LIGHT – Live Music Event ft TOMPI at UNPAR Bandung


light, unpar, bandung, tompi, palm from moodytunes, chalk for cheese

It was a cool night at Parahyangan University (UNPAR) Bandung tonight. Many performers from many different genres was on stage for the event held by the Industrial Engineering Faculty. LIGHT, or LIGHT De’Carnelevarium to be exact, was this year’s annual event made by the Industrial Engineering students. From indie rock band, cabaret, kecak dance, percussions,jazz groove bands, soulful jazz to the main event, TOMPI were there performing live from 6:00 – 12 pm. It was quite unfortunate for the organizers at first, because the rain was pouring down quite heavily almost until half of the show. But right after the rain stopped, the venue got crowded right away. And in the end, it was a success.

light, unpar, tompi, palm from moodytunes, chalk for cheeseTOMPI

light, unpar, tompi, palm from moodytunes, chalk for cheeseSome indie rock and pop bands performed first, followed by a cabaret by Industrial Engineering students. Later on, as the night got deeper, the style turned slowly into jazz. Chalk For Cheese, the new nu jazz/groove band in the block, delivered their own songs like “Kala Hari”, “Sukmaku”, and their newest song, “Bercerita Jingga”. It was great as always to see Chalk For Cheese performing live on stage. Their groove was really sound cool and nice. Trianzani Sushi, the vocalist was attractive on stage. Her smooth voice was perfect for their style of music. It was really nice. This is a band to look for in the near future.

light, unpar, tompi, palm from moodytunes, chalk for cheeseChalk For Cheese

Da’moonlite, a soulful band with a little taste of pop jazz brought a series of songs, like “Sinaran”, Andra & the Backbone’s “Sempurna” and their new radio hits, “Percayalah”. A Balinese Kecak Dance was interesting to see, and gave the different nuance on stage with their performance. Another interesting (and for me, surprising) was Crescendo Percussion. The combination between students of Pasundan University and Industrial Engineering of Parahyangan University came on stage with the instruments you wouldn’t ever think of playing. They used different sizes plastic water drums, can drums and cooking pans on stage, and delivered a great samba percussion style along with two whistles. There were 13 personnel of the group, including 3 girls. What a suprising show stealer. All of a sudden I felt like beamed to Brazil. They delivered really fabulous series of compositions with all these plastic and can drums plus three small cooking pan. Bravo!

light, unpar, tompi, palm from moodytunes, chalk for cheeseCrescendo Percussion

light, unpar, tompi, palm from moodytunes, chalk for cheesePalm From Moodytunes came next. This is a jazz band with heavy soulful touch, especially with the soulful voice of the vocalist, Grace Caroline Sahertian. They were really enjoyable. Palm From Moodytunes brought some cool songs. Incognito’s “Everybody Loves The Sunshine” for example. I’ve heard their version several times, and I never bored with it. This song really fits Grace’s vocal character. They also played a nice twist of swing standard, “Route 66”, this time appeared as soulful groove. Loved it.

light, unpar, tompi, palm from moodytunes, chalk for cheesePalm From Moodytunes

Then the main event came. It was the time for Tompi with his band to came on stage. And the crowds popped. Tompi’s performance was really fun to see. He was attractive on stage, playing around with his vocal ability and with the mike to give an interactive and enjoyable stage show. He mimicked several sounds of instruments like trumpet, guitar and drums, also with his vocal, like talking and singing in very heavy voice that sounded as heavy as Barry White, also with really high tone that sounded like cartoon character. What a wide vocal range. He also shown his great scat several times. What made it even funnier, he sang one of the popular pop rock recently in Indonesia, ST12’s “PUSPA”, but not like the ordinary. He changed the melody and rhythm into a cool funky jazz style. It actually sounded million times better than the original. It was hillarious. More on, he also sang a classic children song in Indonesia, “Balonku”. He twisted it so differently into the style of Herbie Hancock used to have in the 60’s. Beside those entertaining twist of songs, he also brought his best hits like “Selalu Denganmu” and “Menghujam Jantungku”. He also let the band member, Derry Pratamsyah (keyboard), Ilyas Muhadji (bass), Kevin Wahl (trumpet), and Echa Soemantri (drums) showed their skill in solo parts. Great performance, really entertaining.

light, unpar, tompi, palm from moodytunes, chalk for cheeseTOMPI

light, unpar, tompi, palm from moodytunes, chalk for cheeseTOMPI

LIGHT was a really cool concert, with a very low price ticket. Well organized, good planned schedule and enjoyable. All the organizers’ hard work for 4 months have finally paid off. Good job, guys! Hopefully there will be more jazz events later in UNPAR.

Reporter: Riandy Kurniawan , Adott Jumbo
Photographer: Eghi 25


  1. waaa, im very proud of this event ! thanks a lot for all of part in this event especially , thanks a lot lot lot 🙂

  2. wauuu im very proud also! walaupun di awal acara rintik2 hujan membuat dag dig dhuer daiyaa hihihhi… bravo buat semua!

