Sunday Jazz at Potluck IV July Edition: The Report


How do you keep the jazz on in Bandung? One of the way, of course, is by keep presenting it everywhere in rising scale. That’s exactly what happen. Jazz has back to color up cafes and restos in Bandung nowadays, and it’s really a good sign. Not only blossoming but also with improvements. We’ve seen many talented jazz artists from Jakarta arrived on scene and joined hands with the local talents, united with the same passion delivering what they do best, yes, it’s jazz.

Just these past previous months we’ve seen this pulse getting stronger and stronger. We got the new jazz generation Shadow Puppets at Potluck’s Fresh Comeback Celebration with Dira, last month it was the native Malagasy son, the wild saxophonist F.A. Talafaral of Sarimanouk Quartet,  performed at Sunday Jazz at Potluck June edition, and now we have the July edition of Sunday Jazz, this time featuring another great band in 4, Sandy Winarta Quartet.

Sunday-Jazz-Potluck-Sandy-Winarta Quartet (14)

Sandy Winarta, the versatile jazz drummer is one of the most wanted drummer today in Indonesia’s music scene. This native Bali son is still young, but he’s contributed a lot. His endless passion and energy has placed him in many parts of jazz. Besides his role as the drummer of some bands including Sarimanouk Quartet and Pitoelas Big Band, he’s also active as a composer and music teacher. His experience has been wonderful so far by his appearances in many kinds of concert, from small to big sized orchestra. Just a couple of month ago he teamed up with the legendary jazz icon Indra Lesmana and fast-rising bassist Barry Likumahuwa to mark the birth of Indonesia’s Jazz Movement in a special event called Mostly Jazz. There are still more to come from him of course, considering he’s still young but already has a complete skill.

Now he formed his new group, Sandy Winarta Quartet. This group consists of his close friends including The Groove‘s brilliant keyboard who also works as a composer Ali Akbar, the young bassist/music teacher who we believe will become big in the future Doni Sundjoyo and the rising guitarist Aditya Bayu. Speaking of Ali Akbar, he just finished he’s tour visiting 5 cities with the extravaganza of Urban Jazz Crossover 2010 both as playing musician and team of arrangers.

The lineup for Sunday Jazz IV July Edition at Potluck Coffee Bar and Library wasn’t stop there, because we also got Iman Brata Trio with his cool style of bringing blues more into jazz, and also the post bop keyboardist Sonny Akbar with his Quartet. Imagine all these great teams performed in a relaxing cafe that serves delicious beverages and snacks with library, including a very special jazz section in one corner. By having the Sunday Jazz as the result of collaboration between Klab Jazz and Potluck regularly, we can be sure that jazz will keep rising in Bandung.

Sunday Jazz Potluck Iman Brata Trio (2)

The cool weather with heavy rain was perfect to have a jazz gig. Iman Brata Trio opened up the event with simakDialog‘s song written by Tohpati entitled “Sidewalk Stories”. Their own new song which was just made came on, then followed by a traditional folk song turned into fusion with strong rock sense, “Gambang Suling”. “All the Things You Are” became their playground with cool guitar effects all over. The bluesy rock continued on taken from Miles Davis‘ collection. As Harty, the vocalist came on stage, why not having a little reggae? That was they brought, a famous Bob Marley‘s song “Is This Love” with some blues toppings. A traditional Sundanese folk song was next, “Bajing Luncat”. Iman Brata Trio went a lot lighter for the last song, taking on a groovy track, Andien‘s “Milikku Selalu”. Abank Kartadibrata Sulaiman (guitar and vocal), Ade Sulaiman Kramadibrata (drums) and Gabriel (bass) formed as Iman Brata Trio is a really promising band. Their delightful touch of blues, the experiment on guitar effects and also a visit on the vintage rock progresive is all over them. With their strong concept we’re sure they will go on higher soon.

Sunday Jazz Potluck Sonny Akbar Quartet (2)

Sonny Akbar Quartet took the stage. Bringing his fellows Edward Manurung (drums), Tuwuh Sarwoprasodjo (bass) and Arief Rinoko on sax, they were ready to deliver w2hat they got. The first song appeared in trio, it was Radiohead’s “Exit Music”. Arief joined in and they went on boppin’ the stage with manouvers everywhere. “Stolen Moment” was the next one in where they went exploring the streaming melodies. Arief was wild with his sax. “Caravan” was brought in new mood, a lot more heavier than we used to know. Huge applauses were given to them in the end.

Sunday Jazz Potluck Sandy Winarta Quartet (1)

Finally Sandy Winarta Quartet appeared on stage. For the first song they brought “Maiden Voyage”, a classic composition of Herbie Hancock. It was a nice voyage indeed, as they melted completely into their song. All had fun, smiling, laughing and expressive on stage. It was also nice to see Ali Akbar returned to his core in heavy jazz. Miles Davis“So what” was next, again pinned in cool explorative style of playing. They went on in full speed driving with this one.

Sandy Winarta then went explaining about the band and concept. “It’s the group where we like to play standards”, Sandy said. “I just love to take standards as the template and then go on with our creativity in playing.” he continued. Sunday Jazz Potluck Sandy Winarta Quartet (5)For sure this is a very powerful group where we can have many hopes within. The chemistry, the connection, the skill, the passion, all there with them. Too bad Sandy will leaving Indonesia in August to continue his study, we hope the best for him and may he bring more surprises after that.

Sandy Winarta Quartet continued with a song written by Rodgers and Hart for the musical comedy, “I’d Rather Be Right”, the song the jazz lovers know so well, “Have You Met Miss Jones”. A set of other songs were brought including Thelonious Monk‘s “Rhythm-a-Ning”, “All the Things You Are” and “Blues in the Closet”.  The crowds didn’t let them close the show. So, they gave one encore, it was Clifford “Brownie” Brown‘s song, “Sandhu”. Sandy Winarta Quartet turned to be a highly dangerous band with full freedom both in creativity and playing style. You could see how they just let their soul lose on stage and brought everything out from their hearts. If this is the style of Sandy Winarta Quartet, we are sure that they will keep stunning everyone wherever they go. Guys, you are brilliant!

Again, a remarkable Sunday Jazz was presented at the cozy Potluck. It wasn’t just an ordinary live music, but presented with quality. May there be more to come. Thank you Klab Jazz, Potluck, all the performers and everyone behind this event, including the cool audiences for the support. Stay tune for more Sunday Jazz here at!

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Reporter :Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Eghi Gabred


  1. liputan yang bagus! saya hanya ingin ralat nama saya kramadibrata bukan kartadibrata. Thanks
    ade sulaiman kramadibrata
    drummer for iman brata trio

  2. Wah.,… mantab gan.. :sup2:
    Jazz up your life.

    btw, ada kakakku disitu yah, ms adit kapan pulang pwt ?.hahahaha,.. :malu
    Lanjut gan..


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