Nirwana Bali Jazz Series : A Tribute to Jazz Lovers, Inspired by Tanah Lot


No one would argue that Bali is one of the most beautiful islands not only in the Indonesian archipelago but also in the world. Its huge prominence as a tourist destination for many decades has been going on for many decades. There are uncountable things that can give us reasons to stay longer in this island of Gods. Many ancient temples, sand beaches, rainforests, paddy fields, paintings, sculptures or even the warm tropical climate, religious ceremonies and smiley, friendly people. Speaking of music, Bali has its own mystical traditional music that you can be noticed easily. Then what about jazz? By having loads of international tourists, it’s not difficult to find out that jazz has been living there for ages in harmony. There are many well-established musicians came from this island, some others chose Bali as the place to build career. Many musicians or bands tremendously open up a whole new musical dimension by fusing jazz with the distinctive Balinese music. One question for you: Would you like to have a 2-day jazz fest in a 5-star resort at Tanah Lot, featuring top stars, for free? If this sounds too good to be true, here’s the good news. Bakrieland in cooperation with Prime Time Jazz present: NIRWANA BALI JAZZ SERIES, September 14 and 15, 2012 (from sunset until 11:00 pm) at Nirwana Bali Resort.

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Nirwana Bali Jazz Series offers an interesting collaborations between musicians from Jakarta and Bali to jazz aficionados no matter where you are. That’s why they mention this event as ‘A Tribute to Jazz Lovers’. This event which features big names in our jazz scene does also stand as Hotels & Resorts unit of Bakrieland (BHR)‘s care and commitment to support the local jazz music development and the musicians living in it. “Nirwana Bali Jazz Series is one of our efforts to provide enough appreciation space for jazz musicians that in the end will give benefits towards Indonesian’s jazz development.” said Nugroho Santosa, Group Head Resort Development,BHR.

By selecting the venue – 103 hectare hideaway with breathtaking views set in the tranquil village of Tabanan, Tanah Lot which also has an award winning golf course- the 5 star Hotel Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort, the organizers hope to give a specific sensation to jazz lovers, because while you get entertained by class jazz acts on stage, you can also enjoy the spectacular scenery of Tanah Lot, especially its famous sunset where the sun slowly submerge into the horizon. “Pan Pacific supports Nirwana Bali Jazz Series that’s inspired by the beauty of beach and Tanah Lot temple – an Bali iconic tourist destination which is located really near from our hotel,” said Joseph Polito, the Grand Manager.

Meanwhile Paul Counihan, Managing Partner, Prime Time Jazz added that this event is planned to be held regularly. “We really appreciate BHR’s support in presenting Nirwana Bali Jazz Series (NBJS) to jazz fans in Indonesia.” he said.

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Speaking of the artists, this event features big iconic names in our jazz world both from the capital and local. The legendary Idang Rasjidi will be there with his sensational group where two of his own sons (Shadu Shah Chaidar and Shaku Rasjidi) play alongside him, the Idang Rasjidi Syndicate. While Idang is great behind the keys, he’s also known as the true entertainer with his ability to connect the audience to his show. Other than that, he has another gift which enables him to mimick any instrument sounds with his voice and of course scatting. If it’s not enough, the group also features the beautiful jazz icon/diva Andien. Then there will be a senior guitarist/multi-instrumentalist/composer who was born in Malang, switch to jazz since age 11 and has been residing in Bali for many years, Koko Harsoe. He will bring his group Koko Harsoe & Friends featuring one of the most famous Indonesian vocal coach Bertha. Last but not least, a great jazz trumpeter/singer  Rio Sidik and his quintet is completing the lineup. Rio Sidik, also known as the leader of Saharadja, was born and raised in Surabaya. He’s supported variety of who’s who in music industry and performed around the globe, reaching Korea, China, Australia and South Africa. He’s landed several times in the biggest jazz fest on earth, Java Jazz Festival, and we just saw his fired-up performance at the latest edition in 2012 last March (Read our report here: As he’s building his career in Bali, of course he has to join this event. Looking at the selected lineup for this edition, it’s easy for us to guess that the show is going to be jazzfully artistic, full with spontaneity and colorful. It will also be interesting to see how they feed off one another while jamming together, doing the musical communications to present something lovely for us.

Big names, big catch, that’s not all, because this event also holds a social mission. Nugroho Santosa said that along with NBJS, BHR is going to donate some amounts to Yayasan Pendidikan (Education Foundation) Desa Baraban, Bali. The fund will be used to support the children to continue their study in Beraban village, Tabanan, Tanah Lot, Bali. “It’s natural, because jazz also means dialog and communication, so for us jazz should be able to go hand in hand with social causes.” added Nugroho.

In the end Nugroho hopes that Nirwana Bali Jazz Series can inspire local musicians to keep being creative and productive. At the same time the event can also reach the jazz lovers to support jazz development and to help the reduce the number of children who are still unable to go to school.

In summary, in this event which is amazingly made FREE of charge, you can have a lovely package of jazz performances from highly experienced big names while enjoying the spectacular landscapic sunset view surrounding the place for tow days, and also support the social cause. So check your agenda. If you’re in Bali or able to fly there in mid September, this is an event for you not to be missed.

Nirwana Bali Jazz Series : Tribute to Jazz Lovers – Inspired by Tanah Lot

Date: September 14 & 15, 2012
Time: from Sunset until 11:00 pm
Location: Pan Pacific Nirwana Bali Resort
Jalan Raya Tanah Lot, PO Box 158 Tabanan 82171, Bali – Indonesia


For bookings information, please contact +62 361 815900 or log on to


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