Sunday Jazz at Potluck VIII


Klab Jazz and the cozy, jazzy Potluck Kitchen have doubled up the game. If before we only had one Sunday Jazz on the first Sunday of each month, now we can have it twice. Not only serve on the first week but also on the third week of the month. This means more chance for the jazz musicians to taste the Bandung crowds and at the same time good news for the jazz aficionados who reside in Bandung. After the Sunday Jazz  7th edition which was held two weeks ago with rising number of attendances, now the eighth edition is about to roll.

It’s always nice to enjoy the good quality jazz presentation in a relaxing cafe which serves selections of delicious menus and beverages. This month we have a visit from Jakarta, the Margo Rising Stars. Some young talented musicians who play regularly at the neighboring community of Margo City Jazz at Depok will come, and for us it’s a great news. After a good performance at Bekasi Jazz Festival last September, now they are coming to show it in Bandung. Margo City jazz has been doing great in spreading jazz in Jakarta for some years now. They consistantly held the Margo Friday Jazz every week, and thanks to them, now we can see the rapid growth of jazz among the youngsters around campuses located near Depok and throughout Jakarta. This event was first of all made to be the place for the youngsters to learn, as well as providing a place where the jazz aficionados can enjoy their relaxing hours with jazz together with family and friends. No wonder Margo Friday Jazz is fast to achieve its popularity among the jazz fans in Jakarta. The musicians from Klab Jazz community had been there last year in the event called “Klab Jazz @ Margo Friday Jazz”, now it’s the turn for the Margo City Jazz musicians to visit Bandung with their jazz color. It’s good to see the jazz communities supporting each other in harmony like this. Bandung jazz lovers now can see them in close and personal without having to go to Jakarta.

Besides Margo Rising Stars, we will also have lots of interesting lineup this time. Boyke Priyo Utomo, a stylish boppin’ saxophonist are going to show his ability in solo performance. If we’ve seen him playing with Imam Pras or even with his own project, now it’s the time to see him having the stage all by himself. Then there will be Gega & Tesla ft Boyke Priyo Utomo. Together the bass-guitar duo with sax are ready to play “The Music of Joe Henderson”. It’s going to be cool to see how they bring the music of the legendary jazz tenor saxophonist who had played with many leading American musicians such as Herbie Hancock, Freddie Hubbart, Ron carter,Kenny Garrett, Wynton Marsalis, McCoy Tyner and Chick Corea just to name a few, and recorded for many prominent lables including Blue Note, Verve and Milestone. Last but not least, we will have Hollywood Nobody to represent the Indie bossa pop side.

All this interesting lineup will coming on this Sunday! If you’re around Bandung this weekend, make sure to come to Potluck Kitchen. Jazz yourself up this Sunday with the Sunday Jazz VIII!

Sunday, November 7, 2010
Time: 03:00 pm – 07:00 pm
Location: Potluck Kitchen
Jl H Wasid 31, Bandung


Sunday Jazz @ Potluck VIII


Solo saxophone

GEGA & TESLA feat Boyke Prio Utomo
Gega Nesywara (electric bass)
Tesla Manaf Effendi (guitar)
“Play The Music of Joe Henderson”

Jordy (trumpet)
Thomas “Tommy” Pratomo (saxophone)
Yudha Gautama (saxophone)
Meikelin “Ekel” Yopitania (vocal)
Grace Sahertian (vocal)
Peppy Probo (vocal)
Angel (vocal)
Nakadiov “Anka” Subran (bass)
Rio Alief (drums)
Christian Dylan (guitar)

Satriawan “Iyan” Wiguna (keyboard)
Lia (keyboard)

Dian Safitri Irawan (vocal)
Romy (guitar)
Irma Wahyuni Irawan (keyboard)
Dendi Revolusi (bass)
Lutfi Erizka (drums)


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