Sunday Jazz VIII at Potluck Kitchen: The Report


Welcome the month of November, and say hello once again to the consistantly growing Sunday Jazz. From month to month since the first edition back in April, now it has reached the 8th edition. It’s been fun to see how this monthly event got stronger and better each month, and now they have raised the game, doubling the pleasure to be served twice a month. The performing artists have also come in a variety of colors. Not only we could see the best local Bandung talents mostly under the Klab Jazz community, but we got the great ones from Jakarta as well. Two weeks ago we saw the return of the sweet La Belle and Krishnan Muhammad Project on the seventh edition of Sunday Jazz, this time the lineup was reshuffled again with fresh names. We got a special visit from the neighboring jazz community, Margo City Jazz with the appearance of Margo Rising Stars, we also got the famous Hollywood Nobody on the list, along with the new combination of Gega and Tesla, plus an interesting sax solo performance by Boyke Priyo Utomo. Served as a result of harmonious cooperation between the ever-jazzy Potluck Kitchen and Klab Jazz, all these bands were ready to entertain everyone with no entrance fee. The rain poured quite hard about an hour before the running time, but still we saw many jazz fans had gathered before the show, waiting for the bands to fill up their souls with jazz.

Sunday Jazz -Hollywood Nobody (6)

We were happy to see Hollywood Nobody has arrived at Potluck Kitchen. This group interestingly brings the bossa into the independent music scene. By doing that they created a different nuance, unlike the typical bossa tunes you used to hear.Sunday Jazz -Hollywood Nobody (4) Hollywood Nobody is a unique name to choose. It was taken from an English term about people or artists who dream to be a part of Hollywood, the biggest entertainment industry in the world, but still remain as nobody. The name clearly reflects their desire to be an influential group, growing from the nobody to somebody. The concept which was created since 2005 has been working brilliantly. Based on the different musical backgrounds of the personnel, Dian Safitri Irawan (vocal), Romy (guitar), Irma Wahyuni Irawan (keyboard), Dendi Revolusi (bass) and Lutfi Erizka (drums), they found the ingredients in harmony resulting a different bossanova style to fit the independent music world. This means apart from bossanova, you will also get the other genres through their music such as current/vintage pop and so on. Lyrically they like to explore the issues in young adult’s life like friendship, romance and other aspects of life. It could be bright and shiny, but on the other hand it could be darker than you’d ever dream to be. Bringing the dark side of life is never an easy thing, but Hollywood Nobody knows how important it is to give their touch to lighten up the dark sides. One album has released, “Everything Happen For a Reason”,  which received good acceptance from their fans. The dream still lives on for them. They will keep on spreading their spirit not only locally but expectedly globally, marching on with other bands/musicians from all around the world and at the same time proving that Indonesia also has tons of musicians with creativity and original artists. It’s not an impossible dream we might say, since this group has all the ingredients to succeed.

Sunday Jazz -Hollywood Nobody (3)

They had many fans that gave big applause when they came on stage as the first performing band. Their first single, “Telescope” became the first song and they immidiately filled the atmosphere with their ambient music. One evergreen from Vina Panduwinata followed, it was “Cinta” which now appeared in bossa. The next song was a cover from The Cure entitled “Love Song”. For this perfromance they brought one accordion player, and that gave a little Parisian romantic nuance to their songs. Right after “Dance With Me”, they called Tulus to join in, and together they sang “Gatekeeper”, a song originally made by Feist. The track from their album entitled “Into Hate” was the last presentation. the crowds gave up a big applause to their cool opening act for the show.

Jazz Break - Margo Rising Stars (1)

Welcome to Bandung, Margo Rising Stars! Margo Rising Star have been doing very well in shaping the jazz scene in Jakarta especially around Depok area, the area which has many campuses around. Delivering jazz in an area with many youngsters is of course important, not only to fulfill the needs of these young jazz fans, but also to introduce jazz the right way that can be understood and loved by these youngsters. Since the beginning of 2009 Margo has launched the regular weekly event called Margo Friday Jazz by the cooperation between Margo City, Benny Likumahuwa and Incream. The regular performing musicians have been filled with mostly youngsters who grew together on the stage of Margo, keep supporting each other to be ready to enter the busy circuit of jazz world. Some of them have successfully appeared in the national scene, while some other are still on the right track to follow their footsteps. Jazz Break - Margo Rising Stars (2)We are really happy to have the visit from Margo that shows a good relationship and friendship between two big community from two big cities. After the Klab Jazz visit to Margo last year in “Klab Jazz @ Margo Friday Jazz” , now Margo city Jazz had its turn to visit Bandung. Margo sent a big solid team, featuring Jordy (trumpet), Thomas “Tommy” Pratomo (saxophone),Yudha Gautama (saxophone), Meikelin “Ekel” Yopitania (vocal), Grace Sahertian (vocal), Angel (vocal), Nakadiov “Anka” Subran (bass), Rio Alief (drums), Christian Dylan (guitar), Satriawan “Iyan” Wiguna (keyboard) and Lia (keyboard). After giving a good show at Bekasi Jazz Festival last September, now it’s Bandung turn to see their performance. Albertus Tri Budi Waskito explained that the community is going very well, as now they already have no less than 200 musicians inside. He also invited the Bandung musicians to play at Margo anytime and announced that there will be Blues Revival on December 12, 2010 held at Margo City, Depok. Stay tuned for more info about this.

