Jazz | Blues Care Second Week at Potluck Kitchen : The Report


It’s been great to see the jazz artists show their concern and sympathy to help their brothers and sisters who are suffering recently for the natural disasters that struck their lives. There are many jazz charity concerts lately all over Indonesia, and no matter where, these artists are enthusiastic to jump in, contributing within their capacity and specialty. They are musicians, they live on stage, and they know they can always do something for the victims with what they are good at. Jazz | Blues Care is the movement in Bandung created as a collaboration between two big community, Klab Jazz and Bandung Blues Society, supported by two venues, Potluck Kitchen and Ruang Putih. The Jazz Cares series is held at Potluck Kitchen, while the Blues Cares served at Ruang Putih. The first Jazz Cares was delivered nicely last week by having the combination of artists from Jakarta and Bandung. Syaharani joined the forces of local Bandung such as Vassagie, Hollywood Nobody, Tulus and Friends and the progressive/experimental guitarist Krishnan Muhammad with his project.

Jazz Blues Care - Deva Permana-Riza Arshad-Ari Firman (7)This time we got a fresh set again in combination. Not only from Bandung and Jakarta, but we also had Deva Permana who currently resides in Sydney coming in. For this charity event, Deva Permana teamed up with the keyboard wiz Riza Arshad who is known as the leader of simakDialog, Trioscapes and also a role model/mentor for many musicians, also Ari Firman, a highly experienced bassist who is famous as the bassist of Four Brothers and of course The Groove. Not only this trio, this week some great Bandung musicians were participating as well. The new formed duo Grace and Tesla, the rockin’ blues with jazz flavor group Iman Brata Trio, the pure fusion The Statement and candy sweet acoustic band La Belle. We knew from the start that this second week of Jazz Cares would be very interesting with these lineup, and yes, it was really so as predicted, even more with a surprising appearance by Tiwi Shakuhachi and Agam Hamzah.

Jazz Cares-The Statement (7)

Jazz Cares-The Statement (5)If you enjoy the kind of fusion from the 80’s, The Statement knows exactly how to bring it back again in delightful style. Ever since 2004 this band has been appearing with several different formations. But Andi Danial is still there since the first formation. The Statement’s session was opened interestingly with a percussion (kendang) duet featuring Ari and a little boy named Mika who is still in the 5th grade of elementary school. It was intense, eventhough they only played for about 5 minutes, they could actually brought the mood of the audiences at present to enjoy the rest of the show. Andi Danial brought his whole team including his long time partner Jo Harmann on bass on stage and quickly they threw the first song, “Angkot Bandung”. The wildness of saxophone was successfully grabing the chaotic street that the public transportation drivers have to fight every day. Using kendang instead of drums made their appearance felt different than The Statement we heard before. The second one took the 1001 nights Arabian melodic pattern for the opening of “Surfing”. A young girl vocalist named Destia Maharani was called on stage and they sang “Camping”. Another instrumental song titled “Howdy Buddy” became the last song. Whole in whole, The Statement gave much more smoother jazz this afternoon, but yet they didn’t throw the power. As smooth jazz as also came from fusion, it was nice to have Andi Danial and his Statement did it. It was fun.

Jazz Cares - La Belle (1)

La Belle got the second turn, and they started with their own song, “Sia-Sia”. The delightful acoustic pattern of La Belle continued on with “Leave It All Behind”. Their easy listening style was really nice to listen under the cool weather with the grass smelled nice after the rain. Nurani Marlya Puspita Sari looked stunning with her sexy dress. She delivered the next song in a little country taste, “Apapun Yang aku Mau”, followed by the jazz groovy “My Old Friend” and “Optimis” as the last  presentation. As always, it felt warm and cozy with La Belle on stage. We are happy to see them often lately in Klab Jazz’ events, may they keep on appearing again in the near future.

Jazz Cares - Iman Brata Trio (4)

Blending the roarin’ rockin’ blues with jazz flavors is not easy for some, yet it sounds very natural when it comes from Iman Brata Trio. This group really know how to blend it into one magic potion that could be enjoyed by rock, blues and jazz fans at the same time. The nuance quickly changed into the classic rockin’ blues style like in the late 60’s/early 70’s. Abank Iman Kramadibrata kept roaring with his guitar, giving the nuance of the vintage rockin’ era in the early 70?s, while Ade Sulaiman Kramadibrata (drum) and Gabriel (bass) gave a strong base line for the wild performance.  As usual their wild rockin’ blues playing managed to capture the attention of everyone with no exception. after “All Blues” and Mike Stern‘s “Tipatina’s”, surprisingly, they took Sandhy Sondoro‘s famous song “Malam Biru” and turned it into the vintage heavy rockin’ style. After this nice attempt, Iman Brata Trio showed their speed exhibition with Charlie Parker‘s “Donna Lee”. It was a showdown, Iman Brata once again gave a devil-ish heat on stage. It was truly electrified!

Jazz Blues Care - Grace and Tesla (5)

Tesla seemed to have endless creativity inside him. He’s been showing tremendous guitar playing over the past several years. He’s still young, but he’s already capable on playing guitar just like pros. After the period of playing in Bayu and Tesla and G/E/T, he now collaborates with Grace Sahertian in the field of world jazz and new age with some dark experimental style. Eventhough they are newly formed, they move fast as they have released an album.

Jazz Blues Care - Grace and Tesla (4)Grace and Tesla performed with guitarist Gega Nesywara. The first song was the dark moody “Deru”. They continued with “Dear Mom” presented in mellow tone, and continued with “Intervention”, a song talked about God’s intervention in our life’s struggles. Grace left the stage and let Tesla and Gega collaborated in “Etude”. As we missed their stunning collaboration in duo three weeks ago at Sunday Jazz VIII, again they showed a good partnership between each other. Grace came again and sang Anna Maria Jopek‘s “Always and Forever” and  “Melati Suci” originally by Guruh Soekarno Putra which appeared more darker and more haunting than the original one. Grace and Tesla with Gega Nesywara gave a very different style of music that never meant to be trapped under one particular genre. Without a doubt, they have given something new in our music.

