KlabJazz’s New Spin-Off: Fusion Flava




The fruitful year of KlabJazz, the well-established jazz community in the capital of West Java continues on. So far they have launched no less than 7 regular events per month where some of those point out the specific corner of jazz and beyond such as ethnic, groove and blues. We just received the confirmation from KlabJazz that they are ready to launch another one. More spin-off? Why not? This time the community is highlighting one of the most popular sub-genre of jazz which can gather both jazz and rock fans together, the jazz fusion. The premiere of this new spin-off will come at the last day of February, taking place at the new crime scene Sixty “Meeting Point-cafe” Bandung. This event now officially has its own brand, and it’s called Fusion Flava.

There were times along the global history of jazz, including Indonesia, fusion; which is the hybrid of traditional jazz and the 70’s style of electronics (R&B and rock) became a ‘mainstream’ in the world’s jazz scene, with all the stories behind it. This hybrid quickly gained its fans both from the listeners and musicians. It inspired many people, in some ways changed the course of the industry and still being developed until now.

For some people, the early fusion era appeared not as ‘deep’ as the traditional jazz, both in composition and playing technique. On the other hand, it’s also different then the next era of fusion, when it became softer/smoother, appeared as another sub-genre we all know as Smooth Jazz.

Back to the birth of fusion, as this new ‘invention’ opens up more possibilities in creating music by having other musical corners to blend with the good ol’ jazz, it attracted many players to place their signatures inside. We can mention some big names such as George Benson, The Crusaders, Deodato, Eric Gale, Herbie Hancock, Chuck Mangione, Bob James, Hubert Laws, Herbie Mann, David Sanborn, Spyro Gyra, Grover Washington, Jr. Let’s not forget the legendary groups who triggered it phenomenally like Mahavisnu Orchestra and Weather Report that in some ways created new possibilities to play jazz. Group like Chicago, Blood Sweat and Tears and some others brought another colors into it, then look at Japan where this hybrid found a new home through bands like Casiopea, T-Square and many more. There are many fascinating and monumental milestones in the history of jazz when we are talking about fusion.

How about in Indonesia? Some of you might still remember how the music mainstream filled with loads of fusion bands during the 80’s to early 90’s. Krakatau, Halmahera, Karimata, Emerald, Adegan, D’Marszyo, Bhaskara, Spirit Band, Black Fantasy, Indonesia 6 all the way to the early sound of Kahitna, the JavaJazz are some of the names who carried on the spirit of fusion within their play in their own shape, style and content-rates.

Fusion Flava tries to bring us back to the fusion era. It’s set to be a fusion celebration, played to suit today’s style. “If we acknowledge the musical terms such as “classic rock” and “classic disco”, through this event probably we have to be familiar with the new term, “classic fusion”, said the founder of KlabJazz, Dwi Cahya Yuniman.

Jazzuality proudly supports this event along with its mission. For the premiere edition, three groups are ready to create the scene. The Halfwhole Project will be there featuring jazz singer Puspallia Panggabean. Some of the members of this group seem not be able to come, so Ilham Septia (bass) and Billy Ramdhani (saxophone) are going to complete the team, joining pianist Christ Stanley and drummer Edward Manurung. The all-rounder, multi-talented Imelda Rosalin is participating under her new group, Imelda Rosalin Project featuring herself on keys and vocals, Rudy Zulkarnaen on bass, Murtiko Adi on guitar and Budiono on drums. Last but not least, the KPH All Stars, consists of teachers from Kruisnode Piano House Music School is ready to bank their fusion in this premiere edition.

As usual, KlabJazz presents the Fusion Flava free of charge. If you live in Bandung or plan to visit the city next Thursday, just come and join the party. It’s time to enjoy fusion back to its joyous era.

Fusion Flava

Date: Thursday, February 28, 2013
Location: Sixty “Meeting Point – Cafe”, Jl. Naripan no. 30, Bandung
Time: 7:00 pm – 23:00 pm