Sunday Jazz #61




When we received the email from Klab Jazz which informed us about this next Sunday Jazz meeting, we have to take you back in  time. This Bandung-based jazz community chose to run a program called Sunday Jazz on April 4, 2010 after the previously running program Jazz Break Revival was put to sleep. This new program was set to go on Sunday and took place at cafes. For the first editon Klab Jazz presented 60 minutes with Bayu+Telsa, a dynamic duo that was really promising at that time (read our coverage from this event here: . This duo doesn’t exist anymore today, since Bayu got to work in other city. Tesla now has emerged as one of the amazing young talents and currently is pursuing his chance to go international. Back to Sunday Jazz, since this first edition Klab Jazz collaborated with the venue, Potluck Kitchen, to jazz Bandung people up twice a month and managed to let the program run for about a year. But then, Plate For Me didn’t want to continue to cooperation due to some reasons. The program was posponed in September 2011 and then disappeared from the surface. Finally we got the program back again on March 2012. Klab Jazz brought the program back to live again in a new venue, Plate For Me (Palette of Flavors). Again, the new edition of Sunday Jazz quickly gained responses both from jazz bands and fans. Then it happened again. The venue didn’t want to carry on and stopped the program. But unlike before, Dwi Cahya Yuniman, the founder of Klab Jazz took immidiate response by establishing connection with other cafes. Today this program takes place at Bober Tropica, Bandung.

If we count the number of this program from the beginning in April 2010, this upcoming edition has reached the number #61. 61 episodes, hundreds of bands. we have seen many bands now found it’s success by starting from this event and/or other spin-offs made by Klab Jazz. It’s never easy to keep an event alive for that long. It’s such an achievement. That could be one of the reasons why Klab Jazz decided to number the program by counting it from the very first edition. Another good thing is, Klab Jazz won’t have to keep changing the name or resetting the number if one day they have to move to new locations. So Sunday Jazz #61 it is, or the third one at Bober Tropica cafe.

aboda, jazzuality

The groovy smooth jazz band Aboda is one of 4 participating band in this edition. We just watched them few days ago at Indonesian Jass Festival in Jakarta (read the report here: This group consists of four siblings from Noya fam: Timotius (keys), Fanuel (drums), Filemon (guitar) and Clement (bass). Taking the name Aboda (a Hebrew word means ‘working, serving and praising’ , in Indonesian means ‘ibadah’), this Jakarta-based band clearly show their wishes to worship God by entertaining people with good jazz music, utilizing all the talents given from above. It’s going to be fun to have them back gracing up Bandung again. Coming from Bogor, No Rules Quartet will give you nice action-packed fusion/postbop.

Representing the indie groove is a band with the unique name. If in jazz or blues we know a classic song titled Route 66, this band has Routes 21 as the name. Consists of 6 players, they are going to groove you up with their strong indie-influenced music. Last but not least, Sasadana will bring the ethnic jazz fusion by using the combination of modern-Western and traditional-Eastern instruments. Not only bass and keyboard, you will also find violin, bamboo flute, keyboard and tatabeuhan (Sundanese’s double-headed drum) in their session.

Other than highlighting the bands, in this edition Klab Jazz will also bring the jam session ‘KLAB JAMS’ back again. This sub-session will be served as the opening at 5:00 pm. If this one goes well, Klab Jazz will make this jam session become the opening of every Sunday Jazz edition. If you’re a musician and wish to play in, just bring your instruments and jump directly into the jazz pool.

Whether you just want to get quality jazz entertainment to merry your Sunday evening or wish to play jazz on stage, this event is yours. It’s FREE of charge as usual. Just come along, bring your loved ones, friends and family, enjoy jazz live performances while tasting delicious food and beverages from this popular cafe in town. See you there.

Sunday Jazz #61

Date: Sunday, September 8, 2013
Time: 5:00 pm – 21:00 pm
Location: Bober Tropica, Jl. Sumatra no 5, Bandung


Featuring (in alphabetical order):

:: ABODA [Jakarta]
:: fusion/smooth jazz
– Timotius Noya piano & keyboards
– Fanuel Noya drums
– Filemon Noya guitar
– Clement Noya bass

:: fusion/postbop
– Ardiansyah ‘Umay’ Umardani saxophone
– Garna Kharisma piano/keyboard
– Agung Zulhen bass
– Ramadhana drums

:: ROUTES 21
:: indie groove
– Rosy Anindya vocal
– Dave Adiwianto drums
– Denise Julia Adiwianto bass
– Rhandy Verizarie guitar
– Zitro Alviotti saxophone
– Zsaskia Shabrina keyboard

:: ethnic jazz
– Pangestu Hning Bhawana violin
– Rifky Adam Rahman bass
– Digun Guntara Barnas drum, tatabeuhan (Sundanese double-headed drum)
– Lingga Angling Raspati suling (bamboo flute)
– Mikhael Jason Aditya keyboard