Indonesia Cutting Edge Music Award (ICEMA) 2012


Happy to inform you that Indonesia Cutting Edge Music Awards (ICEMA) is back! This special awarding event, which will throw out the recognitions for the newcomers in Indonesian who dare to be different in the middle of pop invasion in our national music scene, will be held again after its last round in 2010. Two years of preparation and enrichment about knowledge in this music industry that increasing year by year, having many bands or musician from our local level that have their own uniqueness and characteristic in working are developed and surely it will be coloring this award giving event to be a very competitive session in this country.

So for you who deeply interested in the field of music innovation and declare yourself as the different of any pop culture, please do take a look and participate in this event. Are you ready to catch the glimpse of this event? Taking part to decide who deserve to win the recognition? Seeing the names of your favorite-chosen artist standing on the stage cherish the award given? Chill, we have the English press release below special only for you!

The Press Release

Indonesia Cutting Edge Music Awards (ICEMA) is rolling back in the end of this 2012. This is the second time for this event to be held, after having its first turn in Epicentrum Walk, Jakarta on last July 18, 2010.

ICEMA 2012 is an award given as appreciation to the Indonesian musicians who have renewal spirit of creating the musical work with new forms of expression, through the diverse musical exploration, thus offering new options of qualified musical work to the public in the dominance of the mainstream music.

ICEMA is held as a feedback of the current developments in the Indonesian music scene, due to the emergence of diversity in music genre, variety in theme song and new approaches in the production of music that cannot be ignored.

ICEMA 2012 is organized by MACS909 & 7evenotes within the support from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Republic of Indonesia (Kemenparekraf). This is align with the mission and programs of Kemenparekraf to boost up non-mainstream music industry, which is one manifestation of the creativity of Indonesian youth and increase the appreciation and insight to the diversity in Indonesian music. To support the mission of Kemenparekraf, this year ICEMA brings the theme “Carnival Music Indonesia” as a celebration of the rich diversity in Indonesian music scene.

ICEMA 2012 is divided into several stages:

1. Screening
The ICEMA committee will collect material songs from bands that launched their work in the period of April 2010 to July 2012. The material collected will be selected by a team consisting of Wendi Putranto (Rolling Stone), Sandra Asteria (Trax FM Jakarta), Eric Wiryanata (, Denny Sakrie (Writer and Music Observer) and David Tarin (Contemporary Culture Observer).

2. Voting
This phase will run for 14 days, start from November 1 2012 to November 14 2012. The material that pass the selection will be placed in the voting process on the ICEMA website ( The results of this phase will be announced on November 28 2012.

For this year, ICEMA is changing the electoral system for some categories. Most of categories will be judged by the members of categorization team and the few left categories will be put in the online voting done by public. For the categories and nominees will be announced on November 1 2012, coinciding with the opening of online voting in

For more information about ICEMA 2012 please contact
Anthono 089654266386

Foreword by the judges via youtube:

Written by: Ghea Sagita


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