ME Music Centre and Quadrum Present: Drum Workshop


Other than voice, drum probably is mankind’s oldest instrument, dating back to the time when humans first encountered rhythm. According to the world’s history, the existance of drums was found since 8000 years ago, while one excavation of Mesopotamian civilization unearthed a small cylindrical drum dated 3000 BC. In the modern days, the drum set was largely used in marching bands, the vaudeville and of course, when jazz was born, drum has become an essential instrument from the start.

Today, there are so many types of drum. Some players go further in enhancing their drumset, not only with extra cymbals but also by adding up some other traditional instruments and toys. What’s cool is, the innovative invention also continues on. We are so proud when we hear about a young drummer who we have been known since 8 years ago – when he was still a teen in a group named 15 Plus – Geby Putra Christian , under the Good Choice Custom Drum introduced his new craft. It’s called QUADRUM.

“Sounds Like a Drum, Yet Simple as Cajon” might be the simplest way to describe the Quadrum. This drum is specially designed for mobility, simplicity and efficiency. The dimensions is only 75x52x42 cm and portable. That means this drum is easy to bring anywhere, perfect for highly mobile drummers and suitable to both beginners and professional players. Other than the basic type, Geby also provides custom Quadrum that enables you to add LED, acrylic UV print and even hand drawing.

This new drum invention quickly caught the attention. Soon after it was launched, Geby was busy introducing it everywhere, including in television programs such as in TVRI and NET TV (the Pagi-Pagi Program on 23 January 2018 edition). With this instrument, a drummer no longer have to worry of traveling far with their drum. It’s simple like cajon, but functioning and sound like a real drum. It has acoustic sound and not too loud, which making it possible to use in any occasion and genre.

Now here’s a good news for all drummers and musicians who hold interest in knowing more about drum. The fruitful music school founded by Michelle Efferin that applies the international Encore Music curriculum which makes them able to train children from age 2, the M.E Music Centre together with Good Choice Custom Drum (Quadrum) proudly presents DRUM WORKSHOP : ATTITUDE EXPLORASI DRUM DALAM FORMAT AKUSTIK (Drum Exploration Attitude in Acoustic Format).

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This workshop is coming soon on Saturday, 2 June 2018, starting from 3:00 pm until 6:00 pm, taking place at Kedai Panggang Danau Toba at Soka street, Bandung. The presenters are the founder of Quadrum, Geby Putra Christian and senior session player Henky Suparjan.

If learning from these two drummers is already great, there will be jam sessions too with senior musicians! All musicians are welcome to join it. Still not enough? Well, how about having a 10% discount for you who buy the Quadrum on the spot? While you can try the drum, you can have a discount if you like it. How cool is that.

The collaboration between M.E Music Centre and Quadrum in presenting a Drum Workshop should not be missed if you are a drummer or have interest in this instrument. For reservation, do contact:

M.E Music Centre
Ph: +62 22 88886404 or +62 85100738156 (whatsapp)

We believe this will be nutricious and give a lot of benefit to your music career, therefore we are proud to support it. Mark your calendar and don’t miss it.


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