Red White Jazz Lounge: January 2012 Calendar


As you can see in the e-flyer above, there’s a very famous statement which says “Jazz is not a what, it is a how.” This sentence was made by none other than Bill Evans who describe how dynamic and progressive jazz really is. “If it were a what, it would be static, never growing. The how is that the music comes from the moment, it is spontaneous, it exists at the time it is created. And anyone who makes music according to this method conveys to me an element that makes his music jazz”, that’s what he said right after that famous statement. This statement’s proved to be true if you see the rapid jazz development in Red White Lounge, the home of series of weekly show previously known as Mostly Jazz that’s now called Red White Jazz Lounge. After being spoiled by loads of jazz in various flavors, styles and colors for 5 days a week since October, many of the fans were asking when the event will start again after the new year. Now here’s the complete January program of the Red White Jazz Lounge that comes with some surprising lineup. Dim the lights, here we go.

1. Donny Suhendra Big City Blues
Donny Suhendra is one of the most influential musicians of this era. Not only by his involvement in many legendary groups but also by his touch in creating a lot of today’s amazing guitarists. Yes he’s famous with his jazz-fusion approach, but let’s not forget that he actually started with blues and rock and still passionately into it until now. We might remember his part in some supergroups such as D’Marzyo, Krakatau, Adegan, JavaJazz or even the newer one which he’s still active in, ESQI:EF with Syaharani and Didit Saat, but we should also remember a group he formed around 1997 which strongly based in blues called Big City Blues. This group originally was formed with A.S Mates, Eddy Syahroni, Iskandar, Fred Burkhard and Najib Osman. Later on Sue Bonnington, Albert Warnerin and Krisna Waluyo Suryowijoyo joined in. For their landing at Red White Jazz Lounge, Donny Suhendra brings his recent team including Sue Bonnington, Amiroez, Rishanda, Eddy Syahroni and Najib Osman. One session had made last Sunday (January 8) but there will still three more sessions coming up. If you’re into the tasty blues pattern, let it roll inside your heart every Sunday of this month.
Donny Suhendra Big City Blues will perform on January 8, 15, 22 and 29, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 60.000

2. w/H/A/T ft Indra Aziz
The name W/H/A/T comes from the last name of four personnels inside: Sandy Winarta, Sri Hanuraga, Riza Arshad and Indrawan Tjhin. This group was established in 2008 when two of the players were still studying abroad, all by coincidence. At that time, while Sri Hanuraga and Indrawan Tjhin were back to Indonesia, Riza Arshad asked them to play with and then it went into recording. The result is one CD titled “No Words” (available at our online store:, check the review of the album here: ) where the sensational freedom of expression can be found throughout their notes. This group is magnificent for their braveness in exploring the sides of jazz we seldom notice, experimenting with everything they found along the way and have fun totally with it. “I think it’s common for us to play together with these potential young players.” Riza Arshad once said to us in an interview. “We have the experience and they have energy. Together we make a perfect team.” he further said. They can play smooth, soft and tender like a cotton but on the other hand they can be fully provocative with their music. After a shot at Monday (Jazz) Madness at Largo, Kemang on Monday (January 9), they will give two shots at the Red White Lounge. This is your poison if you are into sensational explorative and explosive type of jazz. Indra Aziz will be featured in both shows.
W/H/A/T will perform twice on January 11 and 12, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 50.000

3. Like Father Like Son (Benny and Barry Likumahuwa)
The saying “The Fruit Doesn’t Fall Too Far From the Tree” works positively among the Likumahuwa family, especially between father and son, Benny and Barry Likumahuwa. While Benny Likumahuwa is the living legend who has been having such an illustrious career for more than half of the century, Barry Likumahuwa is showing fast but steady pace in following his father’s footsteps. Other than his highly famous Barry Likumahuwa Project, Barry also leads his Barry Likumahuwa Quintet, HOOK and Horney Browney, also is currently doing very well with LLW that just came back from a memorable show in Blue Note Tokyo, Japan. This father-son connection has proved to work amazingly in many occasion, including Benny Likumahuwa Jazz Connection among others. Whether you’re a fan of Benny, Barry or both, or if you want to see the magical chemistry between father and son on stage, this one is a must.
Like Father Like Son will perform only once on January 13, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 60.000

