre Lerche who’s popular especially among the youngsters. The young jazz diva Andien was here too, and it felt special since she just released her new album.

With more and more crowds came throughout the runtime, this year’s Kampoeng Jazz reached another height in coloring Bandung sky with jazz.  If you didn’t have the time to catch it, you should wonder how did it go. Then, here it is the details of enormous momentum in Kampus Iwa Koesoema Soemantri Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung.


At 10 a.m Sondre Lerche, Omen Sonisontani of Chaseiro, represntative of Fariz  RM and Anthology, and Tetsuo Sakurai gathered in Bale Rumawat for a press conference. Lerche started his speech with “Nama saya (My Name Is) Sondre Lerche” and everyone gave a warm greetings to him. Lerche said that he’s very happy to visit bandung, since this is his first time here. When we asked his opinion about the development of jazz in Indonesia which recently held by college student, he answered with an excitement. “Of course, I’m glad to be invited on this event. I know most of you are still young but this event is great. young generation is the future. It’s an honor to play in this festival,” said Lerche pleasently. Chaseiro also stated that this event gathered them after several time they’re separated by the distance. While Tetsuo Sakurai answered every questions from the reporter friendly. “Selamat pagi. Nama saya Tetsuo Sakurai,” then he told us his experiences in Indonesia. “I’ve been visiting Jakarta for twenty times. I’ve been to Solo, Jogjakarta, and Surabaya. But this is my first time in Bandung. I will give my best performance tonight,”  The press conference closed with photo session.




Attention, jazzy people, listen to this. Not long after the blazing Java Jazz Festival 2013,  another international Jazz festival will land in Bandung,involving several legends of Jazz in Indonesia, the famous international performers and skillful young bands. Exactly, it is The 5th International Kampoeng Jazz presented by the Executive Student Board of Faculty of Law, Universitas Padjadjaran Bandung. Established in 2008, Kampoeng Jazz gained a good responds from the audience and Bandung citizen and have been growing bigger and better. Moreover, this annual event is held as a support of the youth for the development of Jazz itself. While last year we didn’t see this event being made, they actually already buzzed about the coming of this event since many months ago. On December 12th, 2012 the committee had held “Kampoeng Jazz untuk Bandungku (Kampoeng Jazz for My Bandung)” as the pre-event. Ten days later, there was music stage at Paris Van Java presenting Halfwhole Project and David Manuhutu Project feat Sandy Winarta as warming-up session before the main event of Kampoeng Jazz.

We can be proud that Indonesia is one of the rare countries in the world where the jazz breath can be felt really strong inside campuses. Jakarta already has its own annual international jazz festival which has reached the 35th edition, so now it’s time for us to witness the movement in Bandung. It’s good to see how the university students can still manage their valuable times to make up a big sized festival to reach the international scale in between their studying hours. It’s not easy, yet it’s a big surprise to see this upcoming 5th edition of Kampoeng Jazz which is filled with mouth-watering lineup of artists.

kampoeng jazz 2013, jazzuality


For seeing legends concert directly is one of many ways to appreciate their works, therefore Kampoeng Jazz bringing the fantastic collaboration between Indra Lesmana and Fariz RM to this event. These two Indonesia’s Jazz legends will give an unforgettable experience Jazzy moment for us. Furthermore, Norwegian’s talented musician, Sondre Lerche with a pleasure would like to entertain the audience. There are so many fans of Lerche in Indonesia, especially among the students. His music style which never stays at one particular genre backed by lively stage act will definitely serve a party for us to enjoy. If those names are not enough, get yourself ready to singing along with pretty petite singer, Andien, the famous Trio Lestari consists of three iconic male singer Tompi, Sandhy Sondoro and Glenn Fredly.

Seems Indonesia has become one of the most interesting spot for Japanese musicians/bands to visit. We got many of bands from this Land of the Rising Sun performing in Indonesia lately such as the supergroup Casiopea, Orange Pekoe, Depapepe, Fried Pride, Kaori Kobayashi and last but not least, ex bassist of Casiopea who’s still being the inspiration of many bassists in Indonesia, Tetsuo Sakurai. He’s performed several months at the previous JakJazz 2012 and probably delighted by the response, so now he’s back again to bring his groovy, fired-up bass touch at this event. The legendary vocal harmony group Chaseiro is also in the lineup. This group actually started their journey in 1978 at the first Jazz Goes to Campus while they are still studying in Universitas Indonesia. Just last month Chaseiro just lost one of its key member by the passing of Helmi Indrakesuma. They should still be grieving after the loss, but Chaseiro has to carry on. It’s going to be sad to see the group without Helmi’s presence, yet we’re sure the spirit will always live among the rest of Chaseiro members.

