TRIBAL TECH on the Road! World Tour 2013




If you’re looking for pure jamming music concept appear live by four virtuosos, abusive electric guitar playing, manic fingers dancing over the keys, rich-pumping bass lines, power-boosted drumming, the kind of challenging fusion that can be experimentally progressive towards the unknown musical territory, this one’s definitely for you. If you’re a hardcore jazz lovers, you should be in extacy after seeing that banner above. Yes, it’s confirmed that the supergroup TRIBAL TECH is coming to visit us all in Jakarta real soon, on March 12, 2013 at Rolling Stone Cafe! As they are touring around the world, Beyond Productions steals and brings them to Indonesia, also quickly gives a tag on this special concert as  TRIBAL TECH on the Road!!! World Tour 2013. This will mark another Scott Henderson‘s visit to Indonesia . If two years ago he came under the group of Scott Henderson Trio, this time he’ll be back with the mind-blowing Tribal Tech. If you haven’t heard anything about this group yet, don’t worry, we’re going to spill it out for you.

There are not many band can break the ground this far for at least the last three decades, but Tribal Dech has done it. This band was formed by guitar wiz Scott Henderson and bassist Gary Willis 29 years ago, in 1984. During our interview session with Scott Henderson two years ago, he told us that this band interestingly started as a kind of acoustic band, using acoustic piano and a little bit of Fender Rhodes, plus at that time they had a saxophone player, Bob Sheppard. At that time synthesizer was still kind of a new thing, so when they started using synthesizers, they felt like mixing the old and new thingies. That’s where the name Tribal Tech came from. Soon after they got more into sense, and then Scott Kinsey joined the band and added some Weather Reports’ sound in it. “So I, Gary Willis, Scott Kinsey and Kirk Covington… to most people that’s the Tribal Tech they remember, because we were together for about 10 years. Actually we started changing the way we did music.” said Scott.

There are many reasons for us to mention this union as a groundbreaking group. It’s true that the personnels are highly capable to flip the earth upside down with their skills, but for us it’s their concept of jamming in every chance they got to play. Freedom of playing, ‘no talks just play’ kind of thing, but then put more ‘sugars’ and ‘spices’ on it, that’s the stuffs that they love to keep when joining forces. “Nobody writes any music. Just go in and jam. We taped those jams and then we over-dubbed over the top of them, creating melodies where there were none. Since everything is recorded on separate tracks, you can take out tracks, we can add chords, for example if I added a chord I could ask Gary to play bass over this chord. It’s like painting over something that’s already been done.” explained Scott.

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9 albums were made around 16 years running which filled with progressive fusion where the flags of jazz, blues, rock and funk have been placed all over. Then Willis moved to Spain and the band was put to sleep. But then we got the good news from Scott himself during our interview session with him in 2011 that actually they were ready to make a return. Scott spilled the beans that in just about four days during Willis’ visit to US, without bringing any set list of arrangement, they did the basic tracks in a studio in Los Angeles and came out with around 30 good stuff jams. Ten of which were selected to appear in their latest tenth album entitled “X”. released last year in March 2012. This comeback album received praises everywhere, both in critics and fans’ comments. Scott Henderson, Gary Willis, Scott Kinsey and Kirk Covington once again proved themselves as daring stuntmen of sounds. They have reached higher level by creating new innovation both in tone and harmony. In every minute of the album you’ll be surprised with unpredictable twist like progressive blues, funkin’ rock, mad-driven experimental sound and everything else in between. Softcore or hardcore, either way you’ll find something different in their music.

Most of the fans claimed “X” as their best album ever, we can’t be more agree than that. So they are back, better and badder than ever. And now we got another shock when we just got the confirmation of Tribal Tech with complete members to play in Jakarta this upcoming March 2013!The mind-boggling dare-devil rollercoaster ride band LIGRO (Agam Hamzah-guitar, Adi Darmawan – bass and Gusti Hendy ‘GIGI’ – drums) is set to be the opening band. So, you’re not only going to get one mad band but two.

It’s not everyday you’d see such ground-breaking group like this. The complete Tribal Tech masters are going to wow us with their tremendous jamming concept. Hell break lose, this show is going to show you how four virtuosos can be so dangerous when they are gathered together. The ‘chameleon’ Scott Henderson, the pumped up funky bassist Gary Willis, genius keyboardist Scott Kinsey and the power house Kirk Covinton are ready to pour the deadly dose of jazz, blues, rock, funk and everything else in between right here. At Scott Henderson Trio concert 2 years ago we spotted a lot of musicians from various genres watching him, that can become a solid evidence of how far this group stand above the bars of genre. So if you’re looking for a full action-packed, unpredictable gig with loads of surprises, twists and stunts, make sure you won’t miss this one!

TRIBAL TECH on the Road!!! World Tour 2013

Date: March 12, 2013
Time: 08:00 pm – onward
Location: Rolling Stone Cafe
Jl. Ampera Raya Jakarta Selatan

First Drink Charge: IDR 300.000

Get the voucher at Jazzuality online store:  or simply come to the venue on the D-day.

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