PGV Jazzturday


Jazz. Coffee. Golf. Think of this combination. Many of us would probably think that it’s a dream, but in Indonesia, it starts happening! Look at this event. Podomoro Golf View and Tata Production proudly presents: PGV Jazzturday: Your Live Music in Saturday Night.

PGV Jazzturday is a music event that highlights Jazz as the selected genre. This event is comin soon on this Saturday, 13 January 2018 starting from 4:00 pm until 9:00 pm, taking place at the Podomoro Golf View, just approximately 100 m from the exist tollgate of Cimanggis, Depok. If you think this is interesting, this following info will draw you closer even more: it’s free entry!

david manuhutu, soul syndicate

This event presents Indonesian young jazz genius who has been consistently contributing towards the development of jazz in our nation and has established his name not just nationally but also internationally. He is the proud son of senior guitarist/teacher Venche Manuhutu, pianist David Manuhutu. Starting from jazz community, he got a golden chance to study at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. In there he kept on making big achievements as well as building strong connection with many jazz giants. When he came home, he didn’t just jumped into the pool full of big fishes but he also released his debut solo album titled “A Journey” which surprisingly featured two top American jazz guitarists: Adam Rogers and Peter Bernstein plus drummer from Peru, Ken Ychicawa.

For this event, David Manuhutu will team up with many other young lions united as Soul Syndicate, featuring the blues sensation who is not a stranger to jazz Ginda Bestari (guitar), drum master who started so early since he was still a little kid Demas Narawangsa and the soul power house, a lady with amazing voice and appearance, Bubu of Bubu Giri.

estu and the gang, pangestu hning bhawana, estu

That’s not all though, because The PGV Jazzterday has more mouth-watering lineup. How about a young violin wizard who casts magic wherever he appears, from jazz, blues, rock, ethnic, whatever? This dude has been shining since he was still in his early teen. He is none other than Pangestu Hning Bhawana. We have seen him with many different hybirds from his own bands including Sasadana and being featured everywhere, but for this time he will come with Estu Hning and The Gang. No matter where he appears, he always makes a difference. We have no doubt he will blast this one too.

david manuhutu, soul syndicate

Then there will be a group of young jazz geniuses formed by the iconic harmonica virtuoso Hari Pochang. This band in our opinion is one of the most interesting pairings at present time: The New Blood. This 5-piece band consists of Jason Limanjaya (piano), Anjuan Julio (guitar), Sugih Gumilang (drum), Ezra Manuhutu (bass) and the amazing teenage saxophonist/pianist Philip Manfred Pincencia. This team is mind-bending with their intoxicating funky fusion, so intense that none of you would be able to stand still. Each of them are the key players in their bands, now imagine when these showstoppers live together inside the same ship.

To make things even more interesting, this event will also bring in Komunitas Organics Indonesia (KOI), Barista Indonesia Jakarta and Barista Club Bandung which will allow every jazz lovers could enjoy the music presentation while tasting many kinds of coffee variants from the Komunitas Pecinta Coffee (Coffee Lovers Community).

For confirmation and more information, you can contact:
Evan Adam (+62 812 9133 1400) and Fritz (+62 813 1100 0646).

If you wish to make your Saturday nice with the combination of jazz, golf view and coffee, all you have to do is come to the PGV Jazzterday. Jazz can come in so many different ways, it’s time taste a new experience in jazz presentation.


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