EVENING GALA JAZZ & FINE ARTS : Fundraising for Kids with Cancer in Medan




As a universal language, music has uncountable purposes and can be beneficial in so many different ways. While most of people probably use music for the sake of entertainment, music actually can be used for good causes and charity. Jazz, one of the biggest, most influential and respected style of music are commonly used everywhere to raise an awareness for something the public should know of and have a certain kind of force to stand as a theme in fundraising concert.


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Based on that spirit, here’s what happened in Medan last week. YOAM (Yayasan Onkologi Anak Medan), currently headed by Rizanul Arifin of ‘Medan Bisnis’ with the support of the Vice Governor of North Sumatra, T. Erry Nuradi in cooperation with Waspada Emusic (WEM), the affiliated media-company which specialized in bringing jazz as the part of the city’s culture and art by their finest jazz group, ‘Erucakra Mahameru & C Man Band’, plus The City Hall Club (Medan’s premier private membership club located in The Aston City Hall which exists to serve and facilitate communication, exchange of ideas, interaction and camaraderie supporting the development of local industry and infrastructure including culture and arts) held a special jazz-based fundraising event intended to support kids with cancer. It’s called: Evening Gala Jazz & Fine Arts ; Fundraising for Kids with Cancer.

Rizanul said, by looking at the new and different ways to spread the awareness, this time they relied on jazz music which has become more and more accepted by the public, also fine arts including the painting/photo exhibitions and auctions. There was also fashion show to introduce the city’s most notable talents. They hope this event could raise more funds to support the medical treatments for kids with cancer. The event was attended by the city’s governments and US consul for Sumatra in Medan, Robert Ewing, as well as the donators, sponsors, medical doctors and medias.


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Opened by Rizanul and the caretakers of the foundation, the event featured jazz music performance by Erucakra Mahameru & C Man. For this charity project, the band consists of the frontman guitarist/vocalist Erucakra Mahameru, Dian (bass), Alfred (bass), Budi (keyboard), Rusfian (drum), Bryan (saxophone) and Noni, Ega & Linvia (vocals) played jazz tunes such as Miles Davis’ “So What”, “Celebration” and Indonesian famous jazz song written by Dian Pramana Putra/Deddy Dhukun and popularized for the first time by January Christy,  “Aku Ini Punya Siapa”.

Other than delivering well known songs in cool rearrangement, Erucakra & C Man also played two original compositions, “Balap Liar” (Illegal Drag Race) and “Mohax”. After that they turned to James Brown with “I Feel Good”.

Accompanying the first session of fashion show which featured original collection of designers Torang Sitorus and Erdan, Indonesian’s pop classic “Kala Cinta Menggoda”, Miles Davis’ “Jojo” and Sting’s “Englishman In New York” became their choice of songs. Not a normal song to use in fashion show, perhaps, but these songs remarkably worked very well.


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The event reached its peak when the foundation called the children with cancer to be on stage together with Medan’s Vice Governor. Together they sang famous hits like D Masiv’s “Jangan Menyerah” (Don’t Give Up), George Benson’s “The Greatest Love of All” and The Beatles’ “Come Together”. In the end these children handed flower bouquets to the Vice Governor, YOAM, WEM and the representative of the City Hall Club. This moment touched every hearts in the hall deeply.


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Along with the auctions and exhibitions, the whole evening managed to raise more than 50 million rupiah from the donators. This is what music can do, reaching more people to join the good cause by giving donations in charity programs. We realize the pain and suffering these children with cancer are enduring. It’s hard for them, it’s hard for the parents and family. Hopefully all the donations would help the children with cancer to survive and live their lives better. we certainly hope so. Look forward for more event like this. Keep fighting, kids! Never give up, we are with you in your fight for life.

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Reporter: Daniel Irawan
Photographer: Ferry Rumahorbo
Editor: Riandy Kurniawan