  3. wkwkwwkwkwkw….
    nice bgt acaranya
    gw bangga banget ama nih acara….
    tenQ jg buat ya

    Buat anggota panitia Perlengkapan LIGHT de Carnelevarium 2009,
    “Good Job, Guyz”….


  4. waaaah…
    its so nice. i’m very proud to our biggest event in this year.
    very very thank you to the leader of light, all coordinator, all part of this event, especially to the decoration division..:D

    special thanks to 😀

  5. maaf mo ralat, lagu terakhir chalk for cheese judulnya bercerita jingga bukan kala senja.

    terimakasih jazzuality 🙂

  6. @Aginta, Karina, Robby, Hanky and Iren
    Glad to collaborate with you guys! Hope we can continue the relationship for other events in the future. 🙂 Great job, you guys! *toss*

    oops..sorry… thanks for correcting bro. I’ve fixed it. Salam buat temen2 Chalk For Cheese! 🙂

  7. speechless juga reeennnn….
    LIGHT sukses besaaarrr!!!!

    teman2 kalian keren sekalliiii

    smoga taon dpn kita2 bisa mneruskan keKERENan kalian tahun ini ehehehehee

  8. trimakasih banyak buat atas liputannya yg luar biasa!

    n to all performing bands and grups at LIGHT,de carnelevarium especially TOMPI,
    thx for making this event so colourfull, you guys r the best!

    to fellow committe, thx a lot for your hard works, looking towards the upcoming “new” LIGHT next year! Keep up the good work lads!

  9. Sukses berat lah..
    bgs bgt acranya..
    Apalagi keamanannya..

    Keamanan LIGHT is the best lah..

    Hidup Keamanan LIGHT!!!!!

  10. @Kevin, Raissa, Christo, andrian, divisi keamanan LIGHT
    thanks for your comment guys!! keep up the good work! see you again in other event!! 🙂

    always a pleasure Grace! ga pernah bosen gw liat PALM from Moodytunes.. soulful, creative, talented and of course, amazing. You guys really know what you’re capable at. Strong concept is another word to describe you. 🙂
    salam buat temen2 PALM from Moodytunes yak! 🙂

  11. Sebenernya gw sebagai kordiv dekor mau mengakui kesalahan atas tata letak panggung yang menjadi sempit karena koordinasi saya sebagai kordiv yang kurang mampu.
    Atas segala kesalahannya saya minta maaf.
    Anyway yang penting acaranya sukses… 😀

  12. We proud to all of you dude, nice n cool evening concert but a small input from us as a reader, that it would be more better if the displayed photograph not repeated.

    Well… congrat !!!

  13. mau ralat dikit juga, Cresscendo Percussion kombinasi dari Universitas Pasundan dan Teknik Industri UNPAR 🙂

    well…thanks a lot jazzuality.

  14. setuju banget grace so WOW ! cocok bgt jadi penutup sebelum tompi . so greaaaaat talent . gw sampe speechless dngerin dia nyanyi .iyaa nih mudah2an taun depan bisa sebaik event yang skrg . senang jugaa bisa kerja sama dengan jazzuality especially mas riandy. bahasa artikelnya ok banget . :clap: sekali lagi thx a lot!

  15. it’s unbelievable…
    the show was great…and the crowd’s amazing too…
    the bands played good songs…and of course Tompi was the star that night…

  16. @Hanky
    it looked good enough for me..:D

    which picture in this article were repeated? I didn’t see any..

    I thought I wrote it just as what the announcers said.. maybe I wrote it wrong..:D anyway, fixed. sorry for the mistake hehe..

    thank you.. it’s been a pleasure for me. 🙂

  17. ooh mungkin salah announcers nya juga 😀 aduuh mahap2. tapi itu salah lagi kayanya, bukan Padjajaran, tapi Parahyangan hihihi….
    thanks lagi2 🙂

  18. nah mata gw bolor..wkwkw… malah salah edit :)) sori lagi2 😀 udah bener skarang..stlh di cek n ricek hehe

  19. untung mata bolor gimana kalo mata yang pegel ato kaki yg bolor…

    ini ko jadi berasa forum gini yah..?


    duh… jadi pengen denger “bercerita jingga” nih, di myspace C4C ko blom nongol yah?

