Sunday Jazz @ Plate For Me #18




The second event of KlabJazz  (after Blues Platform 2) and the first Sunday Jazz @ Plate For Me in 2013 is ready to go! Ever since this event rolled again last year in March in the new crime scene, Plate For Me (Palette of Flavors), this event has never stopped in delivering variety of jazz twice a month, on the second and fourth week. Now the number has reached 18, where this Bandung well-established jazz community will present no less than 5 bands/groups as usual, ranging from the bands that have supported them often, new projects and also newcomers in the jazz scene. Speaking of the sub-genre, this edition is going to span wide, ranging from pop/soulful jazz with RnB touch, straightahead, fusion, hard-bop to reach the ethnic corner which involves traditional instruments. Imagine all served for free, for 4 hours straight, while you can also getting along with your friends and family enjoying the meals/beverages. This should be a treat you shouldn’t miss, especially when you’re having relaxing hours starting from Sunday afternoon to evening.

Let’s get deeper with the performers of Sunday Jazz @ Plate For Me #18  in alphabetical order. First, take a look at Ammy String Trio +.  Ammy Kurniawan is a jazz violist who’s also able to play guitar, arranging and work as a teacher too. While you might know him as one of the 4 Peniti, actually he’s been establishing many projects too where some of them involve his own students from little children up to teenagers. Several times he presented the project called Ammy Alternative String, but this time seems like he’s going to bring a new set which is still rooting on strings, the group he simply called  Ammy String Trio +. Strings and violin jazz, that’s the description of this band we got from KlabJazz. That should bring something different especially when violin is not an instrument used in most of jazz bands. What will Ammy bring this time? How the violin will do in jazz? And remember, the number of players may be more than just three, since there’s the symbol ‘+’ (plus) in the end of the name. It’s for you to find out, so better not miss it.

sunday jazz plate for me, erick gabe


Representing the vocal land is Erick Gabe. This man is a full vocal package since he can sing all kind of singing styles. Erick established himself as a vocal teacher/instructor in one of the most famous music schools in Bandung, but then changed his course into business. Long story short, with all the ups and downs throughout his life journey, he later realized that he should go back to the talent God has given him and focus in it. And that’s of course, singing. While he’s still teaching privately, now he’s looking for more opportunities to sing and entertain on stage. Yes he can pin any singing style, even if he has to enter the traditional corners, but Jazz is always an excellent choice for him, since Jazz has never failed to give him more than enough space to go wild. Wild? Yes, this man doesn’t like to go flat. What he loves is to explore the wide vocal range which actually should be listed as his specialty. He has 3.5 octave vocal range which can be expanded to 4.5 or maybe, even higher. “I was born to sing, that’s the kind of talent God has given me, and now I’m ready to return and multiply that ‘investment’.” he said. Jazzuality answers his passion, mission and his special gift by positioning as his management. It’s going to be a pity if a talent like this be wasted, especially now since he already built his own band which will enable him to perform no matter where it is! The band consists of two teachers from Purwacaraka Music School: Irawan Zulhidayat (piano) and Johnny Sitompul (guitar) plus Muhammad Iqbal (drums/cajon/percussion), Wandi (drums)  and Cuhaedi (bass). You should listen to this man’s voice and his ability to do some extreme vocal manouvers in perfect pitch.

Next, let’s take a look at a whole ladies band, Jazzy Juice. You might see them often as a quintet which involves two female saxophonists, but actually the basic formation is a trio. A beautiful pianist who can also sing while pouring out streaming of jazz tunes over the keyboard Dyah Sekar Utami, the all-round drummer who can give powerful but tasty jazz beat Adisty Zulkarnaen and a funky bassist Arnie Christanti (the last two are also the members of SHE band) will ready to show their fusion/hard bop hearts which can also be strecthed to meet Latins, occasionally. Solid package of trio with seamless chemistry and very talented, that’s what we got from any of their previous gigs. If you still need an extra, they are also eye-catchy during the play.

If these names are not enough and you still want to get more unique things from this event, Pancasura is ready to give you! This is an ensemble who stands in between fusion jazz, postrock and traditional/ethnic/world music, packed in fine blend. Coming from Himaka, STSI (Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia; Indonesian Art Higher School) Bandung, they are experienced in combining Eastern and Western music worlds after many previous events they attended. This will give you different experience since they play combination of modern and traditional musics by using instruments from both sides as well.

Finally, the new band of bassist Rudy Zulkarnaen, Rudy & Band Listrik (Electric Band) is completing the lineup. This band launched their first gig at Klab Jazz’s Prime Time Friday Nite Jazz #04 last November and now ready to make their second show. Comprises of Rudy’s own wife Adisty Zulkarnaen who also plays in Jazzy Juice session on drums, Mustiko Ardi on guitar and Christ Stanley Khoewell Kainama on piano/melodica, this senior bassist of Bandung continues his step in coloring the jazz scene locally (and hopefully soon in the national scene) after his involvement in several other groups such as 4 Peniti besides his activity as a sessionist. As how the name says, we can expect something electrifying from them. Get ready to get the electric shock after being in contact with this band.

So there, we have said it all. If you find it interesting, this event is actually easy to reach. All you have to do is come to Plate For Me (Palette of Flavor) no longer than this Sunday, sit back and relax, enjoy the delicious foods and beverages listed on the menu and enjoy rainbow-like variety of jazz brought to you by KlabJazz. Circle your calendar now and see you there!

Sunday Jazz @ Plate For Me #18

Date: Sunday, January 13, 2012
Time: 03:30 pm – 07:30 pm
Location: Plate For Me (Palette of Flavors)
Jl. L.L.R.E. Martadinata/Riau no 172


Featuring (in alphabetical order):

:: AMMY STRING TRIO + (strings & violin jazz)

:: ERICK GABE (jazz pop vocal)
– Erick Gabe vocak
– Muhammad Iqbal drums/cajon)
– Cuhaidi bass
– Irawan Zulhidayat keyboard
– Johnny Sitompul guitar

:: JAZZY JUICE (female hard bop/fusion band)
– Dyah Sekar piano
– Adisty Zulkarnaen drums
– Arnie Christanti bass

:: PANCASURA (ethnic jazz fusion)
– Ade Irvan Riswandi guitar, piano
– Ardi Prawira guitar
– Ghea Gufroni bass
– Dede Iwan “metal toys”
– Taofik Muhammad flute
– Wendi Kardiana kendang 1
– Maulana Denmas kendang 2
– Yogi Permana Sidik biola

:: RUDY & BAND LISTRIK (fusion)
– Rudy Zulkarnaen bass
– Adisty Zulkarnaen drums
– Christ Stanley Khoewell Kainama keys
– Mustiko Ardi guitar