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It’s important to be ‘fluent’ in ‘speaking’ jazz, but we shouldn’t forget that we can also create a new way to enjoy it by involving our local-traditional cultures. The nature of jazz which has freedom and openness provides unlimited possibility, and that’s a very interesting playground for creative musicians.

SimakDialog has been walking in this particular field since 1993. It was founded by key-wiz/composer Riza Arshad and his music partner Arie Ayunir in 1993. From using drums, Riza took a daring move by replacing it to sets of Sundanese (West Javanese) kendangs and metal toys, opening a whole new soundscape that only a few dare to visit. As a band of six members featuring virtuous keyboardist/composer Riza Arshad, all-round guitarist Tohpati, bassist Adhitya Pratama and three musicians who master the traditional instruments, Endang Ramdan, Erlan Suwardana and Cucu Kurnia on kendangs and metal toys, this ensemble play music that’s not only for entertaining purpose, but also produces something that we can study and be proud of. This is reflected in the group name, which in English means “To listen carefully to the dialogue.”

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The last album of simakDialog was released 4 years ago titled “Demi Masa”. Since this album goes internationally through the US label MoonJune Records, this cross ethno-jazz progressive ensemble gained a lot of critical acclaims worldwide. Since then, Riza Arshad and the team has been working for another step, from making new compositions, establishing new concept to continuing the research of fusing the traditional Sundanese rhythm into the modern jazz.

As the magical simakDialog celebrates its 20th anniversary, they are happy to inform you that the 6th album with the title of “The 6th Story” is ready to launch. Following the first promo concert at Gedung Kesenian Jakarta in December 2012, now simakDialog is set to make the second concert. SimakDialog ‘The 6th Story’ concert will be held on May 17, 2013 at GoetheHaus Jakarta, starting from 8:00 pm til finish. If you attend the concert, you will receive the simakDialog’s new album and listen to the songs through live performance, all for only IDR 50.000.

Through endless reseach over the years simakDialog has successfully replaced drums with Sundanese kendangs and metal toys. It’s not an easy task, but as time goes by, the ensemble can deliver it comfortably. They have fun in playing the music, we have fun in enjoying well-executed magical masterpieces. They bravely use kendang as the backbone rhythm, much further also utilize it as the time keeper. Last month we attended Riza Arshad and Kai Brückner collaboration as a part of Serambi Jazz program in Bandung where Riza brought his traditional rhythm section into it. At that time we approached Brückner and asked what he thinks about kendang. Can it be used in jazz, replacing the role of drums? “Yes, absolutely. It can fit the jazz concept perfectly.” he said. (read the article here:

simakdialog, jazzuality


For The 6th Story, Riza Arshad and the band is focusing on the harmony/structural wise than some tracks in previous albums. “For instance – I used more ‘common’  harmony approach almost in each composition in order to make listener pay more attention on the band’ rhythm section, and hope that they would experience with this ‘new approach’ concept and begin to get familiar to our music that based on traditional Sundanese terms.” says Riza.

So, it’s time for you to see where the invention stands today. The new crafts of simakDialog which all listed in the new album can soon be yours, as well as enjoying them through a live performance, simply by attending this concert. Only a few days left, make a reservation now so you won’t miss it.

SimakDialog ‘The 6th Story’ Music Concert

Date: May 17, 2013
Time: 08:00 pm – onward
Location: GoetheHaus, Goethe Institut Jakarta
Jl. Sam Ratulangi 9-15, Jakarta

IDR 50.000 as a payment of the new CD

For reservation, contact : Andi +62 816197777
or email: