Jazz Break Revival XVI : The Report


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Month after month, Jazz Break Revival has continuously appeared with different stories. Different stories, but each one resulted with the same ending, success. Last month was the moment when the audiences got a new experience by enjoying arts from two directions, through paintings and musics, by the very special performance of Henning Sieverts Quartett translating some of the legendary collections of “Der Blaue Reiter”. This time, when Jazz Break Revival reached its 16th edition, the theme was ITB Jazz. ITB, or Bandung Technology Institute is one of the best university we have here in Indonesia. Many successful people started their journey right from this university. Not only people, but ITB has also contributed a lot for jazz. From generation to generation we have seen many famous musicians appeared from there. Today ITB has a very strong jazz community, ITJazz, who have been coloring the jazz scene for quite awhile. KlabJazz and ITJazz has the same passion, and when both are stationed in Bandung, why don’t just collaborate together to make something special? And that seems to be the occasion for tonight, at Jazz Break Revival XVI. Both KlabJazz and ITJazz who have been partnered for couple of times proclaimed another special collaboration. KlabJazz, Balai Pertemuan Bumi Sangkuriang and Melinda Hospital, in cooperation with ITJazz presented Jazz Break Revival XVI tonight, November 4th, 2009.

Let’s go back for a while to see the connection between jazz and ITB. For jazz lovers, ITB is known as one of the important forerunner of jazz in Indonesia. It’s been a friendly place for music especially jazz to grow. Long time ago, the students of ITB held many events at their West, East Wing and the open Veranda LFM. Jack Lesmana family who once lived near ITB was often included at these concerts. In other times, the students came to Jack Lesmana’s house to discuss or just listening to jazz together. As time goes on, ITB and jazz are still related strongly until today. Many big names in jazz were once the students of ITB. Riza Arshad, Imam Pras, Doni Suhendra, Ferina are just some of the name who have always been attached to ITB.


Featuring lists of musicians who are related to ITB, Jazz Break Revival XVI started with The Straightline. Smooth jazz is one of the jazz sub genre that usually has the power to reach different segment of listeners. While for some people listening to serious jazz pattern can be difficult, smooth jazz can always be understood, acceptable and most of all, enjoyed. The Straightline is a group playing smooth jazz consists of ITB’s new students as its members. Matius on bass, Juan on guitar, Desal on drums and Hariman on keyboard. Eventhough they are new, yet they have shown their capability to bring smooth jazz in such quality. And yes, series of cool and calm, lite funky smooth jazz and lite fusion were presented by the stage. “Night Rhythm”, Casiopea‘s “Meet Manhattan” and Chick Corea’s “Spain” appeared in 4 person group form.


The night got a little bit heavier by the second performer “Buy 3 Get 4”. Led by the pianist with a new haircut, who was just graduated from ITB recently, Bayu Kristanto, this group with very interesting name is the runner up of Jazz Goes to Campus (JGTC) Competition 2008. The fact that they won the second place eventhough they just formed a couple of weeks before the competition shows how good they are as a unit. There were some changes in the formation tonight. Beside Bayu, the band are Tuwuh Sasroprasojo on bass, Athar was back on guitar and a new replacement on drums. They brought Joe Henderson‘s “Recordame”, “Stolen Moment” and they closed their session with Sonny Rollins“Pent Up House”. It’s always nice to see them, giving serious compositions but not difficult to listen.


It was time to see the new project between the soulful Grace Sahertian from “Palm from Moodytunes” and complete guitarist from “4 AM Quartet”, Edward Prasetya. With Gallang Pradana Dalimunthe on acoustic up right bass, they gave the first song taken from Chiara Civello’s album “Last Quarter Moon”, “Here is Everything”. The night got intimate with this song.The second song was “Love You Long Time”, originally by John Scofield, brought only by guitar and bass plus the little kid Adya on percussions. It was a composition with wide space of exploration, taken superbly by Edward. Grace came on stage again and the continued with John Coltrane‘s “Naima”. The last song was special, because they re-arranged the famous ambonese folk song, “Bulan Pakai Payung” (The Moon Wears an Umbrella). It’s a new formed group, but they have known each other for long, so it wasn’t difficult at all for them to find their chemistry with each other.