  20. capenya kebayar ama senangnya penonton ^^

    viva keamanan ^^..

    itu yang divisi keamanan LIGHT bukan kerjaan gw…. ^^

  21. wah edan pisan lah
    walopun awalna ujan
    tp gk jelek jg

    oia JALUR GAZA KABARET nya keren pisan

    tau depan kabaret jgn ditaro di awal yh
    kn lebar noh
    nama jalur gaza uda kmn2(sotoy)

    CHEERS UP!!!
    keep rock baby

  22. Sorry juga ya dari Perlengkapan
    klo misalnya ada salah2 yang laen….
    Sebagai manusia yang krg sempurna, Perlengkapan minta maaf sebesar2nya…hahahaha
    TenQ buat semua Kordiv, Gita, Andrew,semua panitia,semua yang nonton LIGHT, and especially the reporter,Riandy K…wakakakakakak…

  23. @eghi
    Yeap, Chalk For Cheese’s new song was actually cool. Hopefully they will have it soon on Myspace. 😀

    you’re welcome dude.:)

    haha… my pleasure 🙂

  24. GA BISA BERKATA2……..
    Keren banget liputan n foto2nya..
    Thn buat Riandy
    SUKSES buat smua pan LIGHT..

  25. Saya mau nanggapi yang comment :

    Hanky Fransiscus says:
    February 23, 2009 at 12:44 am

    Comment tersebut BUKAN dari Hanky Fransiscus (kordiv dekor) sebenarnya. Ada yang memakai nama gw nih tanpa ijin..

    but anyway it’s okay.

    Ada benernya juga sich, maklum pertama kali jadi kordiv.hehe.
    mohon maaf kepada yang membuat comment ‘palsu’ diatas jika ada merasa terganggu dengan keadaan tersebut. 😀

    sebagai manusia yang tidak sempurna, divisi dekor minta maaf sebesar-besarnya atas segala kesalahan yang terjadi.

    thx buat semua kordiv, panitia inti, temen2 dekor, semua penonton, especially to Riandy.
    nice to work with you guys.
    viva dekor!!!
    Good Job!! 😀

  26. hello guys….,
    sory setelah acara gw gak bisa say tq ke kalian semua,mgkin lewat gw bisa ungkapin persaan gw..(tx for Riandy K)

    skrg gw cmn bisa rasain kebahagiaan akan hilangnya kekhawatiran yg selama ini gw alami…(LIGHT nya sukses gak ya??)
    n kekhawatiran itu udah hilang semuanya berkat kinerja kalian yg optimal..!!

    – buat anak2 acara (Iren dkk): konsep acara kalian mantab n ternyata kalian gak salah pilih TOMPI..^__^
    – buat anak2 danus (Mawar dkk)P: usaha kalian selama ini terbukti gak sia2,jangan pernah menyerah yak buat anak2 danus…
    – buat anak2 pubdok (Ganda dkk): LIGHT gak akan dikenal orang tanpa ide kreatif be more creative,guys..
    – buat anak2 perkap (Robby dkk): kalian tuh bukan ‘orang suruhan’, tanpa kalian acara nya bakal gelap tanpa lighting, mgkn mas TOMPI jg cmn cuap2 doank gak jelas nyanyi apa (hehehe),karena itu kalian sangat berarti disini..
    – buat anak2 keamanan (Aldy dkk): persiapan kalian ok n pelaksanaan di lapangan jg ok..!!nice guys..!sering main ke cidadap ya..hahaha..
    – buat anak2 transport (Reynold dkk): tq bgt buat kesediaan kalian membantu tanpa menagih uang bensin..hehehe…
    – buat anak2 komsumsi (Nindy dkk): makanan nya enak, laper qta pun hilang pas menyantap ayam penyet itu..=)
    – buat anak2 P3K (Intan dkk): walopun hari H gak ada kejadian apa2,tp tq kalian dah luangin waktu buat latian serius sama KORGALA..
    – buat anak2 sekre (Tri Wahyudi dkk): makasih bgt bwt semua ijin2 pemakain gedung n fasilitas di UNPAR yg udah kalian,kangen2 lah sama pak Wahyanto ya..
    -buat anak2 dekor (Hanky dkk): walopun gw ulas paling terakir bukna berati kinerja kalian paling kerja kalian LUAR BIASA..dr satu gedung kosong bisa kalian hias sesuai dengan konsep n tema yg kita buat..

    gw jg mau blg tq buat semua panitia inti, especially for Gita..skrg bkn “yes,we can” but “yes, we did it”..!!

    buat anggota inti HMPSTI (Timmy,Guna,Bion kordiv gw Christo), tx bgt kalian dah percayain LIGHT ini ke Gita n gw..!!

    gw bangga bisa kerja bareng kalian semua n gw skrg bener2 yakin klo gw n Gita gak salah pilih kordiv maupun anggota..=)

    yg pasti usaha qta terbayar sudah…

    tx a lot,guys..!!

  27. Tampak basi yah saya baru berkoar2 sekarang…..
    tapi tampaknya emang even ini yang bakalan terbayang2 terus ampe beberapa waktu ke depan di otak saya…. hahhhahhhaaaa……
    mw bilang MAKASIIIHHHHH banget bwat semwanyaaa…..
    kalo ngga ada kalian LIGHT ngga akan jadi kya gini….
    gita BERSYUKUR banget bisa kerja bareng semwa panitia LIGHT, BANGGA banget….sangat MENYENANGKAN punya banyak orang yang maw berjalan bersama bwat ngewujud-in acara ini thanks banget yaaaaakkk…..
    bwatt……. THANKS A LOT…….
    tanpa juga acara ini ngga akan kya sekarang….
    THANKS….. 😉