Sunday Jazz Special: Jazz & Perempuan


December is a month of celebration. Not only we celebrate Christmas, but we also celebrate Mother’s Day in this month. Eventhough female have shown a lot of power and courage throughout the history, we can’t deny that male domination is still at large in many ways. In the music world, or jazz in particular, it’s just the same. Yes, we have tremendous jazz singers and musicians through generations, yet some believe male are still dominating. Leslie Gourse in her book Madame Jazz: Contemporary Women Instrumentalists shared many things about this. She wrote a report about the position of women in jazz from the late 1970’s to the early 1990’s which she called an exciting and crucial time of transition. “With few exceptions, before the mid-1980s, women were always second-class citizens in jazz, the most macho of all the arts.” she said. She spotted the problem for women in music- classical, jazz and pop- in facing the nearly insuperable barrier of male chauvinism. Further more she stated “In music, nobody except a concert soloist gets a chance to play in public unless he or she is hired by someone for a group, whether a huge orchestra or a duo. Historically, men in jazz rarely hired women musicians. They did so increasingly in the 1990s.” This book really shows how exactly women has been struggling to share the spotlight with male. Again, you can find this fact written in Sally Placksin‘s “American Women in Jazz” and Linda Dahl‘s “Stormy Weather”

As we are soon celebrating the Mother’s Day, it’s about time to give a special tribute to some of the heroines of jazz in Indonesia. While in December we also celebrate the birth of Indonesian female heroine named Dewi Sartika (December 4,1884 – September 11, 1947) who fought hard in providing educations to females particularly in Bandung (West Java), it’s clear that we should acknowledge this month as a time to give our honor and respect to all the female, most especially for the musicians who keep doing what they believe no matter how the situation is. KlabJazz feels this importance to give the highlight on female artists in a very special tribute called “Jazz & Perempuan” (Jazz & Female). In cooperation with Potluck Kitchen, they present this special event to fill up the regular schedule of Sunday Jazz.

Tiwi Shakuhachi, Jemima, Jazz & Perempuan, Sunday Jazz

This Sunday (December 19, 2010) we will have live performances from some of the great female jazzers, both vocalists and instrumentalists, featuring Aldhiella, Dyah Sekar Utami, Metta Legita of Contra Indigo, the the songstress of the soul who has seriously deep soulful vocal in wide voice range Jemima, Olive of Parkdrive, Starlite, Tiwi Shakuhachi and Grace Sahertian. They will grace the jazz stage of Potluck Kitchen with their talents. But more than just a live jazz performance we will also have several other forms of arts such as: Female Poetry Reading by Violetta Simatupang, taking on the poems of “America’s most visible black female autobiographer” Maya Angelou, Female Jazz Drawing Exhibition by Anindhita Lakshmi and Female Jazz Pictures Exhibition by Mia Damayanti Sjahir. Representing the young side, we will also have the Little Girls Percussion performances by The Moonlight and Trio Rasa.

It’s going to be a big celebration in honor of female. The world in general including the jazz world could still show its male chauvinism, but the female artists are still bravely fighting to reach the proper place they really deserve. We have to support this for sure. It’s time for us to give the honor and thanks to all female artists, showing them that we do appreciate and enjoy their superb work of arts. Let’s give this month to the ladies, let’s bring joy and merry into their hearts.


Female Jazz Performances by:
Dyah Sekar Utami Trio
Metta Legita Quartet
Grace Sahertian
Tiwi Shakuhachi

Female Poetry Reading:
Violetta Simatupang (poems of Maya Angelou)

Female Jazz Picture Exhibition:
Mia Damayanti Sjahir

Female Jazz Drawing Exhibition:
Anindhita Lakshmi Soerodipoero

Little Girls Percussion Performances:
The Moonlight
Trio Rasa

Date: December 19, 2010
Time: 3:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Location: Potluck Kitchen
Jl. H. Wasid no 31, Bandung



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