Prime Time Friday Nite Jazz #05



The more, the merrier. Just a week ago we informed you of the fourth edition of KlabJazz Bandung’s brand new event, Prime Time Friday Nite Jazz. And now here it comes again with another fresh batch of groups. So this is the update of what’s happening in Bandung’s jazz scene, suppose if you’re looking for live jazz gig to merry your first day of weekend, this one’s ready to fulfill that up for you.

The coordinator of KlabJazz, Dwi Cahya Yuniman,  told us that this December seems to be another fruitful month for them. Other than the on-going regular events like Sunday Jazz and Prime Time which both run twice a month, KlabJazz is going to continue the Groove Collective and a brand new event rooted in blues, cooperating with Bandung Blues Society. This is a good news to the Bandung music lovers since now we can have more options in enjoying live performance, surprisingly all free of charge.

halfwhole project, jazzuality


Back to this very event, 3 bands/project will stand under the spotlight. One is the local Bandung’s straightahead band, Halfwhole Project. Pianist Christ Stanley, drummer Edward Manurung, bassist Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe and young saxophonist Kenneth Timotius Djaja as usual will drive you mad with their wild, lively pieces of jazz. The combination of streamy jazz chords from the keys, steady and strong rhythm from drums and bass and last but not least, the energetic saxophone playing should do more than enough to merry your senses. If that’s not enough, three female jazz vocalists will accompany them, Agis Kania, Agnes Stephanie Kaunang and Aldhiella Hamidah.

Then there will be Pancasura, said to be an ethnic-fusion group from STSI Bandung. This group consists of a team combining modern-western instruments and eastern-traditional ones, including the double-headed drum called kendang, metal toys. Violin is going to be used as well. A jazz band that also upholds our own traditional music like this is always important, since they can be the ambassador to introduce the richness of our ethnic musics by using the universal jazz language.

wannabejazzy, jazzuality


A special session is included too. Let’s see Wannabejazzy giving its first participation in KlabJazz’s event. We first met him at the band auditions of Jatinangor Jazz Event 3 last month. At that time this band showed that they can bring a clear picture of the early bop scene eventhough they are all still very young. This move brought them a shot to participate in the main event as the first winner of the audition (read our report from the event here: Nuriman Jauliansyah loves to take the risk during his improvisation lines using his weapons alto sax and clarinet. Backing him are the shiny lines of young musicians including Marsha Luthor Oktora, Hadis Hendarisman (guitar), Galih Cahya Nugraha (drums) and Valentinus Febrianto (bass). What’s great about them in the audition is that they can capture people’s attention through eye-catchy stage act, even those that are not really into jazz at all.

Free, no cover charge at all should guarantee your satisfaction in enjoying the event without any trouble. So for you, Bandung jazz lovers or if you plan to visit Bandung this weekend, make sure to drop by and catch the jazz in its prime time. Located at the heart of Bandung, at Prime Cafe and Bistro in Dago area, the place will be easy to reach too. All said, see you there!

Prime Time Friday Nite Jazz #05

Date: Friday, December 7, 2012
Time: 6:30pm – 10:30pm
Location: Prime Cafe & Bistro, Jl. Ir.H Juanda/Dago no 92, Bandung



– Christ Stanley Khoewell Kainama piano
– Edward Manurung drums
– Gallang Perdhana Dalimunthe bass
– Kenneth Timotius Djaja alto saxophone

– Agis Kania
– Agnes Stephanie Kaunang
– Aldhiella Hamidah

Tampil juga Juara I “Kompetisi Grup Jazz Jatinangor Jazz Event 2012”;
:: wannabejazzy
– Nuriman Juliansyah alto saxophone, clarinet
– Marsha Luthor Oktora guitar
– Galih Cahya Nugraha drums
– Valentinus Febrianto bass
– Hadis Hendarisman guitar

dan sebuah grup unik, keseluruhan personilnya berasal dari STSI Bandung, yang memadu musik tradisi lokal dengan fusion jazz;
– Ade Irvan Riswandi guitar, piano
– Ardi Prawira guitar
– Ghea Gufroni bass
– Dede Iwan “metal toys”
– Taofik Muhammad flute
– Wendi Kardiana kendang 1
– Maulana Denmas kendang 2
– Yogi Permana Sidik violin