Jazz | Blues Care I at Potluck Kitchen: The Report


Indonesia is in tears. Several natural disasters occured in the last one month that killed hundreds of people and leaving thousands mourn while still struggling for their lives.  Thousands of people has been moving in to tents due the damage of both natural disasters. Houses and cattles were totally destroyed and now the victims living under limited access to clean air, water, santitation and food. They have lost their family, friends and even lives. Hopes seems to have faded. Dreams ended. It’s time for us to lend a hand, showing that we, as their brothers and sisters, do care about them and will support them in any way. Jazz and Blues community/society in Bandung are joining hands responding to the situation. As the result, series of Jazz|Blues Care are presented in two venues.

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The first edition of Jazz Cares was held at Potluck Kitchen last Sunday. This was the first of 5 events that will be held by Klab Jazz and Bandung Blues Society in cooperation with the venue, Potluck Kitchen and Ruang Putih to help the victims of Mentawai, Mount Merapi volcano eruption and the disasters occured in other places.

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Hollywood Nobody made their second apperance in Sunday jazz. As the opening they brought The Cure’s “Love song” and continue with their original song back in 2005 “Worse Than The Worst “. They also brought 3 more song to heat up the stage. It was a great performance and as usual the crowd gave them a big applause.

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A classic  taken from Walt Disney’s Pinocchio “When You Wish Upon a Star“ were played by Krishnan Muhammad alone in the stage. It was a cool solo performance to burn up the stage. Sindhu Bayu and Angga “Grendo” joined him in the stage for the next apperance of Krishnan Muhammad Project. “Doger“ was the second song they took to entertain the audience. An experimental electric fusion song “October part 1“ and “October part 2“ moved the stage in a whole new world. They always made something to be remembered. Hope to see them again somewhere soon.

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Tulus and Friends was the third line up. He brought Ferdy Apriady (Sax), Rommy (guitar) ,  Sindhu Bayusekti (bass)  and Chalk for Cheese‘s Trianzani Sulshi. Tulus amazing crooning voice combine with his friends’ instruments was a blast!.Amy Winehouse’s “You Know I’m No Good “ and Chrisye’s “Setia“ were played and the crowds loved it!

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“Right now, we can sip some tea, coffee and enjoy the music.. some of our brothers and sisters are in tears. So why don’t we spare a bit of our money to support them? “ said Syaharani, knocking our hearts before she played with Vassagie. We agreed what syaharani said. The grieves of the victims of both natural disaster are ours too. Karimata‘s “Rainy days and You“ and Billie Holiday‘s classic “God Bless the Child” were sung beatifuly by Syaharani and she walked away from the stage with a big applause.

After a short brake,  Tulus came up for a duet with syaharani and accompanied with Vassagie. Together they impressed the crowds with “Summertime“ and then left the stage. For the final act, Vassagie brought their original funk style.

Honestly, it was a touching moment to see how music became a tool for helping each other. Music is not meant only for entertaining people, but it could be used for good cause as well. We are amaze to see how God blesses us with music, and now these musicians are using their ability, passion, talent and calling to help the victims all over Indonesia. The victims of Mentawai’s tsunami and mount Merapi’s eruption still need our hands to ease their misery and pain. More than before, our brothers and sisters need our helps today. We are keep on inviting everyone especially the jazz and blues lovers to support this program. Stay tuned for this Sunday’s Jazz | Blues Care event!

If you want to transfer, you can send it to one of these accounts:
– Bank BCA KCP Banda, Bandung 4491263681 acc name: Lucille Gunawan
– Bank BCA KCP Radio Dalam, Jakarta 2191219301 acc name: R. Macky Hikmatin
ps: Don’t forget to write “Sumbangan” (Donation) on the transfer note.

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Reporter: Kurnia Bayu Aji, Febrian Dirga
Photographer: Dwi Ratri Utomo
Editor: Fardhani Ramadhana, Riandy Kurniawan


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