Road to Jakarta International Jazz Festival (JakJazz) 2012


Never before a pre-event made this big. Take a look at the lineup then you’ll know what we mean. Are you surprised? We are too. Because not only it has so many famous jazz stars, from the legends, maestros, today’s stars, popular bands to the rising young bands. It’s going to be held not just one day but two days in a row, taking place at a popular hangout place, Gandaria City, Jakarta. We are talking about the pre-event of a huge jazz festival that has just made its comeback. Yes, it’s the Jakarta International Jazz Festival, better known as JakJazz!

Having the sponsor Djarum Super Mild for 2012, JakJazz presents a huge preliminary event called “Road to Djarum Super Mild Jakarta International Jazz Festival” in the shape of a festival. Three stages will be prepared to hold tens of jazz bands this upcoming weekend on April 7 and 8, 2012 from 3:00 pm until midnight. One thing for sure, we are happy to see this very popular international jazz festival back again filling up our jazz calendar this year. The main event itself will be held some times around October. But before that, here we have the first party that can make you totally chilled in jazz this weekend.

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Firstly came from Ireng Maulana‘s idea, JakJazz is known as the first and the pioneer of international-scaled jazz event in Indonesia. Since the premiere in 1988, JakJazz has already been held 10 times : 1981 and 1991 at Ancol, 1993, 1994 and 1995 at Plaza Timur Senayan, 1996 and 1997 at Pasar Festival Kuningan, 2006, 2007. 2008 at Istora Senayan. In 2009 JakJazz came with a special theme: A Touch of Jazz served at Airman Planet, Sultan Hotel and then in 2010 appeared as a charity show called JakJazz Cares at Gandaria city. All along the way, JakJazz has involved thousands of local and international artists, watched by hundreds of thousands or even millions of jazz enthusiasts. Though there have been ups and downs, the efforts to keep this event alive has been massive. That’s one of the things that we should praise and learn from them. So this year it’s confirmed that JakJazz will come in grand style again in October, and before that, here we have the ‘road-to’ event in such an amazing size that was made to remind us all and rise our awareness of the comeback of this festival.

Plenty of stars are scheduled to perform at this pre-event including LLW (Indra Lesmana, Barry Likumahuwa and Sandy Winarta), Tompi, Maliq & D’Essentials, Barry Likumahuwa Project (BLP), Glenn Fredly, Syaharani and the Queenfireworks (ESQI:EF), Tohpati, Ireng Maulana & Friends, Idang Rasjidi Syndicate, Yance Manusama’s Funky Thumb, Lala Suwages, Margie Segers, Jeffrey Tahalele and friends (JOC ft Bale Jazz), Otty Jamalus, Mus Mujiono, Oele Pattiselano, Cendy Luntungan, Yuyun George, Lala Suwages, Abdul and the Coffee theory, Rio Moreno, Benny Mustafa, Eramono & the New Spirit Band and many more. Speaking of Eramono, it’s about time for us to have him back again on stage. If you’re a long time jazz fans in Indonesia, you should remember a famous band around 2 decades ago called the Spirit Band where Eramono stood as one of the men behind this group. They were on top for several years but then gone. We then saw the rise of its former members like Dewa Budjana, Kemala Ayu, Didiek SSS, Kadek Rihardika, Bintang Indrianto, Tito Sumarsono, Uce Haryono among others, either as a solo artists or with new bands, but the band itself was completely dissapeaered. That stayed up until Chaseiro held their concert, “Chaseiro: Music and Friends” on March 16, 2012 when we finally saw Eramono Soekaryo back again together with the New Spirit Band. This band now has a shining jazz-rock with vintage atmosphere. It sounds fresh but still widely acceptable for the loyal Spirit Band fans. (Read our report about the return of Eramono and his New Spirit Band here)

There will be two stages spread inside the mall where everyone can watch for free, but one stage’s prepared for the special shows (Piazza Stage). To be able to have an access to this stage the ticket price is IDR 100.000. You can buy it directly there on the D-day.

Just in case you need the complete lineup, we have received the latest schedule and lineup from Sharkindo Komunika, the EO of this event.


Piazza Stage (Special Shows)
Idang Rasjidi Syndicate
Maliq & D’Essentials
LLW (Indra Lesmana, Barry Likumahuwa dan Sandy Winarta)

Atrium Stage
Otty Jamalus and Yance Manusama
Time Warp
Ireng Maulana and the Rising Stars
Jeffrey Tahalele & Friends (JOC ft Bale Jazz)
Rhapsody Latin Band

UG Main Street Stage
Margie Segers and Manna Band
Abdul and the Coffee Theory
Totong Wicaksono

Sunday :

Piazza Stage (Special Shows)
Syaharani and the QueenFireworks
Yance Manusama’s Funky thumb ft Tompi and Glenn Fredly
Barry Likumahuwa Project
Ireng Maulana & friends (ft Kiboud Maulana, Mus Mujiono, Jackie, Anna Andrea and Didiek SSS)

Atrium Stage
MP3 Trio (René van Helsdingen/Benny Mustafa)
DAC Jazz
Eramono & New Spirit Band
Lala Suwages
Yuyun George Jazzmint Big Band

UG Main Street Stage
– Gihon
– Geronimo Jazzcoustic
– Netta kD & Friends
– Denny TR & T 42

*Subject to change

Plenty of  super jazz stars, wonderful multi  jazz colors and nonstop actions, all will be served for 2 days. Let’s show our support to JakJazz by coming to this event. Let’s jazz it up together!

Date: Saturday & Sunday, April 7-8, 2012
Location: Gandaria City, Jakarta
Time: 03:00pm – midnight

Entrance Fee (only for Special Shows): IDR 100.000