Quiz: Win Free Daily Ticket – Day 2 Java Soulnation Festival 2012

Soulnation Festival 2012 Quiz

LA Lights Java Soulnation Festival 2012 is just around the corner! We give FREE daily tickets for this coolest festival through easy quizzes. 2 tickets for each day are available for you to grab.

Here’s the first quiz. Win daily ticket for 29th of September 2012, we’ll pick two winners.

Simply answer these question:

1. This year LA Lights Java Soulnation Festival marks its … edition
a. second
b. third
c. fourth
d. fifth

2. One of the show will feature Project 9 as a special collaboration of which groups?
a. RAN + Soulvibe
b. Barry Likumahuwa Project + RAN
c. Soulvibe + DYZTRK
d. Rafi and the Beat + RAN

3. Below are the hits of Color Me Badd except:
a. I Adore Mi Amor
b. Close to Heaven
c. All For One
d. All For Love


Follow this form to answer:

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– Send it to this email address quiz@jazzuality.com
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The answer should be mailed no longer than September 13, 2012
The winners will be decided by lucky draw
Send only once.

The winner for this quiz will be announced on September 14, 2012.

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