Sunday Jazz at Potluck Coffee Bar and Library, May Edition: The Report


Sunday Jazz - May Edition

Imagine the combination of delicious foods, refreshing drinks, cozy place, plenty of books and high quality of live jazz performance combined altogether. That sounds cool right? That’s what you find when you come to see Sunday Jazz. Sunday Jazz appears as a mutual cooperation between KlabJazz and Potluck Coffee Bar & Library. It’s a perfect place for you to hang out with friends and family while having jazz served chilled from the stage that stands on the green grass. The concept of combining KlabJazz’ skillful band collection with the coziness of a cafe will never fail to make us feel relaxed, especially on Sunday, and Sunday Jazz does just that.

After a great first edition with the return of Bayu & Tesla last month, the second Sunday Jazz edition was held on the first Sunday of March 2010. There were more audiences this time than last month. Potluck is really serious about having jazz to support their “homey and relaxing” concept, and certainly fits their tagline, “My kind of life. Positive.” Not only this monthly Sunday Jazz, but you can also find many other live jazz shows too. At least three days in a week you can enjoy jazz served in Potluck. On Wednesday and Thursday starting from 5:00 PM as Afternoon Jazz, and also every Sunday morning from 11:00 PM you will have Sunday Jazz Brunch featuring De’Natu. Now at least you know where to go when you feel thirst for jazz.  Back to May edition of Sunday Jazz, this time it wasn’t only for one hour. It was three hours of jazz with the performance of two fusion bands, Sekapur Sirih and Vassagie. Both bands consist of young jazz musicians with their own specific styles.

Sunday Jazz Potluck Sekapur Sirih (12)

The May edition of Sunday Jazz marked the return of Sekapur Sirih. We haven’t heard them for a while since the band was kind of dissapear due to the personnels’ activity. But they have appeared again in a strong come back. This is the band that never failed to grab the attention of their audiences. Clear concept of music, the ability of writing their own original compositions and very attractive performance have been their strength ever since they were formed 6 years ago in 2004. They serve the ear-catchy, melodious and funky jazz fusion, just like what Casiopea did back then. They know how to deliver jazz fusion in the current music trend, they know how to reach the hearts of music listerners in general.

Sekapur Sirih has the personnels from Bandung and Jakarta. This is one of the obstacle right now why they can’t perform so often just like before. Prasandhya Astagiri Yusuf (bass), Andreas nandiwardhana (guitar), Kandria Kanata (guitar), Agung Dwi Prakasa (keyboard) and Lukman Agus (drums). Especially for Sunday Jazz this time they brought a guest star, Bayu Kristanto that came all the way from Jakarta with them as the second keyboardist.

Sunday Jazz Potluck Sekapur Sirih (6)

Bringing the concept of two guitarist was inspired by Acoustic Alchemy. Then later on they got influenced by Lee Ritenour and now they are exploring more sides of Japanese Fusion from the giants like Casiopea or T-Square. Sunday Jazz Potluck Sekapur Sirih (9)Looking at these names mentioned, we could take a hint that they bring melodious ear-catchy fusion as their concept, and that’s the style they have been showing in every performances they are in. They are preparing their album right now which planned to come out this year.

The other performing band was Vassagie is a trio that offers a variety of style in their performance. It’s been 3 years now since they were established in 2007,and now seems to be their moment to shine. We have seen their cool performance last March at Jazz Break Revival XX in where they played some songs including a very cool version of Eric Clapton‘s “Change The World”. This band consists of Aldi Nada Permana (piano), Jalu Rohanda (electric bass) and Herwin Parta (drums).

Sunday Jazz Potluck Vassagie (2)

Vassagie started the concert directly with “Satin Doll”. Sunday Jazz Potluck Vassagie (3)A seriously cool version was brought including some parts to improvise. The next song was Charlie Parker‘s “Donna Lee”, a bebop jazz standard that based on chord changes. It was brought nicely,  followed by their own song “Ku Tahu Kau Ada” in cool funk rhythm. “Footprint”, “Lullaby of Birdland” and “Milestones” came next, and Vassagie closed their session strong with “On Fire” that was brought in a cool fast and furious samba. Vassagie has it all. The skill, the ability of improvisation and chemistry between each other. In their hands jazz finds its home comfortably.

Sunday Jazz Potluck Sekapur Sirih (13)

Then came the time to have the strong fusion band from Bandung who just made their return. Sekapur Sirih started differently with the acoustic session between two guitarist, Keke (Kandria) and Andre (Andreas). Two songs were brought, and both still got no title since they were composed this morning. It was cool indeed, and the crowds loved it. “Alamanda” came next with the full band. They were on fire, so on fire until Andre even broke one of the snare. The ever-cool original composition of them “Nuansa” came on with huge applause on the audiences. Not only by the song but also with their stage action. It was cool indeed to have these two guitarists stood in front serving the rockin’ side of jazz all the way.

“Bandung Jakarta PP” was next, picturing their travelling habit between Bandung and Jakarta. It was a road map composition with the travelling spirit. In some part it felt fast just like speeding on the highway with layers of melodies, in other part it was cool like enjoying the journey.  For the next two songs Bayu Kristanto joined the band as the second keyboardist. What a stunning formation with two guitars and two keyboards. Together they brought “Looking Up” and “Midnight”.

Bringing fusion into a cafe is not what we’ve seen often, but it worked very well. Three hours of cool jazz fusion, melodious, ear cachy and easy to listen were delivered, and we are very happy to see the collaboration between KlabJazz and Potluck Coffee Bar & Library has successfully established in harmony. We hope to see more in months to come, may the spirit of jazz remains in this cozy cafe. See you next month guys!

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Eghi Gabred


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