Prime Time Friday Nite #10 and Sunday Jazz @ Plate For Me XXII (Bandung)




Still having jazz lag after the Java Jazz Festival 2013? If you live in Bandung, there are a lot of jazz around you that can provide the magic to keep recharging your energy.

Today in Indonesia, jazz is not only happening in Jakarta, but also in other cities including Bandung, the capital of West Java, the hometown of Jazzuality. The jazz community in this city, KlabJazz, has been doing a rapid progress since 2012 by presenting more and more spin-offs. Not only presenting it in the usual crime scene, they never stop in finding new places. Speaking of spin-offs, now KlabJazz has many of it, from groove, fusion all the way to ethnic. Aside from KlabJazz, there are many other regular and periodic jazz events too happening in the Sundanese land. Next week an international jazz festival will be held right here, the 5th International Kampoeng Jazz Festival (March 23, 2013). The mouth-watering lineup which involve international superstars, our own jazz legends and potential young bands has stunned many. Before that, let us inform you that two KlabJazz’s regular shows are set to go. They are Prime Time Friday Nite Jazz #10 and Sunday Jazz @ Plate For ME XXII.

So what are you going to get in these events? First, let’s see the nearest one, Prime Time Friday Nite Jazz. This one is launched at Prime Cafe and Bistro at Dago area twice a month on Friday Night. Since Bandung is a favorite spot for local tourists especially from Jakarta to spend their weekend holidays, you can always come and enjoy small but delightful jazz package in here. The concept of this event is made with a homeband, HalfWhole Project and regularly features jazz vocalists. For this 10th edition, two ladies will take a stand on stage. Both have been supporting the show quite regularly, Puspallia Panggabean and Agis Kania. Then Danilla from Jakarta, who KlabJazz featured in the previous edition now established her own group filled with Bandung talents including two HalfWhole members Christ Stanley (keys) and Edward Manurung (drums), Lafa Green (guitar) and Jalu Rohanda (bass). The solid fusion jazz female trio Jazzy Juice will be there too. You should check them out if you want to know how far three ladies can jazz you up.

Move to Sunday Jazz @ Plate for Me, this twice-a-month event has reached the number of 22. As usual, in cooperation with the venue Plate For Me “Palette of Flavors” at Riau street, KlabJazz is going to present bands with variety of jazz style. What’s new is, this time the lineup consists 6 bands instead of 5. Danilla will play too in this event, then there are new bands to perform for the very first time, D’Voile (groove), Magaloo4tet (straight ahead) and Javier Quintet from itbjazz (itbjazz experiment). Pianist Sonny Akbar returns in a duo with vocalist Faqqi, and last but not least, the band who extends their mission outside the church walls to spread peace and harmony through positive message , Forsure is completing the list. This group consists of Oktavianus Markus Tondatuon (keys), Samuel Septian (bass), Okki Dirgualam (guitar) and Edward Manurung (drums). You can expect cool fusion, lovely sound of third stream  or the west-coast jazz which often played in melodious tunes by this performance.

The more the merrier. With so many jazz activities happen in Bandung, we can hope to see Bandung being established as a jazz city with good future. What’s needed now is your contribution, jazz lovers! Support the local events by attending it. While you enjoy the music served on stage, you are also contributing towards the jazz development in your city. If you live in Bandung like us, or if you’re planning to visit it, just come and join. Both are provided free from any charge.

Prime Time Friday Nite Jazz #10

Date: March 15, 2013
Time: 6:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Location: Prime Cafe & Bistro, Jl. Ir Juanda/Dago no 92, Bandung

Sunday Jazz @ Plate For Me #22

Date: March 17, 2013
Time: 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Location: Plate For Me “Palette of Flavors” , Jl. L.L.R.E Martadinata/Riau no 172, Bandung