4. Indra Lesmana Quintet
Indra Lesmana is currently celebrating his 36 years in playing jazz. Along with this long spanning year he has established himself as the living legend while being one of the most influential and most respected musicians as well. This month we will see him in two groups, one of them is Indra Lesmana Quintet. Last time he played in quintet formation was in the October edition together with Indra Aziz, Doni Sundjoyo, Sandy Winarta and Indra Dauna. For this time, Indra Lesmana brings Donna Koeswinarso (tenor sax), Doni Sundjoyo (contrabass), Sandy Winarta (drums) and Indra Dauna (trumpet).  The formation can change, the member can be different, but no matter what, we know it’s going to be challenging and entertaining to watch. Buckle up and get ready to have a cool jazz ride with them!
Indra Lesmana Quintet will perform on January 14, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 60.000

5. Sandy Winarta Quartet ft Mian Tiara
One of the interesting thing about jazz group formation is that it often based on the numerical indication of the number of sidemen present on a particular gig where the players can be changed according to its leader. Being as one of the busiest jazz musicians doesn’t make Sandy Winarta stop in creating his own group. He still needs his own group, with himself as the leader, where he can pour his passion and real music taste. We have seen him and his quartet with different sidemen many times. The formation can be different, but his strong bebop/post bop style is always captivating, no matter with who he plays with. “With my own group I just love to take standards as the template and then go on with our creativity in playing.” he said to us once. This time he’s going to rise the game by having Mian Tiara in. The question is, who will he bring this time? It’s confirmed that this time he will bring the amazing young pianist Ade Irawan, guitarist Johanes Radianto and bassist Chaka Priambudi. Sandy Winarta’s strong smell of jazz will meet Mian Tiara’s heartfelt approach. It’s something not to be missed.
Sandy Winarta Quartet ft Mian Tiara will perform twice on January 18 and 19, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 50.000

6. Barry Likumahuwa Project
If there are groups who are active in introducing jazz to the youngsters in the most friendly ways, Barry Likumahuwa Project is definitely one of them, perhaps should even stand on the top list. Since it was established in 2007 the group has been active in presenting the pop side of jazz where groove and funk stand as the highlight. With this approach they have no difficulties to reach the hearts of teenagers and young adults everywhere around the archipelago and brought them into their first-tasty encounter with jazz. Two albums are made with great results and more to come. Eventhough Barry is quite busy with his other groups and activities, while the vocalist Matthew Sayersz has just released his solo album, this group still stands strong, hopefully for a long time to come. If you’re a fan, show your support by attending their show.
Barry Likumahuwa Project will perform once on January 20, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 60.000

7. Indro Hardjodikoro and The Fingers
After around 20 years in business, suddenly Indro Hardjodikoro decided to change his path to go more in front. He established his own group in 2010 with an album “Feels Free” in which he presented his real side of music. We say it’s about time, since we believe he still has so many things to say and prove. The best way for that is of course by forming his own group where he can compose and play his own songs freely. Not long after that he made another move by having more than one bassists in a group at the same time. Starting with four bass collaborative unit (with Fajar Adinugroho, Shadu Shah Chaidar and Nissa Hamzah), the number then slowly reduced to only two with only Fajar left inside the group. Still, the formation of two bassists is not often found in a group. Add it with drummer Yesaya Sumantri and pianist Andy Gomez, Indro Hardjodikoro and the Fingers was born. This unit moves fast by going as far as reaching Russia (read the report here) and one album called Traveling (available at our online store: ). Now you get the chance to see them up close and personal at the Red White Lounge. If you love jazz fusion and curious on how the sound will be when bass takes the lead, this one is for you.
Indro Hardjodikoro and the Fingers will perform once on January 21, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 60.000

