Sunday Jazz October 2010 Edition at Potluck Kitchen


Happy to inform you that Sunday Jazz is on again! Last month we had no Sunday Jazz due to the fasting month, but now all the jazz lovers in Bandung are going to have it again, in a very special way. Held as usual at the cool and cozy Potluck Kitchen, the cafe that has been consistantly and continuously bringing jazz to fit their concept, this time for Sunday Jazz 6th Edition KlabJazz has ready to present four groups, including a very special performance by a trio consists of the one and only keyboard wiz Riza Arshad, the cool double-bass player Doni Sundjoyo and the emerging young guitarist Aditya Bayu. They are ready to give one stylish performance in tributing the legendary Bill Evans.

This stunning trio is going to continue their story after a very special gig they had at Cafe Au Lait located at Cikini, Jakarta two months ago, on October 20, 2010.  The idea in fact came from the youngest member of the group, Aditya Bayu, and imagine how perfect the concept will turn out to be by having the keyboard maestro Riza Arshad and Doni Sundjoyo in it.

Willam John Evans, the real name of the legendary Bill Evans is one of the most influential jazz legend that has reshaped the face of jazz in many ways. The idea of free playing with impressionist harmony, spontaneous and inventive improvisation over a traditional jazz repertoire and styles and often blurred the line between soloist and accompanist were the style brought by Bill Evans. Also the clearness of his music, his superb nuanced touch and of course he’s remembered by the reformation of chord voicing system he’s made. His Bill Evans Trio era on ECM was monumental. From there, the ECM  emerged as one specific jazz style that are still loved and played widely until today. Bill Evans’ way of delivering what people called “singing” melodic lines has influenced many pianists over generations, including Herbie Hancock, Chick Corea and Keith Jarrett, just to name a few.

“Remembering Bill Evans”
, that’s the theme to bring by the trio of Riza Arshad, Doni Sundjoyo and Aditya Bayu. Imagine how cool it is to have some of Bill Evans’ memorable works serve chilled in the cozy and jazzy cafe of Potluck. Besides this stunning trio, we will also have some other group to perform. That includes the wonderkid David Manuhutu, a very young pianist who could play just like a fully experienced senior. David Manuhutu and Friends, that’s the name of the group featuring a great jazz vocalist Tulus. If you like Blues, you will enjoy Iman Brata Trio who knows how to bring some jazz to blend with its root. Vassagie, a band consists of young players but high in quality is also listed to perform. It’s going to be one great jazzy Sunday afternoon for sure.

SUNDAY JAZZ VI at Potluck Kitchen

“play the music of Bill Evans”

Riza Arshad – electric piano
Doni Sundjoyo – upright bass
Aditya Bayu – guitar

Aldi Nada Permana – electric piano
Jalu Rohanda – electric bass
Herwin Parta – drums

Abank Sulaiman Kramadibrata – guitar
Ade Sulaiman Kramadibrata – drums
Gabriel – electric bass

David Manuhutu – electric piano
Sonny Susetyo – electric bass
Adisty – drums
Muhamad Tulus – vocal

Date: Sunday, October 3, 2010
Time: 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Location: Potluck Kitchen
Jl. H Wasid no 31, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia



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