Mostly Jazz V at Red and White Lounge


MostlyJazz-IV (16)Check this out. As promised earlier by Indra and Honhon Lesmana at Mostly Jazz last Sunday (January 9, 2011), here comes the next edition of it. It’s great to see Mostly Jazz as the ship of Indonesia’s Jazz Movement is now sailing with faster space. They have doubled the speed now, accelerates in from twice a month to every week. This is a good news for all of us, both musicians and jazz enthusiasts. As what we’ve seen and experienced on the last edition, the evidence was clear.  Mostly Jazz turns out to be more than just a live jazz gig. It already touched the social life, showing that jazz could create some kind of different life sign in a unique atmosphere. You will certainly feel it as soon as you step into the entrance of Red and White Lounge at Kemang Jakarta, where this event is held. Not only you’ll get the kind of jazz that usually could only appeared in your wildest dream, but you’ll get a new experience of tasting the jazz life. Once Syaharani told us: “I’ve come to a conclusion, that jazz is..the life itself.” That’s exactly what you’re going to have at Mostly Jazz. It was like a jazz jamboree before, where tons of jazz stars and celebrities gathered together under one roof and mingled with the audiences in no distance. Spare some time to read the report from Mostly Jazz IV in case you missed it, you will get the better view on what’s happening in there. This huge jazz fest is ready to come once again no longer than this Sunday.

MostlyJazz-IV (13)LLW at Mostly Jazz IV

If the newly formed trio LLW (Indra Lesmana, Barry Likumahuwa and Sandy Winarta) were the headline at the fourth edition, this time Shadow Puppets is on. Shadow Puppets is one of the fastest rising group in the Indonesian jazz scene. It’s a quartet consists of four great young musicians coming from different background but holding on the same vision. They bring back the freedom of playing jazz but still manage to present it in ear catchy style that won’t be difficult to listen by the common listeners. They bravely go back to the roots, bringing back the wonderful trading into the recording sessions. Irsa Destiwi (piano), Robert Mulyarahardja (guitar), Indrawan Tjhin (contrabass) and Yusuf Shandy Satya (drums) are the “jazz puppets” inside this group. Their mini album received a good result on the market, and now as they are preparing their full album, it’s time for us to see how far they are progressing up until now.

Shadow Puppets Concert (1)Shadow Puppets concert at Birdcage

MostlyJazz-IV (38)As this event comes from the Inline Community, watch out for many jazz artists who are often connected to the community to join in. Strecth it wider, you could get many other artists that carry the same hope, vision and dream to come as well, just like what we’ve seen in several previous editions. It’s a perfect place for these artists to unleash their jazz “demons”, at the same time it’s the place for us to enjoy the strong jazz spirit at max. Indra Aziz will guard the jam session once again. For sure we will have him presenting his multi talents once again. Playing saxophone, singing, scatting or presenting his role as the beatboxer are just some of the talents that this man possessed.

It’s going to be wonderful. Try it yourself and you’ll know what we’re talking about. So, make sure to catch this event and enjoy!

MOSTLY JAZZ V at Red and White Lounge
Hosted by Indra Lesmana and Indra Aziz

Featuring: Shadow Puppets and the Indonesia’s Jazz Movement ensamble

Date: Sunday, January 16, 2011
Time: 8:00 pm – onwards
Location: Red and White Lounge
Jl. Kemang Raya 16 B South Jakarta
Tel: +62 21 71782252

Entrance Fee: IDR 50.000 including 1st drink cover


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