Jazz Blues Care : Fundraising For Indonesia


Indonesia has to shed tears again due to some natural disasters happened in several areas in Indonesia. On October 25, there was a big earthquake which was followed by tsunami that killed hundreds of people and devastated the area in Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra Province. Just a day after, the Mount Merapi volcano erupted in Central Java and again destroyed the lives of many people. Clouds of searing gas and hot ash cascaded down the mountain, torching people, houses and cattles on its way. Indonesia has been experiencing terrible damages during the last month. Thousands of people has been moving to live in tents with limited access to clean, sanitation, medicine, clothes and food. The victims of Mount Merapi eruption are now living by breathing heavily under sulphur contaminated air. They all need our attention and help immediately.

Klab Jazz and Bandung Blues Society together with the venues, Potluck Kitchen and Ruang Putih have provided the facility to help the unfortunate victims called Jazz|Blues Care. You can donate cash, usable goods (clothing), foods or money transfer on and off the shows.

The charity boxes and donation boxes of Jazz|Blues Care are provided at both venues:
Potluck Kitchen, Jl H Wasid no. 31 Bandung tel: +62 22 2503829
Ruang Putih Jl Bungur 37 Bandung tel: +62 22 2032564
You can either donate some cash or goods.

If you want to transfer, you can send it to one of these accounts:
– Bank BCA KCP Banda, Bandung 4491263681 acc name: Lucille Gunawan
– Bank BCA KCP Radio Dalam, Jakarta 2191219301 acc name: R. Macky Hikmatin
ps: Don’t forget to write “Sumbangan” (Donation) on the transfer note.

Besides providing these facilities, Klab Jazz and Bandung Blues Society have also planned to socialize the cause in their regular programs.

JAZZ CARES will be held by Klab Jazz at Potluck Kitchen in the regular program Sunday Jazz that will go every week in this month, on November 14,21 and 28, 2010. Starting for this Sunday (November 14,2010), 4 bands are ready to perform: Hollywood Nobody, Krishnan Muhammad Project, Tulus and Friends and last but not least, Vassagie.

BLUES CARES will be held by Bandung Blues Society at Ruang Putih in their program Saturday Night Special and Monday Blues on November 20 and 29, 2010

We are inviting everyone especially the jazz and blues communities to support this program. All the collected funds will be transferred to “Dompet Bencana Pikiran Rakyat” while the usable goods like clothes, medicines and foods will be distributed by the Palang Merah Indonesia (Indonesia’s Red Cross) network or Wanadri.

The Grieves of Mentawai and Mount Merapi’s eruption victims are also ours. More than anything, they really need our help, and the need it immediately. We can help to ease their pain, misery and sorrow by sparing a bit of what we have. Let’s join hands and show our care!


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