Other than these big lineups, Kampoeng Jazz 2013 will also feature talented Bandung young bands. Blues will be brought in style by Mojo Jojo Experiment, the 3 Minarets, a band which actually come from the faculty of law will spread its light funky jazz. Last but not least, Last Minute Action is ready to lay their musical concept.

“Jazzing You Back to History” or they called it as JAZZTORICAL is the theme of fifth Kampoeng Jazz. In a brief, this event is also dedicated for the movements of our music until today. On Saturday 23th of March, Kampoeng Jazz provides a special package of Jazz atmosphere at Iwa Koesoemasoemantri Building at Padjadjaran University (Unpad). Check their official website www.kampoengjazz.com for further information and online ticket store, or simply follow them on twitter @KampoengJazz. Go grab the ticket and let your soul affectionate with millions of pleasant tones!

The 5th International Kampoeng Jazz Festival 2013

Date: Saturday, March 23, 2013
Location: Universitas Padjadjaran, Jl. Dipatiukur no 35, Bandung

Ticketing: go to http://kampoengjazz.com and follow @kampoengJazz

Written by: Shely Napitupulu




After two days of total fun, we still got another day to jazz. The Java Jazz Festival 2013 delivered nonstop action on Friday and Saturday with nothing but the best stars from all around the world. So what’s happening on the last day? We’re going to spill it out for you.

The event ran early around 2:30 pm with at least 3 groups to start with. The Crickets took the Djarum Lounge, Soul Bridge at Masima Stage, and  Galaxy Jazz Big Band was also back again to the festival. This big band is unique not only because it comprises of expatriates mostly from Japan, but also since the band is like a festival specialist. It has performed in almost all big sized festival. Other than the festival you’re reading right now, they’ve been participating at JakJazz and Bekasi Jazz too, just to mention a few. The Galaxy Big Band founded in 1992 by 3 men: Kenji Murayama, Toshio Kataoka and Arimichi Handa. What we always love from them is the way they pour swing, blues, funk and beyond through well-known songs. Sing a long is always a must.

Soul Bridge, Butterscotch, Kaori Kobayashi came right after, also Aboda. Speaking of Aboda, this band of siblings was known as a Christian band but later extended their course to go outside the church wall to send the message of love to the society. Aboda is a Hebrew word means “working, praising and serving”, so you can take a guess what the Noya brothers: Timotius, Fanuel, Filemon and Clement have as their mission. Speaking of music style, they bring the positive message through smooth jazz and light fusion. God bless you guys for blessing others.


At the same time, a music teacher who has produced so many successful talents, Andi Wiriantono played under his group simply called Andi Wiriantono & Friends together with Franky Sadikin (Bass), Ossa Sungkar (Drums), Karty Rosen (Guitar), and Devian (saxophone), last but not least a young singer with amazing vocal quality, Nesia Ardi. Since at least 2 years ago he decided to emerge on the surface, pursuing his career as playing musician other than still continuing his service as a piano teacher. The last time we watched him was at the Jazz Goes to Campus 3 months ago, again we got entertained by his spontaneous jazz streams, backed by strong team behind him. David Helbock sealed his contribution in another ‘acrobatic’ jazz-fingers show.




As night went by, Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran kept filling up with people from around the nation just to see this valuable music momentum. The first day of Java Jazz Festival  2013 kept going till the hands of the clock kept ticking with enthusiasm because there were still many great performer to list through.

Then another taste of mixed acoustic soul, folk & RnB came from Bonita and the Husband, with Bonita distinctive vocal character with some heavy soul voice that powerful and very deep expression of songs with guitar accompaniment from Adoy, blowing saxophone of Jimmy and the drum beat of Eli. With one album spread in the market, they are looking forward to establish themselves higher and better in the music scene. Meanwhile, Vriidom represented Bale Jazz Community’s participation this year.

One of the legendary percussionist we attributed to Karim Suweileh. Born in Surabaya, he brings us a tremendous satisfactory in enjoying the jazzy swing sensation through his beats. Karim Suweileh, who also performed in many previous editions has already made many collaboration with some of the founding of jazzy soul in Indonesia such as Jack Lesmana, Nick Mamahit, Bill Saragih, Didi Chia and so on. Lately he carries on by forming a band named Karim Suweileh and Jazzy Quintet which can serves a lot of highly qualified music experience. With his richeous experience, and the talented other band members, we surely know that he would land his jazzy soul right in the heart of the audiences, yes he really did it.


