Sunday Jazz #65




Last year Klab Jazz has presented around 75 regular shows that involved around 4 to 6 bands per episode. Hundreds of sessions, thousands of players shows that jazz is still alive in Bandung. This year Klab Jazz is still keeping its track record in providing good quality jazz events in cooperation with some cafes without taking any charge. The number of event per month isn’t as many as last year so far, yet the quality and variety are still being well kept.

Klab Jazz’s longest program Sunday Jazz can be a good example of this. Eventhough the venue has been changed several times, the existance of this regular event is still remain. Now the event has reached the number of 65th, and that’s really not a small amount. It used to run since the afternoon, but now Klab Jazz decided to go when the moon’s up, starting at 6:30 pm til drop. Taking place at Bober Cafe Tropica, Sunday Jazz #65 is set to present 4 bands plus one talk show.

If you came to the tryout of our community event at Festival Citylink last month, you should remember this band with the funny name. Yes, it’s Wedding Mafia. If you wonder why they chose this name, it’s because the band was established by some wedding musicians who apparently share the same vision and also mission. The band’s clearly rooted in jazz, which is favored by most of the bridal couples as told by the band leader who’s also the headmaster of KPH Music, Andre Simangunsong. Just like in our show, Wedding Mafia will appear as a quintet. Other than Andre on keys, there are Grand Doang on drums, Wibie on bass, Ibnu on saxophone and potential young singer, Syafiera Prami on vocal. From what we saw last time, they are into smooth jazz with touches of soul, RnB and a little funk. The other mafias might scare you, but not this one, since they are terrorizing the audience with pleasuring jazz.

Progressive ethnic jazz will shine from an ensemble named Sasadana. The group is carrying the concept by using the combination of modern-Western and traditional-Eastern instruments. Not only bass and keyboard, you will also find violin, bamboo flute, keyboard and tatabeuhan (Sundanese’s double-headed drum) in their session. boyke priyo utomo, jazzualityThe young jazz paganini Pangestu ‘Estu’ Hning Bhawana is found inside the group along with Rifky Adam Rahman (bass), Digun Guntara Barnas (drum, tatabeuhan), Lingga Angling Raspati (bamboo flute) and Mikhael Jason Aditya (keys). Jazz with traditional Sundanese taste? Why not. These boys can make it happen. Two other groups are completing the lineup: Kaleon and Neat. Kaleon is a group of four with Ade Irvan Riswandi and Ardi Prawira (guitars), Taofiq Muhammad (flute) and Lola Melatina (vocal). Then Neat will perform as a trio featuring Rayhan Murtaza (guitar), Arbi Wardani (drums) and Alex Jhonly (bass).

Just like we said before, this edition will also present something different. Not only showcase, Sunday Jazz #65 will have a talkshow/sharing session too. In this episode the guest is Boyke Priyo Utomo, a saxophonist who’s been active as sessionist and also supporting some bands including Imam Pras Quartet. We haven’t seen him for a while, maybe he’s busy with his tight non-music schedule. But now here he comes again not as a performer but to share anything he knows about saxophone. If you’re a saxophonist or having an interest in this instrument, you can come and ask him directly during the talkshow.

As usual, Sunday Jazz is served free of charge. All you have to do is come and enjoy the performance. Don’t forget to try the food and beverages of Bober Cafe Tropica too, it will make your relaxing hours even better. So, anyone want to jazz this Sunday? Be there and have a good time.

Sunday Jazz #65

Date: Sunday, March 9, 2014
Time: 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Location: Jl Sumatra no 5, Bandung



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