The Art of Music: I Know You Well Ms Clara


Yogyakarta seems to have unlimited source of talent. It’s proud to say that once again Indonesia spawned an experimentally progressive jazz band from this particular city which has a very unique named I Know You Well Miss Clara. A refreshing alternative and irresistible band to be heard, these guys will have a preferential gig, entitled “The Art of Music: I Know You Well Miss Clara” on December 2nd, 2011. Just as the title says, this is going to be not only an usual concert, but will also lead us back to a fundamental point of music as an art with freedom of creation speaks loud in every note. This band which was formed not too long ago in 2010 reminds us that music is a product and process of wittingly managing pitch, rhythm, dynamics, timbre, and texture. It predisposes the human’s senses, emotions, and intellect, which is made with motive of stimulation thoughts and affects.

This concert is presented by @America and a music promoter company, Beyond Productions that constantly accentuate lots of artists from divergent music types, notably for uncategorized genres. People always divide the music into genres and subgenres, in spite of the dividing lines and correlations between the genres are often subtle, depend on individual interpretation and somewhile build controversy. Beyond Productions seems to realize this fact and find the urge to offer a concept which flies far beyond the boundaries. Ever since they started this concept back in the early 2011, we have been spoiled by various ‘rebelious’ artists who never want to be trapped into any specific genres. Now it’s time for us to taste a groundbreaking Yogyakarta’s pride, I Know You Well Miss Clara.

I Know You Well Miss Clara has found the freedom through a great US label, MoonJune Records, established by an entrepreneurial producer, tour manager and promoter Leonardo Pavkovic. Fortuitously it has almost similiar mision with Beyond Productions. The focus of MoonJune is to discover and release music by musicians from multifarious international settings by exploring the expanding boundaries of genuine, challenging “non-over-produced music” that cannot be easily categorized into any specific format. I Know You Well Miss Clara has infiltrated the abutments of music boxes, invented its own character, and evolved it to be more mature. Serving the music in the tradition of Canterbury Scene, the sound of groups of progressive rock, avant garde and adventurous jazz musicians based around the Canterbury city during the 60s to the early 70s such as  Soft Machine or Matching Mole. Furthermore, this band also stated to be inspired by many other legendary names like Weather Report, Allan Holdsworth, Mahavisnu Orchestra, Frank Zappa and the Mother of Invention, Miles Davis, Keith Jarret, John Coltrane, Mahatma Rolex, Chick Corea, Alex Machacek, Ornette Coleman and Vijay Iyer. Looking at the music character and these names, you can take a hint that I Know You Well Miss Clara presents something that we don’t hear often. That attracts MoonJune Records to sign them in. So they join other MoonJune’s recruitments from Indonesia such as simakDialog, Tohpati Ethnomission, Tohpati Bertiga and Ligro Trio. You can listen to their music in the Youtube video below.

“The wildness of the 70’s and the simplicity of the 90’s.” How enticing those two contrasts can be united in one composition. So, just come to their show at @America Pacific Place 3rd Floor SCBD Jakarta, because I Know You Well Miss Clara is gonna disclose their excellence in music with lively experimental actions. And don’t miss it, on February 2012 they’ll release a debut CD, “Chapter One”. Before the CD’s launched, let’s grip their piece of nice artistic works by attending the concert.

Watch I KNOW YOU WELL MISS CLARA – Conversation No. 1

Taken from MsClaraJazz, the official Youtube of I Know You Well Miss Clara

I Know You Well Miss Clara are:
Reza Ryan : Guitar
Enriko Gultom : Bass
Ady Wijaya : Piano
De Al : Drum / Percussion

Date: Friday, December 2, 2011
Time: 7:00 pm – onwards
Location: @America, Pacific Place Level 3, Jakarta