Two special tributes were happening at the same time in two different spots. The first one was made honoring the late legend who passed away 2 years ago, Utha Likumahuwa, brought by the amazing vocal harmony group Jamaica Cafe and Dinni Budiayu. Had Utha still alive, we would surely see himself on stage, but his spirit still lives on inside our hearts especially when his fellow artists gave a big respect to him in a performance like this. Then another tribute took part at the other spot. Honoring the most influential jazz musician in 20th century which known as Miles Davis, Miles Smiles took a chance to gather all of star cast of Miles Davis alumni to create a project in remembering the legend. Last year, they held a European Tour throughout Spain, Italy, and Finland. The performance themselves was a satisfactory indeed. This united of big talented personels surely will give a big shot at their performance in the up-coming Java Jazz Festival 2013. Who were in it? Quite crazy names we should say. Larry Coryell, Joey DeFrancesco, Omar Hakim, Daryll Jones, Rick Margitza and Wallace Roney, all paid a respectful tribute to Mr Miles. Well, this major gathering of Miles Davis associates should not be missed at all. It turned out as a spectacular show.


Java Jazz Festival offered a smart collaboration between Indonesian jazz group LLw and a trumpet virtuoso from USA, Maurice Brown once again after the last year’s memorable action.  LLw now consists of Indra Lesmana on keyboard, Barry Likumahuwa on bass, and Ibnu Rafi on drums. They always put modern urban side in their jazz box. Tonight they performed “Friday Call” and “Stretch and Pause” with Kyriz Boogiemen’s energetic rap. The blend of LLW’s music met the thick R&B, soul, and jazz of Maurice Brown’s eventually led them to an attractive show. When Eva Celia showed up, “Love Life Wisdom” entertained the crowd elegantly.



Slow but sure, jazz festival is spreading further to reach more areas in Indonesian archipelago. Speaking of the western side of it, in the island of Sumatra to be exact, the furthest so far is in North Sumatra (North Sumatra Jazz Festival) and then Batam (Asean Jazz Festival). Now the jazz virus spread more towards the upper side, where Special Region of Aceh lies. If you go up north in Aceh, you’ll find Sabang, a city consisting of an island called Pulau Weh (Weh Island). In order to introduce Sabang as well as rising the number of tourists to visit it, The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Republic of Indonesia is going to present Sabang Jazz Festival for the first time, which will come on Saturday, December 22, 2012, starting from 7:00 pm at Sabang Fair. This event will be served for FREE, open for public.

What we are thinking is this: we are actually lucky to have the ministry that supports jazz, even use it as an universal language to promote and carry a mission. The vice minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Republic of Indonesia, Mr Sapta Nirwandar said this: “We’d like to support series of jazz festivals all around Indonesia, from Sabang to Merauke, because as a form of music, jazz is very open to collaborate with variety of Indonesia’s ethnic musics. So it fits perfectly to be a part of our main program to promote the tourism. At th same time it can be used as a vehicle to rise the creative economic industry especially in music.”

Meanwhile the Festival Director Dwiki Dharmawan explained that this event will become the embryo and inspiration as well as the first serie of Jazz Festivals in Indonesia along with introducing Sabang as a favorite tourist destination.

Just like how Dwiki did at Asean Jazz Festival, this time he also prepared the combination of local and international musicians to take part in this grand, premiere festival. It may be smaller than the Asean Jazz Festival, but if you look at the lineup, you’ll find out that this one is not less interesting at all. In a very short time, Dwiki came up with set of artists which can represent the kind of jazz that suit the spirit of Aceh without leaving the multi-colors of jazz behind. Let’s take a look at the artists.

Andien will once again accompany by the Nikita Dompas Band, just like she did at the Asean Jazz Festival some months ago. This beautiful lady that has jazz stick in her throat is like an icon, very popular to everyone, even to those who are not into jazz at all. Nikita Dompas who’s been supporting her for many years, even stood as the music director of her latest album “Kirana” is a perfect partner either in live performance or recordings. We still haven’t received any details yet, but usually Nikita Dompas Band will have partners in crime like Rayendra Sunito and Bonar Abraham. Now Sabang is going to have a chance to watch Andien live in front of them from close range, that should be interesting for you, Sabang residents!

