JGTC Lifetime Achievement Award 2010 Goes To: Sadikin Zuchra


A man, a legend, a mentor, an idol, a highly respected father and friend, all these qualities are just a few words to describe someone who has seen many things in the history of jazz in Indonesia, or even in the bigger scale, the music in general. He is Sadikin Zuchra. The younger generation might have forgotten him, but really, he’s the living legend that we should honor, not only for his kindness and skill, but also for all his contributions throughout the timeline of Indonesian music history. Being as great as he is, it’s time for us to give the respect and honor he really deserves, and yesterday we saw an unforgettably touching moment when Jazz Goes to Campus (JGTC) committee handed him a Lifetime Achievement Award.

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We arrived at a pleasantful house somewhere in Kelapa Dua, Depok, south Jakarta. That’s the home where the legendary Sadikin Zuchra, along with every story that could be told about him live today. He was famous in his time especially during the 50’s to 70’s that now can’t do so much anymore due to his age and health condition. He’s been slowly fade away after as the time goes by, he got stroke and had to stopped his walk on the music circuit, but we still see the strong spirit runs within him. This spirit still sparks especially through his eyes, that’s something that can still be clearly seen with our own eyes. he greeted everyone who came for this special occasion with a very sincere and happy smile.

JGTC Lifetime Achievement Award 2010 SADIKIN ZUCHRA (6)Sadikin Zuchra was born in Bandung on January 22, 1934. He started learning guitar when he was still 14 years old. His big passion in music made him learn more than just guitar, as he moved on by playing bass, piano and even trumpet along the way all by himself. His encounter with jazz occured when he met Eddy Karamoy and became thicker after he met some other friends including Benny Corda and Mus Mualim later on.

In 1959 he formed the band named Black Satin with some of his friends like Mus Mualim  and Benny Corda. Later in the 60’s he formed another group named Irama Bayu Nusantara together with Didi Chia, Bill Saragih, Eddy Karamoy and others. During the 60’s he got the excellent shot to perform abroad. Together with some other legends including Didi Pattirani, Bill Saragih and Maryono, he had gigs in some big cities to reach Hongkong and Japan. Perhaps one of the memorable moment of him came when he played at Expo 1970 Osaka, Japan under the legendary group of Indonesia VI (Indonesia Six). It was the phenomenal group consisted of other jazz giants such as Mus Mualim, Benny Mustafa van Diest, Idris Sardi, Maryono and Tjok Sinsoe. Miles Davis and Chick Corea were found among the audiences at that time. He kept marching on after that with several other bands and successfully introduced jazz into some campuses. He also had a deep concern of teaching/mentoring and managing KCI  (Yayasan Karya Cipta Indonesia: Indonesian Intellectual Property Institution) together with Candra Darusman, Paul Hutabarat, Papo Pareira and Enteng Tanamal while he was still healthy.


Yesterday Jazz Goes to Campus commitee awarded him a prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award for Sadikin Zuchra‘s excellent contributions in Indonesia’s jazz world.JGTC Lifetime Achievement Award 2010 SADIKIN ZUCHRA (1) Many of his family, friends and relatives came to congratulate him for receiving this award. Among the guests we saw musicians from various genres giving respect to him including Indro Hardjodikoro, Abadi Soesman and Ian Antono. Iwang Modulus, Indra Brahma, Suyati, Bens Leo and Nini Sunny. The appearance of crossover legend Abadi Soesman and rocker Ian Antono who both are known as God Bless‘ personnels showed that Sadikin Zuchra is actually more than just a jazz musician. As Bens Leo gave the opening speech explaining who Sadikin Zuchra is, he also mentioned that Zuchra was also an active organizatorist. He’s more than a jazz legend, he belongs to all kind of musics in Indonesia’s history, a truly Artist that we should always remember and give respect to.


Eventhough he was difficult to talk due to the stroke he suffered, his eyes were sparkling all the time during the ceremony and discussion right after. His memory about some important timeline of Indonesia’s jazz history was still strong, as he tried as much as he could to share them to us. He is one of the great man who had drawn many parts of jazz in Indonesia, his contributions were enormous in shaping up this genre up until today. He touched our hearts when he said thank you and kissed the Lifetime Achievement Award. It was a golden moment, something that we will always remember for a long time to come.

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We congratulate and give our highest respect to Sadikin Zuchra. Thank you for the music and all your very important contributions. May you be healed soon, we hope to see your return gracing our music world with more stories of you in Indonesian jazz scene. Salute to the legend!

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Reporter: Ata Michaella, Stanley Tulung, Riandy Kurniawan
Photographer: Ata Michaella