8. Idang Rasjidi Trio ft Margie Segers
A legendary musician, superb pianist, motivator and real entertainer are perfect to describe Idang Rasjidi. Born in Pangkal Pinang then met Abadi Soesman, he actually started as a bass player in a children show in TVRI before he switched to piano, the instrument which become his lethal weapon until now. Many years past, he’s still active with high creativity. He can play with the fully experienced artists around his age but also can be as good when teaming up with younger musicians as well. Spontaneous jazz moment is always there in his every gig. He can give a lot of surprises too by making some unplanned actions, he can bridge the gap between the artist and their audience in no time by being interactive during the show. He loves to give wisdom and lessons too while he’s in charge. His two sons are now following his footsteps and steadily building up their career in jazz. “I play what I feel and I feel what I play”, that’s how he describe all the spontaneous approach in his performance. After the successful shows in November calendar with his Idang Rasjidi Syndicate, this is another chance to feel jazz with full honesty coming from the one and only Idang Rasjidi. What makes it even more interesting is that the legendary singer Margie Segers will be joining the team. It’s going to be fantastic.
Idang Rasjidi Trio ft Margie Segers will perform twice on January 25 and 26, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 50.000


javajazz, indra lesmana, a.s mates, dewa budjana, donny suhendra, gilang ramadhan, joy joy joy

“I want to bring some of my groups to Red White Lounge, hopefully this month.” said Indra Lesmana several days ago in his twitter. Hear this: The supergroup JAVAJAZZ is coming near the end of this month! There are many things to talk about this group consists of jazz gods because they never stop making headlines in every appearance since the first installment in 1991. Who could forget the combination of Indra Lesmana, Gilang Ramadhan and the late Embong Rahardjo among the other jazz masters with an album released in 1994 called “Bulan di Asia”? The title track which combined Sundanese pentatonic scales, Mandarin and Balinese touch in the lovely form of fusion have become a masterpiece which is still dearly loved by many jazz fans up until today. Even the LLW loves to play the song occasionaly in their gig.

They released another album “Sabda Prana” in 1998, and the group seemed to stand even more solid. But then a tragedy struck when Embong Rahardjo passed away in 2001. “He was such a very important element that became the strength of JavaJazz. We suffered a great loss when he passed away. On one occasion we played in quartet in tribute to him and after that night’s performance, we realized something was missing in our music, and that was the time to put JavaJazz to sleep.” explained Indra Lesmana to us on our interview with him. But then the group got massive supports from friends and fans. After 11 years in absence, the group was finally ressurected in 2009 with interesting formation to cope with the loss of Embong. Instead of having the replacement on saxophone, Indra Lesmana decided to bring two guitarists who connected with the group at once. An album “Joy Joy Joy” was launched with the formation of Indra Lesmana (keys), Gilang Ramadhan (drums), A.S Mates (bass) and both Donny Suhendra and Dewa Budjana (guitars). Due to each personnel’s busy activity, the band seemed dissapear again, but thank God it’s not for long. Now JavaJazz is making its return once again, ready to land at the Red White Lounge January edition. The complete formation of “Joy Joy Joy” will be there. It’s going to be sensational, it will bring the memory back, and there’s nothing better than having it in the most intimate atmosphere. Hence, it’s definitely not to be missed! Mark your calendar from now.
JavaJazz will perform twice on January 27 and 28, 2012
First Drink Charge: IDR 100.000

Loads of lineup will paint up the multi jazz colors at Red White Jazz Lounge this month. Save this complete program, choose those that suit you and enjoy!

Location: Red White Lounge
Jl. Kemang Raya 16B, Jakarta 12730

RSVP: +62 82123751943 or add BB pin: 325DDAE0

Log on to Red White Lounge’s website or follow their twitter: @RWLounge


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