Jazz Break Revival XIII : The Report


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This month’s KlabJazz’ Jazz Break Revival, the 13th Edition was made very special. Unlike the previous editions, this time Jazz Break Revival went hand in hand with the Alumni bond (IKA) of SMP (Junior High School) Negeri 2 Bandung – The Coordinator of 3rd Decades 1967-1976, and of course with Balai Pertemuan Bumi Sangkuriang, where this event always presented, to make an edition with a particular reason. The theme for this 13th edition was set to support the Grand Reunion 2010 EX2VAGANZA event. It should be a very special night for all the alumnis of SMP Negeri 2 Bandung, and it really was. Not only for the alumnis, but as usual, the event was pleasuring for all the jazz lovers in Bandung in general. Held in a really cozy hall, the room was filled by mostly ex SMP Negeri 2 Bandung alumnis who seemed to have their own reunion around the hall. There were some youngsters too among the audience. Again Jazz Break Revival served a well done concert with interesting lineups. The lineups consisted of jazz artists that came from SMP Negeri 2 Bandung. Most of them has become an important part of the Indonesian Jazz scene so far, especially in Bandung.

Jazz Break Revival XIII

The event started with a brief introduction of this month’s edition. Dwi Cahya Yuniman, the coordinator of KlabJazz and the coordinator of the reunion,especially the 3rd Decades, 1967-1976 explained about this pre-event for the Grand Reunion that will be presented every two months until the D day. The first band performing was Teddy AB (bass) & Kanggep Kusuma (guitar). This was a new formed band. Teddy AB is known as one of the senior personnel of Wachdach Band. Along with them were Edward Manurung on drums and the jazz future, the young Jonathan Godjali on keyboard. It was really interesting to see this cross-generation band blending perfectly on stage. After the first song, the energic “Confirmation”, Early Kartika, the vocalist o Wachdach Band came on stage and sang “Summertime”, arranged in a cool funk style. The next song was the all time romantic song, the Chaka Khan’s “Through The Fire”. Just lovely through Early’s vocal. The delightful smooth jazzy “Mambo Inn” came next. For the last song, Early came again and sang “Taking the Chance of Love” together with the band. Strong opening that turned the hall into a cool cozy jazzy lounge.

The second band performing was Brothers Beat. Brothers Beat is a band consists of younger generation of SMP Negeri 2 Bandung alumni that was formed just last week. The personnel are Fik (bass), Rizki (keyboard), Fuad (drums) and Izan (guitar). They brought a set of really cool retro funk style. The chunky bass gave a definite texture of it. They performed quite fast though only with two songs: Jamiroquai’s “Music of the Mind” and Incubus’ “Battlestar Scralatchtica”.

Jazz Break Revival XIII

Jazz Break Revival XIIIThen it was time for the band which I really wanted to see, Imam Pras Quartet. It’s been a while since the last time I saw them. Imam Pras is a senior jazz pianist from Bandung. He started with guitar actually, at the age of 5, and then switched to classical keyboard when he was 7. He got interested in jazz when he was 10, and 4 years later he started to play jazz on keyboard. He learned from Elfa Secioria, Bambang Nugroho and Indra Lesmana, and later taught many pianists. Some of them has their successful career today, like Imelda Rosalin for example. We asked Imam Pras why he was kind of “under the radar” for a while, and he explained that he was busy making a children jazz, it’s ready and soon we will have it on stores. Still with the composition just like it was before, Imam Pras performed with Boyke Priyo Utomo (sax), Rudy Zulkarnaen (upright bass) and Arifandi (Ari Aru) (drums). The first song was Imam Pras’ written song “Black Hole”. and then continued with Fora Faforina came along taking on the vocal. The timeless “I Love You For Sentimental Reason” and Edie Brickell’s“Good Times” were delivered perfectly. As a tribute for the late Michael Jackson who tragicly died last week, they brought “Ben” in the jazz mourning version. In the middle of the song, the vocalist who used to perform together with Imam Pras Quartet, Lia Amalia sang it. Followed by “Nalidaek” (a reverse spelling of “Keadilan (Justice), originally by Harry Roesli. The next song taken from Chaseiro’s collection entitled “Pemuda”with an interesting arrangement in jazz standard. The last song was “Kulihat Terang” (I See the Light).

