Klabjazz’ Jazz Break Revival Report

jazz break revival, klabjazz, sonny akbar trio

jazz break revival, klabjazz, sonny akbar trio

It’s nice to see some stars in the making gathered together in an event that is scheduled to be held monthly. Klabjazz’s Jazz Break Revival has been constantly held at Balai Pertemuan Bumi Sangkuriang since last April, except on Ramadhan month. This event is a place where the young talents meet and share what they know, join together, jam together and make something new out of their collaboration. Every month Jazz Break Revival has their agenda, their concept or theme. They put the bands on schedule, but usually in the end they jam together, freely. For December show, the artists on schedule were: BEMS, Buy 3 Get 4, La Belle and Sonny Akbar Trio.

jazz break revival, klabjazz, sonny akbar trio

jazz break revival, klabjazz, sonny akbar trio It’s surprsingly a free event. It’s a unique concept, where every musicians can share their knowledge and skill to each other. Almost in all Jazz Break Revival series, there are various bands performing from many different genres. There are funk, bebop, groove, fusion etc. “While joining different genres together, the musicians exchange what they know. Later, fusion player play mainstream, bebop player play groove, and so on, so they all expand their skill. They broaden their horizons.” said Mr Dwi Cahya Yuniman (Niman) from Klabjazz. “It has happened many times”, he said. “Not only the musicians, but also the audience. Some of the audience came to see groove band for example, then they fall in love with bebop, vice versa.” So the blendings give something good out of it from many aspects. “I’m very optimist. Despite all the problems and limitations, I know it’s gonna work out great”, Mr Niman added.

jazz break revival, klabjazz, sonny akbar trio

Jazz Break was actually a regular event held at Bumi Sangkuriang around 1982 to 1985. Then it stopped. Now, it’s time for a revival. It’s alive again. Plus, adding the “revival” word  also meant to respect the owner of “Jazz Break” creator.  “We didn’t want to use the exact same name because surely it belongs to somebody”, Mr Niman said.

jazz break revival, klabjazz, sonny akbar trio

So it goes, and what I saw on stage was fantastic.  All the musicians got together in an amazing performance. They played bop in style of Chick Corea, they played his difficult compositions, and they presented many experimental stuff. There was a synthesizer guitar, there was pianica, plus the “usual” instruments like keyboard, drum, guitar and bass. Sonny Akbar Trio and friends gave out a high-skilled performance in complex compositions, and when they jammed together with other musicians, they gave out something unique. I called it “psychedelic experimental fusion with a taste of funk”, because that was how it sounded. Absolutely insane. Sonny Akbar is one of the 4 AM Quartet personnel, now he appeared with his trio, Sonny Akbar Trio. He’s one of the star in the making which has already noticed by many jazz seniors.

jazz break revival, klabjazz, sonny akbar trio

It makes me really happy to see that young stars emerged, they came from different backgrounds and different style, and they blend perfectly in harmony. Big props to Klabjazz as a community that gives them time and space to grow, supporting them and facilitate them so they can expand their abilities. Someday, they will go up to the top together. I’ll remember the moment when they are still in the making, when they still creatively exploring their fresh ideas together. Just like Mr Niman, I’m waiting for more surprises out from them.

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan (jazzuality.com)
Photographer: Aldi Mahdi (kantorberita.com)

Public date: December 3rd, 2008
Categories: Klab Jazz Events
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  1. Bayu Pratomo says:
    Dec 4th

    Actually, the instrument is not a bass synthesizer, but a guitar synthesizer, i called it “Telepiano”. But thanks anyway for uploading my photo ^_^

  2. Riandy K says:
    Dec 4th

    thanks for the correction bro! :) i’ve updated the report. :)

  3. PEnikMat Jazz says:
    Dec 4th

    That’s not a Telepiano but a “GiBoard”….bayu looks so hot…..=p

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