Indro Hardjodikoro & The Fingers to Visit Three Russian Cities


“Alhamdulillah (Praise to God)..”, that’s the word appeared from the whole Indro Hardjodikoro & The Fingers and the management after getting the confirmation to perform in 3 cities in Russia right after we enter the new year of 2012: St Petersburg (January 13), Protvino (January 14) and the capital and the most populous city of Russia, Moscow (January 15). We just heard the news from Indro’s wife Muna Bunayati (Naya) who also stands as the manager of the band about this happy news. Just several hours from now they all will be leaving to Russia for this very special trip.

It’s not often for us to hear a jazz band from Indonesia gets the chance to go far abroad twice in a very short time, in just 7 months to be exact. Indro Hardjodikoro & the Fingers came for the first time to Russia last July 2011 to play at two festivals, Petro Jazz Festival in St Petersburg and MuzEnergo Festival in Dubna. (Read the exclusive report from that trip here: ). At that time, the representative of a Russian event organizer asked the crowds whether they want to see Indro Hardjodikoro & The Fingers again or not if they come back to Russia. The crowds responded enthusiasticly to that idea. Looking at that positive response, the event organizer worked fast in arranging a tour for this band visiting 3 cities. Having a foreign event organizer create a tour for Indonesian band is of course something special, and that could stand as a solid proof of how this band has captured the hearts of Russian music listeners as well as showing that they are indeed a high quality band.

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Unlike 7 months ago when Russia was having a summer season, this time they will play in very cold weather that can reach -20º Celcius (approximately -4 ºF). With that climate it won’t be possible to have them play outdoor. Therefore this time the band is set to play indoor. The first gig will be at Djarum Black Petro Jazz Winter at St Petersburg, located about 650 km from Moscow. They will be accompanied by some Russian bands in this event. After that, they will go back to Moscow by train and continue their trip to Protvino (100 km from Moscow) and then back to the capital for Fusion Day at Music Town Club.

[flickr id=”6673928687″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”small” group=”” align=”left”] It’s awe-inspiring to see a band that was formed not too long ago can go this far. Other than the talented and experienced musicians inside it, this band also has a unique concept. This idea came out right after the first Indro’s solo debut album “Feels Free” was done. Indro has tought of using two bassists as the concept for a long time because he believed it would be cool to have two bass guitars at the same time. “Somebody can take the rhythm while I’m running freely with my bass, vice versa. That’s why it’s going to be cool.” he said. “Other than that, something new can appear when two bassists fill in each know, exchanging the expression, responding to one’s play and so on.” he continued. So two bassists are standing in this [flickr id=”6673928449″ thumbnail=”small” overlay=”false” size=”small” group=”” align=”right”] group, Indro himself and his former student Fajar Adi Nugroho. After that, a specific drummer would be crucially needed to bring out this fusion concept with two bassists. Yesaya (Echa) Sumantri was chosen to fill up this part. Unfortunately he’s unavailable for this trip due to some reasons. But no need to worry, because another very talented young drummer who has worked often with Indro named Demas Narawangsa is ready to replace him in this Russia tour. Last but not least, Andy ‘Gomez’ Setiawan is completing the group as the keyboardist. What’s even more interesting is they bring two guest stars for this trip. Kendangist Ade Tumbrink will add more traditional spices into the music concept. This become important since Indro Hardjodikoro & The Fingers will play “Panon Hideung”, a Sundanese song that has similiar melody with a very famous Russian folk song “Ochi Chorne”. Like that’s not enough, the soul powerhouse singer Dira Sugandi is also joining them. Looking at this winning team, we know that Indro Hardjodikoro & The Fingers will give something new to the Russian audience while still keeping all the ingredience that loved by them from their first visit.

According to Naya, they are looking at the possibility to play in more East European cities this year. That’s a great news, but for now let’s support Indro Hardjodikoro & The Fingers, Dira Sugandi and Ade Tumbrink on this tour to Russia. Congratulations guys! Have a safe trip and have fun. Bring it on!

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