New from KlabJazz and Plate For Me: #Blues Platform



Since Blues was originated around the Southern part of America among the slaves in 19th century and strongly rooted in the American history, this ‘roots of all modern music’ has stand the test of time and still has millions or even billions of fans all over the world. It’s called blues, simply because the slaves used this to express or cry out their feelings. But what’s interesting is that while the lyrics often shouted misery and life’s problems such as poverty, hard labor, love lost or even something more into what’s been happening in daily basis, the music usually appeared powerful, full of emotion and rhytmical.

Now here’s the question: just how close blues and jazz really is? The fact is, Blues and Jazz are very related both in historic sense and also musically speaking. Blues is one of the roots of jazz. It’s impossible to imagine jazz’s birth without blues, but uniquely later on, jazz and blues have always been walking side by side and helping/enriching each other like close brothers. For example, the blue notes add more unique texture and feeling into blues, while blues can give more alternatives and variations in jazz playing. The role of blues in jazz is actually very important, so important that a legendary guitarist once told us: “If you want to be a good jazz musician, you got to learn how to play blues.” So, while there are many blues rock musicians, actually we can easily find musicians who play blues jazz too, or simply, you can easily find blues patterns, scents or traces in jazz stages.

Why do we start with blues and its connection with jazz? This is the reason. The well-established jazz community in Bandung KlabJazz is going to launch its second spin-off (after Groove Collective), this time highlighting the good ol’ Blues as the main menu. Calling it as simple as #BLUES PLATFORM, the premiere edition will take place at Plate For Me (Palette of Flavor), Bandung, this Friday, December 28, 2012.

The connection between KlabJazz and blues (and also the Blues Community) has actually been established since the beginning of KlabJazz’s life journey, at Pekan Jazz Priangan at Grand Hotel Preanger from July 18-23, 2005 with Bad Boyz Blues ft Hari Pochang. This collaboration then continued their participation in other events like Jazz Alia (February 2007), Arch Jazz ITENAS (December 2007) all the way to reach Java Jazz Festival on March, 2008.

The friendship between Klab Jazz and blues community (Bandung Blues Society) can also be seen in several collaborative charity session at Ruang Putih called Jazz | Blues Care in the end of 2010. Other than that, the participation of many young blues bands such as Bullseye Blues (now changed to Mojo Jojo Experiment), Ginda and the White Flowers, Ogoy and the 24 Hours Blues were spotted in various KlabJazz events like Sunday Jazz. Step aside from the stage, in 2011 KlabJazz launched its Blues Rock page on Facebook, eventhough at that time they still didn’t know how it should be used for.

So, looking at all this historical connection between a jazz community and the blues, plus the push from the venue to start a regular blues session and the support from blues communities like Komunitas Ruang Putih and Bandung Blues Society, KlabJazz decided to start its regular blues program this month.

It’s certainly interesting to see the lineup for this first edition. First, there’s Iman Brata Trio. This group of three have supported many KlabJazz’s events and now they will bring their strong smell of blues in a perfect spot. Consists of guitarist Abank Sulaiman Kramadibrata, drummer Ade Sulaiman Kramadibrata and Diony Rusmania on bass, this band have shown its ability in playing wide, including rock-jazz fusion, pop and later on switched to ethnic jazz by changing their drumset to kendang. Will they go back to drums or faithfully stay with kendang to bring out their bluesy soul? That’s something worth to catch.

Then a group with kind of naughty name: 70s Orgasm Club. This is the group of guitarist Anto Arief together with bassist Galant Yurdian and drummer Gantira Sena. While they have been graced many famous stages such as LA Lights Indiefest, the trio has also participated in KlabJazz’s Groove Collective episode 2 last October where they brought the audience into a wheel of rock-blues-funk. Again, it’s a perfect choice to have them if KlabJazz wants to bring out the blues fashion that still has funk jazz aroma.

Check this out, a group who plays the difficult Mississipi’s Delta Blues (D-Blues) in a cup of black music that we still remember from Sunday Jazz @ Plate For Me last June is in the list too. It’s Ogoy & the 24 Hours Blues. The vocalist Yoga “Ogoy” Akbar Rabbani is one of the frontliners of Bandung Blues Society. He started with metal and alternative first of all before he found his calling in blues, inspired by blues giants suchas Muddy Waters, Johnny Winter, John Mayall and Albert King. He will be accompanied by Irman Sule (guitar), Benny Boogie (bass), Lole (guitar), Arry (drums) and Eka (keys).

The independent blues band formerly known as Bullseye Blues now transformed into a new name, Mojo Jojo Experiment. The band now consists of the original member Putra Fajar Utama on guitar with Erren Solihin (bass) and Mohamad Thaufiq Rachman (drums).Last but not least, Luke Kusmoro, Vicky Age and Gilang Dado as Luke & Hobo Blues Band are completing the lineup.

Jazz and blues are tightly related to each other, that’s true. But still it’s beautiful to see how they can support each other like this. It might be easier to find jazz in blues event and vice versa, but a jazz community launches an event with blues as the platform is something you don’t see often. We know there are many blues lovers reside in Bandung, and we also know that there are many jazz lovers in the city who welcome blues with open arms. Even if you don’t care about the genre, this is your chance to feel the blues as well as finding out how a blues event would appear from the jazz corner. A form of ‘symbiosis mutualism’ like this will certainly add significant variation into the live music entertainment and for certain, it will bring lots of benefit towards both sides. Looking at a perfect pitstop from the irritating traffic jam in Bandung during long Christmas-New Year holidays? You can go to Plate For Me this Friday and get fine blues treatment from no less than 5 bands. See you!

#Blues Platform

Date: Friday, December 28, 2012
Time: 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Location: Plate For Me “Palette Of Flavors”
Jl. L. L. R. E. Martadinata/Riau no. 172, Bandung


Featuring (in alphabetical order):

:: 70’s Orgasm Club
– Anto Arief guitar
– Galant bass
– Gantira Sena drum

:: Iman Brata Trio
– Abank Sulaiman Kramadibrata
– Ade Sulaiman Kramadibrata
– Diony Rusmania bass

:: Luke & Hobo Blues Band
– Luke Kusmoro vocal, guitar
– Vicky Age bass
– Gilang Dado drum

:: Mojo Jojo Experiment
– Putra Fajar Utama guitar
– Erren Solihin bass
– Mohamad Thaufiq Rachman drums

:: Ogoy & The 24 Hours Blues
Yoga “Ogoy” Akbar Rabbani vocals
Irman Sule guitar
Benny Boogie bass
Lole guitar
Arry drums
Eka keyboard