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New place, new opportunities, new hope, new excitement. As you may have probably noticed, we no longer continued our regular event in the previous mall which was running for 6 years. But hey, happy to inform you that we are coming back soon in a new venue, a happening mall located in the popular tourist lane in Bandung, Cihampelas street. It’s CIHAMPELAS WALK, famously known as CIWALK. In cooperation with the good people in the management, together we are continuing our mission to keep the regeneration of jazz musicians in Bandung and beyond, as well as giving the society good jazz-tertainment which has to be easy to access without costing anything aka FREE.

Yes, we are excited! This brand new event is scheduled to come once a month, every third Thursday starting at 7:00 pm onwards. We are going to present around 3 bands or groups per show in wide jazz variety. If possible, we will open jam sessions where everyone can join in. In short, as we always do, we intend to make any of our event to become a party for everybody.

The premiere edition is right around the corner. It’s coming soon on 19 March 2020 located at the frontyard of Ciwalk. Oh yeah, before we forget, this new event is called THURSDAY NYTE JAZZ.

For this first edition of THURSDAY NYTE JAZZ we invited three set of groups bringing different sides of music, united in the colorful, open-minded world of jazz. There will be a band, a duo and one quite big ensemble. Speaking of style, there will be fusion, acoustic pop jazz and innovating mixture of music involving the traditional Indonesian music called krontjong together with reggae, pop, zrock and of course considerable amount of jazz. We’re going to break them down one by one and give you a little details so you can know them and hopefully tease you enough to watch them.


First, let’s take a look at a couple who are recently making waves inside the independent music industry in Bandung. Amazingly, they are doing it so fast considering they are just begun last year in April. The duo is consisting of Vidya Pinandhita (vocal,piano) and Jason Limanjaya (piano and sequencer). As one, they are called RASAKARSA.

Breathing through different music scheme, Jason and Vidya aka Rasakarsa “tells” their “stories” through harmonious melodies and song writing. Song writing? Yes. It’s indeed, or should be taken as one of their forte. Vidya has won some song writing competitions. As for Jason, this genius young man has been evolving tremendously ever since he embarked his journey after coming back from Singapore around 4 years ago. He is a jazz by nature kind of guy, yet his inner side surprisingly embracing his origin. He has let us hear his ‘out of the box’ compositions which are mostly taken from strange or unusual topic, mostly crafted along with traditional Javanese music, something we take as his signature. Jason is one of a few young musicians from Bandung who have gone international. He has tasted many prestigious jazz festivals not only in Indonesia but also abroad with the bands he’s in like The New Equinox, New Blood, Agis Kania among others. His period with Nayra Dharma, his own trio and the mind-bending collaboration with Otto Stupardi also stand as the important milestones in his career.

Rasakarsa has recorded some original songs. One of those titled “Pulang” was launched on January 31, 2020 at the Loko Jazz followed by another one. In this event, Jason told us that he’s going to promote both singles. “There will be a presentation for those songs”, he said. How the presentation will be? Well, he’s keeping it as secret. If you are just as curious as we are, do join and find out. Heartfelt, emotional story telling through music is to be expected. This is the kind of duo who never stick in any particular genre. They can go any which direction they want to, which for us will become the element of surprise. A brilliant, expressive young key wiz possessed with jazz with pentatonic scale streaming in his blood veins and a young lady with beautiful voice who screams her heart melodiously, what a pair.

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Next is JOE PROJECT. As the name suggests, this project is led by a young bassist Joe Bastian. We can say that this man started his career seriously on our stage. He is originally a bassist, but he is capable to play guitar just as good, as he has shown a couple of times in our event.

This project was born around 3 years ago in response to our suggestion for him to build his own band. Mainly he embraces jazz fusion, the sub genre of jazz that seems to be his thing. By using the name project, he can bring in different players and runs different formations as he pleased. He can do that since he has so many friends that would be happy to play side by side with him.

Other than possessing good skill and smart in arranging, he is also creative. He established a group named Bass Friends where he digs the magic world of bass along with two other bassists. He has brought vocalists too and serve great instrumental renditions.

Being a musician who started in our event and has been faithfully stayed with us all along, we are proud to give him a spot in this brand new event. If you like fusion where pop, rock, funk, bossa and everything in between can be found within his jazz canvas, do come and watch Joe Project. Not only you will be entertained, you will also give your support to him.

joe project, thursday nyte jazz, jazzuality

Last but not least, let’s talk about a big ensemble who for us is really unique. They are playing the traditional music of Indonesia, keroncong (krontjong). Many have been associating keroncong with senior musicians and senior audience, but it’s a different story here because this 9-piece band actually is filled with all young dudes. And they have solid community behind them, mostly youngsters. The band is NAZARMUSIC.

Before we continue to give more introduction with the band, let’s talk about krontjong for a while. This music has been played for centuries, dating back to at least the 16th century. In case you wonder the origin of krontjong, some sources stated that it’s rooted in the traditional Portuguese music called Fado, brought by the sailors when the Portuguese entered Indonesia around 1600’s.

So krontjong has been having its existance for many centuries. As Fado can still be found on jazz stage, that naturally suggests that krontjong should have its place too on it. As a matter of fact, we have seen krontjong here and there in a jazz event, but it’s still rare. This won’t be the first time to have them in our event, yet we are really excited to have Nazarmusic lights up krontjong once again especially in this new ground zero.

This band was established on 28 May 2018 in Bandung by the help of the instagram. It was the time when Sir Iyai met Nazardeipa through the instagram that later led to their first meeting in real in an event where Sir Iyai’s band, Jamaican Sound Krontjong performed. That meeting proved to be fruitful, as Sir Iyai decided to make music collaboration, giving birth to a new krontjong group by uniting the unique vocal character of Nazardeipa.

Nazardeipa, who is going to end his teenager soon, can be taken as a celebgram that made coversongs with big number offanbase/followers. He was having a blast with it, but then came the time when he realized that it’s time for him to make his own song through a krontjong band after he met Sir Iyai.

There are some reasons why Nazarmusic digs krontjong. One of them is as a token of appreciation towards the traditional music of Indonesia – particularly krontjong – that’s deserved to be (re) introduced to the younger generation so its preservation could be well kept and continuously grows wider among today’s music scene.

Officially Nazarmusic comprises of Farhan (Cello), Taufik (cak), Rafi (cuk), Dean (guitar), Buyung (bass), Nugraha (flute) and Nazar (vocal). They already have plenty of original songs that were launched exactly right here on 20 July 2019. Yes, NazarMusic also has this very spot as their base.

If you want to see how creative these young lads cooking up krontjong in modern way, crafting it seamlessly with krontjong, pop, rock and jazz, do come and enjoy their music. That is, if you haven’t known them already. If you have, you still have to come because this band can always bring many elements of surprise to fit their style with any particular stage.

Once again, the premiere edition of THURSDAY NYTE JAZZ is coming soon on Thursday, 19 March 2020 located at the frontyard of Ciwalk, starting from 7:00 pm onwards. It’s totally FREE and open for public. Let’s join us and have a good jazzy time!


Date: Thursday, 19 March 2020
Time: 07:00 pm onwards
Location: Cihampelas Walk Bandung



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