Terraz Jazz #3




Ever since TERRAZ JAZZ was born as the fruit of mutual cooperation between Festival Citylink and Jazzuality.com, we plan to make it as a regular two weekly event, being served in the second and fourth weeks of each month. This program aims to develop future jazz players especially in the local Bandung regional area by providing them a lot of space to practice what they learn, try out a concept, experiment with new format/creation/idea, and gain experiences by playing live in front of real audience. We also wish for it to be a meeting place between the newcomers and those who have successfully done it. Soon this program must become a place to exchange knowledge, a gathering place and a melting plot between musicians and the jazz lovers, who knows what could happen from there. We bring 3 bands to rest their case and then place an open jam session in the end. Other than it’s a tradition for jazz event to have a free-for-all jam session, the unpredictable rate is usually high thus can give extra entertainment to the audience as well as having a lot of benefits, educationally speaking.

We are open to any newcomers to be featured in the showcase section, but we also welcome the well-established bands to greet their younger brothers and sisters and share their experiences and knowledges. In the previous edition we got blessings from a successful fusion band from Jakarta, Fusion Stuff who gave an hot appearance in complete format like how they do in festivals, also from a band full of highly experienced players with electricity shock attached in every line, Rudy & Band Listrik (read the report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/braga-jazz-and-jamz-1-the-report/). Just several days later, we gave a tryout in the historical small street of Bandung, the good ol’ Braga Street and it was once again a success (read the report here: http://jazzuality.com/jazz-events/braga-jazz-and-jamz-1-the-report/). So, so far we can see that the acceptation of this concept is quite good. Hopefully it will stay like that or grow even bigger in the next editions.



Since now we are entering the fourth week of March, that means the Terraz Jazz at the Festival Citylink should run again. From this edition on, Terraz Jazz schedule is moved to THURSDAY, the 2nd and 4th of the month. Why? Because we found out that Wednesday is not really a good day for it due to the difficulties of many musicians to perform during that day and some audience who said they wouldn’t be able to attend it if it’s served on Tuesday. Looking at the situation, we decided to change it to Thursday.

Who will perform in TERRAZ JAZZ #3? As usual there will be 3 bands to merry the showcase session, filled by nothing but talented young players. What’s unique is that all the bands have the name that’s related to time, either it’s coincidental or happened by fate. They are Titik Awal, Mesin Waktu and Final Script.

Titik Awal (in English means Starting Point) is a Bandung-based band started since their high school period in 2008. Formed by four players, Narendradipa Soemantri on drums, Boby Suryo Alam on bass, Gama Ramadhani on guitar, and Melvhin Samuel Harapenta Sitepu on vocal, this band has been having great year in 2013 by performing in many events in Bandung and other cities. The group is often supported by many additional players on their gigs such as Tiara Effendy, Ranitya Aulia, and Sheila on vocals. Rifqi and Ray on keyboard, Hagai and Reyhan on guitars, Alson and Raka on percussions. Arkan on saxophone showing them as a large-sized band full of talented youngsters. Titik Awal brings the modern pop jazz that would surely fit the ears of common listeners especially the young music lovers. Their latest achievement is performing at the latest Java Jazz Festival 2014 with Joy Tobing and Gita Wirjawan, and is currently working on their first album.

Now let’s take a look at a band by the name of Mesin Waktu (Time Machine). Previously known as Pinguin and Friends, the members just decided to change the name into something they believe more appropriate and able to presenting them better. The name goes to Mesin Waktu. This band was established from their frequent meetings in jazz community and other music events. At first they just loved to jam together, but then since they enjoy playing together, it’s about time for them to take it seriously.

The personnels are Bobby R, Alifia Ganjaraharja and Yosafat Binsar (vocals),Farhan Faikar (bass), M Gilang Nurzati (drums), Zulfikar Azhar (piano) and Raka Pratama D (percussions). Some of the members such as Farhan and Zulfikar frequently appear at the previous editions and joined the jam sessions gladly. So now, it’s their turn to be featured as a full band and hopefully they will also join the jam session after that.


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Last but not least, a band named Final Script is going to be featured for the first time in Terraz Jazz. The members are: Yoshiana Azaria (vocal), Klency Lembono (keyboard), Marissa Wiguna (drums), Daniel Christy (guitar), Robert Daniel (bass), Hendike Muzaki (saxophone). They met and knew each other due to the chance to perform at a mall in Bandung. What funny is, they didn’t even got a name just 15 minutes before the show. As that event was held exactly at the same time with Marissa’s final graduation presentation, the name Final Script, referring to the final dissertation/thesis was selected by them. If you notice, there are two familiar names found in this group if you’re one of our regular readers. Yes, Marissa Wiguna and Daniel Christy are also members of the acrobatic jazz band under our management, Out of 7. Knowing that their other band is also worth to be noticed, we want to put them under our radar too and introduce them to you. Jazz fusion, smooth jazz and groove most likely is their thing. So let’s see how cool these young talents are.

Well, that’s the introduction and a little story about each band. They are more than ready to give their very best as well as adding their colorful jazz paintings into the Terraz Jazz pallete. All you have to do is come and enjoy the show. Oh yeah, if you’re a musician or singer that wish to participate directly in the show or maybe if you still have no band but eager to be on stage, there will be open jam session provided for you. Bring your gear, jump onto the stage and release your demons. All we wish to see is everybody has some fun and be friends with one another. Fun Jazzin’, Fun Jammin’, Fun Learnin’, is our tagline, so hope you enjoy the Jazz Edutainment brought to you FREE from any charge by Festival Citylink and Jazzuality.com. Before we end this info event article, allow us to remind you that if you wish jazz to go big in Bandung, if you want jazz regeneration to happen, or simply if you fancy jazz and want it to exist more in the city, you have to support the community events. Terraz Jazz is only one of the community events that needs your support. Come, have a good time and join the good cause in the name of jazz. See you!


Date: THURSDAY, March 27, 2014
Time: 06:00 pm – onwards
Location: Terrazo Food N Venue (Foodcourt), Festival Citylink
Jl. Peta no 241, Bandung


Supported by: Infinity, Klab Jazz, VMS, KPH Music