Prime Time Friday Nite Jazz #07



The year 2012 seems to be a very fruitful year for Bandung’s well-established jazz community, KlabJazz. They rebooted their longest running program Sunday Jazz at the new venue on March 2012 and made it twice a month, ran two ‘spin-offs’ Groove Collective (on September) and #Blues Platform. Another regular program has also been launched since last October called Prime Time Friday Nite Jazz. Yes, this event provides you a chance to enjoy jazz on Friday, a day which stands as the first day of the weekend by many. Plenty of local tourists mostly from Jakarta, Bogor and nearby started to enter Bandung since Friday. Now they can relax after the trip by enjoying quality jazz event in Bandung that’s served for free.

Free jazz event in the beautiful city of Bandung? Yes, you got that right. Plus, it’s not just once but now you can have plenty of it. Just in this month, KlabJazz has served no less than 7 events with tens of performers. So naturally we’ll think of what they are going to do in 2013. Will these regular programs keep running or we’ll even get more from them? One thing you have to know is that KlabJazz will never stop in socializing jazz to Bandung society and will always happily response whenever there’s a chance. At least now we just received a confirmation that Prime Time Friday Nite Jazz #07 will start the KlabJazz’s program in 2013. This event will come no longer than this Friday (January 4, 2013) and as usual, provided for free by cooperating with the venue Prime Cafe & Bistro.

Unlike the KlabJazz’s usual concept that presents around 5 bands in one episode, Prime Time Friday Night Jazz goes with “main acts” and “opening acts”. The main acts consist of skillful groups usually consist of young musicians who are ready to play the well known jazz repertoires ranging from groovy pop jazz to swing, straightahead, bebop and so on. Other than that, lately we have seen the way they rise the game by adding up jazz vocalists comprise of promising new comers and/or the popular ones.

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The one and a half year group who now proved to be working really well Halfwhole Project is standing tall in this episode. KlabJazz stated this band as ‘one of the best quartet in Bandung’, and that’s not exagerrating. If you ever watched them, you will surely get the same vibe. The band seemed to get the steady grip after having four skillful young musicians inside: Christ Stanley Khoewell Kainama (piano), Edward Manurung (drums), Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe (bass) and Kenneth Timotius Djaja (alto sax). You can expect to feel and hear the joyous side of straightahead from them, often goes with eye-catchy act especially when the sax boy Kenneth got carried into the play. Other than Kenneth’s act and instrument exploration, don’t miss to hear the united bass-drum connection and the flawless improvisation over the keys by Christ. To fill up the vocal section, Aldhiella Hamidah and Lidya Amalia are going to join them in this session.

The group consists of young lions coming from Venche Music School named Impression is ready to blast this event even more. Like Halfwhole Project, this band has a saxophonist who’s currently still studying at the 3rd grade of Junior High School, Ezra Manuhutu. The pianist Yohan Gunawan can look like a shy boy while sitting behind his keyboard, but don’t be fooled with that because he can bring out streaming jazz tunes along with daring improvisations. The rockin’ jazz drummer Alman Naufal loves to bring the tough side by his powerful drum beating while Ilham serves the steady groove with his bass. With more chances of performing in front of the public like this, Impression will grow to meet the state of maturity, along with the personnels’ ages in no time.

The lineup continues on with Sonny Akbar, one of the loyal member of KlabJazz who has been playing in KlabJazz’s gigs since many years ago. Long gone, now he’s back in a shape of trio. Edward Manurung and Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe of Halfwhole Project who are also stand as the latest member of his quartet will back him up. Last but not least, a duo vocalists who have supported Prime Time Jazz often, Agnes Kaunang and Jovie Silenzi now have their own session under the name of The Bray.

As the event will come just four days after New Year, it’s time to set our jazz course in 2013 by attending this event. No cover charge, plenty of jazz delights, that’s what you’re going to get from Prime Time Friday Nite Jazz. If you’re still in Bandung on January 4, 2013 and happen to love jazz, or if you’re a die-hard jazz fans who reside in Bandung, why don’t you spend some time to come? While you can enjoy variety of delicious foods and beverages, jazz live performances will entertain you for 4 hours straight.

Prime Time Friday Nite Jazz #05

Date: Friday, December 7, 2012
Time: 6:30pm – 10:30pm
Location: Prime Cafe & Bistro, Jl. Ir.H Juanda/Dago no 92, Bandung
(Parking area: aroudn the venue, Monex Dago and BCA Dago Branch)



– Christ Stanley Khoewell Kainama piano
– Edward Manurung drums
– Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe bass
– Kenneth Timotius Djaja alto saxophone

– Aldhiella Hamidah
– Lidia Amalia

Tampil juga Juara II “Kompetisi Grup Jazz Jatinangor Jazz Event 2012”;
:: Impression
– Alman Naufal drum
– Ezra Enggar tenor saxophone
– Ilham Septia bass
– Yohan Gunawan piano

Sonny Akbar piano
Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe bass
Edward Manurung drum

– Agnes Kaunang vocal, dan
– Jovie Silenzi piano