Sunday Jazz VII at Potluck: The Report


Not only once, but twice every month. That’s the most recent decision made by KlabJazz and Potluck Kitchen about the Sunday Jazz, and that should be the good news for jazz lovers in Bandung. That means we have the chance to see the good quality of jazz served free double than before. As Potluck just changed their name from Potluck Coffee Bar and Library to Potluck Kitchen, not only the food menu got added up, but also live jazz performance as well. Sunday Jazz has been the cool event to see when you’re thirsty for jazz to fill your relaxing hours on Sunday, especially when you’re happen to be in Bandung. We have seen the tremendous growth of this event, as now many of the musicians from Jakarta, both the seniors and emerging young forces have known that they could always come to merry the Sunday Jazz together with local Bandung talents. Just three weeks ago we had a stunning performance of the one and only Riza Arshad with his younger companions, Doni sundjoyo and Aditya Bayu serving Bill Evans deliciously on stage also the wonder-kid David Manuhutu in a cool performance. This time we got a fresh set of groups, where two of them made a nice comeback after being dissapeared for a while, La Belle and Muhammad Krishnan Project.

It’s never easy to go round on the streets of Bandung during the weekends. The traffic jam occurs everywhere, plus the rain poured down from the morning. But that didn’t stop the jazz lovers from coming to enjoy the live show. Potluck Kitchen was already crowded when we reached the place, and for us that’s a good sign. Jazz has been growing really well in many places in Indonesia recently. We’ve seen more and more jazz events appeared everywhere and the results have been good. We now got more annual jazz festivals more than ever, and jazz being served at cozy and relaxing cafes like Potluck Kitchen has added more jazz flavors in many ways. The current jazz scene in Bandung is very condusive lately, hopefully it will keep on being that way.

Krishnan Muhammad Project (6)

We haven’t seen Krishnan Muhammad Project for quite some time, but we still remember how they performed at Jazz Break Revival X on April 2009. He was one of the oldest member of KlabJazz since it was formed in 2004. This is the group that always dare to explore wider than just jazz. Calling themselves as experiment-electric fusion, they offered the rockin’ side of jazz in way that could satisfy both parties. This time Krishnan brought Ali Budianto (bass) and Angga “Grendo” (drums) to shape a trio. Together they started the party taking on The Beatles‘ classic “Come Together”. It was really nice for an opening. Then they continued with taking on Miles Davis “So What”. The cool bebop was on with it. Their own song “October Part 1 “ came in the shape of experimental electric fusion like the style UZEB used to play. Krishnan remarkably played two instruments at the same time, guitar and keyboard. The continuation from it titled “October Part II” played in calmer mood but still capturing the vintage nuance of fusion.It was remarkable to see Krishnan and his trio went into bold exploration of sound with their own original songs. Krishnan Muhammad Project brought a whole new dimension of musicality on stage, something that’s rare to hear these days.

La Belle (6)

La Belle (3)We haven’t seen La Belle for a while too. As far as we remember, the last time we saw them was back in 2009. So it was great to see them back on stage again. Just like before, their sweet and smooth acoustic touch could always be enjoyed by wide segment of music lovers. This is the band which not only know how to bring the smooth and romantic nuance to the environment but they could also do groove, funk, soul without losing their sweetness once so ever. The formation was still like before, featuring Nurani Marlya Puspita Sari (vocal and shaker), Agustinus Ernan Hary Rikyanto (guitar), Rahmadon (percussion) and Rahman Gunawan (electric bass). Puspit, the shortened name of the vocalist brought the first song right away while playing shaker. The Earth Wind and Fire (EWF)’s classic “Fantasy” came next. Ernan with his falsetto voice did a good job together with Puspit taking on this evergreen. surprisingly for the next song Puspit showed how good she could sing in Sundanese style on the folksong “Bajing Luncat”. George Benson‘s “Love Ballad” was next, served chilled in groove then followed by “When I Give My Love to You”, a hit from Michael Franks and Brenda Russell. Kylie Minogue‘s “In Your Eyes” in medley with DeBarge‘s “Rhythm of the Night” ended their session. Just as sweet as ever, La Belle once again showed a tasty-candy sweet performance. We’re happy to see them again and hope they will come more often to Sunday Jazz.

Piano Duet-Aldi-Christ (4)

One of the most interesting lineup for this edition of Sunday Jazz is the piano duet between Vassagie‘s Aldi Nada Permana and Fastcom‘s Christ Stanley. No other instruments but two pianos. This attempt have never failed to bring a delightful moment. We remember the magic moment brought by two maestros, Indonesian Bubi Chen and Singaporean Jeremy Monteiro in an album called Jazz the Two of Us. (Sangaji, 1996). Imelda Rosalin and Michelle Efferin did that several times at Melinda Hospital’s jazz events last year. This time we got the beautiful nuance from these two young male pianists. Using two electric piano they gave the first song, “On a Green Dolphin Street.” Followed by a song from Charlie Parker‘s “Billie’s Bounce” with a part of “Straight no Chaser” in it. Both of them had fun totally while playing. Smiling and laughing while battling each other. Just as we predicted, this was an entertaining session to see. For the next song Christ said that it was the song that he knew when he played piano for the first time. It was Chick Corea‘s “Spain”, now appeared miraculously through piano duet. Huge applauses were given from the crowds after that.

Among the crowds we saw Tiwi Shakuhachi and Syaharani came to enjoy the show. Christ Stanley and Nada Aldi Permana closed their session with a masterpiece from the maestro Ismail Marzuki, “Payung Fantasi”. As the melody originally were made heavily in jazz, Aldi and Christ brought it to the next level with their plays. It’s never easy to do the piano duet, both have to know their roles and where or when they can add up their own improvisations. Tonight we got these two brilliant male pianists in harmonious works. Bravo guys!

pineapple (12)

The last group for tonight is Pineapple. This is a group consists of the combination between teachers and students of Venche Music School. The name was taken from the street where the school is located. Having known each other for some time enabled them to play in harmony. the first song, was ” What A Wonderful World”, an evergreen from Louis Armstrong. They gave a new outfit in smooth jazz, and it sounded very relaxing. The second was their homemade song, it tasted groovy even that the song still has no name. In here, It was fun to see them pouring their skills. Next, they brought love to fill the air with Nat King Cole‘s “L-O-V-E”. As the night went darker, it was a perfect choice, especially when they delivered it in fresh re-arrangement. It sounded new eventhough the song has been played million times over the years. They continued with another homemade song that has no name yet just like the other one. The solo piano was captivating, it was enjoyed not only by the audiences but also by the rest of the players. Before the last song they explained where the name came from, and the last song was taken from the late Chrisye‘s collection called “Cintaku”. it was fun to close the show with this song, it was cool to have the sweet pineapple to end this Sunday Jazz edition.

Having all local Bandung talents for this edition wasn’t bad at all, because they showed they could play at the same standard just as the performers from Jakarta. Potluck Kitchen was fully crowded from the start to finish, and that tell us one thing: there are many jazz lovers in Bandung who are thirsty for jazz events. KlabJazz and Potluck Kitchen once again showed their strong cooperation in making the event appeared in various colors. We are also happy to know that now we can have Sunday Jazz twice every month, that means Bandung jazz lovers will get more options to quench their thirsts of jazz. Thank you Klab Jazz, Potluck Kitchen, the performers and everyone else who have worked hard on each edition. See you again soon in November.

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Idham Nugroho
Photographer: Dwi Ratri Utomo, Febrian Dirga, Rizcky Eot



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