Sunday Jazz VII October Edition at Potluck Kitchen


Attention all of you jazz lovers in Bandung, here’s a good news for you. If Sunday Jazz used to be held only once every month, now it will roll twice a month! Dwi Cahya Yuniman the coordinator of Klab Jazz explained that live jazz event will be served every first and third weeks every month at Potluck Kitchen. This except when a month has 5 weeks where there’s a Sunday in, then the live event will come on the fourth week. This is a happy news for the jazz lovers who always want to have good quality jazz event to fill up their lovely weekend. And we’re happy that the harmonious partnership between KlabJazz and Potluck Kitchen could finally make this happen. Having it in the cozy jazzy cafe like Potluck Kitchen with delicious foods and beverages in variety will make everything even better too.

When we just entered the month October we got a big surprise when the keyboard wiz Riza Arshad brought his two younger companions, the all round contra bass player Doni Sundjoyo and emerging young guitarist with the stunning ability Aditya Bayu. Together they delivered the magic of Bill Evans on stage that wow-ed all the attendances totally. A sweet collaboration between David Manuhutu and Frinds with the rising crooner Tulus was loved as well by the jazz aficionados at Potluck, along with nice performances by the bluesy rockin’ Iman Brata Trio and tasty-jazz in variety Vassagie. (Check out the report from the previous event here). For this edition of Sunday Jazz VII we will have a fresh set of groups that are all really cool to see.

Looking at the lineup we see interesting selection. Especially if you’re a piano-tune fans, there will be a piano duet session between Vassagie‘s pianist Aldi Nada Permana and the ever cool pianist of Fastcom, Christ Stanley. The piano duet like this is always interesting to see. Just like how the maestro Bubi Chen did it with Jeremy Monteiro or any other event with two pianist filling up each other, this one will be enjoyable for sure. Then we have two groups making their come back. First, it’s Krishnan Muhammad Project. The last time we saw them was long time ago at the Jazz Break Revival X (April 2009). Krishnan Muhammad was a part of the early Klab Jazz in 2004. Due to the activity they couldn’t maintain their performing pace, but now they are back again. “We want to explore wide, we want to show that even rock can goes along in harmony with jazz.” Krishnan said that time. And that’s what they did. Calling themselves as a group of experiment-electric fusion, they are ready to give the jazz with rock flavor once again.

Then we have another comeback of the sweet La Belle. We haven’t heard them for quite a long time as well. We were asked by some fans about this jazz-coustic band with nice group, now you can have them back again, serving the pop jazz that can be enjoyed even if you’re not that into jazz. Last but not least we have Pineapple continuing their performance after the August edition of Sunday Jazz. The name was taken from the street where Venche Music School (VMS) is located. That’s no surprise using that name, because this group consists of the combination between students and teachers of the school. They could go exploring wider areas to reach the ethnical music area.

So it’s said. Mark your calendar this Sunday and let’s get cool with jazz together! See you there.

Date: Sunday, October 24, 2010
Time: 03:00 pm – 07:00 pm
Location: Potluck Kitchen
Jl H Wasid no 31, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia



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