Jazz Break Revival XIII

The next quartet came up. Led by Arina Mocca on vocal, the quartet delivered the evergreen “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” right away and filled the room with romancing mood. Besides Arina, there was her sister, Imelda Rosalin on keyboard, Rudy Zulkarnaen (Rudy Aru) on bass and Arifandi (Ari Aru) on drums. The next song, “Almost Like Being in Love” was spontaneous but nonetheless sang perfectly with Imam Pras on the keyboard.

Right after Arina and friends, Rumah Musik Harry Roesli (Harry Roesli Music House) took the stage. This group led by Sonny Akbar who has been teaching in there for some times. And it was time to go a bit “hardcore” and unique with a violist in the band. It was a set of interesting fusion and experimental. The lineup for the band are Upay (guitar), Iqbal (bass), Yadi (violin), Ridwan (drums) and of course Sonny Akbar on keyboard. The song played were “Tiga Bendera” a song written by the late Harry Roesli and “We Don’t Just Dance”.

The next one was Harry Pochang. Harry Pochang is known as a great blues harmonica player. He reminds me of Toots Thielemans. The group consists of Arief Setiadi (keyboard), Kiki, from Wachdach Band (drums), Joko Satrio (guitar) and Teddy AB (bass)For the first song they again paid a tribute to the late Michael Jackson with another version of “Ben”. Joko Satrio stepped forward and sang the bossa “Down in Brazil”. while still playing the guitar. Then an interesting “duel” was performed between saxophone and harmonica courtesy of Boyke Priyo Utomo and Harry Pochang on “Billy’s Bounce”. A unique jam came next. It was only with Boyke with a drum and brush sticks and his senior Arief Setiadi on saxophone.  They called themselves “Saxophone Coalition”. They played a unique version of “Tears in Heaven”. Then they switched side, Arief on drum while Boyke took the sax section. It was absolutely entertaining to see them play around with saxophone and a drum. Imam Pras came helping them with the keyboard. Interestingly Arief tapped the drum with his hand sometimes while keeping on blowing his sax. It was absolutely entertaining. Kiki took over the drum and four of them delivered a cool jam. Joko, Teddy and Harry went back on stage next. They played the bluesy version of “Route 66“.

Jazz Break Revival XIII

Be Pop closed the show, first with Michael Franks’ gold “When The Cookie Jar is Empty” and then for the last one a very refreshing and entertaining jam came on. It was Roberta Flack’s classic “Feels Like Making Love” brought on by heavy lineups. Imelda Rosalin on vocal including scatting and keyboard, Imam Pras on the other side with keyboard, Teddy AB on bass, Kanggep Kusuma on guitar, and Joko Satrio on guitar and scat, Kiki with drums, Arief Setiadi on flute, Harry Pochang on harmonica and Erlan on vocal. Followed by the nostalgic “Can’t Take My Eyes Of You” medley with The Real Thing all time hit “You To Me Are Everything” with Boyke came on stage. And the rest of the audience went to the front stage dancing together. What a way to close the show!

Jazz Break Revival XIII

In the end, it was a sweet reunion among old friends. As said before, this month’s edition was meant to be a pre-event for the upcoming Grand Reunion of SMP Negeri 2 Bandung. The message sent loud and clear, and this first one will be followed by the second one two months from now. Very interesting lineups, cozy surrounding hall, friendly and familiar faces all around and lots of interesting things happened tonight at Bumi Sangkuriang. We say, there’s nothing better to have a reunion in jazzy style! That was what happened tonight. Boy, that was fun! We wish all the best for the reunion.

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan, Adott Jumbo
Photographer: Eghi 25


  1. Catatan Tambahan:
    Pada paragraf Hari Pochang, pada saat Arief Setiadi tampil dengan Boyke Priyo Utomo, kelompok yang tampil itu sudah berubah menjadi ARIEF SETIADI & BOYKE PRIYO UTOMO “SAXOPHONE COALITION”.

    Terima kasih, Jazzuality atas liputannya yang lugas dan tuntas 🙂

    • oops.. sorry, i forgot to write it..:D thanks for the correction mas Nims! =) always a pleasure for us to support KlabJazz’ events!


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