Then the legendary supergroup Krakatau is also listed. Established in Bandung by Dwiki Dharmawan and Pra Budidharma. What’s unique about this group is that they can build stong character in no matter what they play. They have marked many path, from jazz-rock fusion, pop jazz to the exotic, mystical ethnic musics. Since now they are getting deeper in digging the world music, you’ll get such experience of listening to the combination of Western diatonic and Javanese Slendro pentatonic altogether in jazz. If that’s not enough, Dwiki brings some of his international compatriotes too to collaborate with the band such as percussionists Steve Thornton who now resides in Malaysia and Ron Reeves from Australia, plus a singer with unique vocal ability originally from Aceh, Rafly. Just last month Rafly just stunned the North Sumatra Jazz Festival 2012’s audience with his groundbreaking grip. Guitarist Agam Hamzah was with him at that occasion, this time he’s on too. The tagline “One must see and hear the difference” is perfect to describe the different dimension this band brings.

sabang jazz festival 2012, jazzuality


Then there will be a collaboration between Farabi all Stars ft Iwan Abdie and Ita Purnamasari. They did tremendous companionship at the Asean Jazz Festival 2012, where the band led by Roberto Joko perfectly backed both Iwan Abdie and the loveable Ita Purnamasari in one lovely session. They are ready to reunite again in a whole new package for the people of Aceh.


Day three leaps in as we’re still roaming around the stages of Djarum Super Mild Jakarta International Jazz Festival 2012. A few names from the first and second day were back such as Boris Savoldelli, Tetsuo Sakurai, Mezzoforte and Curtis King. Crackerjacks Dixieland also performed again with a larger crowd with much more expressive response.They just rehearsed today and brought an Indonesian song of their own version, “Terang Bulan”. The crowd even asked for an encore. Happy to see that finally the audience started digging the beauty of Dixieland. It’s rare today to find a band which as the authentic spirit of this style, but Dixieland Crackerjacks has it all. They had fun, brought a lot of laughter and made us felt as if we were sitting in 1910’s or 1920’s street cafe in New Orleans. “We’d love to come again next year. We love the audience, the organizers really did a great job too.” said trumpeter Michael Muller to us. If that so, we would be more than happy to have this band back again next year. Speaking of the rarity, authenticity, true spirit and joyful package in terms of having an important part of jazz history back again, Dixieland Crackerjacks is the one,  They finally found climax in the last day, the same thing happened with other performers who reprised their session. But hey, eventhough they played more than once, they could make it like it was their first presence. That’s the great thing about jazz is that you don’t know what’s going to happen next and you don’t get the same performance twice. It’s all about the creativity and improvisation, so it was never a same show.


The day started off with Jazzy One. A group of fresh young talents consisting of Muhammad Reyhan Akil (Keyboards), Muhammad Rizky Abdullah (Bass), Dio Rizky Perdana (Drums), Dimas Habibie (Saxophone), Harley Korompis (Trumpet) and Yosua Jose (Percussion & Cajon) set the stage with numbers from Incognito who are also performing at this event. So we could say it is like an interesting improvising inception. This evening we were served to open this bash within the following cover songs such as John Legend’s “Ordinary People”, Jamiroquai’s “Bad Girls” and Stevie Wonder’s “Don’t You Worry Bout a Thing”. They included two female vocalis Dita and Farah Di plus Aja with his powerful and strong voice.

Institut Musik Indonesia is one of the nation’s leading music institutes and in this event they have contributed a big part towards expanding knowledge and sharing experiences with the crowd about what they have pursued throughout their study. And on the last day, IMI Combo Band gave us a great package. With Indro Hardjodikoro, Andre Dinutz, Triono and Yandi, they served us more than a combo, but a feast of rockin’ , funkin’ fusion to fulfill our cravings for jazz  through their songlist “Psychopath”, “Always Always Always”, “And I Love Her”, “Remembering You” and “Titik Awal”.

 The grand swing embranced the audience in multitude from the clinic stage, brought by the band formed two years ago by Sonny Pangestu and Roberto Joko. They also valiant to bring another kind of music as long as they are still in the corridor. Many of the band members are still young and happily join the team for enjoying the learning process or simply to have fun. Wildan Abdat, our contributor also a trumpet player in HajarBleh Big Band told us that their participation at such a big, international event like this was a dream come true. We say, they deserve it. What’s unique from this big band is they’re open to everyone who interested and want to engage in jazz music. We can feel from their performance that none of them wasted their opportunity in fulfilling their dreams. They entertained us with swing, blues, and jazz standard in epic result. Good job, HajarBleh Big Band! Robert Joko as the arranger, conductor, mentor and keys. Then there’s Shelly (Keys), Yonathan (Guitar), Vito Gama (Bass), Rizal ‘Ucus’ Wargakusuma (Percussion), Thomas & Nair (Drums), Nicolaus Edwin (Tenor Sax), Tanya Edwin (Alto Sax) and Arie Kurniawan (Alto Sax). From the trombone base there is Sonny T. Pangestu (Band Master), Suharman, Mail & Rio. Trumpets are Luhur ‘Icrut’ Wicak, Wildan Abdat, Adek Marhaenika and the vocals from Thisi, Steve Respati and Mesakh Christian.They carried on songs such as Duke Ellington’s “Duke’s Place”, “Route 66″, Sonny Rollins’ “St Thomas” and “Georgia On My Mind” among others. From now on if one wants to talk about the pulse of Big Band in Indonesia, HajarBleh Big Band should always be mentioned. Hope they will continue achieving their dreams, such as participating in other big events in local or international scene, where they can get more experience and at the same time proving that they are indeed have it all.