Jazz Blues Care - Tiwi Shakuhachi-Agam Hamzah (3)

One the lovely treat tonight was the surprising appearance by Tiwi Shakuhachi and Agam Hamzah. They made a memorable performance on last February 2010 at Jazz Break Revival XIX that we still clearly remember, and now they repeated that again with even more romance.

Jazz Blues Care - Tiwi Shakuhachi-Agam Hamzah (6)Brazilian, that was one of their main menu for tonight.They rolled with “No More Blues”, the English version of the famous “Chega de Saudade”, originally composed by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes. Cozy, relaxing and comfy, that was the feeling they created with their intimate session. The intimate moment turned more romantic with “Call Me”, a famous Tony Hatch‘s song which were made famous by the likes of Petula Clark, Astrud Gilberto, Eliane Elias, Dame Shirley Bassey among other big stars.  Surprise kept coming, as they called the wonderkid David Manuhutu to join them. Together  they brought the evergreen Snow White‘s theme, “Someday My Prince Will Come”.  As much as they enjoyed their play, the sweet romancing mood created from the stage touched the heart of everyone as well. Tiwi gave her cool scat-singing in the whole songs, pairing nicely with Agam’s delightful finger-dance on the fret. It was indeed an intimate and lovely session. Thank you for the heartfelt performance, Tiwi Shakuhachi and Agam Hamzah, we hope to see you again soon.

Jazz Blues Care - Deva Permana-Riza Arshad-Ari Firman (6)To his friends and family, the award winning drummer Deva Permana is known as a down to earth, friendly, kind and gentle man besides as a phenomenally gifted musician.This talent runs through his blood from his father, the legendary entertainer/ventriloquist/composer/comedian/singer Gatot Soenjoto. His drum beat has character that can be felt clearly whenever you listen to his play. Deva is also noted as an inspiring teacher who is dearly loved by his students in Australia. His contribution in the Australian jazz scene is enormous. He’s been an integral part of the Syndey arts community for many years. It’s been 15 years now for Deva to accomplish many musical achievements of International standard.

Jazz Blues Care - Deva Permana-Riza Arshad-Ari Firman (4)

Playing with his long time close friend who is already like his own brother Riza Arshad was indeed something special for us to see. With having Ari Firman as the bassist, they formed a powerful trio that shocked the whole audiences. As predicted, they gave an intense action packed performance, boppin’ the first song “Bolivia “. The crowds gave them huge applauses many times even during the play. They continued raising the tension with Wayne Shorter‘s “Footprints”. Again the power house blasted on stage with it. Riza Arshad released the tention with a ballad he wrote 20 years ago, “Forever Will Be”, which was included in Riza Arshad’s Trioscapes album. They played it nice and smooth without losing their free improvisation style. “That song was written for Arie Ayunir, my long time friend who has moved to USA” Riza Arshad said.

Jazz Blues Care - Jam Session (1)

Next they brought Alan Pasqua‘s “Proto Cosmos” who appeared in Tony Williams’ Lifetime band in the 70’s. Later as Alan Pasqua also played on some Allan Holdsworth records, Holdsworth often play this song too in his live sets. Again they showed tremendous showdown with their heavily gifted skills.  Don’t know how he did it,  but Deva’s power on drum beating is really captivating. All the beat feels so alive in every touch. Their session was supposed to end, but as the crowds kept asking for more, they gave an encore, this time taking Miles Davis “So What”.  A very huge applause were thrown to them in the end. This graphic, highly intense jazz was presented perfectly by the master class musicians. It was a dope to the max. Deva, we’re proud of you. Keep spreading your signature in Australia! We wish you all the best.

Jazz Blues Care - Jam Session (2)The surprise seemed didn’t want to stop. Eventhough the schedule was supposed to be over, a free for all jam session was immidiately set. On stage were Agam Hamzah, Deva Permana, Ari Firman and David Manuhutu. They brought Herbie Hancock‘s “Cantaloupe Island” in a seriously cool jam session. Just as the tradition of jam session, the musicians kept on replacing each other on the instruments.  All the musicians jumped in, including Riza Arshad, Tiwi Shakuhachi, Abank. Tesla, Reza and Albert. What a nice way to seal the show.

The 2nd week of Jazz Cares was delivered nicely in wide variety. We are happy to see the huge support received not only from the musicians but also from the jazz lovers in Bandung as well. The series of Jazz|Blues Care from Klab Jazz, Bandung Blues Society and two venues, Potluck Kitchen and Ruang Putih will still on. Stay tuned for the lineup next week, and keep helping our brothers and sisters who are suffering now by the tragedy that struck their lands and lives. Remember, you can always come to donate anytime on and off the concert by visiting the venues. The charity boxes and donation boxes of Jazz|Blues Care are provided at both venues:
Potluck Kitchen: Jl H Wasid no. 31 Bandung tel: +62 22 2503829
Ruang Putih: Jl Bungur 37 Bandung tel: +62 22 2032564
You can either donate some cash or goods.

If you want to transfer, you can send it to one of these accounts:
– Bank BCA KCP Banda, Bandung 4491263681 acc name: Lucille Gunawan
– Bank BCA KCP Radio Dalam, Jakarta 2191219301 acc name: R. Macky Hikmatin
ps: Don’t forget to write “Sumbangan” (Donation) on the transfer note.

It was an awesome night. See you again next week with another cool lineup!

See more pictures:

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Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Dwi Ratri Utomo


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