Quiz: Banyuwangi Jazz Festival 2012

Banyuwangi Jazz Festival 2012
Banyuwangi Jazz Festival 2012

For the first time jazz is being used as the ambassador to introduce art and culture of Banyuwangi as a part of the annual fest held in the far eastern part of Java. It’s free, but here’s the tricky part: you can only get the invitation through radio and other media partners. Here we give away 25 FREE INVITATIONS for you to grab! Just simply answer this quiz, send it to us and good luck! (Please read the terms and conditions carefully)

1. These are the artists for Banyuwangi Jazz Festival 2012 except:
a. Riza Arshad
b. Rieka Roslan and Reza of The Groove
c. ESQI:EF (Syaharani and the Queenfireworks)
d. The Groove Reunion

2. Which traditional ensemble will join Riza Arshad for this fest?
a. Banyuwangi Ethno Music
b. Banyuwangi Jathilan
c. Reog Ponorogo
d. Saung Angklung

3. Banyuwangi Jazz Festival is a part of which annual event?
a. Braga Festival
b. Banyuwangi Festival
c. The Sunrise of Java Festival
d. East Java Festival

4. She competed in Indonesian Idol 2005 when she was still at high school then became one of the finalists. She joined Indra Lesmana’s project “Kembali Satu” with other 7 alumnis then released her own album also produced by Indra Lesmana. Now she has her own band and is going to perform at the Banyuwangi Jazz Festival. who is she?
a. Rieka Roslan
b. Jemima
c. Monita Tahalea
d. Syaharani

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