Contra Indigo came next. It’s been a long time not to see them playing in the community where they emerged. This is an exciting nu-groove band that came from KlabJazz. The last time we heard from them was at Java Jazz Festival 2009 last March. They performed not only at the main event, but also at one of the Java Jazz on the Move program that took place at Blitz Megaplex, Grand Indonesia Jakarta. Contra Indigo appears with big amount of personnels. Kandria Kananta (Keke) on guitar, Bayu on drums, Rizky on keyboard, Taufik on bass, Bubu on vocal, plus two backing vocals. In the spirit of Monday Michiru, D’Sound, Maliq & d’Essentials and the likes of them, they delivered one of the most modern style of jazz that especially loved by youngsters. They kicked out with the first song, a delicious funky groove song from Tortured Soul entitled “Fall In Love”. The song continued in medley with Michael Jackson‘s “Billie Jean” re-arranged in lovely groove texture. It was actually nice to see Kandria appeared with different style than the one he used to give with his fusion band, “Sekapur Sirih”. The third one was another famous song from Tevin Campbell, “Can We Talk”. Two of their original song came next. “Don’t You Know I Never Fall” and “Bosan” (Bored). Contra Indigo delivered something different for tonight. Keep on groovin’ guys!


ITB Jam Set came next. With Tuwuh (Ojo) on guitar, Veronica on sax, Fahri on violin, Argo on flute, Dory on vocal, Yopi on piano and Rino on drums. The first song was the all time classic “Route 66”. Unique compositions of the instrumentalists on stage has given a different texture for this song. Started with violin, the next song came on. It was another classic, “Summertime”. It wouldn’t be perfect if we had no latin, but no worry, because this interesting ITB jam set closed their session with the classic “Agua de Beber”.


imelda-rosalin-trioThe closing band was the most senior one for tonight. Imelda Rosalin Trio, featuring the amazing female jazz pianist with her long time friends, Rudy Zulkarnaen on acoustic up right bass and Arifandi on drums. They have known each other and performed together for many years. They all have high understanding with each other and know how to deliver something special to the audience. I always think no matter what they play on stage, they will always find their comfort zone immidiately. They all have high understanding with each other and know how to deliver something special to the audience.The first song was a Cole Porter‘s classic, “In The Still Of the Night.” What a lovely version, very lively, and the crowds applauded right away. It was the ferocious Imelda Rosalin Trio we got tonight. They were really on fire! The next song was from the famous vibraphonist BobbyHutcherson, “Little B’s Poem”. A soft bossa song came next, “Estate (Summer)”. Imel continued with a song she wrote herself called “Pie in the Sky”, presented in a cute reggae style. They close their session with another Cole Porter’s masterpiece, “All of You.” The free for all jam session came next. Edward Prasetya and Athar joined them on stage. “If you want to join, just bother us..” Imel joked. But nobody came on stage, since everyone were hypnotized with their plays.


When you have the same passion and mission, instead of competing in rivalry, it’s best to join hand together to reach your goal. Klabjazz, ITJazz, Margo Friday Jazz and some other communities, all of these communities have the same mission to bring jazz up to the front. And it’s really great to see them helping each other in order to fulfill their dreams. That’s the lesson learned for tonight, and I feel very happy to see two jazz communities could work together hand in hand presenting a quality show. As usual, another well done show. Our sincere thanks to KlabJazz, Melinda Hospital, Bumi Sangkuriang and also ITJazz for their consistant and persistant effort to bring jazz to the surface, to the place where it deserves to be. With this special collaboration, I’m sure jazz has a very bright future not only in Bandung but also in Indonesia. Our sincere thanks as usual to everybody who has been given their all to make this monthly event stay in best quality. We look forward to see the December’s edition. Keep on jazzin’!

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Eghi Gabred


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