Jazz Break - Margo Rising Stars (7)

Some personnels of Margo Rising Stars couldn’t make it, but that didn’t really affect their performance. The rest of the personnel gave out a very entertaining performance. Having a big lineup made the stage fully crowded. They brought Jill Scott‘s “Golden” in cool soulful tune, then they continued in medley with Michael Jackson‘s “Rock with You” which delivered more groove from the stage. The groove continued with taking Luther Vandross‘ classic “Never Too Much” . The power house vocals by the three ladies was superb. Next was a song Grace used to sing when she was still active in Palm For Moodytunes, it was Roy Hargrove‘s “Crazy Race”. Jordy gave a wild run as if Hargrove himself was on it. Yudha continued the solo run with his sax, placing the song in a cool contemporary urban tune. The rest of the musicians gave out their signatures one by one in a highly entertaining solo run. As fun as they were on stage, the last song had to be given, this time taking on Herbie Hancock’s “Chameleon”,  served instrumentally in groovy bop. Again the wild solo run by saxophonist Yuda and Jordy’s muted trumpet gave a stunning play backed perfectly by the rest of the band.  More than performing, clearly they were having fun on stage during the session. These young guns have shown their talents in a very entertaining show.Thank you for visiting Bandung guys, wish you all the best and hope to see you again soon.

Lia-Pochang-Nissan (2)

A surprising present came when the senior blues harmonicist Harry Pochang teamed up with Natalia Harlan (Lia) from Margo Rising Stars and Nissan of Trias Acustica. Leaving her keyboard, Lia took guitar and sang at the same time. Suddenly the night turned into a thick bluesy one, served stylishly in a jamming style. Lia’s deep blues voice pattern combined with a cool guitar playing was such a show stealer. All eyes were on her including the applauses that were given many times on and off songs. Delightful road blues were given by these trio.

Sunday Jazz - Boyke Priyo Utomo (1)

Saxophone was firstly designed for military band, but then evolved to be the well known and even iconic instrument in modern jazz. We’ve seen many jazz sax legends throughout the jazz history like John Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Charlie Parker, Lester Young, Sonny Rollins , Ornette Coleman, Stan Getz, Joe Henderson, Grover Washington Jr and many more, to the newer generation such as Dave Koz, Eric Marienthal, Gerald Albright, Kirk Whalum, and Richard Elliott just to name a few. Some play it smooth and tender, some expose their wild side with it, but no matter what, the sound of saxophone have been pleasuring us in many wonderful ways for many years. In Indonesia we also have some of the great saxophonist, from the legendary Maryono, Embong Raharjo to the younger ones such as Didiek SSS, Arief Setiadi, Devian, Yason Gunawan and also Boyke Priyo Utomo who came to show his skill in a special solo play at the Sunday Jazz VIII. If last week we got a stunning piano duet on Potluck’s stage, now it was the time to see a solo saxophone courtesy of Boyke Priyo Utomo. He brought “My One and Only Love” alone without having any companion at all, and he did it marveloulsly. Shortly after, Tesla and Gega joined him on stage for the final band for this edition.

Gega Tesla Boyke (3)

Tesla has been one of the most active young musician in Bandung. He’s involved in many groups and collaboration. He’s doing fine either as a front or sideman. Some of the group of his including Bayu and Tesla, G/E/T, Grace and Tesla, and now he brought his guitar to meet Gega Nesywara‘s electric bass, and shaped a duo called Gega and Tesla.  Joining them was Boyke Priyo Utomo, and together the three of them played “The Music of Joe Henderson”.  Joe Henderson is one of the most legendary men in jazz history. He was an amazing jazz tenor saxophonist who had played with many leading American musicians such as Herbie Hancock, Freddie Hubbart, Ron carter,Kenny Garrett, Wynton Marsalis, McCoy Tyner and Chick Corea just to name a few, and recorded for many prominent lables including Blue Note, Verve and Milestone.

They brought a set of Henderson’s songs including the faster version of “Inner Urge” and the soothing “Recorda-me”. Then Boyke left the stage, leaving the duo continued their session with the relaxing ballad “Serenity”, “Black Narcissus”. For the last song, “Isotope”, Boyke was called to join them once again. And it was a good one to choose as the climax. The three of them gave a stunning exploration in melody complete with improvisation. It was a good decision to bring the tribute to Henderson like this that could remind us to the legend and his legacy. A cool jam with having some of the Margo young guns became a fine closing for this month’s Sunday Jazz.

Jazz Break VIII

It was a highly entertaining Sunday Jazz to open up the November edition. Props to Potluck Kitchen and Klab Jazz for featuring four set of bands with different colors. It wouldn’t be easy to present two programs for each month, but looking at the passion, spirit and strong commitment of Klab Jazz and Potluck Kitchen, we know they could. Thank you, and see you again in two weeks from now!

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Febrian Dirga


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