7 Indonesian Jazz Artists Have Qualified into the 2nd Round of Master-Jam Fest, Ukraine




About 3 months ago we announced the Master-Jam Fest, an International Festival-Contest of Jazz Improvisation. This unique competition involves jazz musicians from every corner of the world who are ready to show their best in delivering the magical tradition of jazz all the way to reach the grand final at the beautiful city of Odessa, Ukraine. (Read our first announcement here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/master-jam-fest-online-preselection/).

The historical, cultural and tourist center city near the Black Sea, Odessa actually has its own jazz party, popularly known as Odessa Jazz Carnival. But this time, the author and producer of it Mikhail Freidlin brought something contrast while still deeply rooted in the same spirit.

The first pre-selection was held online and quickly gained huge response by jazz musicians/vocalists from around the globe. No less than 223 improvisers from 34 countries have participated in the first online preselection, that includes young but experienced musicians as well. They were divided into 9 categories: Horizontal Piano and Other Keyboard Instruments, Contrabass (Electric Bass, Bass Guitar), Percussion Instruments, Saxophone (all types) and Clarinet, Trumpet (Flugelhorn), Trombone, Guitar, Vocals and the rest like Violin, French Horn, Flute, Ethnic Instruments etc are listed in the last category.

master-jam, indonesian prefinalist


For the first round, the musicians only needed to send their video-presentations which has already closed on December 31st, 2012. Now comes the second round with a great news for Indonesia! Among the selected second rounders, the Jury have picked 7 Indonesian jazz musicians/vocals to go further in the next qualifying round! They are:

Nesia Ardi (in Vocals category)
Robert Mulyarahardja and Achmad Ananda (in Guitar category)
Chaka Priambudi and Kevin Yosua (in Contrabass; Electric Bass and Bass Guitar category)
Sandy Winarta (in Percussion Instruments category)
Widiyanto Sulaeman Sutanto (in Horizontal Piano and Other Keyboard Instruments category)

Proud to say that Indonesia sends the most number of second round finalists among other South East Asian nations. (Check the complete statistics here: http://master-jam.com/en/statistics/).

For the second phase, the board of judges which consist of jazz experts, honored pedagogues, famous jazz musicians, well-known producers, music journalists, popular TV hosts and prominent politicians will vote for the nominees to select the finalists. The jury will vote from January 15 to February 15, 2013. During this period the jury will evaluate video presentations of the participants and and determine for whom the ‘capital city of Ukraine’, Odessa will open its door to the final round on April 25-30, 2013. This grand final will also mark the International Day of UNESCO’s jazz.


The Festival will pay the travel to Odessa, including the accomodation there during this last round for all the participants who survive from the second cut and make it into the final.


The question is, is there anything we can do to support our own talents? Actually there is. There’s The Internet-Viewers Voting for “People’s Choice Prize” that will allow you to decide the winner! This voting will be held also from January 15 to February 15, 2013 at the Master Jam Fest’s official website: http://master-jam.com/en. You can follow ratings of the contestants and in social networks of the Festival (http://www.facebook.com/en/groups/masterjamfest/), you can also listen, assess or even give comments while taking part along with the contestants, board of judges and the team of Master Jam! One important thing: other than the scores from the Jury, rating score from the jazz community via Internet is also counted!

Participants of the festival-contest who won maximum quantity of nominations will become laureates of the whole festival (Grandmasters of jazz). They will be awarded with cash prizes and will be presented with an opportunity to record a label at one of the best recording studios of the world along with a worldwide tour.


For the more information about the contest and the Final round of the Festival, see Terms, conditions and the order of Festival here in this following link:  http://master-jam.com/en/concurs/.


The media coverage will be provided through the website (section video-presentations of the participants of the festival-contest) and specialized musical media. This event  is supported by biggest jazz associations and world Media.

Let’s wish our own jazz improvisers the best, and don’t forget to vote for them! Now you can participate in the Indonesia jazz movement, where any vote you make will be very important. Let’s make 2013 our year, internationallly speaking. May this festival open up the chance for us to speak the jazz language louder in the global world.


Note: There’s still chance for Indonesian Jazz Artists to join the competition. Submit your video now to masterjamfest@gmail.com and read this page http://master-jam.com/en/concurs/. Do it right away before it’s too late!


For more info, log on to http://master-jam.com/en, join their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/MasterJamFest and http://www.facebook.com/groups/masterjamfest , and follow their Twitter @masterjamfest