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Indonesia is ready to welcome Jamiroquai. That’s what my conclusion when I attended “LA LIGHTS CONCERT PRESENTS : JAMIROQUAI – YES IT’S TRUE” Press Conference today at Sentul City Convention Center. There are many infos regarding the show, so let’s start now.

The Press Conference hosted by Java Festival Production (JFP), with Peter F. Gontha (Chairman JFP), Paul Dankmeyer (Program Director, JFP), Andrian Budi Utama (Associate Director Business and Product Development of Sentul City) and Sachin Gopalan (QTV director) as the speakers. Peter Gontha started the conference by explaining about the event that will be held just one day before the parliament election day in Indonesia. “We want to make something new.. there’s no problem to make the concert just one day before the election” he explained. Java Festival Production is still working steadily as planned, especially after getting the support and agreement from Head jamiroquai-presscon3of the Indonesian Police. The West Java Police Headquarters will help to secure the event along with local goverments. In a meeting with Peter Gontha, the Head of Indonesian Police, General Bambang Hendarso Danuri said that daily activities and event that has prepared well especially on the safety can run normally like usual, eventhough it will be just ne day before the election. At the Press Conference, Peter said “Life has to still go on. There’s no problem to held a concert at April 8, 2009 , just a day before the election.” Yes, JFP confirmed that there are no rejections about the concert, and everything is still running well as planned as the time gets closer. You can also see in the official Jamiroquai website, the concert in Indonesia has also officially announced. Read it here

Paul Dankmeyer said that he’s worked with Jamiroquai several years ago, and that show was one of the most exciting show he’s ever seen. Jamiroquai will come in the size of 12 personnels and 8 crews . The band personnel that will perform on stage are the iconic Jason “Jay” Kay, Derrick Ronald McKenzie (drum), Hazel Alexis Fernandes and Valerie Bernadine Agnes Etienne (backing vocals), Matthew Richard Johnson (keyboard), Paul Stephen Turner (bass), Robert Kenneth Harris (guitar) and Wiliam James Fry (percussion).

jamiroquai-presscon2“We have been trying to make Jamiroquai come for more than 5 years, and now it’s finally happening” Peter said. “It wasn’t easy. They asked for specific requirements in details. And since they have agreed, I’m sure all we provided has met all their requirements.” he added. “He will definately make people crazy, but not wild, just like how he used to do in every concerts he made” Peter continued. It’s going to be a very special and memorable concert, that’s for sure. About the ticket selling, Peter said that it’s been amazing so far. To make it easier by the buyers, JFP also provides E-ticket, an online ticket that can be printed and used just like the normal ticket. Peter warned the buyers not to buy this E-ticket from the illegal ticket scalper, or in Indonesian known as “calo“. “Once this E-ticket scanned, it will directly go to the database, and the same paper, or the copy can’t be used any longer.” he explained. “It will be a bit difficult for the ticket officers, but Indonesia has to start using this kind of method. We simply have to be ready.”said Peter.

Jamiroquai concert will also be used as “Rock the Vote” program. Sachin Gopalan from QTV explained that music concert has been used as vote socialization in USA for a long time. “We can socialize the election, especially to first time voters through a concert like this” he said. Therefore JFP will urge everybody at the venue to vote at the next day. Another important thing, DIMI will be the opening act, starting at 20:00 and the gate will be open at 18:30 Jakarta Local Time.

And now, let’s talk about the venue. There have been many questions arose about the venue. How does it look, will the audience sit or stand, can they see the stage if they sit at the far back and so on. Well, after I saw the concert hall with my own eyes, I have to tell you guys, you will be surprised with the venue, Sentul City Convention Center. Located at the beautiful Sentul City, a huge township development (3100 hectare or around 12 square mile), surrounded by 5 mountains and 5 lakes, with amazing green concept. The Sentul City Convention Center is a really big hall that can hold 10.000 people inside. The parking lot is also big, it can be filled up to 3000 cars. Here’s the picture of Sentul City Convention Center.


Now let’s talk about the concert hall more percisely. The concert hall has been designed for the audience’s pleasure of viewing and listening. The acoustic equipments and sound system has been made with “low noise floor”, so all details will be heard perfectly even to the most distant seat from the stage. And on the other hand, the stage will hear the sound from the audience clearly as well. Thus, the interaction between the stage and the audience will work nicely. The height of the stage will also be risen up to 1.4 m high, so the audience from the furthest side will be able to see the stage better.  Here’s one of the pictures taken from the hall. (you can check more pictures of the hall on the thumbnailed pictures under the map)


It looks pretty neat isn’t it? I say it’s impressing. We can be proud to have such an impressing concert hall like this in Indonesia. We also got the chance to test the sound, and it was perfect, just like what they explained. All will be able to see the stage clearly as well. Nice and comfy seats are also provided. Sentul City Convention Center has designed perfectly for the audience’s listening and viewing pleasure, no doubt about it.

If you don’t know how to get there, here’s the Sentul City Convention Center map:

sentul-city-map sentul-city-convention-map

(click the images to enlarge)

The conclusion, Indonesia is ready to welcome Jamiroquai, we should be ready to experience one of the most exciting show ever in Indonesia too. There’s still time to buy the ticket, so hurry while it last.

Video Live Report:

More Pictures:

[flickrset id=”72157616091438099″ thumbnail=”square”]

Jamiroquai ticket is sold progressively based on the classes/sections.

VIP: IDR 3.000.000
A : IDR 2.500.000
B : IDR 2.000.000
C : IDR 2.000.000
D : IDR 1.500.000
E : IDR 750.000
F : IDR 750.000

(see the map of the sections here)

The ticket boxes:

JFP, Simprug Gallery A1, Jl. Teuku Nyak Arif 10, Jak-Sel, (021) 96810022, (021) 96810023
or buy the ticket online from JFP here

Aquarius Mahakam, (021) 7208413
Aquarius Pondok Indah, (021) 7238759-60
Bermis Ticket Box, (021) 27066800
Disc Tarra – PIM I, (021) 7506989
Monstertiket,(021) 52654323
Poenyaku Ticket Box, (021) 7253754/93738822
Pojok Karcis, (021) 7258626/99001266
Rajawali Ticket Box, (021) 57931974
Societe – PIM II, (021) 75920592, (021) 7229535/7257241

HOTLINE: 021 – 96810022 / 23

Hopefully there won’t be any unavoidable problem that may lead to cancellation. Let’s hope and pray everything runs perfectly as planned. Don’t miss the greatest live concert with JAMIROQUAI.

“Dance, nothing left for me to do but dance,
Off these bad times Im going through just dance
Got canned heat in my heals tonight baby”
(Jamiroquai – Canned Heat)

Read more about Jamiroquai and the ticket price list here

Reporter & Writer: Riandy Kurniawan


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