Still hyped and keen on reading the review of day three and all those great performances? For the previous reports on how good the first and second day of LA Lights Java Soulnation Festival 2012 was, you can click on our links here (Day 1 , Day 2) and keep scrolling down here for full info on the last day of this event and what was going on the five stages at Istora Senayan.

So as we already know, Java Soulnation provides the chance for young spirits and fresh talents to shine on stage with their own different genres and wasy of delivering it to the crowd that are thirsty for music and a good time. Day three had a list of more names from Indonesia’s young and rising stars.


Ecoutez has went thorugh many phases in their music journey. After Delia’s resign from the band in April 2011, Ecoutez performed with a new formation on the vocals, Andrea Lee and still with the band, Ayi (Guitar), Jay (Drums), Iyas (Keys) and Leo (Bass). Having Andrea Lee in the band brought a new spirit to the band. With a different range of vocals, Ecoutez still set their music to easy listening pop jazz yet more mature with the powerful vocals Andrea unleashes in their songs. They brought “Tunjuk Satu Bintang”, “Are you really the one”, “Percayalah”. Also an arrangement in blues “Maafkan (Tak Sempurna” and Cherrybelle’s hit “Love is You”. On this year’s stage, we can see their hard work in evolutioning their music just as their new album name describes, éVOLUTION. They also sang their new single “Sendiri” which captured attention of the many people watching.


Another group of young and ready-to-rise talents produced by Nino from RAN and Aldhan from Storia (also performing on day three) were Hi-Vi who set the stage with their easy listening sweet pop jazzy tracks such as “Indahnya Dirimu”, Lihatlah Dunia” and “Orang Ke 3”. The group consisting of Ilham Aditama (Vocal), Dalila Azkadiputri (Vocal), Febrian Nindyo (Guitar) and Ezra Mandira (Guitar) also brought their complete squad including additional beats and tunes from Banu Asiavrie (Bass), Tommy Pratomo (Saxophone), Irvan Camily (Keyboards), Praditya Ramadhan (Percussions/Unique Sounds) and Kevin Anggoro (Drums). Their vocals mesmerized us and their music touched that little part in us making us smile and wanting to sing along with the whole crowd.

For those who loved the poetic lyrics from Katon Bagaskara’s “Aku dan Renjana”, well Endrumarch gained the inspiration to remake this into something a little different. For those who don’t know, Endrumarch is also the rapper for Soul ID and has collaborated with a few names such as Raisa for the single L.I.A.M (Love is a Mixtape), Pandji Pragiwaksono, Saykoji, Renita and Dmust Akira. He also made his debut album launching at Soulnation 2010 and now off to the second album,” RAPutasi 2”. He stands under the blends of hiphop and smooth jazz which comes together as a treat for us all.

Nubica, having meaning “The Sun” was formed in Jakarta in 2009 with Aloysius Bimo Sarwono (former guitarist of Satire), Adha Riantono (drummer of Several Bad Pun Laters) and Adrian Karim Harahap (Bass & former vocalist of Glass and Glow) played together in a band before forming this band. They then met Adinda Shalahita (Vocals) and decided to create this band with hopes of spreading their music and making it last similar to the philosophy of the sun as their name. Having belief that each band portrays their expressions towards their music shows how they have their own way in letting the crowd know what they’re in for in the music scene. Though delivering their own songs, they also covered hits such as Maroon 5’s “Misery” and also “Domino” by Jessie J. With influences from names such as New Years Day, Paramore, The Almost, Jimmy Eat World, Estrela, Anberlin and Madina Lake, and Kenotia they served their own style of music for the crowd to cheer on.

The beautiful and humble, Raisa Andriana also let the crowd of the Indosat Stage listen, stare and awe at her outstanding voice. Known for her many hits such as “Serba Salah”, “Terjebak Nostalgia” dan “Could It Be” she created an instant crowd of screaming fans. Her specialty in improvising songs were no doubt on stage today. We could say that she has an RnB like voice yet jazzy in a certain way. Looking up to many singers that inspire her in music such as Brian McKnight, India Arie, Joss Stone and Whitney Houston, we have faith that her career would have a chance to go as far as them with the beauty of her voice.